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The Growth of Duckweed Day by Day | Growing Duckweed in 5 Days


This video show you our experiment of growing duckweed (lemna minor) for 5 days. It shows you the progress and productivity. Visit our store at: Tokopedia - 🤍 Bukalapak - 🤍 Shopee - 🤍 Lazada - 🤍 Azola Purwodadi Jl. Purwodadi-Solo km. 8, Grobogan, Central Java. Indonesia Phone +62 8973781730

Should You Have Duckweed In Your Aquarium?


In this video I give information as to whether duckweed is good or bad for your aquarium. Thank you for watching! Instagram ↠ 🤍 Facebook Group ↠ 🤍 Our Store: 🤍

My Secrets to the HEALTHIEST Duckweed


5 keys to keeping healthy duckweed: 1. Light 2. Surface Agitation 3. Fertilizer 4. Temperature 5. Inhabitants Benefits: excellent ammonia/nitrate/nitrite reducer, reduces tank evaporation, and will make the fish feel safer since it provides natural shade to the tank. Note: this guide also works for other floating plants such as Amazon frogbit, salvinia, red root floaters, dwarf water lettuce, and more! P.S. thank you for 47.4k subs! :) my socials: Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Portal Feeding Rings + duckweed: 🤍 My tank: 🤍 All the products I use: 🤍 Music: -Flaw by: AGST -Storybook by: LuKremBo Email: Fish4EverChannel🤍 #aquarium #fish #duckweed

Duckweed | Beginner Guide


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How I Accidentally Killed my Duckweed 🪦


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How to Get Rid of Duckweed (and maybe why you shouldn't): The Good | The Bad


Hello Fellow Fish Keepers! In this video we take a closer look at duckweed and talk about how to get rid of it. We also talk about the advantages of duckweed and why it may not be so bad. Here is more information on fish that will usually eat duckweed: Electric Blue Acara: 🤍 Severums: 🤍 Tin Foil Barbs (need very large tank): 🤍 Bala Shark (need very large tank): 🤍 Also, our new shirts can be found at: 🤍 For the latest in the fish room check us out on Instagram primetime_aquatics For more cool behind the scenes stuff consider becoming a member! 🤍 If you want to see all the cool stuff Joanna does with other types of scapes check out her channel! 🤍 We would like to thank our channel sponsors for 2020: Flip Aquatics and Fritz Aquatics. For 2020 our fish are being fed Northfin Foods from! They help make what we do here possible and are worth checking out! Thank you so much for watching! #duckweed #aquariumfish #fishtank

Pros & Cons of keeping Duckweed (Lemna Minor) in Your Aquarium


So let me guess, you are here for one of these two reasons - 1. You want Duckweed for your aquarium and want to know more about this interesting plant or 2. You accidentally get this super annoying plant into your tank and have no clue how to get rid of it? Well, duckweed definitely is a perfect example of love-hate relationship in the World of Aquatic plants. Some people like and enjoy it, some totally hate it and does not matter which side you represent, I hope you will find this video useful and learn something new about either keeping, or removing this plant. Make sure to check also my other videos in Aquatic Plants series, in case you like easy to keep and hardy plants that do not need additional CO2: 🤍 Patreon page of Pat's Fish Tanks: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram - 🤍patsfishtanks Music Credit (Youtube audio-library)

Collecting Duckweed off the Pond with a Homemade Pond Skimmer. Will the Livestock eat the duckweed?


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Homesteading Basics: Growing Duckweed



How to turn Duckweed into Fish Food


This duckweed fish food is super easy and anyone can make it! Because of duckweed's ability to rapidly multiply its mass 2x every 16 hours, hobbyists often find that they have more duckweed than they know what to do with! Well, here is the solution- an easy fish food. Infinite food glitch process: obtain duckweed → duckweed absorbs nitrates → duckweed multiplies → dry duckweed → feed fish duckweed → fish poops and fertilizes duckweed → repeat. Thank you so much for 38.5k subs! SOCIALS: 🤍Fish4EverChannel →Instagram: 🤍 →TikTok: 🤍 Products used/ mentioned (affiliate links): -Brine Shrimp Eggs: 🤍 -My Fish Tank: 🤍 -Plant Seeds: 🤍 Previous video (Cleaning the Guppy Tank): 🤍 Please subscribe to my channel and help me reach my goal of 50,000 subscribers! 🤍 Sounds in the video: - London Bridge (Piano Version): John B. Lund - Bola De Nieve: _91nova - Pine Trees: Cushy Questions? Comment down below! Business inquires: Fish4EverChannel🤍

No water change aquarium with only duckweed possible? 1 Year experiment.


I wanted to know If you could maintain a no waterchange tank with only duckweed. The duckweed will have no help from anything. It will be the only thing that can eliminate nitrates from the tank. Will this tank work? here are the results of a 1 year experiment. Part 1 of my no waterchange explanation: 🤍 Part 1 of my filtration basics: 🤍 Deep substrate only experiment: 🤍

Duckweed International Trailer - Chao Deng & Eddie Peng Comedy


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eat duckweed#shorts


Fun Food Project | | Dawei This is a channel with funny videos about village foods, village cooking, spicy food challenges, weird food, pranks ,etc. Please subscribe to my Channel if my videos make you laugh. :D And turn on the little bell 🔔 for notification to prevent missing new videos. #Foodmaking#FunFoodProject#SpicyFood#FunnyCuisine#

How to Grow Duckweed - Good vs Bad


How to Grow Duckweed - Good vs Bad? If you’re having issues keeping this plant alive in your aquarium these tips and tricks and keeping Duckweed alive will really help. I also talked about a lot of variables people don’t think of like water agitation and types of lighting and the different hates that you keep your aquarium light at. More fish tank talk: I got some wild duckweed from a pond nearby. I’ve read conflicting reviews on using wild duckweed and what to do before introducing it to my tank. Curious what y’all have to say. Before you add it.. Remember when you decide you no longer like it and rather try a new floating plant or non at all. It will always come back, just when you thought you picked every single last tiny piece! It just randomly appears again! Or atleast that’s what I have found. Yeah we get it in on other plants we've bought. I've got fish that'll eat it, so I just take a net full out when I think there's too much and feed it to my other fish. The stream of the filter forces it down into the tank and it goes everywhere. It ends up clogging the intake part of your filter if the tank isn't big enough. Yeah well that doesn't sound fun! I could see that happening in the danio tank. Their flake food goes everywhere if i don't shut the bubbler and filter off while they eat. So i picture the same thing happening with the plants. Yeah mine did to until I grew it in a separate tank and now I have enough even if they eat some they can’t get it all. I also started feeding my snails and they don’t eat it as much. They really like zucchini. I mean, kinda....I've read its a good floater plant. I've got some bettas and danios that i think would like it. I'm just starting the live plant stuff. I've got a sweet potato that seems to be doing good and some lucky bamboo. Ask on my town page if anyone had some floaters or knew where to get some and a lady said there was some in a nearby pond. But none of the big box places carry floaters around here and our local fish store needs to be shut down. I'm somewhat rural so I'm guessing I'll have to order some. I also noticed you don't have a lid. Was that for the picture or that's how it always is? I have some jumpers so i have to keep a lid on. The roots are pretty fragile tho and if lightly touchy they break off causing a bit of a mess at the filter intake but they seem to help my tank with nitrate removal. Duckeeed is a fast growing plant and it will spread like wildfire.. although it removes nitrates effectively, it also block light. In some countries like USA (Florida), and some parts of Australia this plant has been banned due to its fast spreading! Well I started with red root floaters and they are great! Had one piece of duckweed that I knew I should have pulled out. Went on vacation for 6 days and now it completely covered my tank and no matter how much I try to get rid of it I can’t. I love my duck weed but I’ve had to get creative to keep it away from my filter out flow to prevent it from getting in my decorations I have my filter pickup underneath my gravel so there is no way it would get into my intake. It’s easy to grow. Too easy and it’s hard to get out of your tank once you have it. The only way I found to “control” it was to use surface agitation which it doesn’t like. It’s not that they are bad for the tank but a lot like adding dandelions to you lawn in my opinion. I have it in my 75 gallon. The hob filter forces everything to one side, which I love cuz I have one side heavy plants and the other side open. I have hornwort underneath the duckweed. The roots like kinda press against it keeping it all in place. If it gets outta control, just take a couple cups of it out. Hoping somebody can help me please been set up nearly 4 weeks have white Mountain minnows in using stability done 50 percent water changes what else can I do please to get these levels right ?

Duckweed Growth Rate Experiment - (2 Weeks)


In this video I give you a two week duckweed growth update. We started with just four leaves and now we have over 100! It’s amazing how fast duckweed can grow. Lemna Spp. is a great floating plant for extracting nitrates and generally just increasing the overall health of any aquarium. Want to help support this channel? Shop for aquarium plants on my website! All available plants are grown by me: 🤍 Thanks for your support :) make sure to like and subscribe! My complete Amazon shopping list featuring my most up to date product recommendations for planted aquariums and aquarium plant farming (affiliate): 🤍

How Do I Clean my Tank with SO much DUCKWEED?


#shorts Portal Feeding Rings + duckweed: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 My tank: 🤍 All the products I use: 🤍 Email: Fish4EverChannel🤍

This Duckweed Skimmer Changes Everything!


I have been doing some R&D on how to automate and scale my duckweed system that produces high value protein for my pigs and chickens. Here are the links to the skimmers in the video. Skimoil I was demoing the A34 in this video 🤍 And this Pro Skim 🤍 ▶️ My farm 🤍 ▶️ My consulting and book 🤍

Aquarium Duckweed Benefits, Removal, & Control


Aquarium duckweed plants info guide. Benefits of this plant are huge. It consumes the nitrates in your fish tank. Duckweed control isn’t very difficult either because you can just net it out. A lot of people complain that’s it’s annoying to remove but it really helps your tanks. Additional fish tank talk: Can’t get this tank crystal clear. Bin up for 4 months. Got two marine land filters. The corse sponge on bottom Bio home and ceramic rings in middle and filter floss on top. I put in a chemical that clears up cloudy water last night b4 bed. Other Video - 🤍 I was told once less is better. I had the SAME problem with my 75g. I just over filter it and do normal water changes in about 2 weeks after i stopped messing with it so much it cleared up. Since its new its probably still trying to establish good bacterias. But recently I started a new tank and got the filter pad out of my fx4 and rinsed it out in it and my water is crystal clear if you have other tanks running do the same and this will clear your tank up it's all about getting the bacteria levels up. Hi it’s me again, another post asking for help does anyone know what’s wrong with my neon? I posted in another group and they were so rude and completely unhelpful. I lost a molly earlier today and he was also swimming like this. My ammonia is 0, Ph 7, nitrates are 20 and nitrites are 0. So pretty good parameters. My temp was low for a bit at 70°, Heater broke last night and I haven’t got a new one yet so they’re by my registers now. It’s helping a little, I didn’t think it would. I’m getting one tomorrow though. He seems okay just having g trouble with staying upright. I put him in a betta tank tank I had for emergencies since I don’t have a hospital tank yet. One video is before I added the air and plant and then after. But she got sick in a 3gal tank, carbon filter. No heater as we are in the caribbean and temps rarely drop below 80 which is what our house is at. After noticing she was lethargic i moved her a smaller 1/2 gal tank, doing 50 percent water changes min per day with betta fix and stress coat added. Today i added fungus cure (note yellow water) as my previous posts people suggested fungal. The water has fungus cure in it and the excess food she doesn’t eat gets removed after feeding. This was before the excess food was removed. She has gotten 50 percent water changes daily for the past week. Will try to find mythylene blue. What is the difference between rock and aquarium salt? I used a similar approach in terms of water level, aquarium salt and betta fix with no results after 3 days. Only worsening symptoms. First, keep water clean and sufficient oxygen then put salt 3 g/L or formalin 0.030 ml/L. This case I think problem from parasite in gills (Trichodina) Dr.Ken Betta Im getting really frustrated guys 2.5 gallon, water seems to be fine, I installed a brand new sponge filter 3 days ago (used to have carbon) and i even washed it in old tank water before use. Been doing 50% water changes every week and ive ysed betta fix for 7 days, following instructions.. but this still looks like fin rot!! Ive been keeping a close eye in him and i noticed it tonight. What do I do? Is there anything I can do ive been missing? Seriously trying my best here. The ways I’ve found solution to that problem was I upgraded tank to at least at 5 gallon and had a adjustable heater to were I can raise up the temperature which is the one thing I don’t see you mention to help with it. Betta fix does more harm than good as I’ve heard. The best treatment is raising your temperature and Indian almond leaves. But that looks like a preset heater so it won’t help him. I meant to keep typing, but I think you should look into upgrading his tank and getting an adjustable heater because preset are very unreliable in my opinion. You’d have to upgrade bc most adjustable heaters can’t fit in a smaller tank like that. I have an aqueon 50 watt adjustable heater and it fits perfectly in my 5 gallon. Good luck to you and I hope he improves! You don’t have to boil them at all! That’s really only preference. Boiling them releases the tannins prior to putting them in your tank. Just like driftwood, it releases color into water when submerged. BUT, most bettas like tannins in their water. It’s called “black water”, it resembles their natural environment. If you want your water tinted, don’t boil them. Just wash them off with warm water then put them in. If you don’t want tinted water, boil them. As for dosing, I’d recommend the smaller leaves (there’s giant ones and then small ones) and id put about 3-5.

Duckweed cake made by "Duckweed Vegetable"! do you like eating it?


#ASMR#Tik Tok#FYP hello! Hello everyone, I'm Eater Straw Hat! Today I officially entered the YouTube platform! This is the only official account, others are pirated! You can follow me if you like! #eat broadcast#food#food straw hat brother#dark food#challenge

$0 Duckweed Production - On a driveway!


🤍 🤍 - A simple and direct way to ‘tip’ to help support the time and energy we put into making our videos. Thanks so much! Trialling a new system for generating lots of duckweed for our chickens. They love it and I figured I could use a section of our otherwise unnecessary driveway to generate a lot of excellent food for them. We'll see how it works! Edible Acres is a full service permaculture nursery located in the Finger Lakes area of NY state. We grow all layers of perennial food forest systems and provide super hardy, edible, useful, medicinal, easy to propagate, perennial plants for sale locally or for shipping around the country… 🤍 - Your order supports the research and learning we share here on youtube. We also offer consultation and support in our region or remotely. 🤍 Happy growing!

How Fast duckweed can grow | Insane growth 😍 #shorts #plantedtank #aquascape #aquarium #shortvideo


#plantedtank #aquascape #aquarium In this video you can see duckweed growth in 1 week. Enjoy the video & let me you in the comments do you have duckweed in your tank? Use of duckweed : Duckweed is a perfect aquarium plant to suppress the growth of algae. It blocks the light by creating a green, lush mat over the water surface. Plus, it eats up all the nutrients necessary for algae to grow. Not only does it block algae growth, but it also prevents any rooted plants from growing. How Fast duckweed can grow | Insane growth #fishtank #aquarium #plantedaquarium #fishtank #fishtankideas #fishtanksetup #fishtank #fishtankideas #fishtanksetup #outdoorfishtank #mollypond #diyfishtank #aquarium #aquascape #plantedtank #plantedaquarium #watercharges #cleaningfishtank #duckweed #floatingplants



Powerhead pump ► 🤍 Maybe the PH-16 or PH-22 would work better MORE INFO ▼ Like this video? Check out my other popular tank builds: Themed Aquarium Aquascapes ► 🤍 The automatic duckweed remover is a take on the diy aquarium skimmer that many are familiar with. Less media in the chamber allows for more duckweed to be captured. Most of us hate duckweed and want it to be completely removed for our tanks. Unfortunately, its not a simple task.. This diy duckweed skimmer/remover is not perfect, but it might help you out if you have a smaller tank with a TON of duckweed... ✅ How You Can Further Support My Videos: 1.) Hit the LIKE Button 👍 2.) SUBSCRIBE (and press the bell icon) 3.) Join the AQUABROS ► 🤍 4.) AQUAPROS MERCH ► 🤍 5.) Patreon Support ► 🤍 6.) Shop though the links above! Like This Video? Give It A THUMBS UP! 👍 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! 🤍 Get My FREE 15 Aquarium Tips ➨ 🤍 Daily Pics and Vids on Social Media! Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 #aquapros #duckweed #diyskimmer Thanks For Watching This AQUAPROS Production Guys!!! Don't Forget To 👍 The Video And Subscribe!

Duckweed in Aquarium Good or Bad | Duckweed Benefits Aquarium - MR BRIGHTFRYED


Duckweed in Aquarium Good or Bad | Duckweed Benefits Aquarium - MR BRIGHTFRYED In this video we take a look at the popular aquarium floating plant "Duckweed" we take a look at where it's from, how to remove it and the benefits and negatives to the plant also. There are so many duckweed benefits for an aquarium as with many other floating plants and it's worth checking out all areas before looking to add it to your aquarium If you enjoyed this "Duckweed in Aquarium Good or Bad | Duckweed Benefits Aquarium - MR BRIGHTFRYED" video please subscribe to the channel and follow me on the social feeds below. If you want to help support my channel/brand/mission then consider becoming a Patreon: 🤍 Also if you want to support the page please find link to my Amazon wish list which all items go to creating more content for the channel. Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 #duckweed #duckweedbenfits #plantprofiles #floatingplants #fishkeepingtips

Wanna make $300/Month with Duckweed? #shorts


Want more ways to create wealth? 📝 Join our FREE newsletter HERE: 🤍 Get social with us: 📸 Instagram - 🤍 🐦 Twitter - 🤍 The BE AN ADULT SECTION 🤗 All content on the Codie Sanchez YouTube channel reflects my own opinions and should NOT be taken as legal advice, financial advice, or investment advice. Please seek out the guidance of professionally trained and licensed individuals before making any decisions. Some links in the description may be affiliate links.

Floating Aquarium Duckweed Care


Aquarium duckweed plants are sort of looked down upon but some aren’t that bad. The benefits of duckweed plants are for removing nitrate from the water. You can control this plant pretty easy by just netting out what you don’t want to use. More random plant talk: Can anyone suggest how to save my coral beauty? The top fin started with a little white, and a few days later, it’s tails started to have a few, won’t eat any thing, tried flake, pellet, dried brine shrimp or blackworm, Nori , all above soaked in garlic juice and still no luck. It’s tail get scratch open by cleaner shrimp, try to catch it for a freshwater dip but no luck as it moves too fast. I am thinking it is a parasite and want to do hypo salinity as someone think it is ick, I don’t think so as no other fish in my tank have any symptom after 10 days. I really don’t know what to do now...... I lowered my salinity from 1.023 to 1.019. All my parameter are fine, 0 ammonia 0 nitrate and 0 nitrite. Some diatom, running some gfo. Do you quarantine your fish for at least a month before going into you display tank I’ll tell you from experience it’s a good thing to do and there is no such thing as overdosing fish or medicating issues that aren’t the I usually do an ick treatment and a api all in one medication for a month and never had a fish die on me. Other Video - 🤍 I will second this. Always always quarantine new fish. I now have a quarantine/hospital tank. But before I did, I would ask lfs to quarantine for me, they never had a problem doing it for me as long as they had room to. But it is super important to, back years ago when I first got into the hobby I didn’t know anything about quarantining before adding into my main tank. I got a couple fish from a Petco and just tossed them in. A week later, everything was dead. So I cannot express enough how important it is. I have over medicated many times, lost thriving communities, because I didn't know where to begin. I am very cautious know as it's expensive loosing fish and restocking. I always have some ammonia lately and not sure why. I also use API so I know they're not always accurate. My nitrates dropped to 0 so I stopped adding NoPox. I need some nitrates. I just put him in this tank a few minutes ago and this is my first time having a Betta he’s exploring but is this normal? I saw it and I wasn’t sure what to think of it he did it 2 or 3 times. Edit: does anyone have any ideas on how to make the filters flow softer for now I just turned it off. He's flashing, they will do this for different reasons, it is in response to some kind of irritation, parasites, sudden change in water or they just have an itch. I wouldn't worry too much unless he keeps doing it, it's probably just from being moved to different water. He could also just be doing it for fun. Your filter doesn’t seem to be strong enough to even disturb the water surface much, so I think it’s fine. He probably just had an itch or was having some fun.

World's Most Nutrient Rich Plant Discovered Contains B12 and more! (Duckweed/Water Lentil)


World's Most Nutrient Rich Plant Discovered Contains B12! (Duckweed/Water Lentil) The water lentil, or duckweed has the following nutritive properties: The highest source of Protein of any plant known, more than pea, rice, hemp and even soy The highest source of BCAA's of any plant known, the only Plant comparable to Whey Protein The highest source of Nutrients of any plant known, higher than Kale, Spinach or Spirulina Over 40% of DV of Omega 3 Over 20% of DV of Fiber A natural vegan source of vitamin B12! Highest food source of Lutein The most Eco-Friendly plant food with near Zero Carbon Footprint and near Zero Water use. Clean Machine uses Lentein water lentil powder in their Clean Machine Clean Green Protein with Lentein. Clean Machine won the NEXTY Award in 2016 with the launch of Ahiflower Oil - Clinically Proven 400% more effective than the #1 selling plant based omega - Flax. Top Vegan Protein Powder and Omega Products at Natural Product Expo West 2017 Join HappyCow's Ken Spector as he interviews Geoff Palmer, the CEO and founder and organizer of Clean Machine. He discusses these miraculous discoveries and products. For more information see: 🤍 To find the vegan restaurants and health food stores globally, check out 🤍 or you can download our HappyCow app which is much easier for when you are on the go.: 🤍 Like us on Facebook! 🤍 Follow us on Twitter! 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to our Moozine newsletter: 🤍 The World's Largest Guide To Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants and Health Food Stores!

Growing Duckweed


This is how we have had good luck with growing duckweed. You need good fresh nutrient rich water, oxygen, and sunlight. You can use aerator pumps and stones we are just trying to cut out as much cost as possible and are trying to run everything one 1 pump. You can also grow it separate from the system. We did it with the system to help with fish/water/plant ratio and we know that it is always getting everything it needs to grow without any extra steps.

Facts on Duckweed


Best offers for your Garden - 🤍 - Facts on Duckweed. Have you ever looked out at a pond and noticed the surface was covered in something green? Don't mistake this for fronds, algae or toxic waste. It may just be duckweed, tiny oval-shaped plants on the water's surface. These plants can cause some problems, but they also have benefits. Table of contents Facts on Duckweed Plant Family 00:37 Habitat 00:56 Uses 01:18 Potential Problems 01:38 Environmental Benefits 02:13 -

Giant Duckweeds with Vampire Crab in a rainforest Paludarium


Maybe this would be a kind of time lapse. I took video of Giant Duckweeds everyday for 20 days to observe its growth rate. That looks like a beautiful green carpet. But at the end of this video, what is happened? 0:00 Intro 0:32 Time lapse 1:19 Grown Duckweeds 1:30 Under leaves 1:43 Close look 1:58 Green carpet 2:17 Comparison 2:30 What is happening 2:51 Devastation 3:50 Vampire crab Resident ; Vampire Crab (Geosesarma dennerle) Plant in Terrarium Area ; Bucephalandra Green Velvet Bucephalandra Catherineae Christmas Moss Anubias Nana Petite Plant in Aquarium Area ; Giant Duckweed Anubias Nana Petite Light ; Chihiros C2 RGB Tank ; Semi-Closed 2 us gal Paludarium (20cm cube) #geosesarma #crab #bucephalandra #paludarium #aquarium #aquascape #aquascaping #nanotank #rgblight #aquariumlight #chihiros #duckweed #timelapse #observation #floatingplant



#Shorts Removing Aquarium Duckweed completely is a Difficult Task, so I'm really just Reducing it Temporarily every few weeks, the comb method is pretty quick and easy.

DUCKWEED VS. AZOLLA | Alin Ang Mas Mainam Gawing Pamalit Sa Commercial Feeds Ng Mga Manok?


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Common duckweed (survival food) №014


A few days ago I found common duckweed during a hike. I knew it is edible and so I decided to make a video about it :-) Subscribe here: 🤍 Deutsche Version: 🤍 - [Tags: Common duckweed food emergency Survival Camping Germany Bushcraft Adventure Outdoor Nature Wilderness Forest Wild edibles Nokia 808 Pureview]



Duckweed is a perfect aquarium plant to suppress the growth of algae. It blocks the light by creating a green, lush mat over the water surface. Plus, it eats up all the nutrients necessary for algae to grow. Not only does it block algae growth, but it also prevents any rooted plants from growing. Welcome to GoldFins Aquatics If you Like the content please consider Subscribing Thank You... #GoldFins #aquariumhobby #aquariumplants #greenaqua #aquascape #aquascaping #aquarium #cherryshrimp #hygrophila #fishtank #lovewithnature #aquariumlover #plants #plantedtank #plantedtanks #duckweed 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠 OT The most easiest aquarium plant Low maintainace aquarium plant Aquarium Floating Plant Plant that prevent algae Aquarium water filtering plant

Duckweed never dies... #shorts


When you don't check your aquarium plants for duckweed... I didn't notice the duckweed when building a Jar-Aquarium. I just saw it afterwards when cutting the video. Music: Boom Bap Flick - Quincas Moreira

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