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Dark Souls 3: Nameless King and King of the Storm Boss Fight (4K 60fps)


Nameless King and King of the Storm boss fight in Dark Souls 3 on PC. Should have titled it, "The Hardest Boss in the Game... the Camera". ✪ Subscribe! 🤍 Dark Souls 3 Nameless King and King of the Storm Walkthrough

Dark Souls 3 Nameless King Boss Fight


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Nameless King Boss Guide 🔥 EASY KILL! 🔥 Dark Souls 3 🔥


In this video we will take a look at how to kill the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3. 🛡️ Let me know in the comments if this guide helped you defeat this boss! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Find me on: 🔴 Twitch TV: 🤍 🎧 The Azzavhar Army Discord: 🤍 😍 Tweets: 🤍 🤩 Instagram: 🤍 🧐 Facebook: 🤍 🕙 Tik Tok: 🤍 😎 Support on Patreon: 🤍 😄 My website: 🤍 Bookmark / favourite and shop via these affiliate links if you would like to support me as a content creator: 🎮 Fanatical: 🤍 ⚡️ I'm a Sneak Energy partner. You can use creator code 'Azzavhar' at the checkout when purchasing anything from the Sneak store to support me as a content creator: 🤍 🏆 I'm also an Epic Games Partner. You can use Epic Creator Code 'Azzavhar' when making any purchase on the Epic Games store to support me as a creator: 🤍 👕 Official Azzavhar Army merchandise: 🤍 💗 Subscribe on Twitch TV: 🤍 🎁 Gift me wishlist items: 🤍 ⭐️ DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video. Some links I share are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you make a purchase via them. If you do use them, thank you for supporting the channel! ⭐️ #DarkSouls #DarkSouls3 #Soulsborne #FromSoftware #Azzavhar = Nameless King Boss Guide 🔥 EASY KILL! 🔥 Dark Souls 3 🔥 ¦¦

Dark Souls 3 - Nameless King Boss Fight (4K 60FPS)


Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Walkthrough PS5 PC Xbox Series X No Commentary 2160p 60fps HD let's play playthrough review guide Showcasing all cutscenes movie edition, all boss fights / boss fights, side missions, upgrades, outfits / costumes, all characters, best moments, final boss and true ending, secret ending. Subscribe for more! Shirrako Store: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 Follow me on Twitch: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍

Nameless King Boss Guide - Dark Souls 3 Boss Fight Tips and Tricks on How to Beat DS3


Guide to Nameless King, the boss of the Archdragon Peak in Dark Souls 3. Boss Guide - Dark Souls 3 Boss Fight Tips and Tricks on How to Beat DS3 As part of our wiki walkthrough for the Fromsoftware title! Find tips and strategies on the wiki ► 🤍 ► 🤍 King of Storms and Nameless King Information During the first phase of the boss fight, his name is shown as "King of the Storm," until the wyvern he is riding is killed. This begins the second phase where his name changes to "Nameless King." Hawkwood, if summoned, will use a Black Separation Crystal once the bell has rung, disabling summons. He may be killed before this encounter, allowing summons to be possible. WARNING: ringing the bell to summon The King of Storms covers Archdragon Peak in a massive storm, making certain items, primarily The Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone (and therefore its partner, The Twinkling Dragon Head Stone) unobtainable until he is defeated. Location Archdragon peak, after ringing the large bell by the Great Belfry he becomes available. Drops Souls: 60,000, NG (80,000), NG+ (160,000), NG (176000), NG+3 (180000), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??) Souls for Cooperator: NG (20,000), NG+ (40,000), NG (44,000)... Soul of the Nameless King Combat Information - King of Storm First phase of the battle. Health: NG (4577) Attacks deals Fire Damage, Lightning Damage, Standard Damage and Thrust Damage. Weak to Lightning Damage and Frostbite. Weak spot: Head, Neck and Wings. Damage bonus to the neck is somewhere between damage to the head and body. Hits to the legs deal minor damage. Resistant to Poison/Toxic, Bleed and Fire Damage. Can't be parried, but can be staggered and riposted for massive damage. Recovery after that riposte is long. Can easily jump out of your camera view, a good strategy would be to increase camera sensitivity and do not lock on at all times. Combat Information - Nameless King Second phase of the battle. If failed, the first phase must be repeated. Health: NG (7100) Attacks deals Lightning Damage, Thrust Damage and Standard Damage damage. Weak to Dark Damage and Fire Damage. Resistant to Bleed, Frost and Lightning. Immune to Poison/Toxic. Can't be parried, but can be staggered which allows performing a riposte. Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Visit our wikis: 🤍 Check out our blog: 🤍 Visit our forums: 🤍 🤍 #darksouls3 #darksouls3bossguide #darksouls3walkthrough archdragon peak,nameless king,dark souls 3 nameless king,nameless king dark souls 3,nameless king guide,ds3 nameless king,how to beat nameless king,dark souls 3 king of the storm,how to beat the nameless king,dark souls 3 nameless king location,dark souls 3 the nameless king,king of the storm dark souls 3,nameless king boss fight,nameless king strategy,the nameless king,nameless king parry,dark souls 3 how to beat nameless king,ds3 nameless king guide

Dark Souls 3: Nameless King Easy Cheese


Have you every struggled on the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3? Have you searched other guides and still can't beat this guy? Don't worry, you don't need to be a God Gamer to beat the Nameless King. In fact, you only need a bow. This is 100% the easiest way to beat Nameless King and it takes zero skill. In this video, we show you every step you need to defeat the Nameless King easy. Using a simple ranged cheese, you can turn one of the hardest bosses of Dark Souls 3 into the easiest. No need to rage about Dark Souls 3 anymore. Pick up your most upgraded bow and get to this simple cheese on Nameless King in Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 Story ► The Nameless King's Betrayal


🤍 LORE NOTE: It's not 100% confirmed that Havel is the "Brave Dragonslayer" who served both Ornstein & the Nameless King. It's up for speculation. Personally I think he is the most likely candidate as: a) Havel Knights are summoned by the man-serpent summoners b) Havel is rumoured to have an occult plot against the gods Another likely candidate is the wearer of the Dragonslayer Armour. I confidently say it is Havel for the purpose of storytelling, as Prepare to Cry is about interpretation - not speculation. TRANSLATE MY VIDEOS ►Know a second language? You could help bring my videos to a wider audience: 🤍 PLAYLISTS ►My Best Videos: 🤍 ►Dark Souls 3 Lore: 🤍 ►Dark Souls 3 News: 🤍 ►Bloodborne Lore: 🤍 ►Demon's Souls Lore: 🤍 ►Dark Souls Lore: 🤍 ►Dark Souls 2 Lore: 🤍 ►Souls-like: 🤍 SOCIAL ►Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 ►Follow me on Tumblr: 🤍 ►Follow me on Twitch.tv: 🤍 ►Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 ►Follow me on Patreon: 🤍 ►Join me on Discord: 🤍 CHANNEL ART ►Outro & Avatar commissioned from 🤍 ►Cartoon-style characters by 🤍 ►Stylised characters by 🤍 ►Contributions by 🤍 SUBTITLES (please contribute your own with the link below! ►Contribute: 🤍 MUSIC (most is royalty-free or licensed from Epidemic Sound (🤍 ► ► ► ► SPECIAL THANKS ►To Phoks of the CE forums, for his work on the tables that improve the quality of my videos. PATRONS ►I'd like to give sincere thanks to all my patrons - your contributions have changed the course of my life, allowing me to put more emphasis on video production in the future. ►Special thanks to Flame-God tier patrons - Ryan, Austin, Dakota, Locksley, SmoothEnigma, Gwyn, Havel, Calahan, Kelsy, Dennis, Ben, Epherim, Oskar, Tyler, Tim, Dread Monarch, Tarradax, RequiemArc, Soren, Weston, Christina, Mitchell, Ash, Ethan, Nicolas, Carlos, Rasmus, Cross_wolfv1, Jesper, Colin, Jace, Brad, Jon, Noah, Huwiaden, and Ricky

Dark Souls 3 - Walkthrough Part 35: Nameless King


Dark Souls III is an action role-playing game set in a third-person perspective. According to director Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game's gameplay design "follows closely from Dark Souls II". Players are equipped with a variety of weapons including shortbows, explosives like fire bombs, greatswords and dual-wielding swords to fight against enemies, and shields that can be used to deflect an enemies' attack and protect the player from suffering damage. In addition, attacks can be evaded through dodge-rolling. Bonfires, which serve as checkpoints, also return from previous installments. Ashes, according to Miyazaki, will play an important role in the game. Magic is also featured in the game. Each attack has two different styles. One of them is standard attack, while another provides power-ups to players, and is slightly more powerful. When performing miracles and spells, the players' magic points are consumed and decreased. In order to refilled these points, they need to consume Ash Estus Flask. There are two different Estus Flasks in the game. One of them can help refill magic points, while another refill hit points. Combat and movements were made faster and more fluid in Dark Souls III. Several players' movements, such as backstepping and swinging heavy weapons, can be performed more rapidly, allowing players to deal more damage in a short period of time. Throughout the game, players encounter different types of enemies, each with different behaviors. Some of them change their combat pattern during battles. New combat features are introduced in Dark Souls III, including "Ready Stance", which are special abilities for players that allow them to deal much more damage to enemies than ordinary attacks are capable of. Small gravestones are also introduced. These gravestones light up when interacted with and not only serve as players' torches, but also provide additional lore to the game. The game puts more focus on role-playing, in which the character builder is expanded and weapons are improved to provide more tactical options to players. The game features fewer maps than its predecessor Dark Souls II, but levels were interconnected and were made larger, which encourages exploration. The agility stat from Dark Souls II was removed from Dark Souls III. The game also features multiplayer elements, like the previous games in the series. All recordings are on an Elgato HD60. Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough 🤍 #DarkSouls3 #Walkthrough All recordings are done using OBS, an Elgato HD60 Pro, and a Logitech Pro X Headset. Subscribe Here! 🤍 Check out my Top Videos! 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Use Amazon a bunch? Go through my affiliate link to help support me at no cost to you: 🤍 Whether it's a headset or a keyboard, Logitech has the best gaming peripherals around: 🤍 Trying to get started with content creation? Check out everything Elgato has here: 🤍 About FightinCowboy: Content Creator, variety streamer, and professional weeb. I like to play games and make people laugh. Dark Souls 3 - Walkthrough Part 35: Nameless King 🤍 FightinCowboy 🤍

Dark Souls 3: Nameless King EASY GUIDE


The Dark Souls 3 Boss Nameless King is by far one of the most difficult ones in the entire Series. Many people have struggled and given up, but I want to help. Not only is there a cheese glitch to dodge the big lightning attack, but more importantly I'll be showing you how and when to punish him, which attacks to watch out for, and more. Practice makes perfect! Catch me live on Twitch! ♥ 🤍 Music: Stream Beats by Harris Heller, Thank you!

Asmongold ACTUALLY Gives Up Fighting Nameless King Dark Souls 3


Asmongold gets to Nameless King in dark souls 3 and can't defeat him. Asmongolds Channels 🤍 🤍 🤍 AllCraft Merch: 🤍 Outtro Music: Lightness by Nomyn 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 #Asmongold #Darksouls3 #AsmongoldDarksouls3

Boss Reactions | Dark Souls 3 | Nameless King


Original Videos: iMAVERIQ Video -► 🤍 iMAVERIQ Channel -► 🤍 Rhapsody Video -► 🤍 Rhapsody Channel -► 🤍 Millbeeful Video -► 🤍 Millbeeful Channel -► 🤍 BrickyOrchid8 Video -► 🤍 BrickyOrchid8 Channel -► 🤍 MrAndersonLP Video -► 🤍 MrAndersonLP Channel - 🤍

How to Cheese Nameless King in Dark Souls 3 (2022 Update - Easy Kill)


The Nameless King/King of the Storm is one of the hardest bosses in Dark Souls 3 and after dying countless times I found a cheese strategy to easily kill him without having to fully engage him and lead him to his death. The video explains how to cheese him. #darksouls #FromSoftware #ps4 #NamelessKing #Darksouls3 #eldenring #Cheese #bosses

Nameless King more like Nameless Cringe - DS3 #11


PewDiePie Dark Souls 3 Stream Highlights Part 11 #AD - Holiday Deal! Go to 🤍 to get a 2-year plan at a huge discount plus 1 month free. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee! Full Stream 🤍 Be a Floor Gang Member 🤍 Pewdiepie: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Lofi Bitch Lasagna: 🤍 By: Lazzzed 🤍 Pewds Aestethic Room End Screen: 🤍 By: 🤍 #PewDiePie #DarkSouls #EldenRing

The Nameless King Boss Fight | Dark Souls 3 Pt. 23 | Marz Plays


In part 23, we finally come face to face with The Nameless King in a much hyped boss fight! Thank you guys for all your continual support Subscribe + Leave a Like for More! 😎 🌱 Join the Marz Fam’ 🌱 For more Casual Let’s Plays, Vlogs and other odds and ends! Costarring ⇾ Luka the Barking Doggo 🐶 ►|DONATE TO THE CHANNEL| PATREON ⇾ patreon.com/Marzzz ►|FOLLOW + CHAT WITH ME| TWITCH ⇾ twitch.tv/marzzzzy DISCORD ⇾ discord.gg/marz INSTAGRAM ⇾ instagram.com/marz.z.z/ TWITTER ⇾ twitter.com/Marzzzzzy 🌱|MARZ FAMILY CONTRIBUTORS!|🌱 Richard Y ▪ Dizzy ▪ Exskwerl ▪ Brandon H ▪ CountP ▪ Blake B ▪ Lucid▪ NellY ▪ Tino N ▪ Korbinian S ▪ Roark ▪ Espen B ▪ Cary ▪ Shiz ▪ Xeromessiah ▪ Klausete ▪ Dylan ▪ JWaggy ▪ Simon ▪ Justin ▪ Justin M ▪ John M ▪ Hamza R ▪ Owen W ▪ 95Rockfan ▪ Nicole ▪ Dark Rahl ▪ Gabe D ▪ TheCursedAndTorn ▪ 1baq6 ▪ Joe G ▪ Astralopitekk ▪ Sanjeev ▪ Jaden S ▪ A.I. Umbra ▪ Devin L ▪ ObiJobe ▪ Jeremy V ▪ Jesper C ▪ Rafi M ▪ Michael G ▪ Jordan G ▪ Noel B ▪ Michael H ▪ Ali ▪ Tektauron▪ Gerwannt ▪ Adam B ▪ Mizen B ▪ Jimmy S ▪ Bish ▪ VainSoftGames ▪ Davis R ▪ Cesar M ▪ BattleBrand #darksouls3 #namelessking #boss #fromsoftware #archdragonpeak

Dark Souls 3 OST - Nameless King (Complete)


Nameless King theme, now with the whole 2nd phase they decided to remove from the soundtrack Composer: Motoi Sakuraba

How To Beat Nameless King | Dark Souls 3 No hit Boss Tutorials


How to beat Nameless King Dark Souls 3 Catch me live on 🤍 Nameless no hit from FAR 🤍 Nameless no hit from CLOSE RANGE 🤍 Back into the Dark souls 3 guides I bring you how to beat Nameless king, here I teach you a strategy on how to beat nameless king in a way that makes it so you don't have to memorize too many moves, this boss has actually 2 fights the first one he fights while riding the wyvern and goes by the name King of the Storms, the second fight on this how to beat nameless king is when things get serious he uses a combination of slash, thrust, overheads and miracle attacks to make your life miserable to the point of rage, you will also see on this how to beat nameless king how I use the camera so I don't have to deal with bad moments 0:00 Intro 1:24 King of the Storms Tutorial 4:38 Nameless King Tutorial Dark Souls 3 Genre: Dark Fantasy, Action RPG Publisher: FromSoftware, Inc. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Developer: FromSoftware, Inc. Platform: Steam, Sony, Microsoft Release Date: 11 April 2016

DS3 - Nameless King vs Bosses


AI vs Boss Gauntlet playlist: 🤍 Dark Souls 3 cheat table: 🤍 Dark Souls 3 Challenge Mods 🤍 Bloodborne Dash: 🤍 Enemy Onslaught: 🤍 Enemy Randomizer: 🤍

Dark Souls 3 - This is why it took me like 40 tries to kill Nameless King


There is no other possible explanation. Any time I have ever been hit by an attack, it has just been an interpolation error. Song used: Knight's Academy - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword OST

How to Easily Kill Nameless King at SL1


Parallax’s channel: 🤍 My Twitch channel: 🤍 Company of Champions Discord server (dedicated to challenge running and getting really good at PvE games): 🤍 Boss Poise and Bleed Value explanation: It works just like any meter in the game. When you’re walking in Farron Keep’s poison swamp, you can see a meter building and when it reaches a full bar you get poisoned. So, just like that, bosses have a hidden meter as their poise value. Whenever you hit a boss, that meter goes up and, if it gets full, the boss staggers and you get some free damage in. Different weapons have different poise damage and strike damage weapons usually deal the most poise damage - which is why Reinforced Club is our weapon of choice here. That, combined with the fact that it has innate bleed, makes it by far the best option versus Nameless King at SL1 in base NG. It doesn’t work as well in higher NG+ cycles because boss poise resistance also gets boosted so it ends up taking a lot more hits to stagger them in NG+7, for example. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask down below. If you’d like to see a specific guide, feel free to ask and I’d be more than happy to work on it if it interests me. Thanks for watching! Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction 1:53 - King of the Storm Phase 2:53 - Nameless King Phase 5:50 - Final Thoughts and Considerations



I have been putting off playing Dark Souls 3 because of the Nameless King BOSS fight for some time now... I can't keep running away from my problems though. So today is the day I bea.. I mean play this game and make me hate my life for doing so.. F&%k my life man.. Dark Souls 3 Playlist: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Intro Song - Vincent - No Mercy Support The Producer - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍

Nameless King Boss Fight (No Hits Taken / Melee Only) [Dark Souls 3 PS5]


Dark Souls 3 on PS5 - Nameless King Boss Fight (No Hits Taken / Melee Only) / Nameless King No Damage Boss Fight DS3. Just a quick video showing the Nameless King boss in Dark Souls III, taking no damage while playing a melee only build with no blocking, on Dark Souls 3 being played on PlayStation 5 at 60 fps. Details below. Revenge on this boss for glitching me out the first time I went against him: 🤍 I never found this fight to be particularly difficult though, other than the awkward camera in the first phase. Still an enjoyable fight in the second phase due to the pace of it. Getting ready for Elden Ring, and continuing on from Demon's Souls, Dark Souls Remastered and Dark Souls 2 to part 4 of the 6 part series - playing through Dark Souls 3 and doing all off the bosses with no hits and melee only. I'll be doing the same for Bloodborne and Sekiro after this, including all of the DLC bosses. It's not the most difficult challenge, and people have done these full games without taking a hit. I just wanted to experience all of the bosses again by From Software and do them in my own way. I don't have the time required to invest in full game no hits and make videos for those, so I just wanted to set my own benchmark and have a catalogue on the channel of all of the individual bosses without taking damage with melee only, at the very least. For the easier bosses: As there's quite a few bosses that are very straight forward and don't take much to no hit at all, it still doesn't make any sense just to skip the simple bosses. I'm not uploading to show off or saying they're difficult by any means, purely for consistency sake and uploading every boss in the game. I may mess around with SL1 runs after completing all of the games if I feel like playing them even more. But most of those end up just being stupidly overpowered for SL1 and two hitting the bosses anyway. I'll see how I feel once these are all gone through. Dark Souls 3 on PS5? While there wasn't a remake or remaster that was made specifically for the PlaySation 5, all of the games are given a performance upgrade when being played on PS5. Namely, allowing them to run at 60fps instead of the 30fps on PS3/PS4. I think the exception is Bloodborne, but the rest all run better compared to their PS4 counterpart. Perhaps a patch for Bloodborne will come at a later date. My full Dark Souls 3 PS5 playlist can be found here: 🤍 All FromSoftware Boss Fights No Damage: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE HERE: 🤍 BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER HERE: 🤍 Thank you so much for your support!

Better Nameless King vs Bosses - Dark Souls 3


This is Nameless King from the "Nameless King, but harder" mod: 🤍 I forgot to remove the enemies outside Aldrich's arena again. Gael's lightning resistance makes him take almost no damage from enemy lightning attacks. How to set up Dark Souls 3 AI battles: 🤍 Dark Souls 3 cheat table: 🤍 Dark Souls Map Studio: 🤍 Dark Souls 3 Debug Menu: 🤍 Dark Souls 3 Enemy Randomizer: 🤍

Beating Dark Souls 3, but I'm Playing as the Nameless King


Is it possible to beat every required boss in Dark Souls 3 while playing as the Nameless King? No rolling, no estus, no chance?! Special thanks to Pantagana, Mister Prop, and all of the ?ServerName? Discord for everything they do. I would not have been able to make this video without them. Most of the music in this video was taken from the Dark Souls series. Remixes of popular Dark Souls themes can be found on the very talented Alex Roe's channel: 🤍 Outro: Build Me Up Buttercup - Reigh Lofi Remix original cover by Erica Banzuelo and remixed by Dou Dou: 🤍 Erica's Banzuelo's channel: 🤍 Dark Souls is owned by FromSoftware, Inc. and is published by BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT. All rights are reserved under fair use! FAQs: Why aren’t you playing through the entire game as the enemy? There are a number of blockers standing in the way: Maps don’t load. You can’t go up ladders. You can’t go through fog walls. You can’t interact with NPCs. The list goes on. Why didn’t you do x move? While I’m taking control of an enemy via the debug menu, I can only map an enemy's animations to 12 buttons at a time (the d pad, face buttons, and shoulder buttons of a standard gamepad). Why didn’t you change phases? While I’m taking control of an enemy via the debug menu, I am unable to change phases mid fight. How are you able to do this? You can switch to controlling each enemy via the game’s debug menu. You can pick up this mod on Nexus Mods. You'll need to learn how to mod the game first though. Pantagana has a great guide on how to do this: 🤍 Video Topics: Dark Souls 3 But Every Enemy Is Gael, Dark Souls 3 But Every Enemy Is Yhorm, Dark Souls 3 But I'm Playing as an Enemy, Playing as an Enemy, Anor Londo, Pontiff Sulyvahn, Aldrich, Devourer of Gods, Dark Souls 3 Challenge, Dark Souls 3 Reaction, Elden Ring, Elden Ring Reaction, Elden Ring Trailer, Elden Ring Is Real, Elden Ring Challenge, Elden Ring Countdown, Can You Beat, Can You Beat DS3, Dark Souls Mod, Dark Souls 3 Mod, Dark Souls 3 Boss Fights, bonfirevn, Pantagana, iron pineapple, ymfah, Pontiff vs, Aldrich vs, Elden Ring When, Elden Ring Release Date, Pontiff, Pontif, Aldrich, dark souls 3, Gwyndolin, Aldrich Boss Fight, Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight, Alex Roe, Midir boss fight, Darkeater Midir, Midir vs Yhorm, Yorm, Yhorm, Twin Princes, Prince Lothric, Soul of Cinder, Gwyn, Genichiro, Dark Souls But, Dark Souls 3 But I'm Playing as a Boss, Nameless King, King of the Storm, Is it possible Nameless King, Is it possible Soul of Cinder #darksouls3 #namelessking #darksoulsmods #eldenring #darksouls #thankyoudarksouls

Dark Souls 3 Nameless King Easy Kill Bleed Damage


DARK SOULS III how to defeat Nameless King easily using bleed damage

Dark Souls 3 - Nameless King Boss Fight Walkthrough [1080P HD]


Dark Souls III Nameless King Secret Full Boss Fight Battle PS4 Xbox One PC 1080P HD Quality This fight is from my walkthrough you can watch the full game walkthrough playlist here: 🤍 Subscribe for more! Patreon: 🤍 Join a community of gamers: 🤍 Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 Follow me on Twitch: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍

24 | 100% | Dark Souls 3 - Archdragon Peak a Nameless King | Český návod | PS5


Lokace Archdragon Peak není vlastně tak hrozná koneckonců, ale Nameless King to je jinačí kafe. Ale nějako padne z první - v sérii český návod a 100% průchod na Dark Souls 3 Odkazy na sociální sítě: Twitch - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Jestli podpoříš odběrem/followem ať už tady nebo na Twitchi, tak si toho vážím nejvíc. Chceš-li podpořit i jinak, můžeš na odkazech níže, ale není to nutností, obsah budu tvořit dále. Donate odkaz - 🤍 Music from Tunetank.com CloudSystem - Atlant (Copyright Free Music) Download free: 🤍 #bloodborne #darksouls #darksouls3

Dark Souls 3 OST - Nameless King - Extended


Technically the King of Storms + the Nameless King

"Literal God" Asmongold ONE SHOTS Nameless King Dark Souls 3


Asmongold Fights the Nameless King after wiping for 4 hours the previous day and defeats him making the boss look like a joke Asmongolds Channels 🤍 🤍 🤍 AllCraft Merch: 🤍 Outtro Music: Lightness by Nomyn 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 #Asmongold #DarkSouls3 #AsmongoldDarkSouls3

NAMELESS KING IS ACTUALLY EASY - Dark Souls 3 Rage Montage 13


DARK SOULS 3 FUNNY MOMENTS! Fighting the infamous Nameless King and King of the Storm. Subscribe right now ► 🤍 Game: Dark Souls III Intro music by Hansult 🤍 Outro song ▼ 🤍 ▼ Social 🤍 🤍 Dark Souls 3 Rage Montage

(Remastered) Dark Souls III Original Soundtrack Full - Nameless King


Dark Souls III Original Soundtrack Full - Nameless King Composer: Motoi Sakuraba UPDATE: Albums updated with all new tracks from The Ringed City DLC. The collection is finally complete! Album download (MEGA): FLAC (lossless): 🤍 MP3 (320kbps): 🤍 Knowing that the official soundtrack cuts the grand majority of songs, I decided to step up and fix this by myself releasing my own album. All the songs from this album have been extracted from the game and personally tweaked by myself to make them sound just as they do when playing, achieving maximum fidelity! The rights of these songs belong to FromSoftware.

Dark Souls III - Nameless King Easy Kill


Dark Souls 3 - How to beat Nameless King Boss Name: Nameless King / King of the Storm Immunities: King is immune to poison, resists lightning. Dragon has no immunities. Weakness: Both are weak to bleed. Although the "go to" rule with large enemies is to go beneath them in Dark Souls, do NOT do this with the dragon phase of this fight, it will make it needlessly harder - you want to keep yourself near the dragon's head, as that is his weak point. As for phase 2? You want to try and out DPS the boss - the longer the fight takes, the harder it will get, so try and rush him down to some extent. Starting Class: Northern Warrior Initial Weapon: Battle Axe / Deep Battle Axe Primary weapon: Warden's Twinblades Backup weapon: Anri's Straight Sword Stats to focus on: LUCK and DEXTERITY Important items: Carthus Rouge, Hollow Gem, Profaned Coal Even if you do not follow this build precisely, you can still emulate it with varying degrees of success: The main goal of this build is simply to out-damage bosses by trading hits with them, where possible. Many bosses in Dark Souls III are susceptible to bleeding. So we'll be taking a weapon with innate bleed (I went with the Warden Twinblades as they have a weapon art that's great for landing multiple hits) and then buffing it with Carthus Rouge (which adds a lot of bleeding) as well as infusing it with the Hollow Gem. Hollow infusions allow your weapons to scale with luck and also give you a bonus to your luck stat if you have high enough hollowing (which is gained by allowing Yoel to draw your power out) and the luck stat itself boosts your bleeding bonus. Even if your build is very different, so long as your weapon can be buffed, you might want to stick some Carthus Rouge on it and attempt to bleed bosses, unless you are using very slow weapons, in which case you will find it somewhat hard to bleed them. ►Follow on Twitter for notifications on new vids: 🤍 ►Silver Mont Patreon page: 🤍 ►Paypal Donations 🤍 ►Channel Artist's Web-store 🤍 ►The official Silver Mont Steam Group: 🤍

Dark Souls 3 - How to Get to Archdragon Peak (Secret Area)


Archdragon Peak | Bronze | Reach Archdragon Peak. Archdragon peak is a secret area in Dark Souls 3. To get there you need to learn the "Path to the Dragon" gesture. You can get this in the room after Oceriros, the Consumed King. Interact with the knight sitting in front of the fountain. Once you have it, head to the Irthyll Dungeon. You want to go outside near where the shortcut elevator is. There's a few knights and dragon looking people looking out to a palace on a cliffside. You want to use the Path to the Old Dragon gesture on the unoccupied rug. Do this gesture for a good few seconds, a cutscene will play and you'll get transported there. Walk forwards until "Archdragon Peak" appears on the screen and the trophy will unlock. You can fight the "Ancient Wyvern" Boss here as well as "The Nameless King". - Twitter: 🤍 Channel: 🤍 Join the Curse network! - 🤍 PSN: Harry94_ Xbox Live: HarryNinetyFour

Dark Souls 3 ► Lore of the Optional Bosses


Previous video on the Main Bosses ► 🤍 00:00 - The Nameless King 12:14 - Oceiros, the Consumed King 21:14 - Old Demon King 24:14 - Curse-rotted Greatwood Finally finished moving into a new place - man, I seriously underestimated how long it can take. The audio has a bit too much echo in this new room - still working on soundproofing. COMMUNITY SHOUTOUTS ►The popular, detailed Nameless King x Farossa theory mentioned at 2:52: 🤍 ►Apparently Oni are a type of Demon in Japanese Folklore! This could explain the missing creature I thought could be the Stormdrake. Kudos to Dreganius for his insight. 🤍 KINDLE THE CHANNEL [become a patron] ►🤍 PLAYLISTS ►Dark Souls 3 News: 🤍 ►Bloodborne Lore: 🤍 ►Demon's Souls Lore: 🤍 ►Dark Souls Lore: 🤍 ►Dark Souls 2 Lore: 🤍 ►Souls-like: 🤍 SOCIAL ►Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 ►Follow me on Tumblr: 🤍 ►Follow me on Twitch.tv: 🤍 ►Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 ►Follow me on Patreon: 🤍 CHANNEL ART ►Outro & Avatar commissioned from 🤍 ►Cartoon-style characters by 🤍 ►Concept-style thumbnails by 🤍 ►Stylised characters by 🤍 ►Contributions by 🤍 SUBTITLES (please contribute your own!) ►Russian subtitles by Will MaX - 🤍 ►Turkish subtitles by Geekyapar! - 🤍 MUSIC (most is royalty-free or licensed from audiomicro.com or Epidemic Sound) ► ► ► ► PATRONS ►I'd like to give sincere thanks to all my patrons - your contributions have changed the course of my life, allowing me to put more emphasis on video production in the future. ►Special thanks to Flame-God tier patrons - Guardsman Beyd, Tarradax, RequiemArc, Sebastian, Zac, Soren, Finlakris, Christina, Mitchell, FotiGames, Weston, Ash, His Dread Monarch, Nate Burundi, Ethan, Neco, DarkHeartedKill, Nicolas, Ben, Jim, KinOfKline, Wazuki, Mattison, Rasmus, Cross_wolfv1, Jesper, Colin, Jace, Brad, Jon, Noah, Ryan, Ethan, Mikkel, Huwiaden, Ricky

Dark Souls 3 - Nameless King (BARE FIST ONLY) NG+7 *No Damage


NG +7 Most primitive, and perfect. #다크소울 #무명왕 #맨손 #맨주먹 #노데미지

The Nameless King & The Painted World of Ariandel - Dark Souls 3 | Blind Playthrough


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Dark Souls 3 Nameless King Boss Fight


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【Dark Souls 3】VTuber Meets The Nameless King


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หัวเห็ดพิฆาต - Nameless King Boss Fight


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Como Zerei Dark Souls 3 no Level 1 (Nameless King e DLC)


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NameLess King - SL1 - +0 Weapon (0 Upgrades) - Naked - DS3


Naked, SL1, +0 Upgraded weapon Watch live at 🤍 🤍praisethekhan.com

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