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Cusco Travel Guide | The Ancient Inca Capital of Peru


Some say Cusco is the Rome of the Americas and to be honest...we'd have to agree. Join Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers, and explore the ancient Inca capital in the Andes. Cusco is one of the coolest cities in South America and it's time to travel! SUBSCRIBE ► 🤍 - WHAT WE VLOG WITH : - OUR FILM MAKING KIT ► 🤍 - FOLLOW US: + INSTAGRAM ►🤍 + FACEBOOK ► 🤍 + TWITTER ► 🤍 + SNAPCHAT ►🤍Vagabrothers - Personal Accounts: + Alex ► YT: 🤍 IG: 🤍 + Marko ► YT: 🤍 IG: 🤍 - Contribute to Vagabrothers #TranslationTeam: 🤍 - SEND US STUFF: 2633 Lincoln Blvd #921 Santa Monica, CA 90405 - BOOK YOUR TRAVELS HERE: + Hotels: 🤍 + Flights: 🤍 + Eurail Tickets: 🤍 + Insurance: 🤍 - HOW WE GET AROUND: Get your first free ride with Uber by using the code "UberVagabrothersUE" or clicking here: 🤍 - P.S. We love the Vagabuddies... Subscribe and join the squad!

Top 10 Things to Do in Cusco | Peru Travel Guide 2022


😊 Hey there description box reader! If you feel so inclined, please consider buying us a coffee or using one of our affiliate links down below to keep us on the road. Any and all support means the world to us. Don't want to? That's fine too! 🧳 Luggage we're obsessed with The BEST personal item/backpack: 🤍 Our favorite suitcase: 🤍 ☕️ Buy us a coffee 🤍 🏨 Hostel 🤍 📸 Gear we use Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 🐶 Join TrustedHousesitters and get a 25% discount on your membership 🤍 🏠 Try Airbnb for $65 off your first booking 🤍 🎵 Music "Mike Leite - Vacaciones" is under a Creative Commons (cc-by) license Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: 🤍 📧 Contact Business email: sharingtheroadtravel🤍 0:00 - San Pedro Market 0:56 - Plaza San Francisco 1:28 - Plaza de Armas 2:12 - Cristo Blanco 3:24 - Q'enqo Chico Ruins 4:40 - Saqsaywaman Ruins 5:42 - Inca Cola 7:05 - Sapantiana Colonial Aqueduct 7:40 - San Cristobal Overlook 8:11 - Twevled-angled Stone 8:49 - Try the food! 👀 Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain Top Things to Do in Cusco | Peru Travel Guide 2022 what to do in cusco,cusco travel guide,things to do in cusco,things to do in peru,machu picchu,peru travel,cusco peru,things to do in cusco peru,peru travel guide,peruvian food,cusco travel,best places to visit in peru,cusco things to do,peru travel vlog,peru travel tips,cusco 2022,peru food,travel in cusco,what to do in cusco peru,10 things to do in cusco,Top Things to Do in Cusco | Peru Travel Guide 2022,cusco attractions,travel peru,travel cusco

15 Things to do in Cusco Travel Guide


Many travelers to Cusco use the city as a launching pad to hike the Inca trail, visit Machu Picchu and/or explore the Sacred Valley. With so many travel options just outside of the city it is easy to forget that Cuzco has a lot to offer in and of itself. The following Cusco travel guide is our attempt to showcase what the city has to offer in terms of attractions, things to do, shopping, dining, museums and nightlife. In our opinion, you'll want to budget several days to take it all in and acclimatize to the higher altitude if you're thinking of going on hiking excursions afterwards. Our visit Cusco travel guide covers some of the top attractions including the best in arts, entertainment, museums, nightlife and restaurants. We also cover off-the-beaten-path activities that you won't find in your typical tourism brochure or Cusco city guide. 1) Cusco Cathedral (Viracocha) - Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin (Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus) 2) Inca Wall 3) Traditional Peruvian Folk Dance at Centro Qosqo 4) Barrio de San Blas Neighborhood 5) Artisan Market on Ave del Sol 6) Cusco Food (Alpaca meat skewers - alpaca a la parrilla 7) Pisco Museum (Museo del Pisco) 8) Plaza de Armas (Square of the warrior) 9) Inca Museum (Museo Inka) 10) Chocolate Museum (ChocoMuseo) 11) Temple of the Sun (Qurikancha) 12) Templo de la Compañía de Jesús (Jesuit Church) 13) Cuy - eating Guinea pig for dinner 14) El Templo de la Merced del Cusco 15) Nightlife in Cusco - drinking a pisco sour Alternate Cuzco/Cusco spelling: (Quechua: Qusqu or Qosqo) 15 Things to do in Cusco, Peru | Top Attractions Travel Guide: If you're planning to walk the Inca Trail or visit Machu Picchu, you'll likely end up spending at least a few days in Cuzco. With it's lively square, quirky museums, artisans markets and traditional performances, this is exactly the type of destination you'll want to linger let's not forget, it's also a good place to adjust to the altitude! The following video will showcase 15 things to do in Cuzco: Cuzco Cathedral is a place you shouldn't miss. The cathedral sits on the site of Viracocha Inca’s palace, and it was also built using blocks from the nearby Inca site of Sacsaywamán. Inside you'll find impressive works of art done in the cuzqueña style. In the evenings, you can go watch a traditional dance performance at Centro Qosqo. San Blas San Blas is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Cuzco and it is a great area to explore on foot. The neighbourhood is known for its bright blue doors and window shutters, and it has a nice little square with a church and a water fountain. The neighbourhood has some really cool lookout points with great panoramic views of Cuzco, so you'll want to bring your camera. Plaza de Armas is the beating heart of Cuzco. The square is flanked by a Jesuit church and cathedral, and there are also plenty of bars, restaurants, and tour agencies around the perimeter. During the day you'll find locals and tourists hanging out in the square, and if you get lucky, you might just encounter a performance followed by a demonstration like we did. The Inca Museum is one of the main museums in town and it has rooms dedicated to different periods of Inca and Spanish history. You can also see women weaving rugs and tapestries by hand in the central courtyard. Qurikancha was an Inca temple built to the Sun God, Inti, and it is believed that the walls of this temple were once covered in sheets of gold. If the temple looks like it has various layers of construction, that's because when the Spaniards arrived, they demolished the original temple and used the foundations to build the Church of Santo Domingo on the site. The Church of the Society of Jesus is a historic Jesuit church. It's worth a quick visit if you're in the area. Templo de la Merced is another church located one block from Plaza de Armas, and it contains the tomb of two famous conquistadors. And that's a wrap for Cuzco! We hope you enjoyed this video and that it showed you a few of the places you can visit while you're in the city. We recommend spending at least 3 days here, or perhaps a few more if you also want to tour the Sacred Valley. As always, if you have any other suggestions of things to do in Cuzco, feel free to share those in the comments below. This is part of our Travel in Peru series. We're making a series of videos showcasing Peruvian culture, Peruvian arts, Peruvian foods, Peruvian religion, Peruvian cuisine and Peruvian people. All things Peruano. The best of Comida Peruana and Cocina Peruana. Proudly presented by: 🤍 & 🤍 All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker). Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network

Historic Cusco, Peru [Amazing Places 4K]


Cusco is situated in the Peruvian Andes, and is famous for being the capital of the Inca empire from 13th to 16th century. The city and its surroundings are rich in pre-Inca and Inca ruins, and Spanish colonial churches and buildings. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Main locations in the video: Plaza de Armas (0:01), Cusco Cathedral (0:07), Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús (0:19), Qorikancha (Sun Temple)/ Convent of Santo Domingo (1:31), Sacsayhuaman (2:45), Q'enqo (3:54), Puka Pukara (4:18), Tambomachay (4:40). Recorded July 2018 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX100. Music: David Modica - Seraphim - 8 - Walking On Air Licensed via Immerse yourself in Amazing Places on Our Planet without the distraction of words. New 4K video every Friday or every second Friday. Filmed and Edited by Milosh Kitchovitch (business inquiries: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 More Amazing Places in 4K: 🤍

Cusco - 5 Things Tourists Love & Hate about Cuzco, Peru


The best and worst parts of visiting Cusco, Peru. The former capital of the Inca empire has a lot of tourists and travelers to love. From incredible Inca temples, the catheral, and the easy access to Machu Picchu there is so much to make tourists fall in love with Cusco, however there are a few things that might annoy tourists with their visit to Cusco, from aggressive touts to altitude sickness. 5 Things that you will love and hate about visiting Cusco, Peru. Filmed in Cusco/Cuzco, Peru Copyright Mark Wolters 2019 The Don'ts of Travel Playlist: 🤍 The Shocks of Travel Playlist: 🤍 Grab Wolters World Merchandise & Travel Gear at 🤍 Help Us Keep Make More Honest Travel Videos: 🤍 Our Gear: Sony Alpha 6000: Our favorite camera for vlogging. One of the best selling cameras of all time and its not too expensive. 🤍 Osprey Meridian Carry-on Size Travel Backpack: This is THE backpack that all of the Wolters World family use. It fits in the overhead compartment, gives you a great day pack and has an awesome warranty. We always travel with one. 🤍 Duafire Travel Adapter: helps you plug into most countries plugs around the world. 🤍 Travel Strip: One plug for your normal device, four USB plugs as well, it saves a lot of trouble and outlets when you travel. 🤍 Backup Battery Pack: Essential for travelers wanting to have a backup batter charge for their phones, cameras, and devices. 🤍 Hey There Fellow Travelers! Thank you for watching our honest travel vlogs from all over this wonderful world. If you would like to get in contact with us please follow us & send us a message via our social media channels below. Also, if you like our travel videos please feel free to share them with other fellow travelers. Follow Us At 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Cusco & Machu Picchu Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia


Cusco & Machu Picchu – In Cusco and the Sacred Valley, magnificent ruins await the adventurous traveler. The most famous of all is Machu Picchu. Follow us through this incredible region! When ready, browse vacation packages to Cusco: 🤍 Step through time and worlds with a #vacation to #Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire of the Sun. Since the 16th century, Spanish colonial buildings were built atop former Inca Palaces, of which only foundations remain. In the Urubamba Valley, or #SacredValley, visitors can see the mysterious Moray Terraces and the pre-Inca Salt Mines of Maras. Ollantaytambo is a living Inca city and its towering ruins form the start of the Inca Trail to #MachuPicchu. The long-lost Inca bastion was uncovered from the jungle in 1911. It remains a mystery how the Incas managed to stack the heavy granite blocks that make up the city’s buildings so precisely, at high altitude. Little is also known about how the Incas turned a multi-lingual tribal region in an empire that is now known as one of the greatest civilizations in history. For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it. More travel information around Cusco: 🤍 Subscribe to Expedia’s YouTube Channel for great travel videos and join the conversation on the best vacation ideas. - Follow us on social media: FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 PINTEREST: 🤍 - 0:00 - Cusco & Machu Picchu 1:50 - Plaza de Armas (Huacaypata) 1:58 - La Compania church 2:19 - Qorikancha 2:58 - Hatunrumiyoc Street 3:35 - Sacred Valley 3:49 - Urubamba Market 4:01 - Chinchero 4:18 - Moray Terraces 4:37 - Salt Mines of Maras 5:09 - Ollantaytambo 5:45 - Aguas Calientes 6:02 - Machu Picchu

Cusco: What to Know Before You Visit Cuzco, Peru


Jocelyn is back helping with some information on visiting Cuzco, Peru. We have quite a few videos for Cuzco and Machu Picchu, but we felt that just some basic tourist insight on Peru, and visiting Cusco specifically could hlep people enjoy Peru even more. Filmed in Cuzco, Peru Copyright Mark Wolters 2020 Grab some of our gear 🤍 #cuzco #peru #woltersworld The Don'ts of Travel Playlist: 🤍 The Shocks of Travel Playlist: 🤍 Grab Wolters World Merchandise & Travel Gear at 🤍 Help Us Keep Make More Honest Travel Videos: 🤍 Our Gear: We travel with a Microsoft Surface everywhere we go. I edit my videos on it & use it to backup my pictures and vides while we travel. It’s light and the best travel laptop on the market in my opinion. 🤍 We use Sony Alpha series cameras to film our videos. They are compact so you don’t look like a super tourist when you take great pictures and videos while you travel. 🤍 We use Manfrotto Tripods. They are compact, travel well, and honestly I would not use another tripod for my nice cameras. 🤍 Travel Plug that works in pretty much any country & has four USB ports. A must for any traveler. 🤍 Want to grab some great gear? We have used Osprey Packs for years & swear by them. Check them out here 🤍 Need some clothing for your next adventure? Patagonia has some pretty good stuff for all kinds of travelers. 🤍 Hey There Fellow Travelers! Thank you for watching our honest travel vlogs from all over this wonderful world. If you would like to get in contact with us please follow us & send us a message via our social media channels below. Also, if you like our travel videos please feel free to share them with other fellow travelers. Follow Us At 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Cuzco Peru: Clear Evidence Of The Great Builders Before The Inca


Want to join us in CUZCO in 2013? Click HERE: 🤍 to join stars of 'Ancient Aliens' BRIEN FOERSTER and HUGH NEWMAN on a unique 10-day tour around Peru and Bolivia in October/November 2013. Click above for details. 🤍 🤍

Amazing Places to Visit in Peru - Travel Video


Peru has a prehispanic rich culture, beautiful places to discover, wild nature, and an extraordinary and worldwide known gastronomy. The land of Incas is one of the favorites for all tourists in Latin American and the world. Would you like to get to know more about this destination? Here you have ten places you must visit during your next travel to Peru. Chapters: 00:00 Why visit Peru 0:31 Machu Picchu 1:26 Cuzco 2:34 Lima 3:33 Iquitos, Amazon Jungle 4:18 Nazca Lines 5:10 Lago Titicaca, Puno 5:47 Chan-Chan, Trujillo 6:42 69 Lagoon, Ancash 7:16 Señor de Sipán, Chiclayo 8:08 Huacachina, Ica 8:49 End #Peru #Places #Travel

🇵🇪 Cosas que ver en CUSCO Perú en 1 día


Este vídeo vamos a conocer la ciudad de Cusco desde donde haremos la excursión para ver la Montaña de 7 colores. SEGURO DE VIAJE PARA AMÉRICA LATINA 🙋‍♂️ ¡No olvides VIAJAR con SEGURO! 🩺 Aquí tienes un descuento del 7% en CHAPKA 👇 🤍 #Cusco #Cuzco #MontañaArcoíris 00:00 Conseguir la entrada 00:44 Tour por Cusco 02:10 Mercado de San Pedro 03:50 Barrio de San Blas 05:30 Montaña 7 colores

Guide to Cusco, Peru - Amazing HOTEL TOUR + Plaza De Armas and Peruvian Dinner!


🎥Epic Peruvian Seafood in Lima: 🤍 👕T-shirts and caps: 🤍 🍌Mark Wiens Banana Chips - Worldwide Shipping Available Now: 🤍 Casona la Recoleta: 🤍 (affiliate link) Highlighly recommended place to stay in Cusco. Price - I paid $147 USD per night for 3 adults, 1 child. CUSCO, PERU - I loved visiting Cusco, Peru. It’s a city of amazing history and culture, and high elevation. The air is so fresh, the markets are vibrant, there’s delicious food, and it’s just beautiful. This is a quick hotel tour where we stayed and a walking tour of the main plaza of Cusco. #Cusco #Peru #travelguide Plaza De Armas - This is the center square and landmark of Cusco, an amazing area to walk around and just to enjoy life. The two major churches are the Church of the Society of Jesus and the Cathedral of Cusco. El Samaritano Restaurant - For dinner, we went over to a small local Peruvian food restaurant just around the corner from our hotel. I ordered the lomo saltado, stir fried beef with potatoes. Lomo saltado - Price - 3.5 PEN ($1.05) 🎵MUSIC: “My Apology” 🤍 —————————————————— 🏠Casona la Recoleta (affiliate link): 🤍 🍌Banana Chips are available now!! 🤍 👕Get t-shirts and caps: 🤍 📷Camera gear I use: 🤍 —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Cusco, Peru 4K


Cusco is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range. It is the capital of the Cusco Region and of the Cusco Province. In 2013, the city had a population of 435,114. Located on the eastern end of the Knot of Cuzco, its elevation is around 3,400 m (11,200 ft). Cusco je město na jihu Peru v Andách. V předkolumbovském období bylo centrem Incké říše a dodnes bývá označováno za historické hlavní město Peru. Cuzco je jedním z nejvýznamnějších peruánských turistických cílů, od roku 1983 figuruje historické centrum města na seznamu světového kulturního dědictví UNESCO. V roce 2011 zde žilo 398 663 obyvatel. Děkuji za zhlédnutí videa a těším se na vás u dalších. Můžeš sdílet, dat like a odebírat. Další videa: 🤍 Můj web: 🤍 Výbava Střih: Sony Vegas Úprava: Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Natáčeno na kamery: Canon EOS 6 Canon EOS 5 sr Sony RX 10 lll DJI Osmo PRO – Zenmuse x5 Natáčeno z dronu: DJI Inspire 1 PRO – Zenmuse x5 DJI Mavic PRO Další videa: 🤍 Můj web: 🤍

7 WEIRD Facts About CUZCO (Peru)


These are 7 WEIRD Facts about the archaeological capital of the AMERICAS. This is Cuzco in Peru! Do you have any fun facts about the city? Partnership requests with gus1thego: 🤍 Travel Blog: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍gustavrosted Facebook: Gustav Rosted



No existen palabras para explicar lo increíble y majestuoso que es Cusco. Una ciudad llena de historia y aventura que tiene muchos lugares mágicos por ofrecer, además de poder visitar una de las siete maravillas del mundo, Machu Picchu. Están listos para dejarse impresionar por uno de los destinos más famosos de Perú? Suscríbete para no perderte ninguna aventura! 🤍 Usa la música de mis videos: 🤍 Sabías que tengo un playlist en Spotify?: 🤍 Mi canal de belleza y moda 🤍 Encuéntrame en: Instagram 🤍 TikTok: WhatTheChic Twitter 🤍 Snapchat: KatyTheChic Facebook 🤍 Comparte este video para que tus amigos lo puedan ver!

48 HOURS in CUSCO, PERU (first impressions)


Our timing worked out perfectly, as we got to explore the beautiful city of Cusco on Peru’s Independence Day. The streets were lined with their national flag, and everyone was out and about celebrating the day away. Cusco has so much to offer, from local markets filled with bright, colorful produce, to Spanish baroque churches in its Plaza de Armas. We enjoyed the people, the cuisine, and the sparkling night lights, and everything about this city was purely charming. Follow along to see where we head next. Link to Mark Wien’s video: 🤍 VISIT OUR WEBSITE + STORE: 🤍 BACKDOOR KITCHEN RECIPES (CLAIRE'S DIGITAL COOKBOOK): 🤍 170+ USA VAN LIFE PARKING SPOTS (PLUS OUR ENTIRE USA ROUTE): 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 Email us for inquiries: contact🤍 OUR GEAR Main Camera - 🤍 Wide Lens - 🤍 Zoom Lens - 🤍 Tripod - 🤍 Microphone - 🤍 Drone - 🤍 Waterproof Camera - 🤍

Así vive la Gente de las Montañas en Cusco Perú 🇵🇪


Vuélvete miembro exclusivo del canal aquí: 🤍 Únete a mi grupo privado de Discord aquí (Escogiendo la opción GRUPO PRIVADO DISCORD 2021): 🤍 Agenda una cita con un experto de migración Canadá aquí: 🤍 Sígueme en las redes: 👉Instagram: 🤍 👉Facebook: 🤍 👉Twitter: 🤍 Larga vida a la abuela 🤘

Cusco, Peru 🇵🇪 | 4K Drone Footage (With Subtitles)


Cusco, Peru 🇵🇪 | 4K Drone Footage (With Subtitles) If you are interested in this amazing footage 👇 Get unlimited downloads of 55+ million creative assets. From just $16.50/month. Stock Footage, After Effects Templates, Music Tracks, and more... 🤍 _ Get The Latest DJI Mavic 3 👇 : 🤍 Watch also SOUTH AMERICA PLAYLIST 👇 : 🤍 _ Cusco, a city in the Peruvian Andes, was once capital of the Inca Empire, and is now known for its archaeological remains and Spanish colonial architecture. Plaza de Armas is the central square in the old city, with arcades, carved wooden balconies and Incan wall ruins. The baroque Santo Domingo Convent was built on top of the Incan Temple of the Sun (Qoricancha), and has archaeological remains of Inca stonework. ― Google ! You will see the most beautiful places in Cusco by aerial drone footage 4k #Cusco 🔔Be sure to ring the bell to get EVERY new video notification! 🔔 ⚠️ Copyright © ALL In 4K . All Rights Reserved. All video footage are licensed, and edited by ALL in 4K . Music by PraskMusic . Miami, USA 🇺🇸 | 4K Drone Footage 🤍 Torrevieja, Spain 🇪🇸 | 4K Drone Footage 🤍 Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸 | 4K Drone Footage 🤍

Cusco Food Tour | Top Foods to Try in Cusco, Peru


😊 Hey there description box reader! If you feel so inclined, please consider buying us a coffee or using one of our affiliate links down below to keep us on the road. Any and all support means the world to us. Don't want to? That's fine too! 🧳 Luggage we're obsessed with The BEST personal item/backpack: 🤍 Our favorite suitcase: 🤍 ☕️ Buy us a coffee 🤍 📸 Gear we use Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 🐶 Join TrustedHousesitters and get a 25% discount on your membership 🤍 🏠 Try Airbnb for $65 off your first booking 🤍 📧 Contact Business email: sharingtheroadtravel🤍 👀 Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain Cusco Food Tour | Top Foods to Try in Cusco, Peru peruvian food,cusco peru,food vlog,things to do in peru,cusco food,things to do in cusco,cusco travel,food videos,cusco food tour,peru food,peru food tour,andes food,san pedro market,street food,peru travel,food in cusco,peruvian street food,peruvian cuisine,south american food,cusco things to eat,best places to eat in cusco peru,best restaurants cusco,best restaurants cusco peru,best restaurant in cusco,cusco peru food tour,peruvian culture

Cusco, Perú: La Capital del Imperio Incaico 4K | Gigi Aventuras


Acompañanos en una nueva aventura, visitando la hermosa ciudad imperial de Cusco. En este viaje de 6 dias visitamos el Machu Picchu, el Valle Sagrado, Sacsayhuaman, Tambomachay, Puka Pukara, Q'enqo, el Valle Sur, la Laguna Humantay y la Montaña 7 Colores. Gigi Aventuras | Peruanas por el Peru y el Mundo Síguenos en nuestras redes sociales: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 → Suscríbete a nuestro canal: 🤍 - Music: Dutty - Vibe Tracks 🤍 Music: Vacation Uke - ALBIS 🤍 -

The Giant Builders Of Ancient Cusco Peru


Contrary to common belief, the massive megalithic work known as Sachsayhuaman above Cusco Peru was not the achievement of the Inca, but a much older and more high tech race. The Inca of course did construct aspects at Sachsayhuaman. Watch this video and see the evidence for yourself. And join us in Peru in October of 2015: 🤍 Or Mexico in February 2016: 🤍

Full 7 Day Travel Guide | Cusco, Peru (if you want the typical stuff don't watch this)


Y’all loved the 3 day itinerary on Cusco, so here’s a full 7 day travel guide itinerary for Cusco, Perú! This isn’t your typical travel guide. Many of these places I found through living in Perú for 3 months. Hope your enjoy getting off the beaten path! 🇵🇪 🗺 Perú Travel Map: 🤍 CONNECT WITH ME 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🎞 Tik Tok: 🤍 😃 Website: 🤍 🖼 Photography Canvases/Portfolio: 🤍 MAKE YOUR DIFFERENCE 🇺🇸 Venmo: ryanfila [last 4 digits of phone: 7087] (If you want to directly donate to a cause put that in the description) 🇰🇪 MPesa: 0113806266 (All fund will go towards "Giving Back - Kenya") ♥️ Motion Impact (My non-profit): 🤍 🎥 GEAR LIST 📸 Camera: 🤍 👓 Most Versatile Lens: 🤍 👓 My Typical Vlog Lens: 🤍 📸 👓 Camera & Lens Combo: 🤍 🎤 Microphone: 🤍 🎒 Favorite Camera Bag: 🤍 💿 SD Card (More important than you think!): 🤍 💿 SD Card (More important than you think!): 🤍 🤤 My Dream Tripod: 🤍 ✈️ Arguably the Best Travel Camera Accessory: 🤍 HOW I TRAVEL CHEAP ✈️ 🤍 If you use the links above I get a small kickback, so if you buy anything from Amazon after clicking a link above I appreciate you! 😊

Top 5 Best Things To Do In And Around CUSCO - Peru Travel Guide


For 12 days I was fortunate enough to have explored many of the areas and hikes around Cusco with Conde Travel. In this list, I compiled what I believe are the 5 absolute must-dos for your trip. 5 - City Tour 🤍 1:35 4 - Rainbow Mountain 🤍 3:00 3 - Sacred Valley 🤍 4:40 2 - Inca Jungle Trek 🤍 6:07 1 - Salkantay Trek 🤍 9:11 Conde Travel Adevnture Tours: 🤍 Need travel insurance? Check out Safety Wing!: 🤍 15% off MVMT watches: 🤍

Top Things to Do in Cusco - Peru Travel Vlog 2022


Welcome to Cusco (Cuzco)! In this vlog, we take you on a tour of the top things to do in Cusco, Peru. We also show you some of the Inca and Peruvian food to eat in Cusco. Here are the places to visit on your Cusco 2022 vacation: Plaza de Armas Cusco Cathedral Archbishop Palace of Cusco Pedestrian street Hatunrumiy 12 Angled Stone Coricancha San Pedro Market JW Marriott El Convento Cusco -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Did you enjoy this vlog? If so, please Like, Favorite, and/or share the video with others! We'd love to hear your comments. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: 🤍 More Ways to Connect: Blog: 🤍​ Instagram: 🤍 Contact: thegotofamilyblog🤍 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Support the Channel! 🤍 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- About: Meet The Go To Family – Robyn, Daniel, Ava, Rose, and Ella. We’re a family of five who are on a mission to explore the world together! Four years ago, we decided to throw comfort to the wind and follow our dreams of traveling and discover the world as a family. We have sailed through the Andaman sea in Thailand, climbed Machu Picchu, and ate street foods in the markets of Vietnam and more. We bring travel vlogs from around the world, but most recently, we are also focused on providing or viewers with vlogs from places closer to home like Walt Disney World!



Um passeio por Cusco, o "umbigo do mundo".

Extreme STREET FOOD Tour in Cusco, Peru - CORN BEER PORK CHOP + Crazy Spicy Chilies Tour!


🎥Epic Peruvian Seafood in Lima: 🤍 👕T-shirts and caps: 🤍 🍌Mark Wiens Banana Chips - Worldwide Shipping Available Now: 🤍 CUSCO, PERU - This was a fully unplanned street food tour of Cusco, Peru, we just set off in the morning and decided to eat what we could find, visit some markets, and just enjoy the really local food of Cusco, Peru. It turned out to be an amazing day, full of surprises, friendly people, and delicious Andes food! #Cusco #Peru #PeruvianFood Quinoa - This is a very popular breakfast in Cusco, which is a seed of a flower, rich in nutrients, and native to the Andean region. It’s made into a drinkable porridge with fruit. We also tried Maca, a Peruvian ginseng, used as traditional medicine in the Andes. Price - 1 PEN ($0.30) per cup Mercado de Wanchaq - We then headed over to the market, bought some Rocoto chilies (Scoville scale: 50,000 – 250,000 SHU), and headed to the food court section. I was interested in trying an Andean dish call Chairo - Freeze dried potato stew. Price - 3 PEN ($0.91) per bowl Kapchi de habas - Somewhere on a street corner in Cusco, we then tried a dish of fava beans with potato and cauliflower, I think a bit of cheese in there too. With a sprinkle of tomatoes and rocoto chili, it was delicious. 4 PEN ($1.22) Price per bowl Peruvian pork adobo - Pork stewed in chicha (corn beer) - But nothing in the day compared to the ultimate dish - Peruvian adobo stew, with an entire pork chop stewed in local corn beer with rocoto chilies. It’s delicious, and very very porky. 11 PEN ($3.34) - Price per bowl San Pedro Market - Next we headed over to San Pedro Market, which is one of the most famous and well known markets in Cusco, Peru. The food court is astounding, and there’s so much to choose from. Tarwi - Species of Andean Lupin. If not prepared correctly, it’s poisonous from bitter alkaloids. 5 PEN ($1.52) - Price per plate Trucha Frita - Fried trout plate. 5 PEN ($1.52) - Price per plate Avocado and Mango - Perfect fruit shake. 6 PEN ($1.82) - Price per shake Peruvian Chicharron - Finally to end this Peruvian street food tour of Cusco, Peru, we couldn’t miss chicharron, Peruvian style fried pork served with fried potatoes. It was all you could ever want in fried pork, oily and delicious. 10 PEN ($3.04) - Price per plate 🎵MUSIC: “Si Tu Me Vez” 🤍 —————————————————— 🍌Banana Chips are available now worldwide!! 🤍 👕Get t-shirts and caps: 🤍 📷Camera gear I use: 🤍 —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

CUSCO, PERÚ 🇵🇪 La ciudad imperial | Lugares para visitar 2022


Amigos! Llegamos a la capital imperial inka, la ciudad de Cusco, un lugar que tiene mucho que contar, desde sus antepasados hasta su presente. Acompáñame a descubrir esta ciudad patrimonio de la humanidad. Este es el segundo video de mi viaje por Perù, disfrútenlo. #peru #cusco #cuscoperu No olviden seguirme en mis redes: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK 🤍

ŻYCIE POLAKA W CUZCO, Peru (Odcinek 44)


Subskrybuj, poproszę → 🤍 W Cuzco mieszkałem trochę ponad miesiąc, przez ten czas wszedłem między innymi na Maczu Pikczu oraz odwiedziłem kolorowe góry! Mieszkałem u Nai, lokalnej dziewczyny, która traktowała mnie jak swojego brata i dzięki niej miałem też okazję poznać masę miejscowych ludzi oraz całą jej rodzinę. Pojechaliśmy też na 3 dni za miasto do jej mamy oraz na urodziny 80 letniego wujka. Mega mi się tam podobało, a na dodatek Polacy w Peru mogą przebywać aż do 183 dni bez żadnych formalności. Piękny kraj! Miłego podróżowania z Hubertem! :-) Dołącz do mnie 🛫 🤍 #Tanie #Podróże 📷 Włącz kolejny film: 🤍 🛫Moja TAJNA grupa z promocjami: 🤍 info🤍

You can't escape this one thing in Cusco, Peru


I think Cusco should be more than just a quick stop before you head to Machu Picchu. It really is a fun city to explore for a couple of days and even use as a base to make a couple more excursions. Really enjoyed the people in this part of the country. One thing you can read and hear about the is definitely impactful for the first couple of plan for it.

Intolerables ataques en Arequipa, Cusco y Puno y el objetivo de tomar los aeropuertos


El jueves Arequipa, Cusco y Puno fueron escenarios estratégicos para tomar los aeropuertos. Una peligrosa consigna que va más allá de la legítima protesta aunque cuesta pérdidas humanas. Mientras Lima se convertía en el epicentro de las manifestaciones, desde el sur tres aeropuertos estaban siendo rodeados por grupos violentos de manifestantes, quienes sin pensar en las consecuencias estaban dispuesto a todo para generar más caos, violencia e intentar tomar los aeropuertos. Las autoridades recuerdan que las manifestaciones pacíficas y la protesta es legal, pero las acciones violentas donde se arremeten contra un objetivo especifico no lo son. El 19 de enero las imágenes del aeropuerto en Juliaca hacían pensar nuevamente en tragedia, pues un grupo de vándalos ingresó a las instalaciones del aeropuerto para ocasionar más violencia. Ingresa a 🤍 para más información Emitido en el programa Panorama de Panamericana Televisión el 22/01/2023 Más información del Perú y el mundo en

eating our way through Cusco, Peru


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Peru is one of the most adventurous places we have ever been. There is so much to do and see, but the food is also amazing. We spent a full day eating street food finding the best foods.

Cusco: Protestas han dejado el negocio de los hoteles al borde de la quiebra


Empresarios se ven obligados a empezar a despedir a sus trabajadores porque no tienen cómo pagarles.

Piloting CRJ-200 to Cusco Peru | Cockpit Views


Witness the great approach and landing at Cusco Peru on the Flight Deck of the Amaszonas CRJ-200. = DOWNLOAD FULL 4 HOUR COCKPIT FILM 🤍 = Amaszonas becomes the 265th airline to join "Flight in the Cockpit" and 1st airline from Bolivia in the series! The airline was founded in 1998 and began operations in 2000. Currently the airline operates close to 10 CRJ-200s to 20 destinations and recently announced plans to double the fleet flying to 40 destinations by 2017. The airline's main base is La Paz El Alto International Airport which is the highest international airport in the world at 13,325 feet making this a high altitude operations program which includes flights to several destinations within Bolivia, all first time routes in the series, as well as our first ever flight to Cusco Peru. Pilots will present their flights in details and you will get a close-up look inside and out on the CRJ-200 as well as enjoy some spectacular scenery in the area! + Cockpit filming using up to 4 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing! + Company Presentation + Pilot Presentations +Briefings & Checklists + Cockpit Presentations + External Walkaround + Amazing scenery!  FILM TRAILER 🤍 DOWNLOAD STORE 🤍 JUST PLANES 🤍 #cusco #peru #pilotos

¡Así está Machu Picchu este 2021🤩! - MPV en Cusco


#MisiasPeroViajeras #MachuPicchu #Cusco ♥ Suscríbete al canal, ¡ES GRATIS!: 🤍 ¡Hola amigos! ¡Así está Machu Picchu este 2021! Visitar la maravilla del mundo SÍ es posible sin necesidad de quedar en la banca rota . Cuéntennos en los comentarios si ustedes ya la visitaron o tienen planes de ir ¡Los leemos :) ! 🗓️ Temporada del viaje: Enero 2021 ♥️ Vean nuestro detrás de cámara en: - Facebook: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 - Instagram de Dani: 🤍 - Instagram de Fátima: 🤍 - Nuestra tienda: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ➡ 🚫NUNCA viajes sin seguro! Si aún no tienes uno, aquí te dejamos el link del seguro que nosotras usamos y 5% de dscto 🎉: 🤍 🚫 ➡ El programa de invitaciones de Airbnb ya no esta habilitado 😢 ➡ ¿Cómo editamos nuestro videos? Aquí les recomendamos un curso buenazo de Adobe premiere 😎 : 🤍 ➡ ¿Quieres llevar un curso gratis?: 🤍 ➡ ¿De dónde es la música que usamos? 🎶 De aquí: 🤍 - Tickets Machu Picchu: 🤍 - Web oficial para compra de tickets: 🤍 - Estación Wanchaq - compra de tickets presencial: 🤍 - Perú Rail: 🤍 - Inka Rail: 🤍 - Colectivo Pavitos (Ciudad de Cusco - Ollantaytambo): 🤍 - Estación ollantaytambo: 🤍 - Guía Moises Chambi: +51 973 513 406

Sacsayhuaman in Cusco, Peru


The Incan ruins of Sacsayhuaman are a must when visiting Cusco, Peru. 🤍 Sacsayhuaman is one of the most amazing Incan architectural sites. Overlooking the city of Cusco, these magnificent ruins served an important military function, yet they also had spaces dedicated to recreation and cultural ceremonies. Like many Incan constructions, the walls are made of massive and irregularly shaped stones that fit together perfectly. Learn about the masterful Incan architecture, and don’t miss the incredible views of Cusco below. Featuring travel vlogger, Ryan Van Duzer. Watch our videos for travel inspiration. Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Find and Book Over 50,000 Things to Do on Viator, a TripAdvisor Company! Our team of travel insiders is obsessed with finding the best things to do everywhere we travel. Book your travel activities today at 🤍 Connect with us! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Check out the playlists below of things to do around the world: Paris - 🤍 Italy - 🤍 Las Vegas - 🤍 New York City - 🤍 London - 🤍 Amsterdam - 🤍 Barcelona - 🤍 San Francisco - 🤍 Tokyo - 🤍 Australia - 🤍 Dubai - 🤍 Iceland - 🤍 Hawaii - 🤍 Cancun - 🤍 Seattle - 🤍 Plus video playlists for 50+ top Viator destinations! 🤍 #Peru #Cusco #Sacsayhuaman #Thingstodo #ViatorTravel

Cusco, Peru tour


travel videos & photos at: 🤍 with text, maps & links. 🤍 Cusco Peru Former capital of the Inca, enjoy the picturesque lanes lined with many huge stones.



Neste programa nós vamos viajar por uma das principais e mais importante cidades do Peru, Cusco. Cusco foi antigamente a capital do Império Inca e é hoje a porta de entrada para quem quer conhecer as ruínas de Machu Picchu. A cidade foi construída no formato de um Puma, que na cultura Inca, representava um de seus deuses. Ao longo da história Cusco cresceu e foi conservando seu passado. Andar por suas ruas é ao mesmo tempo uma aula de história sobre todos os povos e acontecimento que passaram por ali. No quadro Você Sabia, você vai conhecer um pouco mais da história desse Império, que foi um dos mais importante de nosso continente. No quadro Check List, nós vamos conversar com um especialista da Gold Trip. José Macedo vai nos dar algumas dicas sobre como nós devemos nos portar em atividades na altitude. Quer Viajar? Então, Viaje Comigo! O VIAJE COMIGO é um canal de viagens e um programa de tv sobre turismo, que se dedica a divulgar e produzir os melhores vídeos de viagem pelo mundo e pelo Brasil. É uma publicação da FAMÍLIA GOLDSCHMIDT e da GOLD TRIP Viagens e Turismo. INSCREVA-SE no canal COMPARTILHE nosso vídeos Deixe seus COMENTÁRIOS Assista o PROGRAMA VIAJE COMIGO - TV Novo Tempo. VIVO 240 | NET 184 e 684 | OI 01 | CLARO 27 e 527 | SKY 31 + Parabólicas Domingos 20:30 hrs - | sábados 22h30 Site Viaje Comigo - 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Família Goldschmidt - 🤍 E-mail: atendimento🤍 Você gosta de viajar? Então, #ViajeComigo !!! vc1720pvcfg

Cusco 2020 - BARATO - Presupuesto, Qué hacer y Tips.


Llegamos a Cusco, la capital del Imperio Inca y ombligo del mundo. En este video te contaré una forma económica e inteligente de disfrutar esta hermosa ciudad. Síguenos por Instagram y facebook 🤍 🤍



Fala galera! No nosso primeiro video do ano vamos te mostrar o que fazer em Cusco Peru e levar por um free walking tour pela capital do império inca. Nossa primeira dica para você que acabou de chegar em Cusco, a capital do Império Inca é: Faça o Free Walking Tour em Cusco. Por vários motivos, mas principalmente porque vai te ajudar a se aclimatar na altitude de 3.400 metros e vai te dar uma visão geral da cidade e sua importância histórica. Sempre que a gente chega em cidades históricas a gente busca fazer o famoso free walking tour. Esse tipo de passeio é enriquecedor, pois guias especializados vão te contar detalhes da história do lugar, além de dar as melhores dicas de onde comer, o que fazer, onde ir, onde trocar dinheiro... Ninguém melhor que um guia local para te fornecer todas essas informações, não é mesmo? E como é o walking tour em Cusco? Nós contratamos nosso guia no site Guru Walk, que é um site especializado em guias de turismo e que tem atividades no mundo todo. Nós sempre utilizamos essa plataforma que é muito confiável e não cobra nada dos usuários. Voltando ao nosso passeio, nós encontramos o Frank, nosso guia, em frente à Plaza de Armas, que é a praça central de Cusco, e de lá nós começamos. Passamos pelas igrejas (existem 16 na cidade), que são legado da invasão espanhola no país, pelo que restou de alguns templos Incas, por ruas e praças de mais de 400 anos. Durante todo o tour o Frank foi nos contando as curiosidades da cidade e até nos ensinou a falar algumas palavras em Quéchua, a língua antiga do império Inca. E depois de conhecer o centro histórico de Cusco, fomos conhecer o bairro mais boemio da cidade, San Blas...mas isso ficou pra outro vídeo. Vale a pena fazer o walking tour em Cusco? Antes de dizer se vale ou não à pena, vou te explicar como funciona esse negócio. Você contrata um guia, encontra com ele no local e data que foi agendado. O passeio pode ser apenas com você ou com outras pessoas, depende da demanda no momento. O guia vai te levar para conhecer a cidade, em um roteiro que ele já definiu (geralmente no site já tem informações sobre esse roteiro) e ao fim desse rolê, que dura entre duas e três horas, você contribui com o valor que achar justo pelo trabalho do guia. A cartilha dos bons costumes diz que o valor mínimo é 10 dolares por pessoa, então fica ligado para não fazer vergonha e dar 5 Pesos de Lula pro seu guia... Dito isso, podemos afirmar que SIM. Vale muito a pena fazer o walking tour, não só em Cusco, mas em qualquer outra cidade que tenha tanta história assim. Terminamos nosso passeio realmente impactados com a cidade e todo o seu desenvolvimento. Não bastasse a aula, logo após o tour, fomos almoçar em um restaurante incrível, que foi dica do nosso guia, que além de ter um visual sensacional, tinha menus de 25 soles, com entrada + prato principal + bebida. Se disser que isso não vale a pena, não sei o que passa na sua cabeça. Veja outros Free Walking Tour que fizemos pelo mundo: 🤍 Nesse vídeo: 00:00 Introdução 01:17 O que fazer em Cusco no primeiro dia? 02:02 O que fazer para não ter o mal de altitude? 03:03 Como funciona o Free Walking Tour? 04:05 Walking Tour 05:15 Qual a melhor época para ir para Cusco? Se você curtiu não esqueça de deixar seu like, comentar no video o que mais gostou e compartilhar com seus amigos!  RESERVE seu hotel/pousada aqui 👉 : 🤍 ALUGUE seu CARRO aqui 👉 : 🤍 Compre seu SEGURO VIAGEM 👉 : 🤍 Site que usamos todas as músicas 👉 : 🤍 Afinal se a gente foi, você também pode ir! Se inscreve no canal: 🤍 Vem com a gente: → Youtube: 🤍live2trip → Instagram: 🤍live2trip → Twitter: 🤍liv2trip → Facebook: 🤍live2trip   Acompanhe o Blog → 🤍



Vídeo 117 | Culturalmente, la trascendencia del legado peruano se centra en los incas. Sin embargo continúan siendo un misterio del que los restos arqueológicos son el más fiel guardián. ¿Cómo se construyeron sus templos? ¿Cómo es posible ese nivel de detalle y tecnología? ¿Qué queda de los incas en Cuzco? Especialmente de esta última, la respuesta sorprenderá a más de uno. Embarquémonos en esta nueva aventura por Cuzco, sus mercados, sus calles y el impresionante legado arquitectónico de incas y pre-incas. ¡Dale a like si te ha gustado! :) ✈️🌏 EL SECRETO PARA VIAJAR BARATO: 🤍 Vídeo anterior: 🤍 SÍGUEME: Instagram: enriquealex Twitter: enriquealex Facebook: 🤍 VIAJA SEGURO Este es mi seguro de viaje, puedes conseguirlo con descuento aquí 👉🏼 🤍 ¿QUÉ CÁMARAS USO? El dron: 🤍 Batería extra: 🤍 Mi cámara principal: 🤍 Objetivo para la cámara: 🤍 GoPro con carcasa acuática: 🤍 Mi cámara de bolsillo: 🤍 Mi steadycam: 🤍 Mi mochila: 🤍 Mi disco duro (3Tb): 🤍

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