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China's Mars Rover Zhurong Has Completed Its Primary Mission, Reaches New Milestone


Zhurong is the name given to the Chinese Space Agency's Mars rover mission, and after landing in May it's spent over 90 days traversing the surface of Utopia Planitia, looking for evidence that this might be an ancient sea bed. As China's first successful attempt to land on Mars a great deal of attention has been given to the state of the lander, parachute and aeroshell, so we've had some fine images of those. However in general the amount of data released so far remains quite small and we expect more as scientists work on the mission.

China’s Zhurong vs. NASA’s Perseverance: Rover Tech in Mars Space Race | WSJ


The U.S. and China are locked in a fierce battle in the race for Mars. China's Zhurong rover is circling Mars as the country attempts to land a spacecraft on the red planet for the first time, just months after NASA landed its Perseverance rover. Photos: NASA; CCTV More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit 🤍 Visit the WSJ Video Center: 🤍 On Facebook: 🤍 On Twitter: 🤍 On Snapchat: 🤍 #WSJ #NASA #Mars

Everything CHINA Has Found On Mars So Far (Zhurong Rover's AWESOME Photos)


Last year, China put their own rover on Mars’ red soil. China’s Zhurong Mars rover landed at Utopia Planitia. When it comes to the red planet of our solar system there was only one country on the horizon of accomplishing the “To The Mars” achievement by landing some rovers on the surface of Mars. But last year, China entered the list by putting their own rover on Mars’ red soil. China’s Zhurong Mars rover landed at Utopia Planitia, a large plain in the northern lowlands of the planet back in May 2021. More than a year has passed since the 530 lb rover started to glide through the surface of the red planet. And during this time Zhurong has sent a lot of data so let's see what this Chinese rover was able to discover! TECH BANG! is the place to find the newest technology trends and innovations. We cover electric cars, space exploration and futuristic tech. Subscribe now if you haven't yet!

BREAKING: China's Zhurong Rover Critical Position on Mars


In the past few months, there has been speculation around what is happening on the red planet and a good chuck of it relies upon the rover the Chinese Space Agency operates on Martian surface – the notorious Zhurong rover. While major space agencies have their eyes currently set on the Martian surface, the planet is not friendly – to say the least. In today’s episode, we are going to cover a huge update regarding the Chinese Space Programs mission on Mars #mars #china #chinaspace #chinanews Chapters 00:00 – Intro 01:10 - Tianwen-1 Updates 04:00 – Further Explanation

What's Going on with Zhurong?


Heya! In this episode, we tackle the various rumors and reports about a possible failure of China's first Mars rover, Zhurong. Lots of cool Mars stuff to talk about, as the Tianwen-1 mission approaches its 2nd anniversary in Mars' orbit. If you would like to support me, please consider signing up to our small Patreon community at 🤍 ! We also have some very cool space merch available at 🤍 . Credits for various visuals: NASA, CNSA, CASC, CALT, SAST, ESA, South China Morning Post

China's Mars Landing Mission | Shocks NASA and the USA | 中国的火星征途


#chinaspacestation #chinaspace #chinavlog China's Mars Landing Mission | Shocks NASA and the USA | 中国的火星征途 China's Tianwen 1 Mars mission has been awarded one of the spaceflight world's most prestigious awards. The Tianwen 1 spacecraft lifted off from Wenchang spaceport on July 23, 2020 and entered Mars orbit in February 2021. The mission's solar-powered Zhurong rover then successfully landed in the Red Planet's Utopia Planitia plain in May that year. The mission carried out a historic first-ever combined orbiting, landing and roving in a single launch, earning the mission the International Astronautical Federation's annual space achievement award on Sunday (Sept. 18) during the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Paris. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has revealed new data from its Tianwen 1 Mars orbiter and Zhurong Mars rover, according to a report from state-run media network CGTN. Launched on July 23, 2020, Tianwen 1 and Zhurong, along with a lander, reached Martian orbit on Feb. 10, 2021; the orbiter has been operating for nearly 800 days. The rover and the lander reached the surface of Mars three months later, on May 14, and the rover has so far traversed 6,302 feet (1,921 meters). Now, CGTN reports that CNSA has announced that the orbiter and rover have sent back 1,480 gigabytes of raw data — some of which supports the hypothesis that an ancient ocean once existed in the Utopia Planitia, the vast Martian plain that Zhurong is exploring. The construction of the station is based on the experience gained from its precursors, Tiangong-1 and Tiangong-2 The first module, the Tianhe ("Harmony of the Heavens") core module, was launched on 29 April 2021,[ followed by multiple crewed and uncrewed missions and two more laboratory cabin modules Wentian ("Quest for the Heavens") launched on 24 July 2022 and Mengtian ("Dreaming of the Heavens") launched on 31 October 2022.The research conducted on the station aims to improve researchers' ability to conduct science experiments in space. Please Subscribe To The Following Channels. ✅ YouTube: 🤍 ✅ Twitter: 🤍 - If you'd like to support the channel / 如果你想支持我的频道: - 🧧 WeChat / 微信: 🤍 ☕ Buy us a coffee: 🤍 🅿️ Patreon: 🤍 💳 PAYPAL DONATIONS: 🤍 - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE FOLLOWING CHANNELS. 🏆Reporterfy Media:🤍 🏆Shopazon Julia&Lana: 🤍 *🎵Enjoy Our Music*30-day free trial. Cancel anytime.* Get full access to over 35,000 tracks & 90,000 sound effects. 🎵Music supplied by Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Email us or comment if you want to know the music we used. Let us know in the comments. If you learned something, please don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to Reporterfy Media. All drone footage was licensed or otherwise created by the producer. All voiceovers were created by myself in a studio from my research notes. I own of have paid a full license fee for all footage. I also have a full license for any additional graphics, transitions and music. Special thanks to 60 minutes and CGTN for FAIR USE footage for this documentary. Fully registered commercial copyright material. No unauthorized use of our footage is accepted. Copyright © 2022 by Reporterfy Media. All Rights Reserved. All footage from CCTV has been FULLY LICENCED by Reporterfy Media 🔔 Mark Your Calendar🔔Video Link Here : 🤍 🔴CHINA"S TAKES OVER THE MOON | 让美国人震惊的中国探月计划

HOW ON EARTH did China succeed in landing Zhurong rover on Mars? Review of CNSA deep space missions


As the first Mars rover probe launched by China, Tianwen-1 Zhurong rover has completed the three major technical steps of Mars exploration at one time. The three steps are Orbiting, landing, and patrolling, which are, entering Mars orbit, landing on the surface of Mars, and the rover walking and patrolling around. Why did China’s space agency successfully break the so-called "Mars curse" with its very first Mars rover landing mission? How did the various aerospace technologies involved in the Zhurong landing process develop?

China releases footage from its Mars rover


China's National Space Administration has released footage captured by the country's Mars probe. The videos and photos taken by the camera installed on the Zhurong rover of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft show the lander deploying a parachute before touching down on the surface of Mars and the rover driving away from its landing platform. State broadcaster CCTV said Zhurong had been working on the red planet for 42 days and had moved 236 metres so far. Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► 🤍 China’s Mars rover drives across planet a week after landing ► 🤍 The Guardian publishes independent journalism, made possible by supporters. Contribute to The Guardian today ► 🤍 Website ► 🤍 Facebook ►🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Instagram ► https://instagram/guardian

China lands its Zhurong rover on Mars - BBC News


China has successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars, state media announced early on Saturday. The six-wheeled Zhurong robot was targeting Utopia Planitia, a vast terrain in the planet's northern hemisphere. The vehicle used a combination of a protective capsule, a parachute and a rocket platform to make the descent. The successful touchdown is a remarkable achievement, given the difficult nature of the task. Only the Americans have really mastered landing on Mars until now. All other countries that have tried have either crashed or lost contact soon after reaching the surface. Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated the mission team on its "outstanding achievement" in a special message. Please subscribe HERE 🤍 #China #BBCNews

Zhurong Rover driving on Mars in 4K video with sound


On June 27, 2021 CNSA published video of Zhurong Rover driving on Mars with sound included and 4K extended virsion is here. Chinese Zhurong Rover landed on Mars at Utopia Planitia site within Tianwen-1 mission. Video taken by the camera that was dropped to the surface of Red Planet right after the rover was deployed from the lander. Sound of Zhurong Rover Driving recorded on June 1, when Rover was separeted from the lander. Mars' atmosphere is only about 1% as dense as earth’s. Chinese Zhurong Mars Rover has been working on the surface of Mars for 38 Martian days. Rover continues to extend scientific exploration of Red Planet. Zhurong also made Second panoramic 360 degrees image at Utopia Planitia on Mars being far away from the lander. There is image of Parachute pack and Heat Shield on the surface of Red Planet. Source/credit: 🤍 Credit:,, China Central Television #mars #zhurong #rover

Tech Breakdown: Why China's Mars rover lost communication


For more: 🤍 It's been more than 100 days since China's Mars rover "Zhurong" stepped on the Red Planet where it has traveled over 1,000 meters and sent back data and footage to help us get to know Mars better. However, the rover has lost communication with Earth recently. What's happened? Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): 🤍 Download our APP on Google Play (Android): 🤍



Engineer Hiddekel Morrison explains how China discovers water on Mars by analyzing data from the Zhurong Mars rover that shows evidence of wind and possibly water erosion. China's Zhurong rover finds rocks with erosion marks similar to those caused by contact with water on Mars in a comprehensive update of China's Zhurong rover's Mars mission, with major advances, and its latest discovery as part of the mission Tianwen1 which was deployed by the China National Space Administration CNSA. ZHURONG MARS ROVER REACHES NEW MILESTONE Chinese Tianwen1 mission CHINA MARS MISSION #China #Zhurong #Tianwen1 #Mars #Documentary CREDIT IMAGES AND VIDEOS: China National Space Administration (CNSA) / CCTV / CNSA / CGTN / XINHUA / NASA / JPL-Caltech DATA SOURCE: International space agencies and reputable news sources. Research and professional experience of Engineer Hiddekel Morrison zhurong driving zhurong new pics zhurong first images zhurong zhurong

Zhurong Rover is driving on Mars sending back new images (Chinese Tianwen-1 mission)


On May 21, 2021 CNSA published images of Mars Rover Zhurong driving on Red Planet around general station. The rover's mission planned tasks are to: Study the topography and geology of the local area; examine the soil and any ice content; survey the elements, minerals and rocks; atmospheric sampling. Tianwen-1 mission was the second of three Martian exploration missions launched during the July 2020 window, after the United Arab Emirates Space Agency’s Hope orbiter, and before NASA’s Mars 2020 mission, which landed the Perseverance rover with the attached Ingenuity helicopter drone. Credit:, China Central Television, CNSA/Thomas Appéré #mars #zhurong #tianwen1

China Mars rover Zhu Rong successfully lands on red planet


Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: 🤍 China's Mars rover Zhu Rong successfully landed on the red planet on May 15, 2021 after “nine minutes of terror” – Nasa’s name for the interval when engineers on Earth have no control or oversight of the rover because of radio signal delay. This means the rover must land without human intervention. Launched into orbit in the summer of 2020, the spacecraft circled Mars before attempting a landing. An American rover, Perseverance, landed on Mars a few months earlier and is still active, raising competition between China and the US on Earth and in space. Zhu Rong’s next mission is to collect and analyse data on Mars’ climate and geology. Support us: 🤍 Follow us on: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍

China's Mars rover Zhurong goes dormant to survive sand, dust storms


For more: 🤍 China's Mars rover Zhurong on May 18 went into dormancy to deal with the sand and dust storms on the Red Planet, according to the China National Space Administration. The administration said that Zhurong is predicted to resume its operation around December. To deal with the sandstorms which may weaken Zhurong's power generating capacity and the low temperatures at night, scientists decided to switch Zhurong to dormant mode. As Zhurong's landing area enters the winter season, the highest daytime temperatures drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius, while the night temperatures may drop below minus 100 degrees Celsius with a high probability of sandstorms. In the meantime, the Mars probe Tianwen-1 is conducting remote sensing over the planet. Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): 🤍 Download our APP on Google Play (Android): 🤍

See China's 'Zhurong' rover land on Mars in animation


China's Tianwen-1 lander and 'Zhurong' rover landed on the Utopia Planitia region of the Red Planet on May 14, 2021. Watch the landing in this animation. Full Story: 🤍 Credit: China Central Television (CCTV)



ZHURONG MARS ROVER REACHES NEW MILESTONE Chinese Tianwen1 mission CHINA MARS MISSION Engineer Hiddekel Morrison explains how China discovers water on Mars by analyzing data from the Zhurong Mars rover that shows evidence of wind and possibly water erosion. China's Zhurong rover finds rocks with erosion marks similar to those caused by contact with water on Mars in a comprehensive update of China's Zhurong rover's Mars mission, with major advances, and its latest discovery as part of the mission Tianwen1 which was deployed by the China National Space Administration CNSA. ZHURONG MARS ROVER REACHES NEW MILESTONE Chinese Tianwen1 mission CHINA MARS MISSION #shorts #China #Zhurong #Tianwen1 #Mars #Documentary CREDIT IMAGES AND VIDEOS: China National Space Administration (CNSA) / CCTV / CNSA / CGTN / XINHUA / NASA / JPL-Caltech DATA SOURCE: International space agencies and reputable news sources. Research and professional experience of Engineer Hiddekel Morrison zhurong driving zhurong new pics zhurong first images zhurong zhurong

China's Mars rover makes surprising discovery at landing site


For more: 🤍 Chinese researchers have detected hydrated minerals on Mars by analyzing data collected by the country's Zhurong rover that is currently trekking the surface of the Red Planet. The detection by the short-wave infrared spectrometer on a Mars rover marked a first around the world. The findings were published in the journal Science on Wednesday. Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): 🤍 Download our APP on Google Play (Android): 🤍

Chinese Mars Rover DISCOVERY Has Scientists SHOCKED..


Chinese Mars Rover DISCOVERY Has Scientists SHOCKED.. Welcome back to Tech Shelter. Zhurong landed in a large plain in Mars’ northern hemisphere called Utopia Planitia on May 15, 2021 – where NASA’s Viking 2 lander touched down in 1976. The rover’s primary mission, which lasted for three months, was to search for signs of ancient life. It has investigated the minerals, environment and distribution of water and ice in the plain, which is all part of the largest impact basin in the Martian northern lowlands. The rover continues to explore its landing site and send information back to the Tianwen-1 orbiter circling the planet. Data returned from the rover’s initial survey of the basin suggests that the Utopia Planitia basin contained water during a time when many scientists believed Mars to be dry and cold. Mars was once warm and wet billions of years ago, but something changed and caused the planet to become the arid, frozen desert it is today. The red planet entered this period during what is called the Amazonian epoch, which began about 3 billion years ago and remains ongoing. “The most significant and novel thing is that we found hydrated minerals at the landing site which stands on the young Amazonian terrain, and these hydrated minerals are (indicators) for the water activities such as (groundwater) activities,” said lead study author Yang Liu, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ State Key Laboratory of Space Weather and the academy’s Center for Excellence in Comparative Planetology. The researchers analyzed the Zhurong rover’s data about the sediments and minerals found in the basin as well as the analysis performed by several of the rover’s instruments of its surroundings. They found hydrated silica and sulfates, similar to hydrated minerals discovered by other missions studying different regions of the red planet. This discovery came as a surprise to researchers because orbiters’ previous observations didn’t uncover the signature of hydrated minerals in the landing site. It is why exploration using the rover was key, Yang said. #Mars #Chinese #Interesting Related Videos: Everything CHINA Has Found On Mars So Far (Zhurong Rover's AWESOME Photos) 🤍 Here's What China's Zhurong Rover Really Found On Mars! ~ 1/13/2022 🤍 You Won’t Believe Your Eyes What NASA Found on Mars 🤍

China's Mars Zhurong Rover Recorded Its First Ever Sounds On Descending From Its Landing Platform


Zhurong has been exploring the red planet for a little over a year and has primarily been moving around Utopia Planitia. One of its instruments, a ground penetrating radar, is providing the world with the first data on the subsurface structure of Utopia since Viking-2 was shut down in 1980. The combined spacecraft launched in July 2020 and arrived in orbit around Mars in February. The Mars rover Zhurong landed on the plains of Utopia Planitia on May 14. Credits: CNSA Sources: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Please like, comment, share and subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos.... 🤍 For more information email us via physicsinsight81🤍 #Zhurong #rover #Mars #China #space #universe #utopia

China Reveals MAJOR NEW Discovery On The Moon!


China Reveals MAJOR NEW Discovery On The Moon! Last Video: NASA's Repair Plan Has A Major Flaw - Artemis 1 Launch Update! 🤍 ► Join Our Discord Server: 🤍 ► Patreon: 🤍 ► Subscribe to our other channel, The Space Race: 🤍 Mars Colonization News and Updates 🤍 SpaceX News and Updates: 🤍 The Space Race is dedicated to the exploration of outer space and humans' mission to explore the universe. We’ll provide news and updates from everything in space, including the SpaceX and NASA mission to colonize Mars and the Moon. We’ll focus on news and updates from SpaceX, NASA, Starlink, Blue Origin, The James Webb Space Telescope and more. If you’re interested in space exploration, Mars colonization, and everything to do with space travel and the space race... you’ve come to the right channel! We love space and hope to inspire others to learn more! ► Subscribe to The Tesla Space newsletter: 🤍 Business Email: derek🤍 #Spacex #Space #Mars

NASA chief cites China's Mars landing & moon plans in budget hearing


NASA's new administrator Bill Nelson cites the advancements that China is making with a Mars landing and potential landings on the moon's south pole in a House Appropriations Committee hearing for the space agency's 2022 budget. See photos from China's Mars rover: 🤍 Credit: House Appropriations Committee

BREAKING: China and Nasa INSANE New Discovery on Mars


China’s Tianwen-1 mission and NASA’s Mars 2020 mission have made some insane new discoveries that have changed much we knew about the planet so far. In this episode, we are going to talk about China and US Insane new discoveries on Mars. #chinaspace #mars #marscolonization #nasa Chapters 01:04 - Tianwen 1 – The Pride of CNSA 2:08 - China | Zhurong Rover’s Fresh Discoveries 05:34 - US | Perseverance Rover’s Fresh Discoveries

Is This Factual? Chinese Mars Rover Landing 99% perfect


Source : 🤍 Video : 🤍 Some quick Science based news. I am not a journalist just a guy sharing science and tech news I find interesting. #Shorts #Zhurong #Mars Want to support Channel? - Leaving a Tip : 🤍 Buying me a coffee : 🤍 Becoming a Patreon : 🤍 MERCH Store : 🤍 -Socials- Email : Agrosquerrils🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Streamlabs : 🤍 Discord : 🤍 Instagram : Agro_Squerril_Narrates Lbry : 🤍AgroSquerrilNarrates What is a Rover? - A Mars rover is a motor vehicle that travels across the surface of the planet Mars upon arrival. Rovers have several advantages over stationary landers: they examine more territory, they can be directed to interesting features, they can place themselves in sunny positions to weather winter months, and they can advance the knowledge of how to perform very remote robotic vehicle control. As of May 2021, there have been six successful robotically operated Mars rovers, the first five managed by the American NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Sojourner (1997), Opportunity (2004), Spirit (2004), Curiosity (2012), and Perseverance (2021). The sixth is Zhurong (2021), managed by the China National Space Administration. On January 24, 2016, NASA reported that current studies on Mars by Curiosity and Opportunity (the latter now defunct) would be searching for evidence of ancient life, including a biosphere based on autotrophic, chemotrophic or chemolithoautotrophic microorganisms, as well as ancient water, including fluvio-lacustrine environments (plains related to ancient rivers or lakes) that may have been habitable.[2][3][4][5][6] The search for evidence of habitability, taphonomy (related to fossils), and organic carbon on Mars is now a primary NASA objective.[2] Mars 2 and Mars 3 were physically tethered probes; Sojourner was dependent on the Mars Pathfinder base station for communication with Earth; Opportunity, Spirit and Curiosity were on their own. As of May 2021, Curiosity is still active, while Spirit, Opportunity, and Sojourner completed their missions before losing contact. On February 18, 2021, Perseverance, the newest American Mars rover, successfully landed. On May 14, 2021, China's Zhurong became the first non-American rover to successfully operate on Mars. - Wikipedia What is Mars? - Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the next planet beyond Earth. It is, on average, more than 142 million miles from the Sun. Mars turns on its axis more slowly than Earth does. So, a day on Mars is 24.6 hours. Since this planet is farther from the Sun than Earth, one revolution of Mars around the Sun is a longer trip. So, a year on Mars is 687 Earth days. Mars is about half the size of Earth. Mars is known as the Red Planet because the iron oxide chemicals in its soil looks like rust. Mars is named for the ancient Roman god of war. The Greeks called the planet Ares (pronounced Air-EEZ). The Romans and Greeks associated the planet with war because its color resembles the color of blood. Mars has two small moons. Their names are Phobos (FOE-bohs) and Deimos (DEE-mohs). They are named for the sons of Ares, the Greek god of war. Phobos means “fear,” and Deimos means “panic.” From What is Mars Like? - Mars is very cold. The average temperature on Mars is minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit way below freezing! Its surface is rocky, with canyons, volcanoes, dry lake beds and craters all over it. Red dust covers most of its surface. Mars has clouds and wind just like Earth. Sometimes the wind blows the red dust into a dust storm. Tiny dust storms can look like tornados, and large ones can be seen from Earth. Mars’ large storms sometimes cover the entire planet. Mars has about one-third the gravity of Earth. A rock dropped on Mars would fall more slowly than a rock falls on Earth. A person who weighs 100 pounds on Earth would only weigh about 38 pounds on Mars because of the reduced gravity. The atmosphere of Mars is much thinner than Earth’s. The Red Planet's atmosphere contains more than 95% carbon dioxide and much less than 1% oxygen. People would not be able to breathe the air on Mars. - From

Zhurong Rover made Crater on Mars and created 360° panorama of Utopia Planitia


On June 12, 2021 CNSA demonstrated new images of Mars from Zhurong Rover where the crater under Lander could be seen. CNSA confirmed increasing of Zhurong Rover activities on Mars at Utopia Planitia. With lower contrast, a hole right underneath the lander could be seen. This mini “crater” was created by the 7500N variable thrust engine for landing. Rover already dropped Remote Camera on the surface of Mars to make first selfies. Chinese Zhurong Mars Rover has been working on the surface of Mars for 27 Martian days, carrying out environmental perception, fire surface movement, and scientific exploration. Rover and Lander have a lot of equipment onboard, such as meteorological station, spectrometer and magnetic field detector. Source/credit: 🤍 Source to CNSA update for Zhurong Mars Rover mission (Chinese): 🤍 Credit:,, China Central Television #mars #zhurong #rover

China ACCUSES The US Stealing Mars Rover Design That SHOCKED Musk!


Elon Musk Just LEAKED US-CHINA Mars Rover Controversy! According to scientists familiar with the programs, NASA's most recent moon rover looks to take design cues from a Chinese robot on Mars. This is a surprising development in a space race where China has long been branded of being the copycat. So, what’s the basis of this allegation? Let’s find out! Hello everyone! Welcome back to Elon Musk Evolution, where we bring you the most recent news about Elon Musk and his multibillion-dollar companies, space news and the latest science and technology. But, before we begin, make sure you subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon so you don't miss any of our amazing videos. According to Musk, the robotic rover Zhu Rong, which was given the name of the Chinese god of fire, has been exploring the red planet for nearly a year. It has an active suspension system that moves like an inchworm and enables it to lift its wheels out of sand or rocks when they become trapped. The novel design greatly improves the rover's mobility and likelihood of surviving in difficult terrain. On the other hand, Zhu Rong might soon have a copy "inching" its way over extraterrestrial surfaces. According to Musk, the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER), which is being developed at NASA's Ames Research Centre in California, will also "inchworm," or move its wheels in a unique, coordinated manner that aids the rover in getting itself unstuck. A ground test for a VIPER prototype equipped with this function was finished in July at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. The rover is anticipated to be used in a 2024 mission to look for water at the south pole of the moon as part of the Artemis program, which is led by NASA. This design is a replica of a Chinese design, according to a space scientist in Beijing who has been closely following the projects. The VIPER has four wheels, but the suspension system's operation is the same as that of the six-wheeled Zhu Rong, which has a "brave design that has not appeared in any prior space missions," according to the researcher, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the subject. For years, the US has charged China with pirating space technology. Because of worries about intellectual property theft, the White House and Congress have prohibited NASA from working with Chinese organizations or individuals. A senior NASA researcher at the Ames Research Center received a prison term of one-month last year for working secretly with China. According to Musk, quantum satellites, hypersonic weapons, and the arrival of the Chang'e 4 spacecraft on the far side of the moon are just a few of the recent advances made by China's space program. These initiatives have been influenced in part by new technology that has not yet been created or applied in the United States. "NASA is an excellent organization with lots of innovative concepts and developments. But they have experienced funding cuts, a rise in conservatism, and other issues that have made it difficult for them to adopt new technologies," said a senior researcher working on the Zhu Rong rover program in an interview on Friday. It might only be the "beginning" to modify Zhu Rong's idea for VIPER, he suggested. "In this China, a lot of innovative and fascinating technology are being developed. Future generations might need to borrow more from us.” He added. According to Musk, five robotic vehicles were launched by the US towards Mars. Rocker-bogie suspension was the name of the passive suspension system employed by these rovers. #elonmusk #nasa #mars #marsrover #china #chinanews _ Hope you guys enjoy this! 👉 If you enjoy this video, please like it and share it. 👉 Don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more updates. Thanks for watching! If you know someone who could use this video, share it with them! Tags: Elon Musk, Spacex, Tesla, Spacex starship, Starship, Starship launch, Spacex news, Spacex news today, Tesla news today, Tesla news, Tech, Technology, Elon, Musk, Rocket, Elon Musk interview, New Tech, High tech, Business news, Breaking news, Exposed, Spacex test, Tesla and Spacex, Spacex rocket, Starship Spacex, Spacex today, Space x, Inspirational, Motivational, Speech, Speeches, Worldwide news, Inspire, Goals, Succes, Talks, Leaked, Elon Musk news, Elon Musk today, Elon Musk Motivation ► Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise. Moreover, Elon Musk Evolution is an Elon Musk fan channel and all the information on the site is the product of the script writer's imagination.Viewer's discretion is advised.

China FOUND Something TERRIFYING On Mars | Zhurong Rover's Images From Mars


Is there life on Mars? It's a question that has occupied humans for centuries, and it's not just an idle one—there could be life on Mars, after all. China is currently in the process of searching for signs of life on the Red Planet, and they've made some amazing discoveries along the way. In this video, we'll take a look at what China has found so far—the discoveries that have driven them to search for signs of life on Mars. We'll see how these discoveries have led to new insights about our planet and its possible habitability by other organisms. We'll also talk about how these discoveries are changing our understanding of how we can detect life on other planets in our solar system. ✅My other videos: ►SHOCKING Images Sent Back By Nasa's Opportunity Rover! 🤍 ►James Webb Telescope Just CAPTURED Something No One Expected! 🤍 ►Elon Musk Finally Responds to James Webb Images 🤍 ►Scientists Invent A Way To Open A Portal To Another Dimension 🤍 ►James Webb Space telescope Unexpected Discovery On Jupiter Shocked The Industry 🤍 _ Space Sphere is a place where you can find all the latest space news, science fiction topics, and updates from outer space. We will always be striving to provide the most current and reliable information about the topics of space. Our goal is to educate our viewers about this fascinating subject in a way that makes sense for them. Whether you're looking for science facts or just want to learn more about what's happening in outer space, we've got you covered. Subscribe now so you don't miss out on any of our content! ✅🤍 ☑ Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

China's Mars rover sends back a selfie


It was one of the first images received from the remote-controlled motorised rover Zhurong.

China's ZHURONG Mars rover suffers major setback - #zhurong #tianwen1


China's ZHURONG rover suffers major setback - #zhurong #tianwen1 In a major setback to the Chinese TIANWEN-1 Mars mission, ZHURONG Mars Rover failed to wake up from long hibernation. The Rover entered a state of hibernation in May 2022 and was supposed to wake up in December 2022. The trouble seems to be much larger, since the TAINWEN-1 orbiter also have not regained contact with Earth. There is no official communication from CNSA until now and looks like they are still trying to make contact with the Rover and Orbiter. Earlier NASA's INSIGHT ended its four year science mission after it ran out of Energy. Could ZHURONG Rover have faced similar obstacles like INSIGHT ? Credits - CNSA.GOV.CN NASA/INSIGHT Related Tags - china mars rover,china zhurong,zhurong rover,china mars,china space,mars rover,chinese mars rover,mars zhurong,tianwen 1,zhurong mars,china national space administration,zhurong mars rover,zhurong mars video,zhurong news,zhurong first images,zhurong latest,red planet,zhurong mars rover latest news,insight mission to mars,insight mission nasa,insight mission end,insight mission over,insight mission status,red planet mars,nasa,space,mars,mars image

TianWen-1: China's first independent journey to mars (KSP simulation)


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🇨🇳 China 🟠 Mars 🤖 Zhurong rover 🌊 Water ✅ Proof


China Mars mission data offers evidence for ancient ocean. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has revealed new data from its Tianwen 1 Mars orbiter and Zhurong Mars rover. China unveils Mars mission results, rover travels 1.9 kms on Red Planet. The rover in May this year found new evidence of water on the planet revealing liquid flowed on the surface in the ancient past and confirmed the presence of hydrated minerals that could be exploited by future crewed missions sent by Earth. Scientists also found that the soil on the Red Planet, where the rover was landed, has high bearing strength and low friction parameters, indicating possibilities of water erosion. Full📰 - 🤍 साइंस 📰 | 𝐒𝐜𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐒𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫 - 🤍

Zhurong Rover sent first images of Mars within Tianwen-1 Chinese mission


On May 19, 2021 Mars Rover Zhurong transmitted first colorful images of Mars after successful landing on Red Planet within Tianwen-1 Chinese interplanetary mission. China send a robotic spacecraft to Mars, consisting of an orbiter, deployable camera, lander and the Zhurong rover. The spacecraft, with a total mass of nearly five tons, is one of the heaviest probes launched to Mars and carries 13 scientific instruments. Rover Zhurong reached the Utopia Planitia plain on Mars' surface on May 14, 2021. Visually and technically Zhurong is very similar to NASA’s Spirit Rover. Credit:, China Central Television, CNSA/Thomas Appéré #mars #zhurong #tianwen

Zhurong Mars Rover in Trouble/ Will Chinese Rover Survive?


The northern hemisphere of Mars, where China's Zhurong, the rover of China's first interplanetary probe mission Tianwen-1, ushered in the annual winter solstice on Thursday, indicating the coldest season of the year. Consisting of an orbiter, a lander and a rover, the Tianwen-1 probe landed on Mars May 15, 2021, and a week later the Mars rover Zhurong, which resembles a butterfly and means "the god of fire" in Chinese mythology, drove down from its landing platform onto the Martian surface. Thanks to the inclination of Mars' rotation axis of 25.19 degrees, similar to that of Earth, orbiting around the sun gives the red planet distinct seasons just like Earth.

China releases Mars images taken by Zhurong Mars rover


For more: 🤍 The China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Friday released images that were taken by the nation's Zhurong Mars rover. The images include the landing site panorama, Martian landscape and a selfie of the rover with the landing platform. Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): 🤍 Download our APP on Google Play (Android): 🤍

China Unveils Scientific Research Results of Mars Mission


Chinese scientists have acquired some scientific outcomes of originality based on the first-hand data of the Tianwen-1 mission, according to the China National Space Administration. 🤍 Welcome to subscribe us on: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Video on Demand: 🤍 If you are in demand of this video footage, please contact with our business development team via email: service🤍

China Mars rover stunningly new photo, Zhurong in action. Tianwen 1 orbiter sent new selfie


Chinese Mars probe sent back new photos on 1st Jan 2022, a detachable WIFI camera took a selfie of Tianwen 1 orbiter. Another photo of the orbiter and Mars, this WIFI camera is a world first that can capture photo of Mars orbiter. A view of the Arctic ice cap of Mars, helping with research of possible water source on Mars. And a photo of Vulcanic surface topography taken by the Zhurong Mars rover. 'Zhurong' is the first Chinese Mars rover, it has exceeded its designed lifespan. A photo taken by detachable camera showing both Zhurong rover and landing platform. The mission is carrying out exploration and related tests as planned, and has returned about 560GB of original scientific data. The two spacecraft are in good condition and are operating normally. Photo and video: Wiki common, Weibo Womentiankong, Weibo Yanshixinwen, Weibo Chinahangtian

First video from China’s Mars rover Zhu Rong shows descent and exploration


Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: 🤍 The China National Space Agency released the first video clips of China’s Mars rover, Zhu Rong, on June 27, 2021. Footage shows the rover’s descent, separation and movements on Mars. The new video also catches Zhu Rong setting up a camera to take a "selfie" with the lander. Sound clips from the rover, which can be used to analyse the red planet’s environment, were also released. Related story: China’s Mars rover Zhu Rong shown landing and exploring in first video 🤍 Support us: 🤍 Follow us on: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 #scmp #China #China'sspaceprogramme



Aside from China showcasing us an amazing close-up look at some of its cutting edge technology use to land safely on mars, the country also release some incredible and unbelievable images and video footages of the red planet. So, if you are here to watch some of China most unbelievable mars mission, this video is definitely for you. SUBSCRIBE For More: 🤍 MY Social Media Accounts: 🤍 🤍 #UNBELIEVABLEIMAGEOFMARS #CHINACAPTURESHDIMAGESOFMARS #PHOTOSOFMARSFROMCHINA #Richard-Aguilar #richardaguilar

New Footage from Chinese MARS Rover, Nebula M Static Fire Test, Landspace Completes Rocket Factory


Hello and welcome to another episode of the Dongfang Hour China Space News Roundup! A kind reminder that we cover a lot more stories every week in our Newsletter ( This week, we discuss: 0:00 Welcome and news summary 1:07 Zhurong sends back additional footage 6:25 LandSpace Phase 1 of Jiaxing Factory 14:55 Deep Blue Aerospace static fire test 19:40 Long March-2D launch 1) China's Zhurong Mars Rover Sends Back Additional Footage 2) LandSpace Completes the First Phase of the Its Small and Medium Rocket Factory in Jiaxing (and article by GoTaikonauts! : 🤍 3) Deep Blue Aerospace Prepares Static Fire Test for the Nebula M Demonstrator 4) Multiple Satellites Launched On-Board Long March 2D Thank you for your kind attention, we look forward to seeing you next time. Also, don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or your local podcast source. And please give us a thumbs-up ! - Credits for various visuals: CNSA, Landspace, Deep Blue Aerospace, China Aerospace News, Baidu Maps, Google Maps, Commsat

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