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Bedridden Shannon Must Rely on Her Husband | My 600-lb Life


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Bedridden for 17 years


A woman at the age of 32 is bedridden for 17 years. When she surrenders to God, her life begins anew. The book The Invitation: Uncovering God’s Longing to Be Heard by Frannie Rose is an invitation for every reader to discover that faith is the secret to living an extraordinary life. It offers hope that amid the worst, unimaginable struggles lies a gift. Frannie Rose joins us to discuss the book, what led her to write it, and what she hopes it accomplishes. For more information, visit

Bedridden (Short Horror Film)


A girls mourns her latest relationship by gluing herself to bed and ignoring the world around her, but with an angry ex around, her place of comfort may no longer be the safest place to be. A big thanks to everyone who put in the their time and talents to bring this film to life, especially the following: CREW: Camera Operator - Chrissie Pucci Assistant Director - Maria Garcia Cucurell Sound Recordist - Aanchal Dharmani CAST: Ali Dusinberre WEBSITE: 🤍 Danny - Marisol Almanza Music by Hai Ku - Without Me - 🤍 Music by Hai Ku - Cavewoman - 🤍 For more short horror films, click here: 🤍

BEDRIDDEN Trailer | PÖFF 2020


TALLINN BLACK NIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL Official Selection – Competition International Premiere Bedridden (Хэвтрийн хун) by director Byamba Sakhya Mongolia, 2020

Woman Bedridden for Six Months Gets Life-Changing Makeover


More from Inside Edition: 🤍 A hairdresser had no idea she would do much more than transform her client's coiffure when she offered her services to a woman who had not left her bed for months because of severe depression. Before her visit with stylist Kate Langman, 22, it had been more than half a year since Kelly had gotten out of bed. After Langman spent more than eight hours transforming Kelly's hair, Kelly says she is more confident than ever.'s Keleigh Nealon (🤍 has more. #InsideEdition

Lupe's Story: Bedridden For 10 Years | My 600-lb Life


During a hard childhood, Lupe turned to food as her only comfort and started dramatically gaining weight, even having to drop out of school. She has been trapped in her bed ever since she fell into a diabetic coma 10 years ago. Subscribe to TLC UK for more great clips: 🤍 Like TLC UK on Facebook: 🤍 Follow TLC UK on Twitter: 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍

True Horror Stories - Bedridden (POV)


*FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO WEAR HEADPHONES OR EARPIECE FOR THIS EPISODE* Credits: Boss Productions Pte Ltd 🤍 Instagram Boss Production Talent: Nadzri Hadi Instagram 🤍naaadddzz Spotify Podcast 🤍 Men-Tell! Side note, we had to censor some parts of the video due to copyright issues. We regret for the overlook and hope that you guys will still enjoy this episode! Thank you so much for our kind support and understanding guys! - Pada peminat yang ingin beri sumbangan pada Team THSPOV bolehlah buat demikian di PayPal kami, terima kasih! To our followers who wish to contribute to Team THSPOV, you can do so via our PayPal account at 🤍 Thank you! #HorrorStories #Ghost #Bedridden

KosmoCare Premium Imported Patient Lift & Transfer Wheelchair For Bedridden Patient


Features: - INNOVATIVE DESIGN: KosmoCare’s innovative design makes transferring patients from their beds to the bathroom / chair a breeze! No more back-breaking manual transfers or awkward patient hoists to deal with! - MULTI-FUNCTION CHAIR: Patients can sit comfortably in the chair while being pushed to the next location, with flip-up footrests and a cushion included. Patients can also be wheeled over a toilet to allow them to discharge their bowels directly into the toilet bowl. This is much more hygienic and convenient for the caregiver compared with traditional commodes. The transfer chair is water proof, so patients can also shower while seated on the chair. - HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Seat height is adjustable to suit the bed, chair or toilet, whichever is highest.Double-locking system to prevent chair from opening accidentally. - NOTE: Bed should have a clear height of 12 cms for the legs of the chair to be slid under the bed. Click on the below mentioned link for further details: 🤍



Bagnoletto is the innovative system that provides the pleasure of a real bath. If you take care of a bedridden person, you surely know the importance of physical and psychological well-being and supporting the normal biological functions and the daily care of the body. Even when the patient is not self-sufficient, it is essential to try to keep his hygienic habits unchanged, supporting cleansing and hydration. The method currently used is sponging. This consists of washing the body with sponges (soaked in water or neutral detergent solutions), and drying the skin carefully. However, this method has many limits: sponges often cause irritation because of excessive rubbing (in these cases the skin is particularly sensitive). Furthermore, they do not always guarantee complete cleaning, especially in areas that are particularly difficult to reach (sores and interstices), and, if not properly sterilized they can be vehicles of infections (viruses and bacteria). The other option, if the person’s conditions allow it, could be the assisted bath and shower. A complete bath involves the use of a seat aid or of an electric lift, which must be installed on the bathtub, and the shower involves a wall seat or a wheelchair. Both methods are rather difficult to manage, they require more than one operator and can result in physical injuries or severe stress for the patient. Allmobility Bagnoletto has been devised in order to overcome these problems. It is the best alternative to traditional aids; it is comfortable, practical, fast and ensures accurate cleaning, reducing operator stress and discomfort for the disabled person. • It can be used directly on patient’s bed, avoiding any incorrect handling of the patient. • It offers all the benefits of a complete bath. • It improves the quality of care and hygiene operations. • It allows the use of running water in any conditions or context. • It does not need electricity. • Suitable for any type of bed (even without sides). • Fast and easy to use. BAGNOLETTO is a PVC sheet with stiffened side edges that are lifted and hooked together to form a container. It is positioned more or less in the same way as when changing the sheet with the patient on the bed. The operation is facilitated by the gripping straps. The system has several water drainage points and straight or curved corrugated hoses that facilitate this operation. The water can be brought from a tap with an extension, or the manual pressure tank (accessory) can be used. For professional use in residential or rehabilitation facilities, it is suggested to employ disposable sheets that can be used for every single wash. FAQ How to use Bagnoletto? Extend bagnoletto under your patient and use the pump-tank (which contains clean warm water) to shower the person. Can it be used with any type of bed? Yes, Bagnoletto is suitable for any type of bed (even without sides). What are the dimensions of the Bagnoletto? 85 x 190 x 20h cm. Which materials are involved in the production of Bagnoletto? Bagnoletto is made of polyester fabric and class 2C PVC enamel. How do I drain the waste water? After the bath, dirty water is drained into special containers, through the pipes provided. How do I store the Bagnoletto? After each use, Bagnoletto must be carefully dried and sanitized with an ethanol-based solution (recommended product: Melsept spray). How much water does the tank contain? The pump tank contains 10 litres. Is it possible to add drugs to the water? Yes, it is possible to supply solutes and medical solvents. Is it necessary to move the patient? No, Bagnoletto can be used directly on person’s bed and allows you to avoid any imprudent movement. How many operators are necessary to use Bagnoletto? One operator is sufficient. The sequence is short and easy to follow, as shown in the video uploaded. Is it possible to use Bagnoletto without electricity? Yes, Bagnoletto can be used in environments without electricity.

bedridden by eri


one of the first ever songs i've written. it's about being stuck in bed. i made this while laying in bed so i thought it would be fitting to perform it while laying in bed as well. little did i know, it would be hard to set up alone lol instagram: 🤍 spotify: 🤍 soundcloud: 🤍 facebook: 🤍

New product innovation: System to comfortably reposition bedridden patients


Franz Morat Group has developed a system to make it as comfortable as possible to regularly reposition bedridden patients in intensive care. At the same time, it significantly relieves the burden of nursing staff. Strenuous and time-consuming repositioning can be done by a single caregiver without physical exertion and enables interaction with the patient at the same time. Nursing staff, who may be in short supply, can therefore be channeled more efficiently to provide care to people who need it. From an ethical point of view, bedridden persons will feel safer, while ensuring comfortable and humane treatment at the same time. Have we sparked your interest? We are just about to launch the product on the market and are looking for partners in the sector of medical technology. If you are interested, we will be happy to respond to your inquiry at: medical🤍 | +49 7657 88-308

Performing the bedridden patient’s nutrition (ro - en)


Video illustrating the medical performing of the bedridden patient’s nutrition Massive open online courses with videos for palliative clinical field and intercultural and multilingual medical communication 2014-1-RO01-KA203-002940 Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for higher education 🤍 This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Bedridden for years, she made hundreds of recordings — now she wants you to hear


After a devastating diagnosis changed everything, Kim Kitchen rebuilt her art practice and her life. »Subscribe to CBC Arts to watch more videos: 🤍 For over two decades, Kim Kitchen had built a vibrant life filled with travel, community, and an active art career — but an unexpected illness changed everything. In 2015, Kitchen was diagnosed with Rheumatoid disease, a diagnosis that completely transformed her life and her art practice. Bedridden for over three years, she made hundreds of hours of vulnerable recordings, detailing how she adapted to the sudden changes in her life. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune systemic disease that most commonly affects the joints but can also attack organs and body systems, such as the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Although Kitchen tried every treatment and medication available to her, none would alleviate the pain in her body. Feelings of isolation and fear took hold, and she could no longer help her husband Perry work their 17-acre property in c. While her physical ability and independence diminished, one of her biggest fears was that she would lose her art practice as well. "A dear friend gifted me a handheld audio recorder. They encouraged me to record my daily insights, and capture sounds of my environment," says Kitchen. "It was meant as a way for me to stay engaged creatively through this extremely difficult time." In 2017, a new treatment began to show promise and — with her regained energy and mobility — Kitchen used an Ontario Arts Council grant and a mentorship with Canadian soundscape artist Darren Copeland to make something out of her recordings. Find us at: 🤍 CBC Arts on Facebook: 🤍 CBC Arts on Twitter: 🤍 CBC Arts on Instagram: 🤍 About: Welcome to CBC Arts, your home for the most surprising, relevant and provocative stories featuring artists from diverse communities across Canada. Our job is to fill your feed with the disruptors and innovators changing how we see the country through movement, images and sound — and to inspire you to join in too.

Bedridden Kenyan woman, Joyce Aoko, assaulted in Albania returns home


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Exercise for Bedridden People.


Being bedridden is inevitable for most people at some point of time in their lives. It is a cause of lot of morbidity and ailments by itself, and can worsen one's illness. These exercises are for those who are bedridden. These exercises have numerous benefits and will also assist caregivers in caregiving. Watch the reasons for these people to exercise, followed by demonstration of exercises. Some exercises may not be appropriate for all, based on their medical status/condition. Please consult a doctor before performing these exercises. These exercises also benefit those in palliative care. We have included several educational videos for geriatric patients on our channel. Our channel is not only about exercises for the beginners and seniors, but also exercises for specific medical conditions that affect elderly. The channel is run by physicians who have vast experience in the field of geriatrics and rehabilitation medicine. #exercisesforfrail, #exerciseforelderly, #fallprevention, #Exercisetopreventfall, #improvemobility, #standingexercises, #stairexercises, #coreworkout, #abdominalexercises, #floorexercises, #coreforabdomen, #beginnerscoreexercises, #exercisewithweights, #beginnersweights, #simpleexercisewithweights, #strengthtraining, #shortexercise, #shortexercisewithweights, #shortexerciseinHindi, #shortexerciseinKannada, #quickexercise, #workoutmadesimple, #exercisesforindians, #exercisesforseniors, #simpleexercises, #exercisesinKannada, #exercisesinHindi, #exercisebydoctors, #easyexercises, #chairexercises, #backpain, #lowbackpain, #spondylosis, #backexercises, #exercisetherapy, #painfree, #nobackpain, #nopain, #eathealthy, #eatwellindian, #indianeatshealthy, #eatforwellness, #eatwell, #elderlycare, #careofelderly, #elderlycareindia, #careofelderlyindia, 🤍indiageriatrics, #dementiahomecare, #chronichealthindia, #chronichealthissuesindia, #nutritionandfitness, #dietandfitness, #healthyeating, #millets, #milletsforhealth, #vegetarianprotein, #healthyplate, #व्यायामot, #exerciseforbedridden, #exerciseforbedbound, #bedridden, #bedbound, #palliative, #palliativecare

BEDRIDDEN - Short Film (2018)


After a late night out, a young girl is kept awake by an ominous voice that stoically isolates her with the imminent threat of death. Is this voice a malicious force of misery, or a communal right of passage? Written, Directed, and Edited by Franklin Ritch Cinematography, Lighting, and Color by Britt McTammany Music by Michael Gold Starring Katherine Herndon, Milan Alley, and Jeremy Matthies as the voice. This film was shot in one night and one day with no more than four people on set at all times (that includes the actors). We did it for less than $50, using only the resources at our disposal. We were proud to premiere this film at Fantastic Fest where it was met with incredible reception. Subscribe to see more of our short films and videos.

Passive Bed Exercise for Stroke Patients and Bedridden Elderly


Let's learn from professional physiotherapist about the 5 Passive Bed Exercises for Stroke Patients and Bedridden Elderly. This is especially useful for patients in mobility level 5 (100% immobilize) who need caregiver to perform each movement for 10 times/rep and repeat the rep for 3 times a day. Take note that the early you start practicing Passive Bed Exercise for Stroke Patients and Bedridden Elderly, the faster is their mobility recovery speed, especially during the first 90 days of post-stroke patients, where all the neurological activities are the most active. #mobilityrecoverycampaign #stepupwithalpro #silvercare #befilialpiety #alpropharmacy

The Bedridden : live 1994


Recorded at the Jolly Miller Tavern, Adelaide sometime in 1994 and broadcast on 'SCALA Live' on community station ACE TV. Reception was always difficult for the station, hence only average picture quality here. 00:00 Happy Man (?) 01:53 The Ballad Of Hamish McDougall 04:34 Yo Ho Lital Fisheye 06:44 Why Did Bodidharma Come To China "The Bedridden was an Australian cult band that performed and recorded, somewhat sporadically, between 1989 and 2002. The Bedridden reunited for a series of concerts in 2005 to promote a live album that was recorded in 1998. The band were noted for regular break-ups and constant line-up changes. Song-writing and lead-vocal duties were shared amongst the members of the band, creating a somewhat eclectic style and an evolving sound due to the departure of key members. They created a strong fan base around the Australian pub rock scene, especially in Adelaide which was considered to be the home of the band. "The group formed in 1989 in Canberra and quickly moved to Adelaide where the band remained until Baterz's death in 2002. The original members were Baterz (guitar), David M. Lewis (guitar), Spaemen (bass guitar), Kirsty Stegwazi (guitar) and Lillybub (cello). The group recorded their first album It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye later in 1989 and it was eventually released through the Adelaide-based label Round Records in 1990. The album introduced some of the group's most well-remembered songs, including Bateman's Bay, Stephen McKenzie, and the Sesame Street tune Capital I." More details at 🤍

Elvis: Why Austin Butler Was BEDRIDDEN After Finishing the Movie


Elvis has entered the building! Austin Butler is playing the legendary King of Rock, Elvis Presley, in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis.’ In a new interview at Graceland, ‘Extra’s’ Alecia Davis speaks to Austin about how he transformed into Elvis — and why he was bedridden for nearly a week after finishing the movie! We also hear from Baz Luhrmann about why Austin was the perfect choice, even beating out a very big name in Harry Styles for the part. ‘Elvis’ is in theaters June 24.

Active Bed Exercise for Stroke Patients and Bedridden Elderly


Let's learn from professional physiotherapist about the 5 Active Bed Exercises for Stroke Patients and Bedridden Elderly. This is especially useful for patients in mobility level 4 (not 100% immobile but still unable to walk) who need to perform each movement for 10 times/rep and repeat the rep for 3 times a day. Take note that the early you start practicing Active Bed Exercise for Stroke Patients and Bedridden Elderly, the faster is your mobility recovery speed, especially during the first 90 days of post-stroke patients, where all the neurological activities are the most active. #mobilityrecoverycampaign #stepupwithalpro #silvercare #befilialpiety #alpropharmacy

intelligent clean nurse(intimate cleaner) for bedridden patient


This is a new revolutionary medical equipment with patent protection. It is used to take care of bedridden people, including patients, elderly people and disabled people. The machine will clean the bedridden people after excretion is made automatically, or, if the users prefer, half automatically. It can save the labor of the family people or nurses. Especially at night time, when the people who take care of the machine users have to go to bed, our excretion care machine will still keep alert and can work as a 24 hours , warm-hearted “nurse” without any complaint and with high efficiency. As a matter of fact, what our machine does is even better than that of normal people. It is quick, clean and odorless.We wish our intelligent cleaning nurse would bring convenience, cleanness and dignity to more and more people More details, please visit the website: 🤍

College Student Bedridden For 11 Years Invents His Own Cure To Mysterious Illness


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Hair wash device for bedridden patient


Welcome to contact us: 🤍 #homecare

690-pound bedridden woman gets help, loses weight


A local neuroloigst who makes house calls has helped one-time 690-pound woman turn her life around and lose weight.

🔥 How to rescue bedridden patients in an emergency evacuation with Evacuation Sheet S-CAPEPOD? 💥


A fire evacuation or other kind of emergency evacuation situations are a real danger to the people that can't escape on their own. It's for this exact reason that a patient evacuation device was designed to ensure no one is left behind. We're proudly introducing, the S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet. This video covers the following parts: 00:00 - Emergency Evacuation of a care facility 00:43 - Activate the Evacuation Sheet 1:00 - Move from bed to floor (2 users) 1:23 - Move from bed to floor (1 user) 1:48 - Use the evacuation sheet on the stairs The S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet is a simple-to-deploy evacuation device, stored below the bed mattress. When required, you can simply unfold and fit around the person laid on the bed mattress. The unique design of using folding flap sections at each side and at the foot-end to create a sturdy bag in which to envelop the patient and mattress, and using heavy-duty hook & loop fixation system to hold it all together once deployed, gives a very fast, safe and effective system for the evacuation of a bed-bound patient. Hand-hold straps at the head and foot-end allow the mattress and occupant to be easily manoeuvred along the floor and downstairs. Made of a fire retardant and anti-bacterial polyester material, it glides easily during evacuation, as well as being breathable when stored under the mattress and easily washable. It's time to leave no one behind. It's time for you to start using the S-CAPEPOD. And you won't be the first one using this life-saving evacuation sheet. In fact, it's being used all across the globe and by thousands of healthcare organisations, such as: * University Hospital Ghent, Belgium * GZA Hospital Group Antwerp, Belgium * Spark Matsunaga VA Medical Centre, USA * Centre Integré de Santé Quebec, Canada * AZ Sint Lucas Bruge, Belgium * Red Cross Hospital, The Netherlands * Stiftung Orte Zum Leben, Switzerland * Prince Edward Care Home, Canada * NTT Medical Centre Tokyo, Japan * Senecura SZ St. Veit, Austria * Agaplesion Elisabethenstift, Germany And the list goes on and on. If you want to learn more about the S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheets, please do check this information: 🤍 There's also a Bariatric version in the S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet range. If you'd like to know more, you can check this link: 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Bedridden No More


A painful hip injury had her bedridden and with few options but she says that undergoing the Albano Clinic’s cutting-edge regenerative biologics and stem cell treatments has her back skiing, mountain biking and to being an active mother to her children.

Bedridden Meaning


Video shows what bedridden means. confined to bed because of infirmity or illness. Bedridden Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. How to say bedridden. Powered by MaryTTS, Wiktionary

bedridden patient care at home: medical multi-functional anti bedsore alternating pressure mattress


The alternating pressure mattress is available manufactory directly through 🤍 The alternating pressure mattress is a good air for bedridden patient care at home, not only providing alternating pressure massage for back body, but also helping bedridden patient to turn over and sit up, effectively preventing bedsore...

BEDRIDDEN - Short Film (Official Trailer)


After a late night out, a young girl is kept awake by an ominous voice that stoically isolates her with the imminent threat of death. Is this voice a malicious force of misery, or a communal right of passage? Written, Directed, and Edited by Franklin Ritch Cinematography, Lighting, and Color by Britt McTammany Music by Michael Gold Starring Katherine Herndon, Milan Alley, and Jeremy Matthies as the voice. This film was shot in one night and one day with no more than four people on set at all times (that includes the actors). We did it for less than $50, using only the resources at our disposal.

GBS Patient Complete Recovery Bedridden to Normal Lifestyle In 90days


#gbs #guillainbarresyndrome #gbsrecovery #physiotherapy #hyderabad #medipally 🤍dr.renusphysiotherapychiro2089 Dr.Bharath Adla appointment call :- 9182258839

Woman that is Bedridden need immediate Help and assistance


We're asking for assistance if you can for a lady named Cecil that Bedridden .she needed immediate help and assistance You can call us Or what's up On this Contact number:18763306118 #bedridden #charity #Christmasgiveaway

THE BEDRIDDEN - The UFO's (live)


Recorded live at Netstock '98 at The Bridge Mall Inn, Ballarat on Fri July 24th 1998. Produced by RATNET - Rex Hardware, Graeme Bags Stables, Phil Dodd, Wayne Parker, Garron Leslie, Jon Gordon This performance was regional Australia's first Live Internet Broadcast of live music from a venue, and led to over 160 Broadcasts of music, arts & culture in Ballarat by RATNET - regional Australia's Internet Broadcasting pioneers. The Bedridden - Baterz (g,v) David M Lewis (g,v) Lillibub (v, perc, cello, banjo) Dave Wiffler (v,bass,perc)

Bedridden meaning in Hindi | Bedridden ka matlab kya hota hai


Bedridden meaning in Hindi | Bedridden ka matlab kya hota hai हर रोज़ इस्तेमाल होने वाले 11000+ English Words को आसानी से सीखने के लिए इस play List को देखें : 🤍 इस वीडियो में आप Bedridden का हिंदी में मतलब समझेंगे और साथ में Bedridden का pronunciation भी सीखेंगें यानि की आप Bedridden के अर्थ के साथ साथ ये भी सीखेंगें की Bedridden को कैसे बोले या Bedridden को बोलने का सही तरीका क्या है | On this channel, we provide online English speaking classes and spoken English course online which can improve your English with our English language course online. We are providing English speaking course online so that you can improve your English at your home and without paying any money for this. In this video, you will learn daily use English words which will improve to learn English vocabulary in a simple way. This video will help you to learn English through Hindi thus you can increase English vocabulary on a daily basis. तो बस एक मिनट में सीखिए Bedridden को| Let’s learn Hindi Meaning of Bedridden in detail. Bedridden का हिंदी में अर्थ होता है शय्याग्रस्त, बुढ़ापे या बीमारी के कारण बिस्तर पर पड़ा हुआ, बिस्तर पर जकड़ा हुआ Bedridden को इन उदाहरणों से और अच्छे से समझ सकते हैं He had to spend two years bedridden with an injury. चोट के कारण उसे दो साल तक बिस्तर पर रहना पड़ा। His aunt was 93 and bedridden. उसकी चाची 93 वर्ष की थीं और शय्याग्रस्त थीं। ऐसी ही और वीडियो के लिए चैनल के होम पेज पर विजिट करें : Kindly like share and subscribe! #LearnEnglishThroughHindi #BedriddenmeaninginHindi #dailyuseenglishwords #onlineEnglishspeakingclasses

Positioning of a bedridden patient (Malayalam)


Bedridden patient care (Malayalam) - കിടപ്പിലായ രോഗി പരിചരണം




THE BEDRIDDEN - Sins - (Film Clip)


Written and performed by The Bedridden, from the album "Big Scary Cow". Originally Filmed by Carl Looper on super-8 in West Hindmarsh in 1991. Transferred to video and edited to music by David M. Lewis in 1993. Re-encoded by Rex Hardware in 2019. Join The Bedridden on FB to get the Albums.

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