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Blue Origin and ULA Test BE4 Engine for Vulcan Rocket (Full Duration)


Watch the two space companies test the latest BE4 engine for the Vulcan rocket. Never miss a deal again! See CNET’s browser extension 👉 🤍 Subscribe to our channel: 🤍

Blue Origin Just Delivered ULA The First BE-4 Flight Engine


For a while now, Blue Origin has been working on its next generation BE-4 engine. Throughout this timeframe, the engine’s progress has been especially important as not one, but two future launch vehicles rely on it. Specifically, both Blue Origin’s New Glenn and ULA’s Vulcan will use multiple of these engines on the first stage. However, with the Vulcan scheduled to launch for the first time in only a few months, the need for flight ready BE-4s is at its highest. Thankfully for United Launch Alliance, just yesterday Blue Origin officially passed a flight BE-4 off to the company for Vulcan. This is quite significant as the deal between the companies has been a long time in the making and it looks as if ULA is finally getting some engines. Now, the company will move on to testing, and eventually, the first flight of Vulcan. While there have been quite a few delays in this process, this is a promising sign and a step in the right direction. This being said, this is only one engine, and ULA still requires another in order to power Vulcan’s first stage. Here I will go more in-depth into last night’s announcement, what the engine has to offer, the Vulcan rocket, and more. Full article here - 🤍 For more space-related content check out - 🤍 Credit: ULA - 🤍 Blue Origin - 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 1:01 - First BE-4 Delivered 3:26 - Vulcan Centaur & BE-4

It's Done! Blue Origin FINALLY Complete Their First BE-4 Rocket Engine!


It's Done! Blue Origin Finally Complete Their First BE-4 Engine! » Subscribe to Science Of Space! 🤍 Blue Origin has been going downhill in recent years, and Spacex seems to be constantly innovating and pushing new technologies every year. But many people won't believe that, Blue Origin is putting more effort into saving the company, than getting results. Jeff Bezos is stepping down as Amazon CEO to focus more on Blue origin, and now the company is moving to, where exactly Blue origin Ancestors are doing what? We won't be talking about all of that in today's science of space episode. Blue Origin has been working on the be4 engine for some time now. The process has had ups and downs in recent years due to program delays, including turbopump problems, combustion instability, overheating, and more. In addition, the company has lacked the equipment to build the development engine, due to management issues in the past, resulting in long periods of inactivity for testing and, above all. _ Videos For Educational Purpose Only. Business Inquiries and Contact • For business inquiries, copyright matters or other inquiries please contact us at: . scienceofspace133🤍 ❓ Copyright Questions • If you have any copyright questions or issues you can contact us at scienceofspace133🤍 ⚠️ Copyright Disclaimers • We use images and content in accordance with the YouTube Fair Use copyright guidelines • Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states: “Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.” • This video could contain certain copyrighted video clips, pictures, or photographs that were not specifically authorized to be used by the copyright holder(s), but which we believe in good faith are protected by federal law and the fair use doctrine for one or more of the reasons noted above. _ Credited - SpaceX Jessica Krish - 🤍 Hazegrayart ErcX - 🤍 Everyday Astronaut - 🤍 Evan Karen- 🤍 Yukon09 - 🤍 Alexander Svan #spacex #blueorigin #be4engine #starshiplaunch #spacexstarship #jwst #starship »READ MORE On June 22, blue origin shared photos of the BE 4 rocket engine during the main test phase. Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance are in need of a be4 engine, for the Vulcan Centaur system for the first time. Our team at Huntsville Engine's, has installed a refurbished be4 historic testbed, on a Blue Origin 46 70. That is ready for NASA's Czech Marshall Flight Hair Center, to enter service and is also preparing it for production of the Blue Origin engine. Origin Blue agreed to upgrade the nasa msfc 46 70 testbed, you see in today's image three years ago to test 3u and be4 rocket engines. Built in 1965, the 300-foot vertical launcher was used to test the Saturn 5 during the Apollo program, but retired in 1998 after being used in the Space Shuttle program. This is not the first time Blue Origin has developed the be4 engine. This video was posted in May last year. This video shows all the glorious launches of Be4. About Science Of Space Listen to the world top thinkers in science, astronomy, cosmology, technology and futurism. So we are inviting you to join us in exploring Space, Rockets and Science and together we can conquer the unknown! "Science Of Space!?" - » Subscribe now! 🤍 » Science Of Space on Twitter 🤍 » Science Of Space on Instagram - 🤍 #Starship #starship #spacex #starshipspacex #spacexstarship #spacexsn20 #sn15 #starshipsn1616 #nasaspaceflight #everydayastronaut #starshiporbitalflight #supercatching

Disaster! BE-4 Failure...


Disaster! BE-4 Failure... Huge thanks to: Adam Cuker: 🤍 C-bass Productions: 🤍 christian debney: 🤍 The billionaire Jeff Bezos is no stranger to success. He controls Amazon, the biggest online commerce store ever known to man, which he founded. Of course, he stepped down from the role of CEO later last year but he has been doing so as the third richest man on earth. Bezos also has a media empire with his ownership of The Washington Post. Coming down to Blue Origin, a commercial space flight company the billionaire founded in 2000, success is not completely unheard of there either. The company is on record to have successfully landed its New Shepard rocket vertically after it returned from space, that is, the rocket landed upright on its legs. The boosters were even reused. Pretty cool achievement! Sadly, that’s all Blue Origin can boast of, despite the backing of its billionaire founder. The most remarkable is his rocket engine, BE-4 is a horrendous failure compared to SpaceX Raptor! Welcome back to Alpha Tech. Don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Following Aerojet’s acquisition of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne in 2012, Blue Origin president Rob Meyerson saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the defense industrial base. Blue Origin publicly entered the liquid rocket engine business by partnering with ULA on the development of the BE-4 and working with other companies to replace Russia's RD-180. Unfortunately, it turns out that this opportunity is not easily achieved. On the contrary, it has become the grave for Blue Origin. The company began work on the BE-4 in 2011, although no public announcement was made until September 2014. This was their first engine to combust liquid oxygen and liquified natural gas propellants. In September 2014—in a choice labeled "a stunner" by SpaceNews—the large launch vehicle manufacturer and launch service provider United Launch Alliance selected the BE-4 as the main engine for a new primary launch vehicle. Blue Origin said the "BE-4 would be 'ready for flight' by 2017." However, until now, you can see, Blue Origin still has not delivered the engine to ULA. Yeah, the rocket industry is really a difficult stuff but can't be justified because of this. Disaster! BE-4 Failure...

What Is The Progress On Blue Origin’s BE-4 Engines?


Throughout the space industry, we are watching a large group of companies and agencies work on next generation launch vehicles. These rockets feature ambitious engineering and unique plans for the future. Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance have both been working on vehicles just like these. At the core of these plans is the engines themselves meant to propel the rocket. Blue Origin has been developing the BE-4 engine for many years now. During the time period, there have been a lot of ups and downs. Rocket engine development is both a very complex and important process. Over the past few months especially the company has provided some updates on the engine’s progress and what to expect in the near future. Not only is Blue Origin relying on the success of the BE-4 but also ULA as they continue to make progress on Vulcan. However, due to some delays and complications, there have been concerns regarding the future of the engine. Here I will go more in-depth into some of the recent news on BE-4, the engine itself, and what to expect in the coming months. Full article here - 🤍 For more space-related content check out - 🤍 Credit: ULA - 🤍 Blue Origin - 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 1:04 - Recent Updates 2:55 - BE-4 & Its Future

BE4 Rocket Engine Test (Blue Origin)


BE4 (BLUE ENGINE 4) is oxygen-rich liquefied-natural-gas-fueled staged-combustion rocket engine developed & tested by Blue Origin. The engine has been designed to produce 2.4 MN of thrust at sea level. #rocket #engine #blueorigin

Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE-4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2


Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE 4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2 = Huge thanks to: 🤍 🤍 🤍 C-bass Productions: 🤍 Ezekiel Overstreet: 🤍 Evan Karen: 🤍 = Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE 4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2 In recent years, Blue Origin is absolutely spiraling down to the bottom. While SpaceX seems to be constantly innovating and pushing forward with new technology every year, a lot of people can’t help but think that Blue Origin is putting in more effort than they're getting out of the results. To save the company, Jeff Bezos stepped down as the CEO of Amazon and focused more on Blue Origin. So, is the company making any progress now? What exactly is Blue Origin doing? Let's expose everything about this in today's episode of Alpha Tech: Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE 4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2 Blue Origin has been working on the BE-4 engine for quite a while now. This process has had its ups and downs. Over these past few years, delays had been accruing in the program, including turbopump problems, combustion instability, overheating, and a shorter than planned engine life, just to name a few. In addition, company management issues in the past left insufficient hardware to build development engines, leading to extended periods where no testing could be done. These among other issues have continued to delay the completion and release of these next-generation rocket engines. However, recently it seems the company has been making better strides with the engines. Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE 4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2 On Jun 22, Blue Origin shared shots of its BE-4 rocket engine in an important test phase. Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos is awaiting engine readiness before his company’s New Glenn rocket can take flight, and United Launch Alliance CEO Tory Bruno needs BE-4 engines for its Vulcan Centaur system. Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE 4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2 “For the first time, our Huntsville engines team has installed a BE-4 engine into Blue Origin’s refurbished and historic MSFC Test Stand 4670 preparing for commissioning tests,” the company said today. Alabama is not only home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center but also Blue Origin’s engine production facility. Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE 4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2 Blue Origin agreed to modernize NASA’s MSFC Test Stand 4670 seen in today’s images three years ago for BE-3U and BE-4 rocket engine testing. The 300-foot tall vertical firing stand was built and used in 1965 for Saturn V testing during the Apollo program, but it went offline in 1998 after being used for the Shuttle program. In fact, this is not the first time Blue Origin shows off BE-4 engine progress. Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE 4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2 One such video was shared in May this year that showed the BE-4 firing up in all its glory. The engine ran for more than a minute as it was able to sustain its performance for some of the flight time required to leave the Earth's atmosphere. The video also provides a glimpse of the engine from its nozzle as it lights up. The nozzle is the region of a rocket engine that controls its thrust's interaction with the surrounding atmosphere. Looking 'up' from the nozzle one can spot the engine's injector plate that is above its combustion chamber. In this chamber, the engine's fuel, LNG, and Liquid Oxygen in the case of the BE-4 are combined and lit up to generate thrust. Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE 4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2 While the video is of low quality, the plate is visible and it shows the moment both the LNG and Oxygen enter the chamber. Sharing high-quality images of injector plates of newer engines are forbidden by U.S. law, so Blue Origin can only share low-quality videos at best. Blue Origin's huge updates on the BE 4 engine but a disaster to compare with SpaceX Raptor 2

Blue Origin BE4 Rocket Engine Test (Watch It Here)


Watch as Blue Origin's BE4 engine successfully runs over 256 seconds in a rocket demo test. The company adds it ran steadily "across varying mixture ratios and power levels between 45% and 100%." Never miss a deal again! See CNET’s browser extension 👉 🤍 Subscribe to our channel: 🤍

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Watch Blue Origin and ULA’s Latest BE4 Engine Test


See Blue Origin and ULA run the latest test on the BE4 FE1 engine for the Vulcan rocket. Never miss a deal again! See CNET’s browser extension 👉 🤍 Subscribe to our channel: 🤍

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BE4-P4 Mid-speed solida packaging line


Ideal for small batch sizes, numerous format changes and a wide variety of packaging materials. The BE4 not only significantly increases the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of production lines, but with the modular platform it offers the ultimate in flexibility. Combine functional modules or replace them later, thus securing and supporting your investment so that you can easily adapt and be prepared for future requirements.



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Project 5AXO Ep26 - Citroen Saxo VTS Turbo - BE4 gearbox rebuilt and we fit the Gripper diff


In this video the gearbox gets the full treatment. stripped, cleaned, vapour blasted, new bearings, new seals, the gripper diff goes in and all bolted back together. I also show the vehicle in it's latest state and reveal a big surprise at the end of the video.

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Blue Origin BE4 Engine is Also Used by ULA Vulcan Rocket


#shorts Did you know that the engines that will power the first stage of the Blue Origin New Glenn will also power the United Launch Alliance Vulcan rocket? The BE4 methalox engine was developed by Blue Origin and produces 2,400 kN of thrust. New Glenn utilises 7 BE4 engines while Vulcan uses 2.

HUMILIATED! Blue Origin's BE4 Engine manufacturing COMPLETELY FAILED!


A few months ago SpaceX completed its 100th raptor engine, this extraordinary milestone was achieved in just 29 months, a little over two years blue origin’s rocket engine’s development started, work on the be 4 engine since 2011. Importantly, they said the be4 would be ready for flight by 2017, but at this very moment, blue origin’s powerful be4 engine is more than four years late. The first flight test of the new engine is now expected no earlier than 2022, on the Vulcan rocket, this is a big problem and we need to talk about it. So why it is said that Blue Origin's BE 4 engine manufacture is a complete FAIL, whereas SpaceX’s raptor is the leading example of the industry? Let’s find out. Huge thanks to all these amazing SpaceX Artists. Please follow them and support them through Payoneer and Twitter. ErcXSpace: 🤍 Smallstars: 🤍 IamVisuals: 🤍 SpaceXVision: 🤍 DeepSpaceCourier: 🤍 C-Bass Productions: 🤍 HazeGrayArt: 🤍 Jochem Laurenssen: 🤍 TijnM: 🤍 AlexanderSvan: 🤍 NickHenning3D: 🤍 EvanKaren: 🤍 NasaSpaceFlight: 🤍 Kimitalvitie: 🤍 Neopork: 🤍 AlexanderSvan: 🤍 RGV Aerial Photography: 🤍 StarshipGazer: 🤍 Ocean Cam: 🤍 LabPadre: 🤍 Spadre: 🤍 3Ddaniel: 🤍 StarshipBocaChica: 🤍 #blueorigin #jeffbezos #space

Project 5AXO Ep25 - Citroen Saxo VTS Turbo - BE4 Gearbox trial installation


In this episode I get everything associated with the gearbox working without having an engine attached. Gear linkages, driveshafts, mounts and clutch cables.

Is SpaceX's Raptor engine the king of rocket engines?


00:00 - Intro 02:55 - Basic physics of rocket engines 06:10 - Rocket engine cycles 20:30 - Rocket fuel comparison 30:40 - Raptor vs other rocket engines 44:05 - Summary Article version - 🤍 SpaceX's new raptor engine is a methane fueled full flow staged combustion cycle engine and its so hard to develop, no engine like this has ever flown before! Now this topic can be really intimidating so in order to bring the Raptor engine into context, we’re going to do an overview of a few common types of rocket engine cycles then compare the Raptor to a few other common rocket engines, like SpaceX’s current work horse, the Merlin, The Space Shuttle’s RS-25, the RD-180, Blue Origin’s BE-4 and the F-1 engine. And if that’s not enough, not only is SpaceX using a crazy engine cycle, they’re also going to be using Liquid Methane as their fuel, again something that no orbital rocket has ever used! So we’ll also go over the unique characteristics of liquid methane as a rocket fuel and see if we can figure out why SpaceX went with Methane for the Raptor engine. We'll also break down and explain all the different engine cycle types so you know what the full flow staged combustion cycle is, how it works, and how it compares to the other cycles. So by the end of this video hopefully we’ll have the context to know why the raptor engine is special, how it compares to other rocket engines, why it’s using methane and hopefully find out if the Raptor engine will be the new king of rocket engines… - Rocket engine renders by 🤍MartianDays 🤍 F-1 Turbopump photo provided by Mike Jetzer/ HUGE thanks to my Moon Walker Patreon supporters! Blake Jacobs, Eli Burton, Jethro, Mac Malkawi, Neurostream, Ole Mathias Heggem Want to support what I do? Consider becoming a Patreon supporter for access to exclusive livestreams, our discord channel and subreddit! - 🤍 The best place for all your space merch needs! 🤍 All music is original! Check out my album "Maximum Aerodynamic Pressure" anywhere you listen to music (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc) or click here for easy links - 🤍 I'm the cohost of an awesome podcast where we talk all about current technologies and how they shape our future! 🤍 or here on YouTube 🤍

Be4 I Begin


Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Be4 I Begin · Co Cash HIM, Not Them ℗ Committed, LLC/Foundation Entertainment/Interscope Records; ℗ 2021 Foundation Entertainment/Interscope Records Released on: 2021-09-24 Producer: DrumGod Producer: DJ Kidd Studio Personnel, Mixer: Clay "Krucial" Perry A& R: Brandon Hopp Brown A& R Coordinator: Bella Smith A& R Coordinator: Monique Teclemariam Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Clay “Krucial’ Perry III Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Bill Jabr Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Travis Louis Composer Lyricist: Terrico Bowen Composer Lyricist: Robert Gullatt Composer Lyricist: Myles Gatewood Auto-generated by YouTube.

Peugeot 207 - BE4 Gearbox Overhaul (Part 1)


Ronke's DIY Workshop In this series of videos I plan to record as much as possible of the process of overhauling a front wheel drive gearbox. From now on I will strive to upload one episode every sunday evening. You guys can also follow me on social media through FACEBOOK 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 TWITTER 🤍 Belgian Peugeot Forum 🤍

Bật là bê 4 DJ Bảo Huỳnh


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Having trouble finding the right corrugated outer solution?


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富士通 arrows Be3(F-02L),arrows Be4(F-41A) バッテリー交換


短時間で終わる予定が・・・docomoより発売されている、富士通(FCNT)製 arrows Be3(F-02L)とarrows Be4(F-41A)のバッテリ交換です。 ともにバッテリーは共用です。基板(上下)は若干異なりますので、共用ではありません。 液晶、USB外部接続端子、指紋センサー、ハードキー、カメラのイメージセンサーは 流用できます。上部スピーカーは異なっております。 arrowsもついにバスタブ方式になって、液晶面からアプローチすることになりました。 難易度は高いものになります。 液晶コネクタを固定する黒色のストッパーには△の目印があり、液晶向かって左側に△が向くように固定します。動画では「右側」と発言しています。 訂正します。 ビスを固定する前に液晶を仮止めして電源が入ること起動を確認してから、ビスどめしてください。 液晶は有機ELです。一番外側のガラスが割れなくても、有機ELが割れると全く表示されませんから、気をつけて液晶を取り外してください。 液晶コネクタ部分は、他社製品よりも、液晶側も本体側も割と丈夫に作られているようです。

BE4-P2 Flexible and compact blister packaging line


Ideal for small production jobs, many format changes and a wide variety of packaging materials, the BE4-P2 line reliably meets all requirements. It enables a highly efficient process by operating in two lanes and having a very short footprint. Thanks to the 100 % modular concept of the Blister Expert platform, the BE4 can be upgraded at any time to a high speed solution if needed.



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arrows Be4 Plus、意外といいかも?富士通の2万円スマホの性能、動作速度、カメラの画質などをレビュー


arrows Be4 Plusをレビューしました!2万円で買えるローエンドスマホですが、意外と完成度が高くて使いやすい端末に仕上がっているように感じましたよ! ■ブログレビュー → 🤍 ■目次 0:00:arrows Be4 Plusについて 0:54:本体デザインとサイズ 3:39:ディスプレイについて 5:32:富士通独自機能が使いやすい 8:26:CPUの性能について 10:08:実際の動作速度 11:41:ゲームの動作と発熱 13:09:リアカメラの画質 19:19:デメリットは? ■シンスペースとは ガジェットが大好きなカズヤがお送りしているレビューチャンネルです。YouTubeだけでなくブログでもレビューをしております。基本的にAppleとSONYが大好物です。最先端のものも大好物なためいろんなAndroidスマホもかじっております。チャンネル登録よろしくお願いします!! → 🤍 #arrowsbe4plus #レビュー #シンスペース ブログ:🤍 Twitter:🤍 Facebook:🤍 ※製品リンクのURLはAmazonアソシエイトのリンク、各種サービスのアフィリエイトリンクを使用している場合がございます。

Peugeot 207 - BE4 Gearbox Overhaul (Part 2)


Ronke's DIY Workshop In this series of videos I plan to record as much as possible of the process of overhauling a front wheel drive gearbox. From now on I will strive to upload one episode every sunday evening. In this episode, we need to fabricate a custom tool and try to get the fifth gear gears removed, so we can crack open this gearbox... You guys can also follow me on social media through FACEBOOK 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 TWITTER 🤍 Belgian Peugeot Forum 🤍

HE'S AFTER US! 👿 CUPHEAD Game: Be4 BENDY & the Ink Machine Got Spooky (FGTEEV Part 1 Gameplay)


FGTEEV Duddy is playing CUPHEAD: Don't Deal with the Devil, these cool and creepy oldies style cartoon like BENDY and the INK Machine before it got all dark and spooky! :) This game helps me be a rapper so I like it a lot. There will definitely be a part 2 w/ 2 Player so thumbs up 4 that! Check out other Cartoon gaming fun: 😬Bendy & the Ink Machine Playlist (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 & more): 🤍 Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh! Subscribe: 🤍 📺Family Friendly Youtube Gaming Channel, FGTEEV: 🤍 📺Skylander Boy and Girl Channel: 🤍 📺Our Family/Vlog channel, FUNNEL VISION: 🤍 📺Our Toy Channel: DOH MUCH FUN: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►T-Shirts: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ABOUT FGTEEV: FGTeeV is a Family Friendly Gaming Channel for all ages to enjoy but primarily focused to the family audience. Dad is known as FGTEEV Duddy & Mom, well, we call her whatever but sometimes it's Moomy. They have 4 children, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! We play all sorts of games, Thanks for checking us out. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Royalty Free Music & Content by

Peugeot 207 - BE4 Gearbox Overhaul (Part 11)


Ronke's DIY Workshop In this series of videos I plan to record as much as possible of the process of overhauling a front wheel drive gearbox. In this episode, we continue the assembly of the gearbox and start installing the gear shafts and shifting forks. So yeah, I made it past 500 subs! Thank you all so much for the support. Lets keep going and try to reach 1000!!! You guys can also follow me on social media through FACEBOOK 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 TWITTER 🤍 Belgian Peugeot Forum 🤍 1.6 HDi & TDCi Owners and Fans Group. 🤍月11晚,7:00pm 免費觀看松柏曲藝敬老會十周年慶典《戲曲精華》


2021年4月11日 7:00pm 十周年文藝滙演第二場演出节目单 = 1, 司徒顺致欢迎辞 2, 国防部長颁授感谢状報導 3, 松柏曲藝教老會十年演出展示目錄 4, 鸣谢参演艺员和支持团体 《劇曲精华》 1, 京剧《财神献瑞》 夏元增京剧研習社 2, 曲四联唱《京、滬、越、黄梅戲》 温哥华越剧戲曲联谊会 3, 粤剧《昭君出塞》 歐凯倫、众宫女 4, 京剧歌舞《月圆花好》 东方、孙瑞、大爱歌舞团伴舞 5, 东北二人转《小拜年》 傅長军, 王伽玟 6, 京剧《廉锦枫》 李巧文 7, 京剧《小快槍》 李晓芙 徐志荣 8, 京剧《贵妃醉酒》 夏元增、張奥兰、缪玉华 9, 粤剧《红鸞喜》 林芬兒 10, 京剧《凤还巢》 田然、邹丽华 11, 黄梅戲《天仙配 - 夫妻双双把家还》 东方、玉蕊 12, 京剧《状元媒》 許百平 13, 越剧《红楼夢 - 想当初》 張仁芬 《综艺演出》 14, 歌曲 《花好月圆》 梁寶兒 心悅舞蹈團伴舞 14, 民乐演奏《丰年祭》 庇诗中乐团 華偲然指揮 15, 旗袍走秀《江南雨》 江南韻模特队 16, 谢幕 感謝各贊助商、演藝團体、演員和觀衆長期支持,使我會在過去10年得以服務 社區,希望往後繼續得到大家支持,在疫情後能在舞臺与大家見面,努力加油! 🤍 各位愛好表演艺朮的朋友們, 您們好,祝身體建康,生活愉快。我是温哥华松柏曲艺敬老會的會長司徒順。今年是松柏會成立十周年紀念。適逢新冠疫情,服從政府禁令,我們將十周年的回顧紀念演出改在雲端舉行,借助社交媒體平台YouTube 把我們過去十年演出約37個精彩片段收輯成為兩埸演出. 分別在4月1O日和11日晚上在网上直播. 大家屆時只需掃碼入群,便可以足不出戶,在家中悠然欣賞精彩演出。 請大家通知大家,广為傳播這個訊息,讓我們一起渡過兩個極視听之愉而充滿歡樂的晚上。 謝謝。🙏[握手][拥抱][太阳]



Provided to YouTube by Translation Enterprises d/b/a/ United Masters Be4 · OWBUM Be4 ℗ 2021 OWBUM Released on: 2021-10-29 Producer: shaadyG Music Publisher: Darius Smith Composer Lyricist: Darius Smith Auto-generated by YouTube.

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