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DOS Games On An Arduino?!


Adding an ISA port to the Vortex86EX-based 86Duino board, and playing some DOS games on it. Last weeks' episode - a 386-based board : 🤍 Brad's page about adding an ISA slot: 🤍 The TinyLlama : 🤍

Arduino Cyclone Arcade Game


Together with my kids spend 2 days sawing, drilling, programming to create a simple Arduino Based Arcade Game which was inspired by the Cyclone. Build video coming up subscribe to later receive instructions, files and code

Arduino Game Project - How to make Arduino LCD Game (Endless Runner!)


Learn, Arduino Game Project - How to make Arduino LCD Game (Endless Runner Game) Step by step by using Arduino UNO and 16x2 Character LCD. This an endless runner game in which a character is continuously moving forward and controlled by a single button, the function of button is to convey a signal to the arduino, once the arduino received a signal it jumps the character according to the programmed script below. This is best arduino project for beginners and kids! I hope this DIY arduino tutorial will be useful for you! Complete Arduino Starter Kit: 🤍 All Sensors & Module Kit: 🤍 Arduino Code: 🤍 Circuit Diagram: 🤍 List Of Materials:- 1. Arduino UNO: 🤍 2. 16 x 2 Character LCD: 🤍 3. Breadboard: 🤍 4. Jumper Wires: 🤍 5. Push Button: 🤍 6. Battery Connector: 🤍 7. 9V Battery (Rechargeable): 🤍 8. Variable Resistors 103: 🤍 and some basic tools are: Soldering Iron: 🤍 Soldering Paste: 🤍 Hot Glue Gun: 🤍 Third Hand Tool: 🤍 Variable Power Supply(minleaf): 🤍 Electric Screwdriver: 🤍 Cordless Drill: 🤍 DIY Tool Kit: 🤍 Multimeter: 🤍 For more useful DIY videos please subscribe our channel "IdeasTV". Please give us your precious feedback below in comments also like this video and share with your friends :) Thanks! have a nice day :) Share This Video With Friends:- Video Link: 🤍 FOLLOW US:- Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission on a purchase without additional cost to you. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. I only suggest those products that I personally love and use in the videos. Thank you so much for the support! #ArduinoLCDGame #ArduinoProject #IdeasTV

Arduino LED Memory Game


Hey friends in this video we will make LED Memory game with Arduino Visit my Website to Download Codes and Circuit Diagrams:- 🤍 Circuit:- 🤍 Code:- 🤍 Materials:- Arduino LED Resistor 220 ohm Push Switch Buzzer Jumpers BreadBoard Follow me on:- Facebook:- 🤍 Facebook:- 🤍 Instagram:- 🤍 Twitter:- 🤍 snapchat:- viraldodhia20 VIRAL SCIENCE © -

WOW! Amazing DIY Maze Game from Arduino


JLCPCB - 2$ For PCB Prototype: 🤍 Hi Friends, in this video im going to make a Super Amazing Maze Game . Its very cool and you can also make it at your home by using these basic items: Ardiuno Nano: 🤍 Joystick: 🤍 Servo Motor: 🤍 Battery Box: 🤍 PCB Components: 🤍 : 🤍 : 🤍 Gerber File, Codes, Diagram: 🤍 That's it for today guys, i hope you like this video thanks for watching and don't forget to Like, Comment Subscribe and Share. Share, Support, Subscribe.!!!!!!! Subscribe: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 #newideas #newinventions Track: Defqwop - Awakening [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Song: Ikson - Tide (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: 🤍

I Created a (terrible) Video Game Console


I know nothing about electronics, but thought it'd be fun to try create a (super simple and extremely terrible) video game console. I was inspired to start experimenting with this after stumbling across the fascinating videos of 🤍BenEater. If you found this video at all interesting, I'd highly recommend taking a look at his channel for some much more advanced stuff! If you'd like to help me create more videos, you can support the channel on Patreon over here: 🤍 The source code for this project (console/game scripts + Unity music editor) is probably not of much interest to anyone, but you can take a look here if you want: 🤍 LED control library: 🤍 Music from 🤍 "Twisting" and "Perspectives" by Kevin MacLeod (🤍) License: CC BY (🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:17 Arduino Uno 0:37 Joystick Input 2:53 High Definition Display 3:29 Audio 4:36 Coding Some Games 6:05 Constructing the Console 7:53 It's Alive!

How to make Arduino joystick LCD game project at home || Super Mario Game 🔥🔥🔥#arduino #games #robot


How to make Arduino joystick LCD game project at home || Super Mario Game 🔥🔥🔥#arduino #games #robot #hacker #hack #diy #arduinoproject #arduino #howto #dc #robot #drishyam2 #electronic #school #schoolproject #scienceexperiment #sciencefacts #science #engineering #magnet #gameplay #game #gamers #joystick #lcd #supermario #supermariomaker2 how to make arduino game how to make joystick game Connect With Skynet Robotics : Website:- 🤍 Facebook:- 🤍 WARNING: This video given only for demonstration and education purpose . Each demonstration presents risk that must be fully understood before attempting. And should be performed only by professionals.

Build an Arduino-based jumping Chrome Dinosaur T-Rex Game


For the full build instructions and code, visit: 🤍 Here’s a great way to hack the Chrome Dino game when your Internet goes down (or when you’re self-isolating). If you use Chrome as your favorite web browser, you have no doubt come across the Dino (T-Rex) game to keep you entertained when there is no internet. With most of the world in self-isolation at the moment (shakes fist at COVID-19), and makers looking for things to keep them occupied, we thought this project would be fun. All you need is an Arduino Uno, a small servo, Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), and a 10k resistor to get started.

4 Amazing Arduino Games - DIY Game Console


In this video I am using Arduino uno board and 16x2 lcd keypad shield and these 2 together make the arduino simple game console. Codes for all games can be found here:🤍

Top 5 Arduino Gaming Consoles


Glad to present you 5 Crazy Arduino Based Gaming Consoles. Program, play and enjoy! SUBSCRIBE to "Mister Tech" and get more amazing compilations! 00:00 - MAKERbuino: an open source game console you can build yourself 🤍 02:00 - Arduboy: a miniature game system the size of a credit card 🤍 02:50 - GameShell: open Source Retro Gaming & STEM Console 🤍 04:14 - Gamebuino: play & make games, quick & easy 🤍 06:30 - GameDuino Questions? Cooperation?🤍 We will answer as soon as possible!

Target Practice Arduino Game


Physical Computing Group 1-9 - 2018/19 - Assignment 1 University of Dundee

Arduino Star Wars Game - how to make


Hello, in this tutorial we will make this little game console on breadboard, We will use 128x64 I2C oled display, arduino nano, three push buttons and buzzer. Our first game will bee star wars game. SUBSCRIBE HERE: 🤍 You can also buy me a coffe at: 🤍 Buy this OLED display here: 🤍 To program this game you will need libraries , you can download libraries here : 🤍 You will also need arduino sketch : 🤍 If you like this project feel free to subscribe for more games and arduino project. Thank you! #ArduinoCar #ArduinoProject

Whack a Mole - Arduino Game (full arduino tutorial with code)


We love playing arcade games like Whack-a-mole and Strike a Light. So we decided to build one, using an Arduino Nano in this arduino project. This is our Arduino Game, arcade style. We call it Button Smack! With just an arduino nano, a few buttons and a display you have all the basics stuff you need to get started for this arduino tutorial. Strike the buttons as they light up. First player to reach 100 points wins the game. We made our code free to use, share, modify and play with as you like. Parts (affiliate links): * Big buttons - 🤍 Red Dot Matrix display - 🤍 Arduino Nano compatible board - 🤍 Contribute to the Arduino Software Consider supporting the Arduino Software by contributing to its development. 🤍 Wiring diagram: 🤍 Code for the game: 🤍 Digital circuit made with Music: Music - background music Song: Punky Composer: Benjamin Tissot (also known as Bensound) Royalty Free Music from Bensound (

ATtiny85 Game Console PCB - Multiple Games


Click "Like" to get coupon: 🤍 $2/5pcs 2Layer & $5/5pcs 4Layer PCBs: 🤍 🔥I know this is nothing new. Just wanted to show you my PCB and each game. See all the links you need below. Hope you learn something new. 🤍 Help my projects on Patreon : 🤍 my Q&A page: 🤍 Facebook page: 🤍 Canal en Español: 🤍 LINKS - Tutorial: Tutorial webpage: 🤍 Schematic: 🤍 Part list: 🤍 GERBERs PCB: 🤍 BUY GERBERs & SUPPORT ME: 🤍 Games: 🤍 ATtiny JSON link: 🤍 Original GitHub post: 🤍 🔬PRINTERS FDM - All printers: 🤍 Artillery Sidewinderr X1 (333€): 🤍 → Coupon (324€) "D4FF9E1BE8227001" Artillery GENIUS (245€): 🤍 → Coupon (241€) "H4FF9DA22F227000" Creality3D Ender 3 (178€): 🤍 → Coupon (157€) "F4FE9A937B5EB000" Creality Ender 3 Pro (220€): 🤍 → Coupon (157€) "J4FE99F73D5EB001" Alfawise U30 (181€): 🤍 Alfawise U20 (260€): 🤍 Alfawise U50 (190€): 🤍 Crealitu CR10 (345€): 🤍 Creality CR20 (363€): 🤍 TEVO Tarantula Pro (192€): 🤍 Anycubic MEGA- S (307€): 🤍 🔅PRINTERS RESIN - Anycubic Photon SLA (309€): 🤍 Alfawise W10 SLA (184€): 🤍 Longer Orange 10 (166€): 🤍 Elegoo Mars SLA (210€): 🤍 Like share and subscribe to motivate me. Thank you #ATtiny #game #OLED

Arduino Video Game Console Tutorial


In this video, we go over the steps into how to make your own video game console out of an Arduino. Example Code Link: 🤍

Mario Game in LCD | Arduino Projects


​ 🤍TechTrendsShameer Please Subscribe to this channel for more updates

How to make Arduino based Mini Game Console


Best & fast PCB supplier ($2 for 10 boards): 🤍 Hello friends in this video we will see hou make you own mini arduino based game console. It is very cheap and easy to build this interesting hand held game console. Complete code and wiring details 🤍 Components required Arduino Nano :- 🤍 0.96" OLED Dispaly :- 🤍 Tactile push button :- 🤍 3.7V lipo battery :- 🤍 Original source code with analog keypad :- 🤍 👨🏼‍💻 Our paid services:- we will help you to build your arduino based projects if your are struggling with code, programming, hardware, software etc. we will help you please visit below link for details. 🤍 or contact us on Electricdiylab🤍 visit for more 🤍 FB page :- 🤍 My Gears :- Camera :- 🤍 Video Light :- 🤍 Mic :- 🤍 Soldering Kit :- 🤍 Screw driver set :- 🤍 Rotary tool :- 🤍 MUSIC iTunes :🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 8 Bit Summer! by HeatleyBros 🤍 This video is made for entertainment purposes only. Please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

Arduino Target Game


Target game using Arduino controller, photocells and servos. Thanks to Mandy Orzechowski for this device. 🤍 Subscribe the her channel for other cool stuff.

How To Make A Memory Game || DIY Arduino Project


How To Make A Memory Game(Arduino Project) || Cara membuat permainan ingatan menggunakan arduino In this video I want to show you how to make a simple memory game or simon says game using an Arduino MicroController. This Game consists of 4 buttons, 4 LEDs, an Arduino,,a LCD and a speaker. You can support me on Buy me a coffee or Paypal : - 🤍 - 🤍 Project Information(Source Code & Wiring Diagram) :🤍 Hardware and Materials Required : Arduino Mega + USB Cable II Arduino Uno : 🤍 II 🤍 || 🤍 LCD Module : 🤍 || 🤍 9v battery: 🤍 || 🤍 Switch: 🤍 || 🤍 Jumper wires: 🤍 || 🤍 Cardboard: 🤍 Speaker : 🤍 Male DC Barrel Jack Adapter for Arduino : 🤍 || 🤍 Push Button: 🤍 100 Ohm Resistor : 🤍 Led: 🤍 || 🤍 Hot Glue Gun : 🤍 || 🤍 Soldering Iron Kit : 🤍 || 🤍 If you like this video don't forget to subscribe :) Music : Kontinuum-Aware [ NCS Release] #arduino #game

DIY Arduino Handheld Game Console!


Best & fast PCB supplier ($2 for 10 boards): 🤍 In this video, I will show you how to make an arduino handheld gameboy game console. It uses an arduino micro and OLED display to make a tiny gaming console, even smaller than the gameboy pocket. This is an arduboy compatible system which is an 8 bit, credit card sized gaming platform, that makes open source games easy to learn, share and play. You can play games made by others or you can also design your own games for it. Since, it is open source I made my own version of it. This channel is for electronics enthusiasts who love to make DIY projects ad tinker with electronic. I you are new to this channel, consider subscribing. Links to download the arduino libraries:- 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 The PCB gerber file:- 🤍 This PCB only works with the waveshare OLED display that I am using. More games here:- 🤍 Product links:- Arduino- 🤍 5 way tactile switch- 🤍 OLED display- 🤍 Battery- 🤍 Tactile switch- 🤍 Equipments I use:- Camera- 🤍 Microphone- 🤍 _ Love Watching my videos? Support my channel by donating as it helps me make better and awesomer projects, 🤍 _

Arduino Stacker Game


Arduino Remote for a Unity 3D game


Bluetooth interactive remote that commands a fox character in a race game. Hardware : Ultrasonic sensor, Bluetooth module HC05, Arduino nano, Button, 2*1.5V Batteries Software (Game dev): Unity Engine, Csharp I've seen that this particular video is attracting a lot of people, for that reason if you want me to make a tutorial on how to make this game write something in the comments section and I will be more than happy to share this project with you !

Building an Arduino Target Shooting Game!


This video is made purely for my course its a video which gets assessed and is required to be on youtube to be graded. Its a video about our group: Matt, Kara and Andrew who assemble a game using an Arduino board and various sensors i.e IR sensors. I hope you enjoy this video anyway don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe. Intro Music: Track: JPB - Get Over You (feat. Valentina Franco) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍

Arduino Snake Game Project - LED Matrix + Joystick


#shorts ● Project Files: 🤍 ● Watch Explanation : 🤍 ● PS2 JOYSTICK: 🤍 ● 8x8 LED Matrix: 🤍 ►► Get your "Arduino Starter Kit" (affiliate link): ● 🤍 ● Or 🤍 ♥ Don't Click This! : 🤍 FOLLOW ME: ● Facebook: 🤍 ● Github: 🤍 ► All content by Enjoy Mechatronics is 100% free. I believe that education should be freely available to everyone.

DIY Arduino Cyclone Game with WS2812B Led Ring


This time I will show you how to make an interesting game that is based on the arcade game called Cyclone, where the player tries to stop an led scrolling around a circle at a specific spot. The goal of the game is to stop the cycling light when it reaches the indicated (red) LED. If successful, the difficulty level will increase. If unsuccessful, the Game will restart. The ring consists of 60 LEDs (4 Quarter circle neopixels of 15 Leds). The ring holder is made with a 3D printer and you can download the .stl file below. In the middle of the ring is a strip of 6 RGB LEDs that actually represent the six levels. The basic code is taken from oKeeg's Instructable, and I made a few modifications to make the game even more interesting. -First I reduced the light intensity of the diodes, because in my version of the game the LEDs are directly visible. -Then, instead of 40, the ring contains 60 LEDs because I used it from one of my previous projects (LED ring clock). -I also added two more levels so that the game now has a total of 6 levels. -The next, very important modification is that I added sounds to the game and now it is much more interesting to play. -Finally, I made a big Arcade button for much more accurate playing. The game would need to be powered by a Power supply of 5V/3A or more. This is a very simple project and consists only a few components: - Arduino nano microcontroller - WS2812 Led ring with 60 RGB leds - WS2812 Led strip with 6 RGB Leds - One transistor - Buzzer - And big DIY Arcade button The real time clock module you see in the pictures is not active and is part of my previous project. We can also use the rotary encoder button left over from the previous project. In this case the device is small and compact, but playing with this button is more difficult. When turning on the game, all LEDs light up with different colors. Now by pressing the button, the game begins. The goal is to press the button at the moment when the rotating diode is located exactly on the static diodes. In the first two levels, three diodes are static, and in the next levels only one. Also with each next level, the diode speed increases, so it is increasingly difficult to press the button at the required moment. With each completed level, one diode from the horizontal row lights up. There are six levels in total, so this row contains six dodes. If we fail to pass the level, the game starts from the beginning. If you pass all six levels, the game also starts from the beginning. Finally, the device is built into a suitable box made of PVC board and coated with self-adhesive colored wallpaper. Detailed instructions, schematic diagram , and code at: 🤍 Visit my Youtube Channel for more Projects , DIY and How To Make videos: 🤍 by mircemk SUBSCRIBE LIKE AND SHARE !!!! Thanks for your Support !

Arduino LCD Joystick Game Project - How to make Arduino LCD Game ||Super Mario game


Hardware requirment: 1 X Arduino 1 X 16*2 LCD with I2C 1 X Scissor/cutter + insulating tape OR 1X Breadboard 1X joystick 7X M-F jumper 1X USB cable Code and Circuit diagram 🤍 Playlist: 14 LEDs Chaser Light using Arduino | 30 effects | दिवाली Special decoration | Running light 🤍 Blinking of LED by using Arduino | simple circuit | breadboard |220 Ω 🤍 Servo motor Arduino connection | SG90 | micro servo 🤍 Reading data from joystick 🤍 _ Music Credit: Background Music: NCS (No copyrighted sounds) Tobu - Seven [NCS Release] 🤍 Tobu Infectious NCS Release 🤍 Itro Tobu Cloud 9 NCS Release 🤍 Tobu Hope NCS Release 🤍 Artist: Tobu

diy balco rotor football arduino game


home made diy balco rotor football style made with arduino

Ring Pong - Arduino/Neopixel ping pong game


Ring pong Game made with an Arduino and Neopixel More info : 🤍

How To Make Arduino Maze Game | Best Arduino Projects


Hello, i made Top arduino projects that is called arduino maze game, this project is made using arduino uno, you can make it from arduino nano also i have provided materials used down for ARDUINO CODES and CIRCUIT DIAGRAM visit , if you like this video share it with family and friends which might help them to make top arduino projects of 2021 Arduino Uno 🤍 (aflte lnks) Joystick module 🤍 Micro Servo 🤍 Breadboard 🤍 Jumper wires 🤍

Arduino Game Controllers


This video shows how to read NES and SNES controllers using a Arduino compatible microcontroller. The parts, code, and more details can be found on the project page: 🤍 plz share :-) Consider supporting our work on Patreon for some extras: 🤍 We are also thankful for any donation on PayPal: 🤍 ..or use our affiliate links: SNES Gamepad $2.62 🤍 SNES Extension Cord $1.70 🤍 the Rigol oscilloscope used here is quite cheap on Amazon US: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍bitluni

Arduino Cyclone Arcade LED Chaser Game


Keep PCB Production (Check Schedule on CNY Holidays): Order PCB: 🤍 Hey friends in this video I will show you how to make Arduino Cyclone LED Chaser Game Visit my Website for full guide and to Download Codes and Circuit Diagrams:- 🤍 Materials: Arduino UNO / NANO ATtiny 85 WS2812b LED Strip Push Button Follow me on:- Website:- 🤍 Facebook:- 🤍 Facebook:- 🤍 Instagram:- 🤍 Twitter:- 🤍 VIRAL SCIENCE © -

Building a DIY Simon game using an ARDUINO UNO?


In the 80s, Simon was all the rage! From its huge original design to its minimalist pocket edition, Simon is the simple, but addictive memory game that's withstood the test of time. Today, we wire and code our own version of it in a project that ends up being the perfect kicking-off point to someone just getting started in the world of Arduino. From now until December 12th, you can get the Arduino Starter kit from Elegoo for 20 percent off! Coupon Code(20%) : VXOKKIYI (Start Date:04/12/20208:00 AMPST, End Date:12/12/202011:59 PMPST) ELEGOO UNO Super Starter Kit: 🤍 ELEGOO Official Website: 🤍 The code for the Simon project, as well as the pin definitions, can be found here. Wiring diagrams will be provided in the future! 🤍 - Follow me on the Intrawebs! Twitter - 🤍jcprintnplay Instagram - 🤍jcprintnplay Facebook - 🤍 Thingiverse - 🤍 Reddit - 🤍 Like what I'm doing here? Want early access to content, models, and more? Check me out on Patreon ! 🤍 Music credits : Wallpaper Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍

Arduino LED Memory Game lesson #10



RotoRing Arduino Game | EGX Leftfield 2017 #EGX2017


RotoRing, a brilliant leftfield Arduino game. Mad good idea from Gregory Kogos (🤍aronegal), embiggened by We Throw Switches (🤍WeThrowSwitches), and dressed to impress by Ursula Cheng (🤍_kamling). A Maze's description: Genre: alt ctrl hardware circular puzzle-platformer RotoRing is hardware circular puzzle platformer played with a custom Arduino powered rotary dial & button controller, with two LED* rings. Player controls the brightest LED on its way to the empty LED, avoiding the enemies (red LEDs). Different levels feature many kinds of enemy behaviour, adding puzzle and platforming elements to the gameplay. We always head straight to the Leftfield Collection whenever we're at #EGX, #EGXRezzed or whatever other show we find ourselves at. At EGX 2017 we were not disappointed. The Sega Leftfield Collection is growing year by year and games like RotoRing, with creators like Gregory Kogos or our old pal Robin Baumgarten, we can't fathom what mad Arduino game will be cooked up next.

Chrome Dinosaur Game Automated using arduino.


I tried to automate chrome dinosaur game and it kinda worked!!

😎How to make Snake Game using Arduino UNO & LCD ? - arduino projects 🐍🎮


How to make Snake Game using Arduino Uno & Lcd ? - arduino projects 🐍🤔 .In this video I have shown you how can you make a snake game very easily , so lets start 🔴[ CIRCUIT ] = 🤍 🔴[ CODE ]= 🤍 - CIRCUIT FOR LCD WITHOUT I2C 🤍 CODE FOR I2C WITHOUT I2C 🤍 - If you have any problem visit my website- 🔴Visit our ART Channel: 🤍 Please like 👍 Share and SUBSCRIBE 🔔 - 🔴MATERIALS REQUIRED:- Arduino UNO (Any type) 16x2 LCD I2C Module for 16x2 LCD Two Pushbuttons Two 1k Ohm resistor Breadboard Jumper Wires 🔴FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS: Website:- 🤍 Instagram:- 🤍 Twitter :- 🤍 Blogger:- 🤍 TIME STAMPS= 0:00 Quick Review 0:24 Connecting the components 1:21 Making the circuit 1:50 Uploading the sketch 2:29 Review 3:21 Outro Music Credit to (NCS): Your Quiries: How To Make Snake GAME With LCD (VERY EASILY) snake game with arduino how to make a game how to make a game with arduino how to make a lcd game snake game using arduino how to make a game at home how to make a lcd snake maze game lcd game snake game using arduino Snake Game using Arduino Uno and 8x8 LED Matrix snake game project using arduino lcd snake game arduino snake game code arduino snake game with lcd arduino snake game joystick lcd snake game with lcd lcd snake game with arduino 16x2 lcd snake game 16x2 lcd snake game code lcd snakegame arduino lcd game #newtoyou#newprojects#newinventions#Arduino#arduinoproject#DIY#eoectronics#lcd_game#snake_game_using_arduino#arduino_tutorial#Diy_game#arduinoproject_2021#hoxdipan#lcd_snake_game#arduino_tutorial_for_beginners

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