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14 BIG PLANE LANDINGS - Airbus A380, Boeing 767, B787 ... (4K)


14 big planes, beautiful autumn weather and great special liveries. Is there anything else you need for a perfect planespotting day? The special "Wildlife" Airbus A380 of Emirates is the most interesting Airbus A380 special livery which is currently cruising through the skies and yesterday it arrived at Düsseldorf during perfect weather conditions. L ast saturday I also filmed the special Star Wars livery of All Nippon Airways which arrived from Tokyo. Condor just started new long haul flights to the caribean and the new livery just looks stunning on the Boeing 767. It` s a pleasure to see these long haul birds on a daily basis at DUS from now on. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.

Captain's view Breakoff landing Amsterdam - Boeing 747-400


My recommended equipment: PILOT SUNGLASSES: 🤍 AVIATION HEADSET: 🤍 TRAVEL CARRY-ON: 🤍 TRAVEL HEADPHONES: 🤍 CAMERA GEAR: GOPRO: 🤍 CAMERA: 🤍 HOME FLIGHT SIMULATOR: 🤍 Timelapse of a Spectacular breakoff landing as seen from the captain's perspective of this Boeing 747-400 ERF. Approach is to runway 27 and landing is on runway 24 at Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS/EHAM). Filmed from the flightdeck of a KLM Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-400ERF Full video: 🤍 Recorded with: GoPro HERO3 Black. Music: I Love You, Vibe Tracks, YouTube Audio Library Social media: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #pilot #aviation #boeing #cockpit #imapilot #airplane #queenoftheskies #747 #pilotlife #travel #boeing747 #schiphol #flying #landing #noautopilot #thepilotchannel #747-400 #4k #skyisthelimit #crew



Watch the top 5 planes take off and land at different times. Read short notes on the types of airplanes. Click here to create your own website: 🤍

(4K) 100 planes landing and take off in 1 HOUR! The best of plane spotting 2018!


100 Plane spotting highlights of 2018. *List of planes in comment section!* one full hour filled with my 100 personal favourite catches of 2018! Including rare planes, special liveries, bad weather action, etc! filmed at 9 different airports around Europe. Thanks for all the support in 2018, really thankful for that! I hope 2019 will be an amazing year for all of you! I will try my best to make better and more content, from airports not only in Europe, but worldwide :) Camera: Sony FDR-AX53 Tripod: none Airports: Istanbul Atatürk, Zürich, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Groningen, Twente, Maastricht, Dublin, Hamburg. Follow me on social media! :) Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍mylosairplanefan Twitter: 🤍 This video is property of mylosairplanefan and may not be used in any way without my permission. if you want to use my footage, contact me: mylos1998🤍

Dangerous Landings Great Pilots


Dangerous airplane landings and great pilot skills compilation. Landings in very difficult conditions with cross winds, landing gear failures and storms. Music: Song of Mirrors - Unicorn Heads

15 DANGEROUS Plane Landings - Great Pilots


The most dangerous landings from some of the most dangerous airports in the world. These sure are some great pilots! I hope you all enjoy! Let us know down below some topics you'd like us to cover next week! The Top Fives original show brings you informational and entertaining top five videos! Join us and subscribe for more. Several segments are licensed. Follow us on Facebook! 🤍



At least for planespotters 2020 was a fantastic aviation year. Lots of unusual and rare airplanes showed up at various airports on special cargo flights. In this video I would like to show you my personal Top 10 Aviation highlights of year 2020 and I am going to say a few things to each step. The Airbus A380 of All Nippon Airways departed on a test flight from Hamburg Finkenwerder to Hamburg Finkenwerder and I spent a night at Hamburg just to film it. Around 300 planespotters witnessed the departure of the All Nippon A380 testflight that day. I was also able to film a Boeing 747 Classic in 2020. Unbelievable! 8 years after I saw my last classic Boeing 747 Geo Sky suddenly reactivated a B747-200 Freighter and they operated a few mask charter flights from China to Maastricht. I also included the beautfiul Ilyushin IL62, the Antonov An22, a hard Airbus A300 landing and many more interesting aviation moments of 2020. I hope you enjoyed this video, new videos every tuesday and friday.

NEW LOWEST LANDING? Wizzair Airbus A321neo Landing at Skiathos Airport | JSI Plane Spotting [4K]


Subscribe here ➤🤍 Yet another spectacular landing at Skiathos Airport, possibly lower than the famous Air Italy 737-800 approach! Watch this Wizzair Airbus A321neo approach and land on runway 01 at Skiathos Airport, the "second St Maarten" of Europe, following a substantially shallow approach. Watch this A321 just fly just a few feet over plane spotters' heads for a prompt landing on the runway. Enjoy the beautiful sight of this A321 flying low over the airport beach, as the jetblast of its engines blasts the spotters and dirt below! What are your thoughts, do you think these unusually low approaches are deliberate? ➤ OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM: 🤍 🤍greatflyer_official ➤ Facebook page: 🤍 ➤ Camera: Sony FDR AX-53 🤍 4K NTSC, iPhone 12 Pro ➤ DISCLAIMER: "Low landing" is an unofficial term used among plane spotters. The landing phase officially begins at 50ft above the threshold - a "low landing" is usually the result of a shallow approach, leading to the 50ft spot height being crossed even before the runway threshold, resulting in a low approach for plane spotters to enjoy. ➤ Thumbnail credits: ATH Spotter - Konstantinos Chatzigeorgiadis #landing #planespotting #aviation #airport #wizzair #airbus #flight #skiathos #pilot #flightsimulator #takeoff #cockpit #airplane #boeing #airlines

Best Pilots in the World Storm Ciara Crosswind landings and Takeoffs and Go-around Extreme Weather


All aircraft landed and took off safely ! These pilots are well trained and airplanes are well build. Watch out for Embraer E190 Go-around at Birmingham EGBB Airport during Storm Ciara . The pilots received windshear warning at minimums and decided to abort the landing. The wind was 210°↑ 25 gusty up to 39 knots. Also in this footage Emirates Airbus A380 crosswind landing with an impressive reverse thrust , Boeing 787 takeoff during bad weather conditions and many more. At one point I had to stop filming , it was too windy ! Britain is bracing for more bad weather this weekend, with forecasters warning that Storm Dennis could hit the UK. Met Office meteorologists have confirmed that there will be strong gusts across the UK, with a yellow weather warning in place on Saturday I hope you will enjoy watching this 4K video on the Big screen TV ! Please leave a comment and don't forget to rate it. Thank you ! Please share this YouTube link, or the link in our official Facebook. ❗️WARNING❗️Freebooting/ reuploading without specific written permission is not authorized. This video is the copyright of TopFelya © All illegal re uploads will be removed #Storm #Aircraft #A380

Airplane Makes Low Landing at Skiathos Airport 😳


An approaching plane made a shockingly low landing at Skiathos Airport in Greece, coming within a few feet of the runway fence. But this isn’t unusual. This particular runway is half the length of a traditional runway, so pilots tend to approach very low to make the landing. ✈️ » Sign up for our newsletter KnowThis to get the biggest stories of the day delivered straight to your inbox: 🤍 » Subscribe to NowThis: 🤍 For more world news, subscribe to NowThis News. #airplane #greece #plane #Politics #News #NowThis Connect with NowThis » Like us on Facebook: 🤍 » Tweet us on Twitter: 🤍 » Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 » Find us on Snapchat Discover: 🤍 NowThis is your premier news outlet providing you with all the videos you need to stay up to date on all the latest in trending news. From entertainment to politics, to viral videos and breaking news stories, we’re delivering all you need to know straight to your social feeds. We live where you live. 🤍 🤍nowthisnews

BOEING 747 low LANDING above THE BEACH - St Maarten and Maho Beach (4K)


Boeing 747 low landings at St Maarten - Those were the days. KLM used to operate at least three weekly Boeing 747 flights from Amsterdam to St Maarten and sadly they stopped operating these flights cause the Airbus A330-200 is much more efficient on this particular route. It was a very sad moment for all aviation enthusiasts around the world when KLM officially announced the end of the Boeing 747 operations at Saint Maarten. Another Boeing 747 operator which frequently passed Maho Beach used to be Corsair but they also replaced the Boeing 747 with an Airbus A330-200 in their Orly flights. Currently even Air France reduced the flights for Paris from an Airbus A340 to an Airbus A330. Doesn` t change the fact that Maho Beach is on of the most amazing beaches in the world if you are interested in aviation. It` s definitly the biggest tourist attraction on the island and I am pretty sure we will return to this beautiful island one day. New videos every tuesday and friday.

Worst Planes Emergency Landing Ever | XP11


Disclaimer: This is only in the flight simulation. This situation is not real! Everything in this video doesn't happen in real life, because this situation is just a challenge for me to try in the flight simulation. If you like the video, please comment-like-share-and subscribe.



Within the past 8 years I filmed a few hard landings of different airplane types. In todays TOP 10 video I sumed up the heaviest landings I have ever filmed. Two of these landings were performed by Boeing 747` s at Maastricht airport. Don` t know what` s going on with the runway at Maastricht but I have seen a few hard landings at the small airport in the Netherlands. Maybe it` s the small humb near the touchdown area which makes the flare a little unpredictable. Some of these hard landings were also caused by the lack of flare in general. Check out the Airbus A321 of British which looked like the runway was just in its way during its flight. There was no flare at all. Let me know which of these landings was the hardest in your opinion. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.

"The Landing" in Airplane (1980)


Plane landing - Inside view


How to land a plane

Very low pass ! Maho Beach, Sint Maarten SXM 🇸🇽 Plane Spotting / Princess Juliana Airport close up


📹 MY CAMERA : IPhone 12 Pro MAX 📱 and SONY FDR AX-53 (No tripod , only Hand held) / No comentary , no music Extreme Close Up and spectacular approaches, low pass landing and take off + dangerous jet blast + slow motion landing Maho Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world ! Also, Princess Juliana (SXM) is the most insane and dangerous Airport ! Big Planes in Sint maarten / Saint Martin caribeean / caraïbes Airport and beach have been rehabilitated since Hurricane Irma in 2017 Filmed with various point of view: -On the Beach -on the mountain -in and under the water -Airport road -SunsetBeach bar -Tortuga -Mykonos -Royal Islander Planes and Airlines list : Airbus A330-200 McDonnel Douglas C-17 Globmaster III (US Air Force) Boeing 757-200 Airbus A320-200 Boeing 737-800 / -700 Airbus A321-200 / A321F Airbus A319-100 Embraer ERJ-145LR ATR 42-600 Gulfstream G-IV Bombardier Challenger 300 Bombardier Global 6000 Saab 340 Beechcraft 200 Super King Air De Havilland DHC-6 twin otter Cessna 208 Grand Caravan Helicopter Bell 430 Cessna 152 Airlines list : Air France ( from Paris CDG) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS ) Delta Airlines (from new York JFK and Atlanta ATL) American Airlines ( from Miami MIA , Charlotte CLT, and Philadelphia PHL) United Airlines ( from New York EWR, Washington IAD) Jetblue (from Boston BOS , New York JFK/ EWR Spirit Airlines ( from Fort Lauderdale FLL ) Sky High (from Santo Domingo) Liat airways (from Antigua ANU) Silver Airways (from San Juan SJU) Winnair (from St Jean SBH (Saint Barthelemy) St Barth Commuter (from st Jean SBH and Saba Juancho SAB) Air Caraibes (from pointe-à-pitre, guadeloupe) Titan Airways Atlas Air NetJet Xojet FlexJet Airantilles (from Fort de France) Aircargo Intercaribbean Razgriz Flight Report / Plane Spotting Economy class Premium Eco Business class First class / la première Trip Report Airplanes

The Most Terrifying Plane Landings Ever Captured On Camera | Super Scary Plane Landings | Wonder


On "Super Scary Plane Landings" - The average person now flies out on two holidays per year. But as many have learned – and filmed on phones and personal cameras – arriving in one piece is not as easy as we like to think. We want safe travel to faraway holiday havens, but that means pilots flying ever more perilous journeys, landing on runways sandwiched between ocean and mountains or inches from skyscrapers or even on water. Subscribe to WONDER to watch more documentaries: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 WONDER is packed with binge worthy reality documentaries for hours of entertainment. Check out our hub of diverse and empowering stories which explore the extreme side of life! Join our Wonderers Facebook group: 🤍 Content licensed from Drive TV to Little Dot Studios. Any queries, please contact us at: owned-enquiries🤍 #wonder #ishouldntbealive #survival #survivalstories #humaninterest #weirdandwonderful #extremesurvival

Aircraft enthusiasts blown back by low-landing airplane in Greece | USA TODAY


Aircraft enthusiasts grabbed an up close and personal look at an Airbus A321 when it landed extremely low, blowing some spectators back. RELATED: Dashcam captures plane landing on a highway, bursting into flames 🤍 » Subscribe to USA TODAY: 🤍 » Watch more on this and other topics from USA TODAY: 🤍 » USA TODAY delivers current local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more through award-winning journalism, photos, videos and VR. #Airplane #PlaneSpotting #Greece

Aviation Munich Highlights | 27x Close-Up Landing & Take-Off incl. Impressive Sound


Dear friends, this video was also recorded during the Munich Security Conference. It's an impressive mix of government, VIP and civil planes. We used two cameras (middle and start/end of runway) and - as you can see - we got some really good light conditions most of the time. Some highlights: - Lufthansa A350 retracting gears during take-off - Italian Air Force Falcon 900EX (pilot checks reverser during rolling) - Eurowings A330 Las Vegas Sticker (Don't know why but I like this sticker...) - IsrAir Take-Off in the evening sun - Iran Government Falcon 900EX - Kuwait A320NEO Airways take-Off - Aeroflot A320 PBC CSKA Moskow Livery in extreme evening light take-off Content: 00:00 Lufthansa A350-941 | D-AIXK | CloseUp evening start & gears in to ICN 01:08 Emirates A380 | A6-EUL | CloseUp Landing from DXB 01:38 Italian Air Force Falcon 900EX | MM62210 | Taxing & CloseUp Start to FCO 02:30 Eurowings A330 (Las Vegas Sticker) | D-AXGF | Morning Arrival CloseUp from SNU 03:19 Etihad 777-3FX(ER) | A6-ETO | CloseUp Starting to AUH 03:57 Etihad 787-10 | A6-BME | CloseUp Landing from AUH 04:37 Lufthansa A350-941 | D-AIXM | Taxing & CloseUp Departure to KIX 06:03 Qatar 777-3DZ(ER) | A7-BEI | CloseUp Landing from DOH 06:43 Eurowings A330-203 (Las Vegas Sticker) | D-AXGF | CloseUp Taxing & Dept. to BKK 07:52 Iran Government Falcon 900 EX | EP-IGC | Landing from THR 08:39 Azimuth Sukhoi Superjet 100-95LR | RA-89080 | CloseUp Taxing & Start to KRR 09:21 Lufthansa A319-114 (Cosmo & Lu Livery) | D-AILU | Landing & Taxing from HAM 10:00 IsrAir A320-232 | 4X-ABI | Evening Start to TLV 10:32 Global Jet Luxembourg Embraer Legacy 650 | LX-MIA | Landing 11:08 Kuwait A320-251N | 9KAKN | Starting to KWI 11:38 Royal Jet 737-77W(BBJ) | A6-RJV | Landing from AAN 12:15 Royal Air Maroc 737-7B6 | CN-RNM | Landing from CMN 12:45 Aeroflot A320-214 (PBC CSKA Moscow Liv.) | VQ-BEJ | Evening Taxing & Start SVO 14:04 Emirates A380 | A6-EUL | Taxing & Start to DXB 15:38 TUI 737-8K5 (TUI Blue Livery) | D-ATUD | Taxing & Start to FUE 16:59 Qatar 777-3DZ(ER) | A7-BEI | Starting to DOH 17:59 British Airways A320-251N | G-TTND | Evening Start to LHR 18:28 Air Malta A320-214 (Valetta European ... Livery) | 9H-AEO | Starting to MLA 18:58 Laudamotion Bombardier Global Express | OE-ILK | Taxing & Starting 20:05 Nesma Airlines A320-232 | SU-NMA | Starting to HRG 20:49 Iran Government | EP-IGC | Starting to THR 21:32 Emirates A380 | A6-EUJ | CloseUp Landing from DXB Please let me know: What is your favorite plane in this video? If you are interested in a commercial purchase of our videos, please contact us at the address given in the contact details. _ LOCATION Munich Airport (MUC/EDDM) Airport: 🤍 Google Maps: 🤍 Number of runways: 2 Passengers 2020: over 47.000.000 Aircraft movements: over 400.000 Country: Germany _ EQUIPMENT Camera: 2x Sony RX10 IV: 🤍 Microphone: 2x "Sennheiser MKE 400": 🤍 _ SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram - 🤍 _ I hope you like it and I would be very happy about a like and subscription! (C) Copyright by FRAproductions. This footage is property of FRAproductions and can not be used without permission from FRAproductions.

Cockpit view - Boeing 747-400F Landing Amsterdam Schiphol


My recommended equipment: PILOT SUNGLASSES: 🤍 AVIATION HEADSET: 🤍 TRAVEL CARRY-ON: 🤍 TRAVEL HEADPHONES: 🤍 CAMERA GEAR: GOPRO: 🤍 CAMERA: 🤍 HOME FLIGHT SIMULATOR: 🤍 KLM Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-400ERF. Route was from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam arriving just before sunset. The video starts with the initial descent positioning us on left base to intercept the ILS (instrument landing system) for a landing on runway 18R (Polderbaan). Taxiing back is to the cargo ramp on Schiphol East. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, EHAM / AMS Equipment: Sony Handycam and GoPro HERO3 Apologies for the camera not being fully focused on landing, hope you still enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching. 🤍 🤍 Social media: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #pilot #aviation #boeing #cockpit #imapilot #airplane #queenoftheskies #747 #pilotlife #travel #boeing747 #schiphol #flying #landing #noautopilot #thepilotchannel #747-400 #4k #skyisthelimit #crew

How YOU can land a passenger aircraft! 12 steps


To find the right HEADSET for YOU, check out BOSE Aviation 👉🏻 🤍 What if a Passenger was the ONLY one left to land the plane? Could a passenger theoretically do it, without ANY previous knowledge or training? In todays Special video, I will go through the required steps that will have to be taken in the cockpit in order to set the aircraft up for a safe auto-land. There will be around 20 different individual steps that needs to be taken and none of them can be omitted or done in the wrong order. This all depends on the passenger getting into contact with Air Traffic Control and being reasonably close to a suitable runway. If you want to download this video and keep in your phone or mobile device, you can do so inside the Mentour Aviation app. I have also created an Amazon page with Aviation books, material and flight simulator stuff that I think you will enjoy! 👉🏻 🤍 To Download the app, use the following links: 👇🏻 📲IOS: 🤍 📲Android: 🤍 To join my Patreon crew, and support my channel, use this link: 📲🤍 To follow my life on Instagram, use the following link: 📲🤍 Chapters in the video: 00:00 Intro 01:06 Enter the cockpit 02:15 Get Headset 02:55 Set Radio Frequency 03:58 Set Audio Control Panel 04:30 Talk to Air Traffic Control 06:00 Set Emergency code 06:50 Tell ATC how much fuel you have 07:13 Control Auto pilot 07:55 Start Descending 09:25 Control Turn 10:30 Control Speed 11:25 Set your seat 12:55 Your instruments 13:40 Autoland setup 15:16 Slow down 16:14 Select Flaps 17:35 Set Autobrake 18:55 Arm approach 22:15 Lower gear/flap 15 25:30 Control on the ground 28:00 Landing 29:00 Shut engines down

Plane That Landed with Only One Wing


The plane had been in the air for a mere 25 seconds when the pilots noticed weird noises and vibrations. They tried several ways to improve the situation, but nothing worked. And just over a minute into the flight, when the plane reached 3,000 feet, both engines failed: first, the right one; two seconds later, the left one. It seemed like only a miracle could save the passengers. And then, one of the passengers came to the rescue. Animation is created by Bright Side. Music by Epidemic Sound 🤍 Check our Bright Side podcast on Spotify and leave a positive review! 🤍 Subscribe to Bright Side: 🤍 Our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Stock materials (photos, footages and other): 🤍 🤍 🤍 For more videos and articles visit: 🤍

SKIATHOS 2018 - LOW LANDINGS and JETBLASTS vs. PEOPLE - Airbus A321, Boeing 717 ...


Skiathos Airport, or as I call it "the european St. Martin" is one of the craziest airports in europe. You are able to watch the airplanes land and depart right behind the runway and some people underestimate the power of a jetblast. The Boeing 717 of Volotea pushed a women in the ocean and I hope the phone is still working. I just noticed that nothing happened to them and both of them were fine after the incident. We visited Skiathos for the third time in three years cause it` s a beautiful place in greece with spectacular approaches. I don`t know many places where you can get that close to the runway. On sunny days up to 100 people show up behind the runway to watch the planes fly low over the beach. The biggest plane which is allowed to land at Skiathos is a Boeing 757 because the runway only has a lenghts of 1628 meters (5600ft). I already consider the B757 as a "heavy plane" and that` s why it` s always an impressive sight to watch the Boeing 757 land and depart at this small airstrip in greece. Thanks for watching, I hope you liked my Skiathos compilation from 2018 and there will be a few more videos from this beautiful island in greece

2 HOURS of The BEST LANDINGS & TAKEOFFS of 2020 | Melbourne Airport Plane Spotting [MEL/YMML]


As 2020 draws to a close, its a great time to look back and reflect on the year that has passed. This has undoubtedly been a tough year for most of us and the aviation industry has been one of the most effected industries of the pandemic. Despite this, Melbourne Airport has still managed to host a large variety of airlines and aircraft throughout the year! This video features most of the rare aircraft and airlines that have visited Melbourne this year along with some of my favourite shots I have filmed throughout the year! Its also important to note that this video is composed in chronological order, starting off with a lovely sunrise and slowly transitioning into the night! Without further ado, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2021! Some highlights Melbourne saw in 2020 is: -China Southern's Inaugural A380 service - Bamboo Airlines repatriation flights - Pakistan International repatriation flight - Lion Air Airbus A330 repatriation flight - Air Canada Boeing 777 upgrade - United Boeing 777 upgrade - Singapore Airlines Being 787-10 flights - Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-10 flights - China Southern Boeing 787 & A350 flights - Philippine Airlines Boeing 777 upgrade - Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 daylight flights - Qatar Cargo Boeing 777F flights & increased frequency with Airbus A350 and 777 aircraft - Atlas Air Boeing 747-400F - Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-400F - Korean Air repatriation flight - Condor repatriation flight - Etihad Airways Airbus A380 diversion - HiFly A340 repatriation flight - LOTS of raaf stuff! And much much more! A few disappointments of the year include: - Retirement of Virgin Australia's Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft - Tigerair Australia ceased operations - Qantas Boeing 747 retirement Lets look forward to a brighter 2021! _ LOCATIONS Airport: Melbourne Airport Tullamarine [YMML / MEL] Country: Australia _ EQUIPMENT Camera: Panasonic HC VXF995 Camera 2: Sony A7s External Mic: Rode VideoMic Pro + Deadbeat Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC Tripod: Libec LX7 Tripod System _ SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 _ This footage is property of HD Melbourne Aviation and can not be used without permission from HD Melbourne Aviation.



English subtitles available. Night landing in PARIS CDG inside an A380. Visit : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 ❗️WARNING❗️Freebooting/ uploading without specific written permission is not authorized. ©High Pressure Aviation Films

KLM Cockpit Tales: Part 3 - Big plane, short runway


Sint Maarten has one of the most challenging runways in the world. Join Captain ten Velde on board of a flight to this tropical island. Always wanted to know what goes on behind the closed cockpit doors where only experienced pilots are allowed? This is your chance check out more videos of the KLM Cockpit Tales: Eps. 1: Autopilot in action: 🤍 Eps. 2: Crossing the Atlantic: 🤍 Eps. 4: How to land an airplane in the dark: 🤍 Eps. 5: How pilots communicate with Air Traffic Control: 🤍 And many more: 🤍 - 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

11 FLAWLESS Philippine Airlines Aircraft Landings & Takeoffs | LAX Airport Plane Spotting


Featured Aircraft: A340s & B777s Los Angeles is the worlds 5th busiest airport and serves as a hub/focus city for more passenger airlines than any other airport in the country and is the only airport that all three U.S. legacy carriers (American, Delta, and United) have designated as a hub. The airport also serves as a hub for Alaska Airlines and serves as a focus city for Air New Zealand, Allegiant Air, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Qantas, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Volaris. Featured here is a variety of Philippine Airlines aircraft in action around the busy airport! _ FEATURED AIRCRAFT 00:00 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Landing from Manila 00:20 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Landing from Manila 00:35 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff to Manila 01:00 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Landing from Manila 01:18 | Philippine Airlines Airbus A340-300 Landing from Manila 02:14 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff to Manila 02:50 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Landing from Manila 04:08 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff to Manila 05:03 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Landing from Manila 05:35 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Landing from Manila 06:33 | Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff to Manila _ LOCATIONS Airport: Los Angeles Airport [KLAX / LAX] Country: America _ EQUIPMENT Camera: Panasonic VXF995 Camera 2: Sony A7s MKii External Mic: Rode VideoMic Pro + Deadbeat Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC Tripod: Sachtler Ace M _ SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 _ This footage is property of HD Melbourne Aviation and can not be used without permission from HD Melbourne Aviation.

136 planes in 1 hour ! Paris CDG Airport Plane Spotting 🇫🇷 Close up big airplane/heavy rainy landing


📹 MY CAMERA : SONY FDR AX-53 (No tripod , only Hand held) and Iphone 13PRO Max 📱 / App : FlightRadar24 No comentary , no music I'm back after more than 2 months immobilized because of my knee fracture And now my leg is repaired, and I can walk again ! I resume spotting and traveling and this video is for 180 000 sucsribers ! Unfortunately due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the closure of Russian airspace, there's no more Aeroflot, Belavia, Korean Air, ANA, or Japan Airlines flight in Europe for the moment Full Plane list (with aircraft origin and identification ) Airlines list: Air France British Airways (London Heathrow LHR) Lufthansa (Frankfurt /Munich) American Airlines (Dallas DFW , Miami, New York JFK) Delta Airlines (Atlanta, New York, Detroit) United Airlines (Washington, Newark, San Francisco) Air Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) Air Transat (Montreal, Quebec) Play airlines (Reykjavik) Thai Airways (Bangkok) Singapore Airlines Gulf Air (70 aniversary livery) Bahrain EL AL Israel airlines (Tel Aviv) EasyJet Air Mauritius (Port Louis) Vueling (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla) Aerlingus (Dublin) Swiss (Zurich, Geneva) China Southern (Guangzhou CAN) Air China (Beijing) Sri Lankan Airlines (Colombo) Air Tahiti Nui (papeete PPT) Eva Air (Taipei) Emirates A380 (dubai expo blue livery) Qatar Airways A380 ( Doha) Etihad Airways ( Abu Dhabi) Saudia Airlines ( Ryadh, Jeddah) Norwegian airlines ( Oslo) Egyptair ( Cairo) MEA Middle Eastern Airlines ( Beirut) Turkish Airlines ( Istanbul) Royal Air Maroc (Casablanca, Marrakesh) Aegean (Athens, heraklion) Tarom (Bucharest) Air Malta Air Senegal (Dakar) Austrian Airlines (Vienna) Air Serbia (Balgrade Air Baltic SAS Scandinavian (Copenhagen, Stokholm) Finnair (One World livery) Helsinki Croatia Airlines (Zagreb) Air Austral (St denis, Réunion) Enter Air ITA Airways / Alitalia (Rome, Milan) Eurowings (Dusseldorf) ASL Airlines Latam / LAN (Sao paulo, Rio de Janeiro) Iran Air (Tehran) Royal Jordanian (Amman) Amazon prime Air Air Arabia (Rabat) Jet2 Air Algerie (Algier) Sun express (shaun das schaf - UFO Alarm livery) Sky express Transavia (Paris Orly Luxair (Luxembourg) Czech Airlines (Prague) FedEx (Memphis) Air France Hop! Cargo Air ACT CMA CGM Air Cargo Express Air Cargo Plane list : -Airbus A380-800, A350-900, A330-900neo, A321neo, A320-200, A330-300, A220-300, A319, A -Boeing B747-400F, B777-300ER, B787-10 dreamliner, B777-F, B737-800, B767-300F, B777-200ER -Embraer E190STD, E190LR -De havilland Canada Dash 8-400 -Bombardier Global Express Gold sunrise spotting in early morning and heavy rain (afternoon) Big planes Take Offs, taxiing and landing During Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) march 2022 Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport Razgriz Flight Report / Plane Spotting Economy class Premium Eco Business class / affaires First class / la première Trip Report / Airplanes

Airplane landed with one engine. Emergency landing | AeroUnion A306 | Miami, Real ATC


THIS VIDEO IS A RECONSTRUCTION OF THE FOLLOWING SITUATION IN FLIGHT: 12-AUG-2022. An AeroUnion Airbus A300F4-600 (A306), registration XA-GGL, performing flight TNO4066 / 6R4066 from Guatemala City La Aurora International Airport (Guatemala) to Miami International Airport, FL (USA) was descending towards Miami when the crew declared an emergency and shut down number 1 engine. The aircraft landed safely on runway 8 right at Miami International Airport. Join me on Patreon: 🤍 TEXT VERSION OF COMMUNICATIONS (Read if subtitles in video were fast): COMMENTS: AeroUnion 4066 was descending towards Miami when the crew declared an emergency. Unfortunately, we are unable to hear the pilot on the frequency of Center controller. You’ll be able to understand the situation based on controller’s words. CENTER: Okay, AeroUnion 4066, I understand you’re declaring an emergency. You had to shut down one engine, 5 souls on board. And fuel remaining? CENTER: 25 minutes. And AeroUnion 4066, you’re cleared to Miami International via direct, 5 souls on board, 25 minutes. And what engine did you have to shut down? CENTER: Engine number 1 is shut down, thank you very much. You’re cleared to Miami International via direct. CENTER: AeroUnion 4066, expect RW 8R. CENTER: AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, contact Miami Approach 119.45, 19.45. TNO4066: Miami Approach, AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, we’re flying to Miami, we have 1 engine shut down. APPROACH: AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, Miami Approach Roger, information K is current, expect ILS RW 8R. TNO4066: ILS RW 8R, information K, AeroUnion 4066 Heavy. APPROACH: AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, at your discretion descend and maintain 3000. TNO4066: At discretion descend and maintain 3000, AeroUnion 4066 Heavy. APPROACH: AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, you’re 11 miles from COPRA, maintain 3000 till established on the localizer, cleared ILS RW 8R. TNO4066: Maintain 3000 until established on the localizer, cleared to ILS approach RW 8R, AeroUnion 4066 Heavy. APPROACH: AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, contact Tower, 118.3. TNO4066: 118.3 with Tower, AeroUnion 4066 Heavy. TNO4066: AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, ILS approach RW 8R. TOWER: AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, Miami Tower, buenos dias, caution wake turbulence, heavy Airbus A330 is touching down, RW 8R cleared to land, wind is 120 at 4. TNO4066: RW 8R cleared to land, AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, thank you. TOWER: Attention all Ramp vehicles and Fire Commander and equipment, next arrival is the alert 2 aircraft. TOWER: AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, make the right turn when you’re able. Do you require any assistance? TNO4066: Right turn when able and we do not require any assistance, AeroUnion 4066 Heavy. TOWER: AeroUnion 4066, turn right on taxiway M and hold position. TNO4066: Right on taxiway M… TOWER: Fire commander, Miami. TOWER: The alert 2 does not require any assistance. Is there anything else we need from them? TOWER: Fire Commander, roger. AeroUnion 4066 Heavy, you can make the right turn on N, contact Ground 121.8, buenos dias. TNO4066: Right turn on N, on 121.8, bye-bye, thank you. COMMETNS: That’s all. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Thanks. THE VALUE OF THIS VIDEO: THE MAIN VALUE IS EDUCATION. This reconstruction will be useful for actual or future air traffic controllers and pilots, people who plan to connect life with aviation, who like aviation. With help of this video reconstruction you’ll learn how to use radiotelephony rules, Aviation English language and general English language (for people whose native language is not English) in situation in flight, which was shown. THE MAIN REASON I DO THIS IS TO HELP PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND EVERY EMERGENCY SITUATION, EVERY WORD AND EVERY MOVE OF AIRCRAFT. SOURCES OF MATERIAL, LICENSES AND PERMISSIONS: Source of communications – 🤍 (I have a permission (Letter) for commercial use of radio communications from Map, aerial pictures (License (ODbL) ©OpenStreetMap -🤍 Permission for commercial use, royalty-free use. Radar screen (In new versions of videos) – Made by author. Text version of communication – Made by Author. Video editing - Made by author. HOW I DO VIDEOS: 1) I monitor media, airspace, looking for any non-standard, emergency and interesting situation. 2) I find communications of ATC unit for the period of time I need. 3) I take only phrases between air traffic controller and selected flight. 4) I find a flight path of selected aircraft. 5) I make an animation (early couple of videos don’t have animation) of flight path and aircraft, where the aircraft goes on his route. 6) When I edit video I put phrases of communications to specific points in video (in tandem with animation). 7) Together with my comments (voice and text) I edit and make a reconstruction of emergency, non-standard and interesting situation in flight.



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Top 10 Pilot Carrier Takeoffs & Landings EVER SEEN!


Top 10 aircraft carrier landings and take offs. Amazing cockpit view of aircraft carrier catapult systems from pitching deck of US Navy ships. Videos used qualify under creative commons or fair use. Video credits: U.S. Navy (CC), U.S Government (CC), Lt. Ian Schmidt Released by Lt. j.g. Michael Hatfield, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jared King, PO2 James Evans, WO Michael Kropiewnicki, Petty Officer 3rd Class Michael Molina, Dane Wiedmann, MC Anderson W. Branch, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Alex Millar, Cpl. Francisco J. Diaz Jr. and Cpl. A. J. Van Fredenberg, MC2 Scott Swofford, Sgt. Alisa Helin Video is for education purposes only. In case of any issues, disputes or queries - do not hesitate to contact us.

(4K) Plane spotting at Dublin airport - 30+ minutes of landings and take offs! Episode #1


Over 30 minutes of plane spotting at the biggest airport of Ireland, Dublin airport. Welcome all to the first of 6 plane spotting episodes from Dublin airport! In june 2018, I went on a trip to Dublin and was able to to one full day of spotting. Dublin gets some really nice planes and airlines so I was very happy to do some spotting at this airport. And with the sunny weather, it was an even more enjoyable day :) Hope you enjoy watching this video, and more videos from Dublin airport are coming! Stay tuned! List of planes below. 0:08 United 757-200 N14121 landing 0:34 Fedex A300F N680FE take-off 2:50 Aer Lingus A330-300 EI-ELA take-off 4:07 Aer Lingus 757-200 EI-LBS take-off 5:19 Air Canada A330-300 C-GHLM landing 5:40 Delta A330-300 N817NW take-off 7:02 SAS A320NEO SE-ROC Take-off 8:03 Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEI landing 8:21 Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVM take-off 9:38 Aer Lingus A330-300 EI-FNH take-off 10:55 American Airlines 757-200 N197AN landing 11:24 Luxair Dash 8 Q-400 LX-LQJ take-off 12:20 Aer Lingus A330-200 EI-LAX landing 12:53 British airways A320 G-EUUM take-off 14:18 Ryanair 737-800 EI-EBW landing 14:33 Blue air 737-800 YR-BMH landing 14:48 SAS 737-800 LN-RPO take-off 15:50 Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVJ landing 16:04 Stobart air ATR-72 EI-FSK landing 16:20 KLM E-190 PH-EZM take-off 17:29 British airways A320 G-EUYV landing 17:49 Ryanair Learjet 45 M-ABJA take-off 18:37 Aer Lingus ATR-72 EI-FAW landing 18:54 Cathay Pacific A350-900 B-LRX landing 19:24 Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEK take-off 20:31 Ryanair 737-800 EI-DHB landing 20:43 Finnair A321 OH-LZL landing 20:57 FlyBe E-195 G-FBEH take-off 22:01 Aer Lingus A320 EI-CVA landing 22:19 Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEM take-off 23:28 Aer Lingus ATR-72 EI-FAW landing 23:48 Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEM landing 24:07 Stobart air ATR-72 EI-FMK take-off 24:50 Ryanair 737-800 EI-DHS landing 25:05 Ryanair 737-800 EI-FTH landing 25:22 Aer Lingus A321 EI-CPH take-off 26:23 FlyBe E-195 G-FBEH landing 26:39 Stobart air ATR-72 EI-FMK take-off 27:26 Aer Lingus A320 EI-GAM landing 27:42 Lufthansa A321 D-AIDO landing 27:56 Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEF take-off 28:53 Citijet Avro RJ-85 EI-RJH landing 29:08 Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEK landing 29:23 Ryanair 737-800 EI-DCW landing 29:37 American airlines 757-200 N175AN landing 29:51 Aer Lingus ATR-42 EI-GEV landing 20:11 Westjet 737-700 C-GUWJ landing Date: Jun 6th, 2018 Camera: Sony FDR-AX53 Tripod: none Airport: Dublin airport Follow me on social media! :) Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍mylosairplanefan Twitter: 🤍 This video is property of mylosairplanefan and may not be used in any way without my permission. if you want to use my footage, contact me: mylos1998🤍

Beautiful FEMALE PILOT Landing Airbus A321 Cockpit View


Welcome on board the flight deck of this Airbus A321 for a beautiful landing on a very bright sunny morning! Christine is the pilot in command today, landing, without sunglasses, like a super hero, on Runway 12, Tel Aviv - Natbag Airport. Watch the full landing, from gear down at around 200ft above ground level, all the way to the threshold of the runway with the Airbus GPWS callouts announcing each stage of the final descent. The weather during today's landing is perfectly clear but the low morning Tel Aviv winter sunshine causes a huge amount of glare into the A321 cockpit. Despite her perfect efforts in hand flying the Airbus to touchdown, Christine almost forgets to engage the reverse thrust with the automated Airbus voice announcing for her to retard the thrust levers and the Captain to advise her of the mistake. Being the true professional, she instantly recognises her mistake and immediately re-engages reverse thrust to bring the aircraft to 80 knots, with continued deceleration to a safe speed for vacating the runway and taxiing to stand at Natbag. Thank you for watching this video everybody! Please like, subscribe and tap the bell if you enjoy this aviation content. Flight info Aircraft - Airbus Industries Airbus A321-111 Airline - Air Méditerranée. Aircraft registration - F-GYAP Pilot in command - First Officer Christina. Captain - Unknown. Flight date - November 2014. Flight number - Unknown. Location - Tel Aviv Ben Gurion - LLBG Israel Filmed with - GoPro Hero 2014 Flight events 0:00 - Approach is already established and stable. 0:09 - Landing gear is deployed. 0:30 - Landing checklist performed. 1:25 - GPWS announces 400 feet above ground level. 1:53 - GPWS announces 50 feet above ground level, Captain advises to retard thrust lever. 1:59 - Reverse thrust is engaged but released too early! 2:07 - Reverse thrust re-engaged. 2:27 - 80 knots, Captain takes control. 2:50 - Vacate runway. ➤ Follow us on Instagram:🤍 - - - - - - This video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed) source - 🤍 CC license here -🤍

SUPER CLOSE UP A380 LANDINGS at LAX | Los Angeles Airport Plane Spotting


Los Angeles is a mega-hub for Airbus A380 aircraft back before the global Pandemic. Seeing a total of 9 airlines in this video and a variety of wonderful locations to film the aircraft landing from, there's enough to keep everyone interested! This video was filmed from all over LAX airport from my week of filming around the airport back in 2018. A380s tend to use the north side of the airport, which is where I set my gear up to get all these clips. LAX has a variety of distant and close up locations which are outstanding for filming and with a camcorder, you're able to maximise all the spots with the diverse zoom range, like I have in this video, Without further ado, I hope you enjoy! Help support me! 🤍 _ FEATURED AIRCRAFT 00:00 | Air France Airbus A380 Landing from Paris 00:35 | Emirates Airbus A380 Landing from Dubai 01:18 | China Southern Airbus A380 Landing from Guangzhou 01:49 | British Airways Airbus A380 Landing from London 02:28 | Korean Air Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 02:53 | Lufthansa Airbus A380 Landing from Munich 03:36 | China Southern Airbus A380 Landing from Guangzhou 04:01 | Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Landing from Singapore 04:26 | Korean Air Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 05:14 | China Southern Airbus A380 Landing from Guangzhou 05:47 | Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 06:15 | British Airways Airbus A380 Landing from London 06:41 | Emirates Airbus A380 Landing from Dubai 07:13 | Korean Air Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 07:35 | Emirates Airbus A380 Landing from Dubai 08:04 | Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 08:34 | Korean Air Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 09:04 | Emirates Airbus A380 Landing from Dubai 10:03 | Korean Air Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 10:35 | Air France Airbus A380 Landing from Paris 11:27 | Emirates Airbus A380 Landing from Dubai 12:12 | Lufthansa Airbus A380 Landing from Munich 12:35 | Qantas Airbus A380 Landing from Melbourne 13:21 | Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 13:47 | Lufthansa Airbus A380 Landing from Munich 14:17 | Emirates Airbus A380 Landing from Dubai 14:36 | Emirates Airbus A380 Landing from Dubai 15:00 | Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 15:39 | Emirates Airbus A380 Landing from Dubai 16:06 | Qantas Airbus A380 Landing from Melbourne 16:30 | China Southern Airbus A380 Landing from Guangzhou 16:57 | Air France Airbus A380 Landing from Paris 17:41 | British Airways Airbus A380 Landing from London 18:21 | China Southern Airbus A380 Landing from Guangzhou 18:41 | Korean Air Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 19:08 | Lufthansa Airbus A380 Landing from Munich 19:35 | Qantas Airbus A380 Landing from Sydney 19:56 | Korean Air Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 20:41 | Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 21:03 | Emirates Airbus A380 Landing from Dubai 21:30 | British Airways Airbus A380 Landing from London 21:53 | Lufthansa Airbus A380 Landing from Munich 22:24 | Korean Air Airbus A380 Landing from Seoul 22:43 | British Airways Airbus A380 Landing from London 23:05 | Lufthansa Airbus A380 Landing from Munich 23:27 | Air France Airbus A380 Landing from Paris 23:58 | British Airways Airbus A380 Landing from London _ SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 _ This footage is property of HD Melbourne Aviation and can not be used without permission from HD Melbourne Aviation.

Emergency Landing on Aircraft Carriers


Landing on an aircraft carrier is challenging by itself, but what happens when it turns into an emergency landing? It's #NotWhatYouThink Music: Poison Lips - Easton Shame - Carvings Footage: US Department of Defense National Archives Catalog Note: "The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."

How to Land an Airplane | Landing a Cessna 172


Check out Private Pilot Ground School, and all our courses, at 🤍 Landing is hard. It takes a good deal of practice to master, but focusing on a few key things makes it easier to progress. We'll look at the most important concepts in this video. Video is Microsoft Flight Simulator. Low altitudes are used to enhance frame of reference. Do not attempt stalls or other maneuvers at low altitudes in a real aircraft.

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