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What My Japanese Wife Eats in a Day


Get 10% off with my link on Squarespace - 🤍 This is what my Japanese wife normally eats when she’s at home cooking for herself. A very Typical Japanese breakfast, lunch and dinner, especially when I or my 2 year old son is not home with her. This is a day in a Japanese woman's life in Japan when eating all alone. As a Japanese mother it is sometimes difficult to eat these meals as she has to consider what the rest of the family wants to eat, but if she could, she would eat this regularly. For example, my Japanese wife makes tamagoyaki, a Japanese rolled egg omelet, typically eaten for breakfast. The seasonings vary depending on the area of Japan, usually sweeter in the east and a strong dashi with a salty appeal in the west. My wife is from Aichi which is located in the middle, so she prefers it sweet with a strong dashi flavor. And she loves natto, fermented soybeans. It has a uniquely strong scent and flavor along with a gooey texture which for many Japanese is part of their everyday meal. There are many ways to eat natto, like eating it with raw egg or mayonnaise. My wife usually prefers to mix it with one of her many Japanese condiment tubes. Today, she’s going with grated ginger. Get my Tokyo & Japan Merch and show your support! - 🤍 - Tokyo Zebra: My 2nd YouTube Channel See My Life in Japan behind the scenes - 🤍 Questions about Japan or Japan Travel? Get answers and chat with my Discord Community - 🤍 Channel Support - Want to help SUPPORT my channel, buy me a BEER or Maiko and I DINNER? Thank you in advance! - PayPal: 🤍 - Venmo: PaolofromTokyo (venmo.com/paolofromtokyo) - Patreon: 🤍 - Bitcoin: 1AUZW1Emio4qtRiBir3EUDey1zi3ssoRsw Join YouTube Channel Memberships - 🤍 - Merch Store: 🤍 - Help with Subtitles / Closed Captioning - - 🤍 - Business - Want me to feature your business in my video? business🤍tokyozebra.com Want to send me stuff? For ADDRESS - 🤍 - For more info about me - I'm from TOKYO JAPAN, I've been living here for a long time. I'll be your Tokyo Travel Guide, taking you to the spots I love as well as showing you what to do all around Japan and maybe sometimes overseas. I'm also into Tech so you'll see a few videos about my drone and other cool toys I discover. In short, the channel is all about what I Love, Japan, Food, Travel, Tech and most likely coming FROM-TOKYO, my home. - Website 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍paolofromtokyo - 🤍 🤍tokyo.zebra - 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - My Film Gear - (Affiliate Links Used - I may receive commission from products purchased) - Main Camera (USA Link) 🤍 (International) 🤍 - Main Wide Lens (USA Link) 🤍 (International) 🤍 - Powered Mic (USA Link) 🤍 (International) 🤍 - Mic (USA Link) 🤍 (International) 🤍 - Portable TriPod (USA Link) 🤍 (International) 🤍 - Gimbal (USA Link) 🤍 (International) 🤍 - Drone (Original) (USA Link) 🤍 (International) 🤍 - For a complete list of my gear: 🤍 Access to Music in video: 🤍

The Japanese Wife ।। Indian-Japanese romantic drama film।। By Aparna Sen


Movie: The Japanese Wife Story by: Kunal Basu Director: Aparna Sen Screenplay: Aparna Sen The Japanese Wife is a 2010 Indian-Japanese romantic drama film directed by Bengali filmmaker Aparna Sen.

The Japanese Wife FULL MOVIE


What I don't like about my Japanese wife 😅 フランス人夫の、ここが不満です!相方に愚痴


And I tell my Japanese wife what I don't like about her ついに険悪ムード!?お互いの嫌いなところを暴露します! 遠距離恋愛無料ガイド: 🤍 チャンネル登録 / Subscribe: 🤍 LINE友だち追加: 🤍 Line ID: 🤍bebechan_couple 「お互いの好きなところ」の動画はこちら↓ Check our Instagram! 🤍 Thanks for watching! We're bebechan, French and Japanese married couple living in Japan! Today's video will be about things we don't like about each other! We were actually super nervous about recording this video but it was fun! Hope you'll enjoy the video and please subscribe if you're interested in our life in Japan, Tokyo! おっすー!今回もご視聴いただきありがとうございます! お互いの直してほしいところをインスタでも聞かれたことがあったので、今回思い切って動画にしてみました!国際恋愛や国際結婚ならではというわけではないけど、共感してくれる人がいたら幸いです! 今回のことを踏まえ、さらにパワーアップした国際カップルになりたいです! *私たちは、フランス人と日本人の国際結婚をしたカップルです。恋愛やカップルの日常などを配信しています。たまに英語学習についても。チャンネル登録・高評価頂けたら嬉しいです♡* #国際恋愛 #国際結婚 #国際カップル Join us on social media! その他のSNSはこちら! ▶Instagram: 🤍 ▶Twitter: 🤍 ▶Facebook: 🤍 Check out these playlists for more content! プレイリストから好きなトピックをチェック! ⚫ 国際恋愛:🤍 ⚫ 教えてオレちゃん:🤍 ⚫ 日本VSフランス:🤍 ⚫ その他 : 🤍 ⚫ 私たちについて:🤍 - ↓他の国際恋愛ブロガーさんをチェック!↓ 【ハンガリー人夫と日本人妻の国際結婚ブログ】Paprika Purika 🤍 🤍

Meet my Singaporean Wife 🥰 | Dating in Japan vs Singapore (not a face reveal)


What is it like dating/marrying a Singaporean girl? This is my typical off-day routine. Get Sesamin EX from this link and use my code GHIBOJISAN to get 30% off your first 2 bottles and free shipping. 🤍 How to apply code: 1) Sign up for an account (if u haven’t got one) 2) Log in 3) Add 2 bottles of Suntory Sesamin EX to your cart 4) Enter GHIBOJISAN under ‘Coupon Code’ box 5) Discount applied 🙂 This video is brought to you by Suntory Sesamin EX. 🍿 BEHIND the scenes & EXCLUSIVE Content on Patreon 🤍 Follow my adventure! 👤Facebook 🤍 📸Instagram 🤍 ♪ Tiktok 🤍 🐦Twitter 🤍 🎥Watch Next- I Tried Singing Insanely Difficult Hokkien Song 🤍 👕Ghib Ojisan Merchandise(アパレル): SE Asia | 🤍 Japan | 🤍 Business Enquiries ✉️ghib.ojisan🤍gmail.com You are welcome to send fan mails but I may not be able to respond to all of them. But I immensely appreciate your support. Thank you! #Singapore #SuntoryWellness #SuntorySesaminEX

【Interview】What is International Marriage Like? Japanese Wife & American Husband


If you like this video, I really appreciate your support🔥 【Patreon online Japanese course】🤍 【Buy me coffee】🤍 konnichiwa❤️ I interview to my beautiful friend Ayumi! What's international marriage like? Please enjoy till the end!✨ 【Things I dislike about foreign guys & How to date Japanese girls?】 🤍 Do you want more of daily lesson? 【Mochi sensei instagram】🤍 💡DM me on instagram for private Japanese lesson ★For abusolute beginners! Let's learn how to introduce yourself first😊 🤍 ★The ultimate guide to Japanese verb groups! Verb conjugation✨ 🤍 ★Don't use わたし(watashi) and あなた(anata) too much? ...Why? Check this! 🤍 #japanesewife #internationalcouple #internationalmarriage #Japanesegirl

「 国際結婚 」How I met my Japanese wife | 外国人夫との出会い


In this video, we go over how Chieri & I first met, and how our love story developed from there. Enjoy! 夫との出会いについてのビデオです! 振り返ってみると全部が最近のよう、、なのに全然思い出せませんでしたwwいろいろなことがもっとあったけど簡単に話して見ました。最初は会話もままならないほどだったなあ〜 私の英語もまだまだ練習中です!!温かい目でみてください(笑) 少しでもいいと思ってくれたかたはチャンネル登録、GOODお願いいたしますm(_ _)m♪ Social Media Accounts: 🤍 🤍 HelloTalk: kap Welcome to our channel! We are a French-Canadian/Japanese family living in Eastern Canada on a quest to share our experience of living abroad, traveling around, dealing with immigration, rising up to the challenges of international marriage, language learning, raising trilingual children & much more! We always do our best to make time to interact with you guys and answer any questions you might have about living in Canada or Japan. こんにちは! 私たちはカナダ在住、3人家族です!フレンチカナディアンの夫と日本人の妻、ハーフの赤ちゃんsunくんと暮らしています\( ˆoˆ)/ 2つの文化、3つの言語が入り混じった私たちの日々の生活や、旅行、国際結婚ならではの問題、移民申請について、トリリンガルベイビーの様子など! またこの動画を通して英語学習、日本語学習に役立てていただけたらと思います。 カナダ、また日本に住む上での質問や、大変だった事、仕事のことやビザの事など、私たちが経験したことでお役に立てることがあれば何でも答えていきたいとおもいますので気軽に質問してください♩ よろしくお願いします!

Trailer - The Japanese Wife


Official90 seconds trailer for The Japanese Wife

A real Japanese wife stays at home? Ask Japanese boys about marriage, children and work


Do Japanese boys want their Japanese waifu to stay at home or work after marriage? Is the ideal Japanese wife a housewife or a career woman in Japan? Cathy went to find out. Click/tap on the top right of the screen to access the related videos and playlists. 関連動画やプレイリストの確認は、画面の右上をクリックしてください。 【FRIENDS】 ☆CATHY CAT CHANNEL! Japanese fashion Youtuber|原宿ファッションユーチューバー 🤍 風香 / Fuka : 🤍 千奈 / Cheena : 🤍 ななこね / Nanakone : 🤍 にーほんごゲーマー : 🤍 NihongoGamer : 🤍 【WAO✦RYU! TV|Broadcasting Japanese Subculture】 ▼KAWAII♡PATEEN Kawaii Makeup Tutorials|日本の「カワイイ」を発信 🤍 ▼LET'S PLAY JAPAN Let's play video games with Japanese|外国人と一緒にゲーム実況 🤍 ▼DoKiDoKi Drawing Anime & Manga Drawing Tutorials|イラスト&アニメの絵かき講座 🤍 ▼ONLY in JAPAN Funny & Amazing Japanese culture|外国人から見た日本を紹介 🤍 ▼ASK JAPANESE Japanese people voices|日本人の生の声をお届けする 🤍 ■FACEBOOK 🤍 🤍 ■TWITTER 🤍 ■Official site 🤍

Blind Samurai Trades His Wife To A Rich Man For Rice !!


A young samurai dreams of opening a martial arts school, but the loss of his sight puts him and his wife in a financially precarious position.

"Wife of a Spy" Official Trailer (Eng sub)


(c)2020 NHK, NEP, Incline, C&I

My Dangerous Wife Official Trailer


Watch it here: 🤍 Kohei Mochizuki is married to a beautiful wife from rich family, Maria. He was tired of having to do things to please his overly-controlling, manipulative wife and decides to put an end to his misery. He has an affair with Anna Kitazato, the lovers plan to kill Maria. One day, he comes home and finds what appears to be blood on the floor but Maria has disappeared. He then becomes the suspect in her possible murder. Genres: Drama, Suspense, Thriller Director: Yoshishige Miyake Country: Japan Cast: Hideaki Ito, Yoshino Kimura, Saki Aibu, Kodai Asaka

Husband and wife eating show episode 08


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My Japanese Ex Wife is trying to RUIN my life...


she hates me...

What percentage of Japanese cheat on their partners? (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband)


- The Santi Newsletter: How to Have a Good Relationship with Japanese Men 🤍 - The Master Hiragana Three-Day Challenge $1 course 🤍 - Santi's Discord 🤍 - Santi's Personal Consulting (One on One Online Session) 🤍 - About Santi - Founder of One Day Japan Inc. - MBA from Trinity College Dublin - Bachelor’s degree from State University of New York at Buffalo - Start up twice in NY and Dublin - A former Emirates airline crew - A former Lecturer at Chukyo University - A consultant for a product development and a lecturer at major corporations teaching cross cultural communication, critical thinking, presentation skill etc besides YouTube activities #japaneseculture #japaneselanguage #japanesemen

How I Met My Japanese Wife - Married Life In Japan 🇯🇵


My Japanese wife and I met and instantly hit it off. So how did we meet? It's simple, really - we met on an app, I took her on a date, and we've been inseparable ever since. Now we’re happily married and living in Japan. Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed this video and want to see more Japan related videos from us, please like and subscribe!

What a Japanese Expat’s Wife Thinks About Singapore


Asking Riri from Japan her opinions of living in Singapore as a foreigner. Visit Kan Sushi to enjoy various viewer-exclusive promos! 🦪 FREE JAPANESE OYSTER! Visit Kan Sushi (address written below) and tell the staff you watched Ghib Ojisan's video to redeem your free oyster from Iwate, Japan (1 per pax). Offer only available from 12th Oct to 12th Nov 2022. 🐟 BOOK THE TUNA-CUTTING EVENT NOW! - Date: 29, 30, 31 October ONLY! - Reserve now at Whatsapp 9677-1105 - Reservation Time slot: 11:30am OR 1:30pm * each slot is only available for 60 people. Book fast! - Place: Kan Sushi Robertson Quay Outlet and Amazing Hokkaido outside tables WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO! 1. Tuna Cutting Show 2. Enjoy the Tuna full course at $85 after the tuna-cutting (6 courses) 3. Japanese Knives Sharpening Lessons (2pm to 3pm) - only available to the first 10 people who bought a knife and sharpening stone - get 30% off of Sakai Takayuki Japanese Knives (Exclusive promo ONLY during this event!) 4. Enjoy Sake & Shochu tasting at an affordable price - 3 kinds of glasses of sake for $15 - Sake bottle discount 15% Kan Sushi address - Robertson Quay 🤍 - International Plaza 🤍 Thanks Riri 🤍 for sharing your experience! Brought to you by Kan Sushi 🍿 BEHIND the scenes & EXCLUSIVE Content on Patreon 🤍 Follow my adventure! 👤Facebook 🤍 📸Instagram 🤍 ♪ Tiktok 🤍 🐦Twitter 🤍 🎥Watch Next- I Tried Singing Insanely Difficult Hokkien Song 🤍 👕Ghib Ojisan Merchandise(アパレル): SE Asia | 🤍 Japan | 🤍 Business Enquiries ✉️ghib.ojisan🤍gmail.com You are welcome to send fan mails but I may not be able to respond to all of them. But I immensely appreciate your support. Thank you! #Singapore

How I Met my Japanese Wife


Tatsui and I are getting married very soon! We've just gotten the date confirmed and couldn't be happier. Time to tell you the story on how we met. Seems fitting to look back. #japan #japanfunfacts #Shorts #shorts Join the Discord Server : 🤍 I am on TikTok, Heck Yeah! 🤍 I sometimes upload upload pictures to Instagram 🤍 Twitter is also where one can see me do things 🤍

Jeremy Hunt's "terrible" gaffe about his wife in China


JEREMY Hunt owned up to a “terrible” gaffe after calling his Chinese wife “Japanese”- during a trip to China to improve relations. The new Foreign Secretary was trying to curry favour with his hosts but quickly realised his dreadful error. Mr Hunt, on his first big foreign trip in the role, mentioned his spouse Lucia Guo as he held a meeting with his counterpart, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Cameras picked him up saying: "My wife is Japanese - my wife is Chinese.” After quickly correcting his error about the historic rivals he added: “That's a terrible mistake to make." The minister went on: "My wife is Chinese and my children are half-Chinese and so we have Chinese grandparents who live in Xian and strong family connections in China.” Mr Hunt married Ms Guo in July 2009 and the pair have three children together. They met through his education business, Hotcourses, while she was working for Warwick University helping recruit Chinese students. The former Health Secretary took over his current role from Boris Johnson, who made a number of gaffes of his own during the role. Among those were once writing an extremely rude limerick about Turkish leader Recep Erdogan, and joking about Libya will be a great place for businesses to invest once they “clear the dead bodies away”. By Alain Tolhurst and Phil Harvey Read more: 🤍 For more great videos, pictures and stories please subscribe to the channel and go to 🤍

Fighting! Husband and wife against the entire Japanese army!


djwz35 📣📣📣Good dramas will be broadcast, and good dramas will not stop! ! ! Here are the most classic, best-looking, and of course very exciting spy war dramas and war dramas. The epic war scenes are not to be missed~ There are all you want to watch here, remember to pay attention! Subscription link: 🤍

[Vlog] Picnic with my Japanese wife [JAPAN]


Hi everyone! We had a picnic in a beautiful place in Osaka. Hope you all enjoy the video! *We were not wearing masks in the video, because there were almost no people in the huge park area. We wore masks on our way there and back where some people were on the streets. Stay safe, and have a nice day! [Intro and ending music] DJ saltforest (🤍 ↑His music is sick so please check him out! [BGM] beco (🤍 [SNS] TikTok 🤍futabin_channel Instagram 🤍futaba_0108 🤍vince.backstrom

Yokai Story: A Man and his Foxy Wife (Lust Gone Wrong)


A story about a man and his kitsune wife. Japanese folktales: 🤍 PLEASE SUPPORT ME, NEED FOOD =) 🔸PATREON (blog, art): 🤍 🔸MERCH: 🤍 (shirts, stickers, phone cases, and more!) 🔸DONATE: 🤍 RECOMMENDED 🔸History of Japan (ALL): 🤍 🔸Japanese Folktales: 🤍 🔸Japanese Mythology: 🤍 🔸The Heian Period (Japan 794 - 1185): 🤍 🔸Famous Weapons of Japan: 🤍 🔸Ninja Myths: 🤍 SOURCES 🔸 Japanese Tales From Times Past: 🤍 SOCIAL 🔸Instagram: 🤍 🔸Twitter: 🤍 WHAT I USE TO MAKE THESE VIDEOS 🎤Microphone: 🤍 🖥Drawing Tablet: 🤍 📸Camera: 🤍 💻Software: 🤍 ⚙The rest: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links. If you click on them, then purchase something on the site, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you! This helps support the channel and allows me to continue making videos for you. It's a win-win! Thank you for your support! #JapaneseFolktales #yokai #Linfamy

黃明志 Ft. 蒼井空【別人的老婆】@高清無碼 2022 H.D. & Uncensored


還記得當她宣佈結婚的那一刻,多少人心如刀絞,痛哭流涕... 她把無數的男孩變成了男人;如今卻成為了別人的老婆... 今天,我要藉著這首歌,致敬我們心中永遠的“蒼老師”。 黃明志2022全新創作專輯【高清無碼】在本月七日於香港和台灣的唱片行全面正式發行!在外國的朋友可以網購,請到 🤍 This is a story about how a boy became a man, and his teacher became someone else's wife... 🤍aoisolanet Namewee's 2022 music album [HD & Uncensored] will be officially released on the 7th of this month in record stores in Hong Kong and Taiwan only! You can also shop online → 🤍 數位音樂下載 Online Music Download【別人的老婆 Someone Else's Wife】: 🤍 【別人的老婆 Someone Else's Wife】YouTube 高清版 MV: 🤍 🤍aoisolanet 🤍kanna_misaki 🤍user-ht9cf5lc1c 🤍mizuki_arisu14 #別人的老婆 #SomeoneElseWife - 黃明志第十張創作專輯2022【高清無碼】已正式開始預購,馬上點入以下網址預購!Namewee's 10th music album [High Definition & Uncensored] is now available for pre-order in : 🤍 Namewee 黃明志 NFT 平台 : 🤍 Namewee 黃明志 Telegram Channel : 🤍 Namewee 黃明志 Official Facebook Fan Page: 🤍 Namewee YouTube Channel Link: 🤍 Namewee Instagram: 🤍nameweephoto Namewee Twitter Channel: 🤍NameweeO #Namewee #黃明志

Pranking Wife Japanese Couple


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The Full-Time Wife Escapist - OFFICIAL TRAILER | Japanese Drama | Aragaki Yui, Hoshino Gen


"The Full-Time Wife Escapist" premieres 4/23, on Viki! ➡ Watch full episodes of The Full-Time Wife Escapist (逃げるは恥だが役に立つ): 🤍 #TheFull-TimeWifeEscapist #AragakiYui #HoshinoGen About The Full-Time Wife Escapist (逃げるは恥だが役に立つ): Mikuri Moriyama (Aragaki Yui) is a 25-years-old woman whose fledgling career has stalled. She has a degree in psychology, and even has a talent for analyzing people, but she has also just been fired from her job. Without a boyfriend and without any job leads, life is looking bleak for her – particularly as her parents are planning to relocate to the countryside. In desperation, her father decides to intervene...and finds her an unusual job! The job involves working as a live-in housekeeper for a diligent workaholic man (36) named Hiramasa Tsuzaki (Hoshino Gen). He has never had a girlfriend and has nobody to look after him. The two agree to live together, but must later marry in order to continue this arrangement. As they spend more time together, however, this odd couple starts to hit it off. Could romance spark between a man who cares only about his work and his unconventional “housekeeper?” This drama was based on a hit manga series title authored by Tsunami Umino and first published in 2012. “The Full-Time Wife Escapist” is a 2016 Japanese drama series that was directed by Fuminori Kaneko. Follow us on: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 About Viki: Watch free Global TV: Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas –– all subtitled in your language by fans just like you! #VikiTV is the one-stop destination for all your Asian content fix! Viki Global TV 🤍

The Dream Of The Fisherman's Wife


The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife and the Shell Diver"), also known as Girl Diver and Octopi, Diver and Two Octopi, etc., is a woodblock-printed design by the Japanese artist Hokusai. It is included in Kinoe no Komatsu, a three-volume book of shunga erotica first published in 1814, and has become Hokusai's most famous shunga design. Playing with themes popular in Japanese art, it depicts a young ama diver entwined sexually with a pair of octopuses.



MERCH ► 🤍 FOLLOW ME ► 🤍sammit01 I take my Japanese wife Mayumi to Up Garage to go shopping for JDM car parts!



MY EVERYDAY ROUTINE AS A WIFE OF JAPANESE HUSBAND | Filipina living in Japan 🇵🇭 Hello Minasan! This is my usual day/ routine as a housewife here in Japan. I’m busy in the morning but i want to be able to spend the whole day relaxing as much as possible :) ☑️ 📺 Click HD for much clearer/ good quality video…. WATCH MY OTHER VIDEOS HERE: ✅ JAPANESE SPOUSE/MARRIAGE VISA REQUIREMENTS 2021 |STEP BY STEP PROCESS TAGALOG (w/ english sub) 🤍 ✅ HOW I LEARNED JAPANESE IN JUST FEW MONTHS 👉 🤍 ✅ SAAN MAKAKABILI NG MURANG BIKE SA JAPAN 👉 🤍 ✅ $600 APARTMENT TOUR 🤍 🌻 🌻 🌻 Please support and I’m glad to know your thoughts, suggestions and opinion. Just comment down below 👇🏼 Thank you~ -LIKE | SHARE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE AND ALSO RING THE BELL xoxo zel ~~~~~~ Equipments to make this video: Camera: iphone12- 🤍 SOME OF MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS (That i’m using: Sports Bra: 🤍 Bicycle: 🤍 MELANO CC TONER - 🤍 Shiseido Perfect Whip facial wash: 🤍 The Original Niacinamide: 🤍 Our vitamins using recently: Nature Made vit. D3 🤍 Laundry rack: 🤍 KITCHENWARES/ Tools i’m using: Winnie the pooh small round pan set: 🤍 Big fying pan (gray) : 🤍 Toffy oven toaster: space saving toaster 🤍 🌻 🌻 🌻 About me: Hi, i am hazel from Philippines and welcome to my channel! Here, will give you entertainment, travel tips and guide, ideas about japan lifestyle for those who are just newly based here and planning to visit Japan soon or in the future. I hope to see you guys here in the land of Sushi ! :) LET’S GET CONNECTED: For business inquiry: sushijapanvlogs🤍gmail.com Instagram: 👉🏻sushisunday_ 🤍 Facebook page: 👉🏻Sushi Sunday 🤍 Twitter: 👉🏻sushisunday_ 🤍 Tiktok: 👉🏻sushi.sunday 🤍 SEND DONATIONS: 🤍 DISCLOSURE: This video is NOT sponsored. I am using affiliate links. As a customer you do not pay anymore any less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link.Thank you for your support of my channel! #everydayroutine #AdayInALife #Japanesewife

Are Japanese Men Too Lonely (Virtual Wife) | ASIAN BOSS


This street interview was done in response to this BBC article: 🤍 For full disclosure, we were not sponsored by the company to promote this product. This video is affectively Part 2 of our previous 'Is Japan really sexless' video, which you can watch here: 🤍 Check out Jeet's (Cameraman) YouTube channel: 🤍 Reach out to KEI (presenter) on Instagram ► 🤍 Send us a message via our Facebook page if you have any questions or topic suggestions ► 🤍 The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Japanese population. Are you curious about real people's perspectives from Asia on various cultural and social issues? Subscribe to ASIAN BOSS for more fun and educational videos ► 🤍

Wife of U.S. naval officer sentenced in Japan for deadly crash pleads for government’s help


In an exclusive interview with “CBS Mornings,” the wife of a U.S. naval officer sentenced to three years in a Japanese prison for a deadly crash says she is angry with the punishment and is asking for American officials to help bring her husband home. Lt. Ridge Alkonis is accused of falling asleep at the wheel and crashing into and killing two pedestrians. The lieutenant's family says he lost consciousness due to altitude sickness. #news #japan Each weekday morning, "CBS Mornings” co-hosts Gayle King, Tony Dokoupil and Nate Burleson bring you the latest breaking news, smart conversation and in-depth feature reporting. "CBS Mornings" airs weekdays at 7 a.m. on CBS and stream it at 8 a.m. ET on the CBS News app. Subscribe to “CBS Mornings” on YouTube: 🤍 Watch CBS News: 🤍 Download the CBS News app: 🤍 Follow "CBS Mornings" on Instagram: 🤍 Like "CBS Mornings" on Facebook: 🤍 Follow "CBS Mornings" on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our newsletter: 🤍 Try Paramount+ free: 🤍 For video licensing inquiries, contact: licensing🤍veritone.com

Who Is The “Homeless” Wife?


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Mom's life in Japan | 24hours | The first part


【Vlog】24hours of Japanese mom and 17 month-old-baby. My name is Moe. I'm a housewife living in Tokyo. This is my, realistic day from the time I wake up in the morning until I go to bed. The second half→🤍 Instagram 🤍kimono_mom 🤍 Filming location SHOKUHINKAN AOBA (Grocery store)- 🤍 Buriki no Zyoro (Flower shop)- 🤍 Music by YouTube Audio Library

HOW I MET MY JAPANESE WIFE 1.2 | japinay | Filipino- Japanese Family


#howimetmyjapanesewife #japanese #Filipino

African Husband & Japanese Wife (Part 1)


Interracial Dating: Black and Asian Relationships A brief summary: He came to Japan from Mali when he was 19-years-old. He started out working at a hip hop clothing store in Harajuku, but now that hes 37-year-olds and have a family to support, hes working for a construction company. He wakes up at 5AM and works all day from Monday to Saturday each week. He met his wife 13 years ago. When asked what she liked about her husband, the wife says she likes black men, citing their style and musical ability as good points. She even says that she sometimes wishes she had been black instead of Japanese. Her parents opposed their marriage, apparently due to a belief that foreigner equals criminal. It would seem that despite the husbands efforts to be friendly with her folks, the marriage is still frowned upon. Because of this their household exists in isolation of any extended family. Having 5 sons and 1 daughter along with a house loan to pay off forces them to live on a tight budget. Even with so many small children, the wife must work a part-time job. Everyone in the household helps in the preparation of dinner, which often includes imported meats considered permissible under Islam. The family also eats a variety of African-style dishes prepared by the husband, such as the catfish stew shown in the video. One of their children, Mohammed, is actually the son of the husbands brother, whom they adopted when the childs father died. Mohammed has only been in Japan one year, but he is quickly learning Japanese and trying his best to adapt to life outside of Mali. Mohammed spends each day at school being tutored in the Japanese language by a volunteer teacher. Hes also working hard at mathematics and karate, which he can do relatively well regardless of language difficulties. The report ends with a celebration of the 11th anniversary of their marriage. The husband gives his wife a present: wedding rings. Up until that point, they had been married without any rings. - 異人種間のデート:黒とアジアの関係 簡単な要約:彼は日本へのマリ共和国から彼が19歳の年だった。彼は、原宿でのヒップホップの衣料品店での作業が始まった今では歳37 HESのをサポートするために家族がいるのは、建設会社のために働いHESの。彼は朝5:00に目覚めると、月曜日から土曜日まで、毎週1日に動作します。彼は13年前に妻に会った。彼女が、夫が何を好き尋ねたところ、妻の彼女は黒人男性好きで、自分のスタイルと良い点としての音楽の才能挙げている。彼女は、彼女も彼女が代わりに日本語黒が願いだ。彼女の両親は、明らかに外国人の犯罪と等しいの信念のために彼らの結婚に反対した。これは、夫の努力にもかかわらず、彼女の人々と友好的であるために、結婚もひんしゅくを買うようにも見える。これは彼らの家庭のための任意の拡大家族の孤立して存在する。それらを限られた予算で生活するために力を返済する住宅ローンと一緒に5人の息子と1の娘持つ。非常に多くの小さな子供であっても、妻はパートタイムの仕事作業をする必要があります。家庭でいることが多い、インポートが含まれ、イスラムの下で許されると考えられ肉を夕食の準備に役立ちます。家族も、アフリカの様々なスタイルの料理は、ナマズのシチューは、ビデオに示すように夫が準備を食べる。 1つの子供たち、ムハンマドのは、実際に彼らがでお子様の父親が死んだ人を採用し、夫の兄弟の息子です。モハメッドは日本だけで1年間されているが、彼はすぐに日本語を勉強され、彼の最高の人生にマリ共和国の外に適応しようとする。モハメッドは毎日学校で日本語のボランティア教師の家庭教師をされて費やしている。 HESのも難しい数学や空手、彼は、比較的良好に関係なく、言語の困難が行うことができますで働く。同報告書は結婚11周年の祝典で終了します。夫は妻にプレゼント:結婚指輪を与える。その時点までは、彼らはすべてのリングなしに結婚していた。

Met My Japanese Wife In A Trotro, Her Parents Did Not Agree To our Marriage But Gave Me $5000 For….


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STAY IN JAPAN (legally) with your Japanese wife


The first 1000 people to click the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: 🤍 Do YOU want to live in Japan? If so, tell me why in the comments! And of course feel free to leave any questions about what life in Japan is like as well. I hope this video was informative and maybe even helpful to some of you. What's crazy is we JUST got the envelope back saying that my husband's new card is ready for pickup! Haven't gone yet but seriously hoping for that 3 year card... Wish us luck!!! SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ♥︎ 7 Eleven VS Family Mart?! :🤍 ♥︎ Super Long Q and A: 🤍 ♥︎ What Tokyo with NO TOURISTS Looks Like: 🤍 ♥︎ Tokyo DisneySea during the Pandemic: 🤍 ♥︎ Why Do JAPANESE Wear Face Masks?: 🤍 —————————————— Thank You for Watching! —————————————— *instagram: 🤍reinascully *twitter: 🤍reinascully *facebook: 🤍 *edited by: yours truly #japan​ #reinascully​ #japanlife Sponsored by Skillshare

Day in the Life of a Japanese Family of Three @かまたふぁむ


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