USBASP FIRMWARE UPGRADE смотреть последние обновления за сегодня на .

How to Upgrade Firmware in USBasp Programmer


This is a video in which I show you how to upgrade firmware in USBasp programmers mainly ordered from China. This is an important procedure if you want to program ATtiny10, ATtiny9, ATtiny5 and ATtiny4 AVR 8-bit microcontrollers which are programmed using TPI programming interface. The firmware upgrade also helps you to remove following warning from avrdude: “avrdude: warning: cannot set sck period. please check for usbasp firmware update.” You can download the latest firmware on 🤍 🛠 Tools which I use in the video 🛠 ➟ USBasp Programmer 🤍 ➟ 10-Pin to 6-Pin Adapter 🤍 ➟ 10-Pin Ribbon Cable 🤍 ➟ Soldering Iron 🤍 ➟ Lead Solder Wire 🤍 ➟ 900M-T Series Soldering Iron Tips 🤍 ➟ Precision PCB Holder 🤍 ➟ Pin Headers 🤍 ➟ Arduino Uno 🤍 🍺 You can buy me a beer or two :-) 🍺 ➟ Revolut 🤍 ➟ Bitcoin bc1q3am8xt38erc79ln6j9ya6zcp52w8470q0rte20 ➟ Litecoin LUeF9an29esZ865L5WmoWn4ypRtjMxRnqC ➟ Ethereum 0x7256430966677ef757d788a411CDf4A0eE713231 Stay creative and keep on tinkering 😊

4. Upgrade USBasp Programmer Firmware


Don't forget to Like and Subscribe & Share This Video & comment below. Thanks ♥ Subscribe RADAS ♥ : 🤍 Tutorial Upgrade USBasp Programmer Firmware Link driver USBasp: 🤍 Link firmware: 🤍 or 🤍 Link Progisp 1.72: 🤍 Full Playlist: 🤍 Please send feedback to my email: vanquoc12b4🤍 if you have any problem about links. Good lucky! Thank you so much.

USBasp programmer firmware upgrade. Fix 'cannot set sck period' and unlock slow programming mode.


This video is about upgrading USBasp programmer with latest firmware . This upgrade will fix 'cannot set sck period' issue, unlock slow programming mode and speed up programming time. Download the USBasp firmware: Firmware webpage: 🤍 Firmware direct download: 🤍 Unpack the package and go to the folder: usbasp.2011-05-28/bin/firmware Flash the firmware: avrdude -p m8 -c usbasp -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200 -U flash:w:usbasp.atmega8.2011-05-28.hex:i If you want to backup the USBasp programmer firmware before the upgrade you can use the following command: avrdude -p m8 -c usbasp -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200 -U flash:r:flash.raw:r and you can restore the backup with: avrdude -p m8 -c usbasp -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200 -U flash:w:flash.raw:r



This video shows how to upgrade usbas programmer firmware to the latest firmware. Please like my video and subscribe my channel. Thanks for watching. LINKS FOR DOWNLOADING wiring diagram (🤍 for latest firmware (🤍 for PROG ISP (🤍 for usbasp circuit diagram (🤍

Usbasp Firmware Update using Arduino Uno


Updating USBasp by Arduino Uno R3 as ISP Programmer Requirements 1. Arduino IDE 1.0 ( IDE 1.5.x had problem with ATMEGA8 Series) 👍 2. Usbasp and latest firmware here 🤍 Drivers installation: 1. USBasp Driver installation and ensure USBasp device works 2. Arduino UNO R3 USB Install Driver, ensure Arduino Board works Preparation: 1. Arduino UNO R3 as ISP Programmer USBasp 1. Install JP2 and Close Jumper 2. Make Connection to Arduino Uno as below: Arduino Uno USBasp 10P Header Pin10-Pin5 RESET Pin11-Pin1 MOSI Pin12-Pin9 MISO Pin13-Pin7 SCK GND-Pin3/8/10 GND VCC-Pin2 VCC Updating Firmware Prompt to directory that avrdude.exe existing then run command as below change your COM number to match your comport that Arduino connected notes: Ensure usbasp.atmega8.2011-05-28.hex put in above directory 1. Run this command to check Connection and Chip avrdude –C ../etc/avrdude.conf –c avrisp –P COM6 –b 19200 –p m8 –v 2. Run This command to flash MPU avrdude –C ../etc/avrdude.conf –c avrisp –P COM6 –b 19200 –p m8 –U flash:w:usbasp.atmega8.2011-05-28.hex 3. Run this command to set fuse bit avrdude –C ../etc/avrdude.conf –c avrisp –P COM6 –b 19200 –p m8 –U hfuse:w:0xC9:m –U lfuse:w:0xEF:m 4. Remove JP2 Jumper. Done updating firmware.

Update usbasp firmware with eepe


Look ... no command line avrdude syntax needed Shows how to update the firmware on a usbasp programmer using eepe software in windows. For more information - deleted bad url - try if it is still alive



This video explains the ways to upgrade Firmware on USBASP , programmer generally used with AVR / 8051 ICs. Arduino UNO can be used as programmer or another USBASP can be used .Both ways are explained. Errata : 🤍4:33 Pin 13 should go to SCK (NOT RST) AVR DUDES : 🤍 usbasp Firmware : 🤍 USBASP Driver : 🤍 PROG ISP : 🤍

USBASP upgrade (downgrade) firmware


Jak ze zbavit varování "Can not set clock frequency" při použití programátoru USBASP společně s Bascom-AVR. Vlastní upgrade FW začíná: 8:07 Firmware lze stáhnout na: 🤍

Uploading USBASP Firmware on ATMEGA 8 - Barebones


USBASP Firmware can be uploaded on to ATMEGA 8 bare IC .This video explains how to upload using ARDUINO as ISP Programmer. AVRDUDES Download : 🤍 USBASP Firmware : 🤍

Обновление прошивки USBASP для AVR


Группа ВК: 🤍 Инстаграм: 🤍 Перевод английских субтитров от: Переводчик - преподаватель английского Svetlana English Online 🤍 Сайт разработчика USBASP, откуда китайцы черпали вдохновение: 🤍 Сайт разработчика Khazama AVR programmer: 🤍 ВНИМАНИЕ! Если вы успешно прошили 1 программатор последней прошивкой USBASP и теперь при прошивке второго программатора, получаете ошибку, попробуйте в настройках Khazama (тоже нужна последняя версия) сменить частоту работы ISP: Command - Program Options - ISP CLK Speed = 187.5 KHZ USBASP из видео (который с синей платой): 🤍

LaForge V3 USBasp Firmware Update


How to update your LaForge Main Module with a USBasp programmer cable. LaForge V3 does not have a USB port, so the only way to update it is via a 6-pin connector located in the lower left corner of the module. It can be very challenging to line up the pins and keep the module powered. You may receive the error "Update unsuccessful - check the connection" in the LaForge Update. Provided your USBasp programming cable is not defective keep trying. You must ensure all pins have proper contact the LaForge can receive power and turn on but it does not mean all pins are successfully aligned. Just keep trying. If it starts to flash and then fails don't worry while the laforge may not boot anymore, it doesn't become a brick. You can always flash again until it works. 📁 LaForge FPV firmware download + zadig: 🤍 🔌 USBasp AVR Programming Programmer Device w/ 10-pin with 6-pin adapter: 🤍

How To - USBasp to Atmel Atmega Socket Firmware Flashing Tool


6 pin, 10 pin.. damn! A tutorial to connect! Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a cable to connect the Hobbyking USBasp programming tool to the Atmel Atmega Socket Firmware Flashing Tool! Please let me know what you think. and if there a any questions? leave a comment. Want to support my work? like and share my video's:) Current Setup: Black Gecko Frame V1.? Naze32 funfly/Clean Flight Spider 30A opto ESC slim Sunnysky x2208-13 1500kv II 8"4.5 Props FRsky L9R Tatanis Plus :D 5G8 Aomwey 200mw vtx Sony Effio-v 5v ubec 12v bec Some old crappy B-grade Lipo's

Flashing Your Anet Board Bootloader with a USBASP


USBASP Driver: 🤍 Unified Firmware: 🤍 Amazon Links: USBASP: 🤍 10 to 6 Pin Adapter: 🤍 ❤️️ We love making videos and live streams for the community. If you want to support us, get some upgrades and parts from our shop. Sales from our shop are what fund the videos and content on our channel 🛒 🤍 📰 Want to stay up to date with new products, firmware updates, deals, and more? Join our mailing list! 📧 🤍 ❓ Need help finding a part or upgrade for your printer? Contact us here: 🤍 🌎 Check out our communities and other resources! Help Center: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 MeWe: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 LBRY: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 🍺 Looking for something awesome to drink? Check out MAW Energy with our affiliate link here. It's our go-to for when we need caffeine: 🤍 💲 In the market for a printer? Check out some of the ones we recommend and support the channel! Ender 3 Pro: 🤍 Ender 3 V2: 🤍 Ender 5: 🤍 Ender 5 Plus: 🤍 CR-10 V2: 🤍 CR-10S Pro: 🤍 Ender 6: 🤍 📧YouTube Notifications suck. Sign up to be emailed when we upload or go live here: 🤍

2 Atmega32 | How to Upload Firmware to USBASP using Arduino nano Explained in Tamil.


Hi guys: In this video I am explained about how to upload firmware program to atmega8 using arduino nano or uno. Mistake in video: Low fuse bit=0xe1 High Fuse bit=0xd9 USBASP programmer driver link: 🤍 AVR dude Software link: 🤍 Firmware for USBASP programmer link: 🤍 All the best guys - If any doubt join in my telegram group. ~Telegram group link~: 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction. 00:22 Video Start. 02:08 USBASP Connected with Arduino nano. 02:54 Ready to Connect. 03:44 Settings for Arduino nano. 04:39 Upload Arduino ISP program to Arduino nano. 05:12 Upload Firmware to USBASP Programmer. 08:14Thank you. Please subscribe, like and share. = Don't forget to like, subscribe and share guys. = Have a great day guys. #Programbrain | #Firmware_update | #Atmega32_Programming | #USBASP

How to | ISP Flash Firmware for Creality Ender-3 3D Printer(2019)


Creality Official site: 🤍 Creality official direct Store: 🤍 #ISP #FlashFirmware #Ender3

How to update SimonK Firmware on ESCs using an USBASP tool


In this video I run through the process to flash a HobbyKing 20A ESC with SimonK firmware using a modified cable and some freely available software. When downloading the software please consider donating a few dollars to the authors, they do this for free and it is people like them that make this hobby fun and affordable. You can download the software from 🤍 I used a USBAPS programmer from Hobbyking to make the cable and you should be able to find the Arduino risers I used on placed like eBay by searching for 'Arduino Single Row Stackable PCB Header Sockets ' Let me know if you have any comments or questions, happy flying!

✅ Chip Enable Program Error - SOLUCIÓN. Usbasp con progISP


Solución al error Chip Enable Program Error con el programador Usbasp en ProgISP. Si aún con esta modificación no consigues hacerlo funcionar, te recomiendo actualizar el firmware del programador. 💡 ¿Dudas, sugerencias? Déjalo en los comentarios ♥ 👩‍🎓 Si quieres aprender algún otro programa o tema relacionado a la Ingeniería, sugiérelo en los comentarios y de ser posible, armamos video :3 Aprender nuevas cosas es tardado, pero con tu apoyo siempre es más divertido. ¿Quieres apoyar al canal? Puedes invitarme un café: 🤍 O vía PayPal: 🤍 📧Contacto personal: luisbarreramx🤍 📸Instagram: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Facebook: 🤍

USB ISP/ASP aktualizacja firmware, programator


Programator USB ISP/ASP oparty na mikrokontrolerze ATMega 8 zgodny z programem - W filmie przedstawiony zostanie proces wgrywania nowego wsadu do programatora. Nowe oprogramowanie likwiduje problemy, które czasem występują w ArduinoIDE podczas wgrywania bootloader-a do procesorów. Czasami w Arduino UNO / MEGA zawiesi się bootloader, który uniemożliwia wgranie programu przez port USB, wtedy właśnie przydaje się programator USB ASP. PRODUKT: 🤍 PLIKI: 🤍 Sklep: 🤍 FB: 🤍 G+: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Autor filmu: Arek W. 🤍 E-mail: arekabcrc🤍 ID: AWW20

Ender 3 Mods Series Pt 2 usbasp bootloader flash and firmware upgrade on the Ender 3


Support me 🤍 🤍 Link to Zadig for usb driver installation 🤍 Link to th3d firmware package 🤍 Link to Skynet Version 🤍

#002|English - avrdude, USBasp, Atmel Studio, Arduino IDE, fuses, lockbits, hex, ...


How to use and update a USBasp programmer with Arduino IDE and Atmel Studio. Build a toolchain in Atmel Studio. Dive into the possibilities of avrdude (Options, terminal mode, ...) . Learn about Fuses, Lock Bits. Understand HEX Files. And much, more. Discuss on Discord or send me a EMail - Links below. 01:27 PART 1) USBasp ########################## 01:27 What is USBasp? 02:40 Download and Install Arduino IDE 02:47 Copy avrdude.exe and avrdude.conf 03:15 Download and install Atmel Studio 03:36 Why I prefer Atmel Studio 04:19 USBasp in Detail, Chip, Jumper Selection 05:07 USBasp not recognized by Windows - ZADIG Driver Installer 05:46 USBasp - prepare for Upgrade (Solder Jumper, activate self programming mode) 08:02 Prepare and connect a Arduino UNO to program the new Firmware to the USBasp 13:27 Check the connection between the Arduino UNO - USBasp 15:43 Backup original Firmware from the USBasp 24:29 write the USBasp Firmware Update 16:17 PART 2) AVRDUDE ########################## 16:17 Dive into avrdude (History, Port, Fuse Bytes, Lock Byte) 17:47 avrdude - Options 24:29 Write the USBasp Firmware Update 25:30 PART 3) COOL STUFF ########################## 25:30 Fuses in Detail 27:20 Use a Fuse calculator 28:58 Boot fuse, start address, Bootloader 31:18 Program fuses in avrdude terminal mode 34:13 Use IDEs to burn fuses (burn-o-mat) 34:59 Lock Byte and a unexpected results 37:45 avrdude - dump memory in terminal mode 38:17 PART 4) Setup Atmel Studio + Arduino IDE for our USBasp Programmer ############################################################ 38:20 Setup Arduino IDE for USBasp 39:16 Setup Atmel Studio Toolchain - WinAVR and how to use it inside of Atmel Studio (Stick to Atmel Studio as long as you dont really need the old compiler version) 40:54 Setup USBasp in Atmel Studio to upload in one click 42:38 Test the upload solution in Atmel Studio with blinky stuff 43:14 Preprocessor, Cross-Compile, Linker, HEX File 44:54 De-mystified HEX Files - a look inside Links ########################## Arduino IDE: 🤍 Atmel Studio: 🤍 WinAVR: 🤍 02:28 AVR042: 🤍 03:56 Joop Brokking "Why I’m switching over from the awesome Arduino IDE to Atmel Studio.": 🤍 05:07 ZADIG: 🤍 06:00 USBASP Firmware: 🤍 27:27 Fuse calculator: 🤍 34:13 Burn-o-mat: 🤍 36:20 Binary - Decimal - Hexadecimal Converter: 🤍 Contact: ########################## 📬 EMAIL: cammeltech🤍 📬 DISCORD: 🤍 📬 TWITTER: 🤍 📬 MASTODON: 🤍logy/🤍cammeltech 📺 GITHUB: 🤍 📺 TWITCH: 🤍 📺 YOUTUBE: 🤍 📺 INSTGRAM: 🤍 DISCLAIMER ########################## VIDEOS THAT YOU FIND AT MY CHANNEL ARE - AND WILL ALWAYS BE - STRICTLY NON COMMERCIAL / NON PROFIT. NO MONETIZATION, NO PRODUCT TESTING, ALL PRUDUCTS BUYED BY MYSELF ☕ *Be excellent to each other!* ☕

ENDER 3 / ENDER 3 PRO With Board 4.2.2 - How To UPDATE FIRMWARE


((Please read the update information below)) Hi guys, up until now, both Ender e and Ender 3 Pro were equipped with the Creality 1.1.4 boards. However, since around mid-July of 2020, users started to receive the Ender 3 Pro with a different board…the V4.2.2. This is the same board that comes with the brand new Ender 3 V2. It seems that Creality will make this new board as a standard with the Ender 3 Pro and probably the Ender 3 as well. In this video, we will explain how to get, edit and upload the firmware to this new board. ♦ UPDATE: we noticed that lately some users are having issues compiling the latest Marlin version ( So, for that reason, we decided to make a quick video, explaining why this is happening and how to fix it. In that video, you can also find some information about the new chip (GD32F303RET6 instead of STM32F103RET6) that is being included on some recent printers. You can check the video here: 🤍 ♦ LINKS: Visual Code Studio: 🤍 PlatformIO: 🤍 Marlin's Websites 🤍 🤍 ♦ NOTE: This is the string you need to replace in the platformio.ini line - STM32F103RET6_creality 🔶🔶🔶 If you like our work and want to help the channel, you can contribute using one of the following... 🔶 PATREON: 🤍 🔶 PAYPAL: Use our email to send your donation (🤍 ) 🔶 You can also help by using our Banggood affiliate links posted below (costs you nothing and you are contributing to the channel): You don't have to buy the item from the link. If you click on them and then buy whatever you are looking for works! ♦ Creality Ender 3 🤍 ♦ Creality Ender 3 Pro 🤍 ♦ Ender 3 V2 🤍 ♦ Tevo/Homers Tarantula Pro 🤍 ♦ Tevo/Homers Tornado 🤍 Thank you so much for your support :) 🔶FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ♦ 🤍 ♦ 🤍 ♦ 🤍 Music by Youtube Library See You On The Otherside - The 126ers #3DPrinting #MarlinFirmware #Ender3PRO

How to Use USBasp Programmer with Arduino Boards


In this video I show you how to program your Arduino boards using USBasp programmer. In the video I connect an USBasp programmer to an Arduino board and using Arduino IDE I upload a sketch, but before I show you how to install drivers for the programmer on Windows 10. I also show you how to burn back the bootloader because without that you won’t be able to program your Arduino boards using USB. I also recommend you to upgrade your USBasp programmers to the latest firmware, see: 🤍 You can download drivers for USBasp programmer on 🤍 🛠 Tools which I use in the video 🛠 ➟ USBasp Programmer 🤍 ➟ 10-Pin to 6-Pin Adapter 🤍 ➟ 10-Pin Ribbon Cable 🤍 ➟ Multimeter UNI-T UT120A 🤍 ➟ Arduino Uno 🤍 🍺 You can buy me a beer or two :-) 🍺 ➟ Revolut 🤍 ➟ Bitcoin bc1q3am8xt38erc79ln6j9ya6zcp52w8470q0rte20 ➟ Litecoin LUeF9an29esZ865L5WmoWn4ypRtjMxRnqC ➟ Ethereum 0x7256430966677ef757d788a411CDf4A0eE713231 Stay creative and keep on tinkering 😊

Обновление прошивки на USBasp


В этом видео постарался подробно рассказать о том, что и как нужно сделать для обновления прошивки на программаторах USBasp. Ссылка на покупку: USBasp ver. 1: 🤍 USBasp ver. 2: 🤍 Файлы для обновления прошивки: 🤍 Зарабатываем с ePN: 🤍 Возвращаем от 7% с суммы покупок на AliExpress и т. д.: 🤍

Anet bootloader E10 E12 A8 Marlin TH3D install with USBasp and driver install


All the credit goes to TH3D for making this very easy. Instructions were very clear and step by step. The hardest part was finding the driver USBasp 🤍 6 to 10 pin adapter 🤍 Boot Loader and firmware 🤍 USBasp driver 🤍 If you found this video helpful or would like help fund future experiments. please donate below. Patreon 🤍 Paypal 🤍 Sponsors: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Cara Membuat USBASP - Setting FUSEBIT - Upload FIRMWARE | Fareed Clarity


Untuk info lebih lanjut kunjungi situs 🤍 #Cara membuat USBASP #Cara membuat usbisp #Cara membuat avr programmer

Electronics: USBasp programmer first firmware


Electronics: USBasp programmer first firmware Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: 🤍 With thanks & praise to God, and with thanks to the many people who have made this project possible! | Content (except music & images) licensed under CC BY-SA 🤍 | Music: 🤍 | Images: 🤍 & others | With thanks to user Pete Kirkham (, user A. Kier (, and the Stack Exchange Network ( Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Disclaimer: All information is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. You are responsible for your own actions. Please contact me if anything is amiss at Roel D.OT VandePaar A.T

KK2 Multicopter Controller firmware update using USBASP on Windows 7 Computer


this video shows how to upgrade the firmware on the KK2 board. First it shows how to install and update the drivers for the hobbyking USBASP programming device on a windows 7 operating system. Then it shows how to update firmware on the KK2 board using the the USBASP and the kkmulticopter flash tool from Lazy Zero. Updating the firmware on this board is easy if you have the correct programming device. The new 1.5 firmware has much better auto leveling and the ability to connect two servos to the KK2 board to stabilize a camera gimbal. Make sure you are using a 64 bit version of Java on your browser or the lazy zero program will not load, read the comments from other users in this video. important links lazyzero for kkmulticopter flash tool 🤍 Hobbyking usbasp device 🤍

Reflash Arduino Bootloader Using a USBasp


How to reflash a bootloader to any Arduino based board using a USBasp. A user requested how he could reflash a bootloader to a MPX v3 mainboard. MPX v3 is a HICTOP board clone and is a Arduino MEGA2560 based board 🤍

USBasp Setup in Atmel Studio 7 and Windows 10 | AVR Programming with External Tool


How to set up a USBasp in Atmel Studio 7 on Windows 10 to program AVR microcontrollers via the USB port using AVRdude. Fix the USBasp driver problem in Windows 10. Install the correct Windows driver for the USBasp. Set up the USBasp as an external programmer. Two methods of setting up external tools in Atmel Studio for Microchip AVR programming. USBasp Home Page: 🤍 Download avrdude: 🤍 USBasp Driver Installation Help: 🤍 Zadig USB Driver Installer: 🤍 External Tool Settings: USBasp C:\avrdude-6.3-mingw32\avrdude.exe -c usbasp -p t45 -P usb -U flash:w:"$(OutDir)Debug\$(TargetName).hex" $(ProjectDir) avrdude Valid parts to use with the -p switch: uc3a0512 = AT32UC3A0512 c128 = AT90CAN128 c32 = AT90CAN32 c64 = AT90CAN64 pwm2 = AT90PWM2 pwm216 = AT90PWM216 pwm2b = AT90PWM2B pwm3 = AT90PWM3 pwm316 = AT90PWM316 pwm3b = AT90PWM3B 1200 = AT90S1200 2313 = AT90S2313 2333 = AT90S2333 2343 = AT90S2343 4414 = AT90S4414 4433 = AT90S4433 4434 = AT90S4434 8515 = AT90S8515 8535 = AT90S8535 usb1286 = AT90USB1286 usb1287 = AT90USB1287 usb162 = AT90USB162 usb646 = AT90USB646 usb647 = AT90USB647 usb82 = AT90USB82 m103 = ATmega103 m128 = ATmega128 m1280 = ATmega1280 m1281 = ATmega1281 m1284 = ATmega1284 m1284p = ATmega1284P m1284rfr2 = ATmega1284RFR2 m128rfa1 = ATmega128RFA1 m128rfr2 = ATmega128RFR2 m16 = ATmega16 m161 = ATmega161 m162 = ATmega162 m163 = ATmega163 m164p = ATmega164P m168 = ATmega168 m168p = ATmega168P m168pb = ATmega168PB m169 = ATmega169 m16u2 = ATmega16U2 m2560 = ATmega2560 m2561 = ATmega2561 m2564rfr2 = ATmega2564RFR2 m256rfr2 = ATmega256RFR2 m32 = ATmega32 m324p = ATmega324P m324pa = ATmega324PA m325 = ATmega325 m3250 = ATmega3250 m328 = ATmega328 m328p = ATmega328P m329 = ATmega329 m3290 = ATmega3290 m3290p = ATmega3290P m329p = ATmega329P m32m1 = ATmega32M1 m32u2 = ATmega32U2 m32u4 = ATmega32U4 m406 = ATMEGA406 m48 = ATmega48 m48p = ATmega48P m48pb = ATmega48PB m64 = ATmega64 m640 = ATmega640 m644 = ATmega644 m644p = ATmega644P m644rfr2 = ATmega644RFR2 m645 = ATmega645 m6450 = ATmega6450 m649 = ATmega649 m6490 = ATmega6490 m64rfr2 = ATmega64RFR2 m8 = ATmega8 m8515 = ATmega8515 m8535 = ATmega8535 m88 = ATmega88 m88p = ATmega88P m88pb = ATmega88PB m8u2 = ATmega8U2 t10 = ATtiny10 t11 = ATtiny11 t12 = ATtiny12 t13 = ATtiny13 t15 = ATtiny15 t1634 = ATtiny1634 t20 = ATtiny20 t2313 = ATtiny2313 t24 = ATtiny24 t25 = ATtiny25 t26 = ATtiny26 t261 = ATtiny261 t28 = ATtiny28 t4 = ATtiny4 t40 = ATtiny40 t4313 = ATtiny4313 t43u = ATtiny43u t44 = ATtiny44 t441 = ATtiny441 t45 = ATtiny45 t461 = ATtiny461 t5 = ATtiny5 t84 = ATtiny84 t841 = ATtiny841 t85 = ATtiny85 t861 = ATtiny861 t88 = ATtiny88 t9 = ATtiny9 x128a1 = ATxmega128A1 x128a1d = ATxmega128A1revD x128a1u = ATxmega128A1U x128a3 = ATxmega128A3 x128a3u = ATxmega128A3U x128a4 = ATxmega128A4 x128a4u = ATxmega128A4U x128b1 = ATxmega128B1 x128b3 = ATxmega128B3 x128c3 = ATxmega128C3 x128d3 = ATxmega128D3 x128d4 = ATxmega128D4 x16a4 = ATxmega16A4 x16a4u = ATxmega16A4U x16c4 = ATxmega16C4 x16d4 = ATxmega16D4 x16e5 = ATxmega16E5 x192a1 = ATxmega192A1 x192a3 = ATxmega192A3 x192a3u = ATxmega192A3U x192c3 = ATxmega192C3 x192d3 = ATxmega192D3 x256a1 = ATxmega256A1 x256a3 = ATxmega256A3 x256a3b = ATxmega256A3B x256a3bu = ATxmega256A3BU x256a3u = ATxmega256A3U x256c3 = ATxmega256C3 x256d3 = ATxmega256D3 x32a4 = ATxmega32A4 x32a4u = ATxmega32A4U x32c4 = ATxmega32C4 x32d4 = ATxmega32D4 x32e5 = ATxmega32E5 x384c3 = ATxmega384C3 x384d3 = ATxmega384D3 x64a1 = ATxmega64A1 x64a1u = ATxmega64A1U x64a3 = ATxmega64A3 x64a3u = ATxmega64A3U x64a4 = ATxmega64A4 x64a4u = ATxmega64A4U x64b1 = ATxmega64B1 x64b3 = ATxmega64B3 x64c3 = ATxmega64C3 x64d3 = ATxmega64D3 x64d4 = ATxmega64D4 x8e5 = ATxmega8E5 ucr2 = deprecated, use 'uc3a0512'

Membuat USBASP Sendiri | Install Driver, Upload Firmware dan Setting Fusebit - Fareed Clarity


Divideo ini saya tampilkan cara membuat USBASP sendiri mulai dari install driver, upload firmware, setting fusebit sampai test. Mungkin bisa dijadikan sebagai bahan referensi bagi yang ingin membuat USBASP untuk pertama kalinya. Layout PCB dan kode program bisa didownload di 🤍 #USBasp #DIYUSBasp Dukung Channel ini melalui link berikut ini 🤍

USBasp: Driver Installation


This video is related to my upcoming series Arduino to AVR in which I will be implementing the code in Arduino and then hard code using Atmel Studio. In this video I am showing how to install drivers for USBasp using Zadig. - To know more about my upcoming series read my blog: 🤍 - To download Zadig: 🤍 - Like Share Subscribe!

burn arduino bootloader using usbasp


upload sketch and burn bootloader Arduino with usb asp, easy way

Usbasp 2.0 avrdude exe error could not find USB device with vid 0x16c0 pid 0x5dc


Solucionar error : avrdude.exe: error: could not find USB device with vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc Al momento de usar un programador UsbAsp 2.0 LC Technology Link para descargar la ultima version de AVRDUDESS : 🤍 Link para descargar el programa con los drivers para el UsbAsp 2.0 🤍 No olvides suscribir para otros videos concretos sobre como solucionar algun problema. Tambien podes pasar por el blog de electronica Donaciones: $10 - 🤍 $50 - 🤍 $100 - 🤍 $500 - 🤍

#002|Deutsch - avrdude, USBasp, Atmel Studio, Arduino IDE, fuses, lockbits, hex files ...


(1)USBasp: Beim Kauf beachten, Firmware Update, Aufbau. (2)AVRDUDE: Optionen erklärt, Terminal Mode erklärt, Daten im Terminal Mode laden und schreiben. (3)FUSES, LOCKBYTE, BOOTSIZE, Reset Vector und vieles mehr (4)USBasp in Atmel Studio und Arduino-IDE nutzen. (5)Vom C-Code über Assembler zum Maschinencode und zurück. Diskussionen und Fragen bevorzugt auf Discord oder per Email (Links ganz unten). 02:01 TEIL 1) USBasp ########################## 02:01 Entwicklung, Portierung, ATMEGA8A, Jumper 03:34 ISP6PIN, ISP10PIN, Adapter, Kabel, Application Note AVR042 04:10 Arduino IDE, WinAVR und Atmel Studio Installation 05:33 Warum Atmel Studio statt Arduino-IDE? 05:33 Joop Brokking's Video: 🤍 05:58 AVRDUDE kopieren in eigenes Verzeichnis - Vorteile. 07:42 WINAVR GCC Version Vergleich mit Atmel Studio 08:46 USBasp auf Firware Update vorbereiten (Jumper setzen, Treiber Installation) 10:08 Wozu ist J3 10:49 Arduino UNO zum Update der Firmware auf dem USBasp nutzen. 15:07 Korrekte Verbindung von Arduino UNO und USBasp 15:37 SPI, MOSI, MISO, SCK - was bedeutet das und was macht es 17:25 Verbindung mit AVRDUDE testen 19:57 Backup der alten Firmware 21:09 Neue Firmware besorgen und Firmwareupdate durchführen 24:04 USBasp um Arduino Nano zu flashen- Polung beachten! 26:23 TEIL 2) AVRDUDE ########################## 26:23 AVRDUDE = AVR (D)ownloader/(U)ploa(DE)r, History 27:18 Die wichtigsten AVRDUDE Optionen erklärt (-p -b -c) (pardID, programmerID, baud rate) 28:33 Die wichtigsten AVRDUDE Optionen erklärt (-C -P) (Config File, Port) 29:33 Gängige Fehler: Falsche partID? (-F Option) (Login erzwingen bei kaputter partID) 30:58 Die wichtigsten AVRDUDE Optionen erklärt (-U) (Memory Operation) 34:21 Die wichtigsten AVRDUDE Optionen erklärt (-D) (Auto erase off, was bringts?) 36:33 Die wichtigsten AVRDUDE Optionen erklärt (-e) (erase) 36:52 Safemode und Schutz der Fuse Bytes 37:46 Die wichtigsten AVRDUDE Optionen erklärt (-u) (safemode off) 38:10 Der Terminal Mode 38:18 Der Terminal Mode - SIG - Signature / PartID anzeigen 38:38 Der Terminal Mode - PART - Übersicht 39:03 Der Terminal Mode - DUMP - Speicher auslesen 39:53 Der Terminal Mode - WRITE - Einzelne Bytes in den Speicher schreiben 41:33 TEIL 3) FUSES, LOCK BYTE, BOOTSIZE ... ###################################### 41:43 Was ist eine Fuse? Welche gibt es? 45:12 Fuses einfach ausrechnen und zurückrechnen. 48:01 Fuse programmieren mit der write memory operation 49:17 Application und Boot Flash Section, Boot flash size, start adress, Boot reset vector. 52:59 Das Lock Byte, oder wie sperre ich mich selbst aus dem Chip aus. 53:53 Lock Byte falsch ausgelesen? Wie kann das sein? 55:45 TEIL 4) USBasp IN ATMEL STUDIO & ARDUINO IDE NUTZEN ################################################## 55:45 Arduino IDE konfigurieren 58:26 Atmel Studio konfigurieren 58:37 WinAVR Compiler in Atmel Studio nutzen 1:00:18 USBasp mit Atmel Studio nutzen 1:03:04 TEIL 5) VOM C-CODE ZUM MASCHINENCODE UND ZURÜCK ##################################################### 1:03:04 Was wird aus unserem Code? Preprocessor, Compiler, Linker 1:05:33 Inside HEX Files 1:08:10 Von Assembler zum binären opcode. 1:19:30 Von HEX reverse zu Assembler mit Radare2 LINKS ########################## USBasp: 🤍 AVRDUDE: 🤍 Arduino IDE: 🤍 Atmel Studio: 🤍 Joop Brokking "Why I’m switching over from the awesome Arduino IDE to Atmel Studio.": 🤍 WinAVR: 🤍 AVR042: 🤍 ZADIG: 🤍 Fuse calculator: 🤍 Burn-o-mat: 🤍 Binary - Decimal - Hexadecimal Converter: 🤍 AVR Opcode Instruction Set: 🤍 KONTAKT ########################## 📬 EMAIL: cammeltech🤍 📬 DISCORD: 🤍 📬 TWITTER: 🤍 📬 MASTODON: 🤍logy/🤍cammeltech 📺 GITHUB: 🤍 📺 TWITCH: 🤍 📺 YOUTUBE: 🤍 📺 INSTGRAM: 🤍 DISCLAIMER ########################## VIDEOS THAT YOU FIND AT MY CHANNEL ARE - AND WILL ALWAYS BE - STRICTLY NON COMMERCIAL / NON PROFIT. NO MONETIZATION, NO PRODUCT TESTING, ALL PRUDUCTS BUYED BY MYSELF ☕ *Be excellent to each other!* ☕

3.3V USBasp programmer


Instructions on how to modify the conventional 5V USBasp to function both at 3.3V and 5V. Written instructions can be found at this link: 🤍 I made a half-size Arduboy with 500 games stored on a 3.3V serial flash. To simplify the circuit and reduce the foot print, I converted the ATMega32U4 micro-controller to work at 3.3V instead of 5V. A boot loader that works with serial flash need to be loaded to the ATMega32U4 using an USBasp programmer. However, the conventional USBasp programmer on the market all works at 5V only. Though some USBasp advertised that target voltage can be selected by jumper for 3.3V or 5V, most of the ones on the market can only switched the VCC pins's voltage level but not that of the TTL signal pins such as MISO/MOSI/Reset/SCK within the ICSP connectors. From the community forums of Arduboy, I learnt that the USBasp can be modified to switch jumpers to select between 3.3V and 5V to match the voltage levels of the microcontrollers that you need to program to, both on VCC pins and also on the other ICSP pins. However, my version of the boards were not covered in those instructions. I looked at the schematics and decided to try my luck to modify my version of the USBasp board. I hope to share my journey so you can also modify your own version of the USBasp board to work at 3.3V and 5V.

How to fix USBASP not working problems


Lets take a look at typical errors i see people encounter when first using these USBISP usb asp ICSP programmers . Lets take a look on How to troubleshoot USBASP or USBISP common problems. 1) ////////////// ERROR: /////////////////////// Flash the firmware from repository. Flashing firmware from file.: kkmulticopterflashtool_0.77\tmp\KK1_9_MPU6050.hex kkmulticopterflashtool_0.77\lib\avrdude\windows\avrdude.exe -C E:\APPS \kkmulticopterflashtool_0.77\lib\avrdude\windows\avrdude.conf -p m644p -P usb -c usbasp -e -U flash:w:kkmulticopterflashtool_0.77\tmp\KK1_9_MPU6050.hex:i avrdude.exe: error: could not find USB device with vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc vendor='🤍' product='USBasp' avrdude.exe done. Thank you. Error during writing flash. ////////////// REASON: /////////////////////// USB ASP drivers not installed correctly 2) ////////////// ERROR: /////////////////////// avrdude.exe: warning: cannot set sck period. please check for usbasp firmware update. avrdude.exe: error: programm enable: target doesn't answer. 1 avrdude.exe: initialization failed, rc=-1 Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override this check. ////////////// REASON: /////////////////////// Target chip is not connected properly, loose connection. As it says, double check it OR pres harder on your ISP adapter.

[Easiest] How to burn bootloader onto Atmega 328 or Arduino with USBasp Tutorial


Read description for detailed tutorial. Visit: Like us at: 🤍 Hello arduino lovers, Most common issue with Arduino is how to make a standalone or how to bootload arduino or Atmega328? Don't worry here's an easiest method with USBasp programmer by setting only 4 fuse bits. Here's a detailed description 🤍 Don't forget to Subscribe & Like.

Arduino burn boot loader with USBasp | flash upload hex file to Atmega 328P IC tutorial


This video demonstrates how to flash a bootloader on to a 328P IC, in case the boot loader got damaged or in case the IC was purchased without a boot-loader on it, using USBasp Programmer Module. Actually ProgISP program is made use of along with USBASP Programmer module to do the actual burning or uploading of the boot loader hex file to the Atmel or Atmega 328P IC. The erasure process and the flashing process are both demonstrated. = my channel on astrology: 🤍 = Free online Horoscope Matching and Horoscope Generation program: 🤍 USB ASP AVR Programming Device for ATMEL Processors 🤍 1. download progisp 1.72 🤍 2. download Zadig 2.5 🤍 3. download the optiboot bootloader for 328 🤍 3. connect the USB ASP Programmer Bd. install libusb-win32 driver for the usbasp board

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