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Ural Motorcycle Review - Our Best Sidecar


As a couple capitalist pigs, it's hard to understand Ural. Who would buy a sidecar? Why? Are they expensive, unreliable and exhausting to drive... or more? Let's find out! GEAR BREAKDOWN: Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet : 🤍 Icon Raiden DKR Monochromatic Jacket : 🤍 Klim Powerxross Gloves : 🤍 Revit Orlando H2O Jeans : 🤍 Sidi Armada Gore-Tex Boots : 🤍 SPOT Gen 3 Tracker : 🤍 Ushanka : 🤍 - Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar - Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: 🤍 Connect with us: 🤍 🤍 🤍

The URAL is too good to be true.. (Disappointed)


Since I was a young buck dreaming of my teenage years, I had always wanted a motorcycle with a sidecar. The utility aspect and overall fun factor was intriguing, especially when I first learned about the Ural. The Gear Up model offers a handful of tactical esque accessories but the icing on the cake is the 2wd system. With a driveshaft connecting the hubs, you can quickly engage the sidecar wheel and tractor your way through almost any condition. In today's video we finally got the opportunity to buy one so we load up on the trusty scooter and head down the interstate to buy yet another dream bike. Little did I know it would be a huge letdown and would change my opinion on the Ural forever.. #ural #sidecar #motorcycle

Is the Ural as TERRIBLE as everyone says?


Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to 🤍 to learn more and get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. A lot of people talk about how terrible the Ural is, but is it really that bad? Is it as unreliable as everyone says? The Ural motorcycle has a lot of history behind it dating back to WWII. We took this bike offroad to truly test it's capabilities! Bikes and Beards Videos: I BOUGHT the SMALLEST street legal motorcycle (From Japan) 🤍 I BOUGHT the World's UGLIEST motorcycle; and it's AMERICAN 🤍 I BOUGHT a V8 powered motorcycle 🤍 Why YOU Need to Buy a V8 Motorcycle: BOSS HOSS 🤍 I got to drive the world's LARGEST motorcycle 🤍 -SRK Cycles Inventory: 🤍 -M1 Moto Gloves, Tank Straps, and Bikes and Beards Apparel: 🤍 -Want to rent a motorcycle? Check out Riders Share: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 #Terrible #Ural #BikesandBeards



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We Finally Test a URAL Motorcycle! (Russian Sidecar)


Get your Motorcycle gear 🤍 🤍 $1 = 1 Entry to win our giveaway bikes Join 🤍 🤍 for access to our Discord server and automatic entry to win our bikes Our best videos: 🤍 Preferred Eyewear: 🤍 Best Beginner Sport Gear: Helmet: 🤍 Jacket: 🤍 Gloves: 🤍 Boots: 🤍 Best Beginner Dual Sport/ADV Gear: Helmet: 🤍 Jacket: 🤍 Gloves: 🤍 Boots: 🤍 Best Beginner Retro/Classic Gear: Helmet: 🤍 Jacket: 🤍 Gloves: 🤍 Boots: 🤍 - FAQ: What should my first bike be? A Turbo Hayabusa. Very funny, no seriously. What should I get? A TURBO BUSA. What is this channel? The premiere source of motorcycle edutainment (educational + entertainment) on YouTube. We take on everything from the best bikes you should buy all the way to praying to our lord and savior Rossi. Why should I subscribe? Because you want the highest quality motorcycling videos on YouTube delivered to your feed *every single day* (seriously, we do daily uploads) Why do you guys make these list videos? Like any good capitalist, we supply the demand the market has. Music: 🤍 NOTICE: Elements utilized from other videos are fair use and fall under U.S. copyright law because it is transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary and has no negative effect on the market for the original work. It is against the law to fraudulently claim a copyright on a video you do not own under the DMCA or to abuse YouTube’s copyright claim tool.

Product Spotlight - Model Year 2022 URAL 2WD GEAR UP Walkaround


A detailed walkaround highlighting the changes made to the EURO5 compliant 2022 URAL 2WD GEAR UP. URAL MOTORCYCLES 🤍 Related Videos: Dyatlov Pass Film 🤍 URAL How-To - Best Loading Practices 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍

2017 Ural Gear-Up Sidecar Review | MC Commute


Motorcyclist staffer Zack Courts is always arriving to office after his commute with a bunch of opinions about the bike he’s riding. Too much this, not enough that, and occasionally has some decent insights. We thought some of it might help consumers or entertain enthusiasts, so we strapped a camera and microphone to the side of his helmet and told him to turn it on when he leaves his house. A lot of him talking in his helmet is complaining about drivers, yelling at red lights, and wondering why billboards aren’t more expensive. But sometimes he actually talks about the bike, and those are the parts we keep. Got a bike you would like to see discussed? Let us know and we’ll send him home on that one next. Subscribe: 🤍 Motorcyclist Shirts: 🤍 Shop Products We Use: 🤍 See more from us: 🤍

URAL Quality-Testing


Das Irbiter Motorradwerk arbeitet konsequent an der Verbesserung der Zuverlässigkeit und Qualität der Ural Gespanne. Wir haben eine kleine Dokumentation gemacht, die zeigt, dass natürlich auch die Werksdirektoren täglich ihren Weg in die Arbeit auf Ural Gespannen zurücklegen. Und damit auch perfekte Tests für die Qualitätssicherung abliefern. Viel Spaß mit diesem Video! Die zwei großartigen Photos am Ende der Videos sind von Mike Senkl - 🤍 (c) The great photos at the end of the Video are from Mike Senkl - 🤍 (c)

Ural Mountains | Come and visit the Urals, Russia #5


The Ural Mountains or the Urals are among the world’s oldest mountain ranges. They stretch across 2000 km traversing Russia from north to south. The Urals are the richest mountain range of their size on Earth in terms of minerals. They have a lot to offer to any kind of traveller. Hiking, trekking, camping, skiing, mountaineering and enjoying nature are the most popular but not the only activities. Explore breathtaking landscapes of the Ural Mountains. Come and make sure no one can resist their charm. Make the best of your vacation time in Russia! Running expeditions since 2006, we spent 13 years exploring the most remote and inaccessible parts of the Urals. Expedition club "Dikiy Sever" (in Russian stands for "Wild North") – Expeditions to any far-off corner of the Urals. Recommended video: Heli fishing in the Polar Ural (English subtitles): 🤍 Manpupuner: Unique Rock Formations west of the Ural Mountains (English subtitles): 🤍 Mt. Manaraga from above: Exploring the wild nature of the Ural Mountains (English subtitles): 🤍 Dyatlov Pass: a Supernatural Unsolved Mystery (English subtitles): 🤍 Helicopter Fly Fishing 7-day expedition: 🤍 An all-inclusive 3-day expedition to the Nether-Polar Urals (Mt. Manaraga): 🤍 An Off-Road Expedition (ATV Tour) to the Dyatlov Pass combined with the helicopter flight to the Manpupuner (Seven Strong Men) plateau: 🤍 Roe Deer (Roebuck) Hunting in Russia: 🤍 This year Snowmobile Expedition to the Dyatlov Pass: 🤍 We upload new stunning videos each season. Subscribe to be the first to see them all! 🔗Connect with us! ℹ️ Subscribe to our Channel ►🤍 ℹ️ Fill in the form to book a trip ►🤍 ℹ️ Follow our Instagram ►🤍 ℹ️ Like us on Facebook ►🤍 ℹ️ Thanks for visiting our site ►pripolar.com ℹ️ Email us ►pripolar🤍bk.ru #wildnorth #uralmountains #urals #дикийсевер

I Bought The Ural Gear Up For This ONE Feature — But Has It Been A Dream Or A Nightmare?


( 🤍 ) In this video, Kase chats with Brian, who bought a 2011 Ural Gear Up in part for its one unique feature that sets it apart from pretty much any other bike on the road. Here's a deeper dive and Brian's experience with the bike so far! Go to RiderJustice.com (🤍 to learn how to Ride Smarter today. Rider Justice champions biker rights—on the road, in the courtroom, and now across the country. ( 🤍 ) Visit our Patreon page to support the TFL team! Watch more videos from TFL Studios: The Fast Lane Truck ( 🤍 ) The Fast Lane Car ( 🤍 ) TFLoffroad ( 🤍 ) TFLbike (🤍 ) TFLnow ( 🤍 ) TFLclassics ( 🤍 ) TFLtalk (🤍 ) TFL Podcasts: TFL Talkin' Cars Podcast ( 🤍 ) TFL Talkin' Trucks Podcast ( 🤍 ) #Ural #GearUp #OwnerReview

Life in URAL Mountains. Russia. Survival in Far North. Nomads Nenets


Life in URAL Mountains. Russia. Survival in Far North. Nomads Nenets We are interested in learning how our ancestors lived, to study their traditions and to master ancient crafts and meals. We travel to different regions of Russia and show you how people live in Russian remote villages. Real Village, not embellished real life as it is. We will show you the usual village life and cuisine of different nations. We are the ULENGOVS - Tatiana and Maxim. Welcome to our channel! Many of you have noticed that the sounds (asmr) from our videos are very relaxing, help you fall asleep from insomnia and calm your mind. We are glad to be of service to you. ☀ INSTAGRAM - 🤍 Life in the oldest Dagestan Village. Village Life in Russia - 🤍 Baking Bread in old stove in DAGESTAN Old Village in Mountains. Life in Russia 🤍 DAGESTAN remote Village in Mountains. HAY PREPARING. Life in Russia 🤍 DAGESTAN Village Life. Russian remote villages - 🤍 How people live in RUSSIA today. Life in RUSSIA. Dagestan. Village. ASMR - 🤍 ONE DAY in Dagestan family. Life in RUSSIA. Dagestan. Village. ASMR - 🤍 Russian NOMADS Life in TUNDRA. North of RUSSIA. Nenets everyday life. - 🤍 Primitive Life of Nomadic people of Arctic. Survival in Far North. Russia. Tundra Nenets - 73 🤍

(Doku) Länder - Menschen - Abenteuer: Erntezeit im Ural (HD)


In dem kleinen Dorf Irgisly, im südlichen Teil des Ural, hat die Zeit noch ein anderes Tempo. Fernab der Metropolen Moskau und Sankt Petersburg, orientiert sich der Rhythmus der Menschen an den Jahreszeit und den Gesetzmäßigkeiten der Natur. Irgisly liegt in der russischen autonomen Republik Baschkirien, in einer wunderschönen, weiten und hügeligen Landschaft, die von tiefen Wäldern, dunklen Schluchten und vereinzelten kleinen Dörfern geprägt wird.

Ural Next 55571-5121-74 6x6 Tipper Truck Exterior and Interior


Ural Next 55571-5121-74 6x6 Tipper Truck seen from outside and inside. Engine is YMZ-53602.10 with compression ignition, in-line, emission level tier 3 (ECE R96-02). 229 kW (312 PS) at 2300 rpm. Max torque 1226 Nm at 1300-1600 rpm. Gearbox is manual ZF 9S1310TO 9-gears. Transfer box AZ URAL, 2x gears with differential. Top gear 1.04. Low gear 2.15. Cabin type Next, cab behind engine, 3xseats, 2xdoors. Driving axles AZ Ural, AZ Ural, gear ratio 7.49. Fuel tank capacity 370+230 liters. Tires are 14.00 R20 Michelin XZL. Curb weight 10040 kg. Including front axle load 3995 kg. Rear Bogie Last 6045 kg. Cargo capacity 10500 kg. Gross Vehicle Weight 21300 kg. Distribution of gross vehicle weight, kg: Front axle - 5300 kg. Rear bogie 16000 kg. Max speed 85 kg. Fordable depth 0.7 m. Overall dimensions 8250x2500x3024 mm. The truck was presented at 2016 IAA commercial vehicles, Hannover, Germany - Thursday, 22 September - Thursday, 29 September 2016. The video is available in 3D at 🤍

Hiking in the Ural Mountains & visiting Europe / Asia border


Let's discover the Ural region of Russia with me! This time we will drive to Taganay national park in the Southern Urlas to go hiking in the Ural mountains. Taganay is located in Chelyabinsk region where we will go from the city Yekaterinbusrg in Sverdlovsk region. 📌🤍 - Russian Speaking Club where you can practice the Russian language. Join us from any level ;) 🔸Who am I? My name is Elina, friends call me Eli. I am from Russia, and on my channel I share the Russian culture and discover other countries and cultures when studying or working abroad. 🔸What can you find on my channel? Here you will find 👉🏻explanation of the Russian culture and facts about Russia that you can't google 👉🏻foreigners' and expats' stories about life in Russia 👉🏻opportunities for education for international students and learning the Russian language 👉🏻travel vlogs from astounding ang huge country Russia THE LEGEND OF TAGANAI. Taganai in Bashkir language means “moon’s tripod”. Tripod for the moon, there is a legend why it’s named so. The legend says that many centuries ago these places were inhabited solely by giants. The head giant was incredibly rich, had many treasures and precious stones. He didn’t allow anyone to touch them. He had three sons and one day these sons decided to steal the gems, put them in a sack and ran away. Their bag had holes in it and all the jewels spilled all over the mountains. That is why the Urals are so rich with gems. The giant looked for his sons, but he couldn’t find them. He sat on the ground and cried for a long time. The moon saw him crying and decided to comfort him, came down and sat on the giant’s shoulder. But then the moon saw that the giant became a stone from his grief and his tears became mountain rivers. That is why this mountain is called lunar pedestal. When the giant’s sons noticed that they lost all the gems they came back home to apologize to their dad, but when they saw him they were so terrified that they became stones as well. And now there are three mountain peaks in Taganai which are called three brothers. 📍 More videos: 🤍 - Mount Elbrus Russia | Full experience of Summit Climb 🤍 - Russian culture | Habits you should adopt in Russia 🤍 - Why Russia is shrinking? | Population decline problem _ 📸 🤍 - on my Instagram I share more content about programs abroad, traveling and my daily life

Six months on a 2021 Ural GEO Gear Up Sidecar Motorcycle! WOULD I BUY THIS?


Baldy (Chris MacAskill) tests the 2021 Ural Geo Gear Up sidecar motorcycle on dirt, off road, long camping trips, adventures...with kids, dogs, partygoers, hardcore Ural owners, and the top brass at Ural Motorcycles including CEO Ilya Khait. Fascinating links: Genius Ural Geo promo: 🤍 Ural accessories: 🤍 Adventure Rider: https//advrider.com ADVrider sidecar forum: 🤍 LBS Sidecars: 🤍 Gone Uraling YouTube channel: 🤍 0:00 Intro 1:48 Engine sound 3:02 Dirt 7:56 Day ride 11:52 First owner 13:44 Camping with kids 15:58 Long ride 16:38 Mike Paull LBS Sidecars 24:01 Madina Merzhoeva interview 26:07 Ilya Khait interview 28:41 Electric Ural 30:41 Would Baldy buy one? –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Music: Lipsia by Sapajou 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Motor Test: Ural Ranger - MotoMe - S2/15


Bekijk meer van MotoMe op 🤍 Volg MotoMe ook op Facebook: 🤍 Allrisk je motor verzekerd voor een WA-prijs: 🤍 Binnen brandt een warme kachel, buiten woedt een Koude Oorlog. De Ural uit Irbit vertegenwoordigt nog altijd het boegbeeld van de Russische motorfietsindustrie. Zo waren Vladimir Poetin & co er niet vies van de prestigieuze opening van de Winterspelen in Sotchi op te sieren met een zwik van dergelijke machines. Maar vooruitgang op zijn Russisch geschiedt op een heel ander niveau dan in de ons beter bekende gebieden. Niettemin claimt Ural met de geïnjecteerde Ranger klaar te zijn voor Euro4! Dus gingen we als eerbetoon aan de hedendaagse retro-rage eens onderweg met een gloednieuwe combinatie. Moraal van het verhaal: als een Ural iets met het leger heeft, dan is het louter een charmeoffensief.

URAL How-To - Behind the Seat Luggage Rack Installation


This video walks you through the basic steps required to install a Behind the Seat Luggage Rack P/N: 55207 on all URAL sidecar motorcycles. This luggage rack will fit 1WD and 2WD URAL motorcycles excluding Retro models. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY and is not intended to be instructional. URAL Motorcycles recommends any service or repair be performed by an authorized URAL dealer or service center. URAL web: 🤍 URAL shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Der Ural – eine Reise an die Grenzen Europas | Terra X


Colin Devey hat einen Plan: Europa einmal vom Südwesten bis zur östlichen Grenze durchwandern – eine spannende Reise durch Zeit und Natur. Im Süden Spaniens durchquert er die Wüste Tabernas, bis zur Küste des Mittelmeers. Die Reise geht durch Südfrankreich und die Schweiz und weiter in die Mittelgebirge und dann Richtung Osten. Er wandert entlang der masurischen Seenplatte. Vor ihm liegen noch fast 7000 Kilometer bis zu seinem Ziel: die Stadt Jekaterinburg. Der Ort gilt als Grenzstadt zwischen Europa und Asien. Aber um diese Grenze wahrzunehmen, muss man sie aus der Luft betrachten. Denn der Übergang von Europa nach Asien ist von enormer Ausdehnung. Es ist das Uralgebirge. Ein Blick zurück in die Vergangenheit: Ein Ozean prägt vor 500 Millionen Jahren diesen Teil der Welt. Sibirien ist damals eine Insel. Das Uralgebirge entsteht zur gleichen Zeit, wie die Mittelgebirge in Europa. Es bildet die Naht zwischen Russland und Sibirien und ist bis zum heutigen Tag erhalten geblieben. Es ist nicht besonders hoch, aber von Norden nach Süden fast 2400 Kilometer lang. Und hier findet sich auch eine sehr imposante Felsformation – die Felssäulen von Man-Pupu-Njor. Sie wachen über die endlosen Weiten des Nord-Ural. Ihren Ursprung bildet die einstige Kollision der Kontinentalplatten an dieser Stelle. Die Einheimischen erzählen sich Legenden von den großen Felsfiguren. Bedrohliche Riesen sollen es gewesen sein, die zu Stein erstarrten. Geologisch betrachtet sind sie wertvolle Zeugen aus einer längst vergangenen Zeit, die uns helfen, die Entstehung des Kontinents Europa zu verstehen. So stehen sie hier seit Jahrmillionen – als Grenzsteine der Kontinente. #TerraXstattSchule #ColinDevey #Ural Dieses Video ist ein Ausschnitt aus der Terra X Sendung, ausgestrahlt im Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehen: „Expedition Europa - Teil eins, Die Geburt des Kontinents“, erstmalig gesendet am 06.01.2019. Die ganze Sendung findet ihr hier: 🤍 Teil zwei, Die Verwandlung des Kontinents: 🤍 Weiterführende Links: 🤍 🤍 Abonnieren? Einfach hier klicken – 🤍 Terra X statt Schule in der ZDFmediathek – 🤍 Terra X bei Facebook – 🤍 Terra X bei Instagram – 🤍

Legendary military trucks KRAZ, URAL, STAR, MERCEDES-BENZ, PRAGA off-road!


Guys, in this video I'll show you what military trucks KrAZ-255B, URAL-375, STAR-266, Mercedes-Benz LG-1519, Praga V3S and TAM-110 are capable of off-road. I recommend subscribing to the channels of these guys: COTRAMS Viaturas militares em ação-🤍 Dmitry Oldcam-🤍 siarabmw750-🤍 Ing. Ľubomír Škriečka-🤍 Christian Alberts-🤍 Zelimir Curis-🤍 Brent COS-🤍 If you like videos of lorries, tractors, off-roaders and other vehicles, I recommend subscribing to the channel. And don't forget to hit the bell, so you won't miss new videos. So, enjoy!

Highlights - IN STOCK! NITRON Five Piece Shock Set for URAL


11.18.22 - Absolutely one of the biggest changes and best investments you can make to any vehicle; whether 2, 3 or 4 wheels is to upgrade to premium shocks and suspension! Introduced on the Ural GEO limited edition, the NITRON five piece shock set is now available for upgrading 2012 and newer URAL sidecar motorcycles (excludes "Retro" model). The nitrogen gas filled mono shock is built to last and will outperform the O.E.M. shocks and many competing brands on every type of terrain and all riding styles! The body is made with Hard anodized billet aluminum with a massive 14mm piston rod and 35mm piston. Each shock has 24 position combined rebound and dampening adjustment and comes with a tool for fine tuning pre-load. All five shocks all labeled for their designated location on the motorcycle and are pre-adjusted to get you started. URAL web: 🤍 URAL shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

URAL - Virtual Sleep (official video)


Official lyric video for the song "Virtual Sleep", the first single from the brand new ep "Cyber Requiem"" by Italian psycho thrashers URAL. Out Now via Ad Noctem Records Check out the official video and download/listen on your favourite streaming service: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Ural Youtube: 🤍 Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave "Brutal Dave Billia" 🤍Mk2 Recording Studio Video Maker: Stefano Mastronicola Follow Ural 🤍 🤍 🤍 AD NOCTEM RECORDS 🤍​​​ 🤍 Powered By Cerberus Booking and Promotion 🤍 🤍

URAL 2WD - first Australian review- Roothy


🤍 URAL 2WD - first Australian review- Roothy What is a Ural Gear Up sidecar outfit all about? John Rooth, Australia's oldest motorcycle tester and well known for his work with 4wd's, tests the first side car on the Australian market in fifty years that's got a driven sidecar wheel. The new Ural looks like 1950's style, but comes with a delightful blend of old school power and brand new reliability. Fuel injected and fun - the Ural is as rugged as half a Volkswagen and twice as tough. For more info go to: 🤍 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 #roothy #roothy4wd #milo2 #terraintamer4wd #maxtrax #frontrunneroutfitters #lanotec #outbackaccessoriesaustralia #blackduckseatcovers #penriteoil #thebushcompany #smartautomotivesolutions #xrox #browndavis #uniden #borntoraom #frontrunneraustralia #toyota4x4 #landcruiser #fj40 #40series #builtnotbought #redarc_electronics #maxtraxhq

Eerste rit met dnepr zijspan met Ural onderdelen en bmw r60 motor


HIER NIET KLIKKEN 🤍 tenzij je wil abonneren op dit kanaal natuurlijk. Dit was de eerste rit met het zijspan. Zoals je zal zien is nog niet alles op punt en moet ik zelfs naar huis duwen. Al zijn er geen te zware problemen op 't eerste zicht.

Restoration vintage military motorcycle | Retoring rusty Sidecar Ural


Restoration vintage military motorcycle | Retoring rusty Sidecar Ural _ Currently, we are building a channel to meet the increasing needs of viewers. so our channel will focus on building more engaging and entertaining video content. _ I hope this is the perfect restoration video for you. _I hope you find something useful and enjoy this movie! I am pleased with your feedback, advice and suggestions for improvement. !!! sorry for the mistake if i made this restoration !!! thank you ! follow me:🤍 #Restoration2R #militarymotorcycle #sidecarural

What's It Like to Ride a New Ural?


AlphaCars & Motorcycles - Expect to Be Impressed 🤍 | Sales & Service of Luxury Automobiles & Motorcycles Serving the greater Boston area since 1989! Contact us if you have any questions or would like to see a video of anything we missed. AlphaCars & Motorcycles 649 Massachusetts Ave, Boxborough MA 01719 (978) 263-9000 AlphaCars of Acton 178 Great Road, Acton MA 01720 (978) 263-9000 AlphaCars & Motorcycles NH 108 Lafayette Road, North Hampton NH 03862 (603) 585-5085 AlphaCars & Motorcycles 116 Main Street, Spencer, MA 01562 (978) 263-9595

Ural 4320 6x6 2017 Tél


Céges oldal : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Ha tetszett a videó azt jelezed nekem egy lájkkal és Iratkozatok fel a csatorála :)

Soviet all wheel drive trucks KRAZ-255, URAL-375, ZIL, GAZ-66 and heavy off road!


In this video I'll show you how Soviet trucks drive in extremely hard off-road conditions. I recommend subscribing to the channels of these guys: Custom Truck-🤍 Влад Пономаренко-🤍 За рулём Урала лесовоза-🤍 TECHNICA 4x4-🤍 Юрий Рогоцкий-🤍 СИБИРЬ 38 RUS-🤍 If you like videos of lorries, tractors, off-roaders and other vehicles, I recommend subscribing to the channel. And don't forget to hit the bell, so you won't miss new videos. So, enjoy!

FC Ural vs Krylia Sovetov, Week 14 | RPL 2022/23


Watch live stream FC Ural vs Krylia Sovetov, Russian Premier Liga. Subscribe to the Official Channel of Russian Premier Liga: 🤍 🔹 Website: 🤍 🔹 Twitter in English: 🤍 🔹 Twitter in Russian: 🤍 🔹 TikTok: 🤍 🔹 Telegram channel: 🤍

Pohoří Ural pro skutečné dobrodruhy. Prohlédněte si ho z ptačí perspektivy


Ural se nachází v centrální části země a odděluje evropské a asijské Rusko, současně je také geografickou hranicí mezi Evropou a Asií. Za hranici se ale považuje východní úpatí Uralu. Jedná se o nejvýznamnější ruské pohoří táhnoucí v délce téměř 2 500 km ve směru sever-jih. Líbí se Vám video? Odebírejte náš kanál, zanechte nám komentář, nebo dejte like. Mockrát děkujeme za podporu. :-)

Ural 650 Gespann | Vorstellung des russischen Motorrad-Gespanns


In diesem Video spricht Dietmar mit Max über sein Ural 650 Gespann aus den 80zigern. Viel Spaß!

Best Russian Trucks in Extreme Conditions GAZ-66 ZiL-131 URAL-4320


On this channel you will see many interesting videos about extreme off-road situations in which desperate drivers hit. Auto news, car tests and modern technologies from the world of automobile construction. Heavy trucks, off-road vehicles, heavy machinery, heavy construction, 4x4 cars, SUVs, jeeps, tractors, excavators and other vehicles. You will see extreme fails and wins, amazing driving skills, crashes and accidents. Subscribe and enjoy best new videos! Subscribe! 🤍 Useful links to resources that I personally use and heartily advise everyone! Bluehost - 🤍 The best web hosting in the world that WordPress recommends, I personally use their services for more than seven year and am completely satisfied! Discover Cars - 🤍 This service helped me many times, when I needed a rental car, try it and see for yourself.

Nůž Ural Sleipner KIZLYAR SUPREME® Super nůž s parádním pouzdrem! TA


URAL je nůž od výrobce Kizlyar Supreme, který na první pohled ví, co dělá. Skvěle použitý materiál konstrukce s parádním pouzdrem, tak by šel v krátkosti vystihnout. Koho zajímá více, je tu naše video! Produkt zakoupíte zde: 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 #Toparmyshop #survivalnůž #nůžspevnoučepelí #představeníproduktu #nůžkyzliar

Life in a provincial Russian town in the Urals | Perm


If you would like to see life in a typical Russian town in province, let's hop on the Trans Siberian train to Perm with me. Perm is a big city located in the mid Urals of Russia, it's the center of oil production, mining and military of the Ural region. Let's walk in the streets of this city and see what life there is like. Time codes : 00:00 - Russian train from Yekaterinburg to Perm 04:32 - facts about the city of Perm 05:17 - looking after my niece and nephew in the suburb of Perm 06:35 - Perm's places to visit 10:36 - Why I left Perm 11:54 - walking in the streets of Perm 13:01 - Goznak 13:41 - Perm's ballet houses 15:37 - thoughts about Perm & a gift(!) 📌🤍 - Russian Speaking Club where you can practice the Russian language. Join us from any level ;) 🔸What can you find on my channel? 👉🏻explanation of the Russian culture and facts about Russia that you won't find on google 👉🏻street interviews with strangers on controversial topics 👉🏻opportunities for education for international students and learning the Russian language 👉🏻travel vlogs from the Big country 📍 More videos: 🤍 - vlog from Yekaterinburg & a farm in Sverdlovsk region 🤍 - Russian culture | Habits you should adopt in Russia 🤍 - Slavic languages | Are they similar and can you learn all of them? _ video clip used in this video (Дак это Пермь by Трикотаж group) - 🤍 _ 📸 🤍 - on my Instagram I share more content about Russia, cultures, traveling and my daily life

Ural Sidecar Motorcycle Tonneau Cover Setup


In this video, Dmitry shows us how to use and set up the tonneau cover and windshield accessory on a Ural sidecar! This in particular is a 2022 Ural Gear Up in the wonderful Terracotta Metallic color. Sidecar Tonneau Cover: 🤍 🤍 Use this link to check the availability and pricing, and read about service and ownership history, vehicle condition, unique features, and value-added improvements made by our Service Team. AlphaCars & Motorcycles | Since 1989! | Expect to Be Impressed! 🤍 | sales🤍alphacars.com | service🤍alphacars.com OUR INVENTORY: Pre-Owned Vehicles: 🤍 🤍Royal Enfield Motorcycles: 🤍 🤍Ural Motorcycles ​: 🤍 OUR LOCATIONS: AlphaCars & Motorcycles (Boxborough) 649 Massachusetts Ave, Boxborough, MA 01719 (978) 263-9000 AlphaCars & Motorcycles (Acton) 178 Great Road, Acton, MA 01720 (978) 263-9000 AlphaCars & Motorcycles (North Hampton) 108 Lafayette Road, North Hampton, NH 03862 (603) 585-5085 AlphaCars & Motorcycles (Spencer) 116 Main Street, Spencer, MA 01562 (978) 263-9595

Highlights Lokomotiv vs FC Ural (2-4) | RPL 2022/23


FC Ural beats Lokomotiv (4-2) Goals: Barinov 90+2’, Ignatyev 90+4’ – Kashtanov 7’, Yushin 41’, Randelovic 62’, Miskic 65’ Lokomotiv: Khudyakov, Nenakhov, Magkeev, Tiknizyan, Jedvaj, Miranchuk, Maradishvili, Karpukas, Kerk, Isidor, Pereira FC Ural: Pomazun, Goglichidze, Beveev, Begić, Emerson, Gazinskiy, Miskic, Cissé, Yushin, Kashtanov, Ranđelović Full match with Russian commentary: 🤍 ➡️ Watch all RPL games live with Russian commentary and best two games with English commentary: 🤍 Subscribe to the Official Channel of 🤍Russian Premier Liga 🔹 Website: 🤍 🔹 Vkontake: 🤍 🔹 Twitter in English: 🤍 🔹 Twitter in Russian: 🤍 🔹 TikTok: 🤍 🔹 Telegram channel: 🤍

ermənidən göturulən ural Azərbaycan nömrəsində Laçın dağlarında


ermənidən göturulən ural bizim nömrədə Laçın Dağlarında

K750 Ural Dnepr running


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