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SELLING Another of My Cars! Why THIS Shmeemobile is For Sale


I'm saying goodbye to one of the Shmeemobiles! After a short period of ownership, we're taking my Aston Martin DBS to McGurk Performance Cars to say farewell. It's a wonderful example in the very rare Midnight Blue paintwork, but alas it's time to move on. I bought the 6.0l V12 DBS at the start of the year on a bit of a whim, having seen it during a visit to McGurk Performance Cars to carry out extensive restoration work to my original Shmeemobile, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster. It wasn't necessarily in the plans, but having been keen on one a decade ago but unable to make the numbers work back then, it's always been an itch that I have wanted to scratch ever since. While I'd love to hold onto the DBS long term, needs must and it's time to move on. With various other cars joining the garage, works to carry out in the garage, and general expenses, a few of the Shmeemobiles will be leaving 🤍The Shmuseum in the near future. The first of these has been my AMG GT R Roadster, now comes the Aston Martin DBS, and another one or two will follow soon. However, we're also going to soon see the arrival or return to the garage of six cars: Zenvo TSR-S, Lotus Emira, Shelby GT500, AMG GT Black Series, Clio V6 and the F1 Showcar. Alas all good things come to an end, but McGurk Performance Cars now have a wonderful 2011 Aston Martin DBS for sale: 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:00 Why Sell the DBS? 02:05 The DBS Backstory 04:45 My DBS Ownership 08:06 Leaving The Shmuseum 08:43 On the Road 10:14 More About Selling Cars 12:54 Driving on Country Roads 14:16 Arriving at McGurk 15:22 Showroom Tour 17:11 Wrap Up #AstonMartin #DBS #ForSale Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

IT'S HERE! My Shelby GT500 Finally ARRIVES in the UK


At long last, my Shelby GT500 has arrived in the UK! Having bought the American Shmeemobile last year, it was always the plan to import it to join the rest of my collection at 🤍The Shmuseum and very spontaneously, the time has finally come to open up the container on British land! After the Gumball 3000 finish in Miami, my car was dropped off to commence the sailing across the Atlantic with the help of My Car Import. While delays, strikes and all sorts have pushed it back, the day has now come to open up the metal box and see it for the first time over this side of the pond. Still complete with the Gumball sticker livery over the top of the Grabber Lime paint, it will stay like this for a short while during which it goes through the process for UK IVA and registration. A few changes are needed for the headlights, taillights, fog light, and more, which is exactly where My Car Import step in to manage the process exactly as they did with my SLS AMG Black Series 2 and a half years ago. It will take around 2 weeks to get through the test, and then another couple of weeks to be completely registered and available to drive back home for the first time. That will time very nicely with the end of my US tour with the AMG GT Black Series, when I'm back home following that adventure. The shipping route has been filled with ups and downs, although the call came out of the blue that it had arrived, hence the spontaneous change of plans to drop everything, grab my Focus RS Heritage Edition, and get there in time for the container unloading. Make sure to check out the designs in the Cheers by Shmee150 shop: 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:15 Shipping Plans 02:43 On the Road 04:56 Heading to My Car Import 05:47 Opening the Container 08:01 Will the GT500 Start? 09:08 Unloading the GT500 11:27 The GT500 Has Arrived 15:14 What Needs to be Changed? 16:50 Loading the Focus RS 18:20 Wrap Up #Shelby #GT500 #Delivery Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

BUYING A PUROSANGUE!? Let's Discuss the Rising Cost of Cars


There's a huge buzz around the new Ferrari Purosangue, so let's hop in my GTC4Lusso for some thoughts about buying the new 'SUV' and the rising costs of new cars like this. For Ferrari to offer a new car with a V12 is quite a feat, but it certainly carries a high price tag to buy one. My Fuel For Thought video series has been around for 6 years or so, sharing impressions and thoughts that I have from the supercar world, and often things you might not know or consider from the ownership experiences. When it comes to the Lusso, these have often been marmite cars, but the amount of love in the direction of the new Purosangue is really quite extraordinary. We took a first look at the Ferrari Purosangue upon its launch, a 725hp 6.5l NA V12 powered FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) but there's more to dive into such as the size - which is actually more akin to an Audi A6 Allroad than it is your typical SUV as we know it from the likes of the Urus, Bentayga, Cullinan, DBX etc. Any opportunity to take a drive in my GTC4Lusso is a good one, and therefore a perfect opportunity to run through more details about the Purosangue and my thoughts on buying the €390,000 + options model. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters 00:00 Intro 01:14 Heading out in My GTC4Lusso 02:15 Ferrari Approach to New Cars 06:00 The Cost of Supercars 09:35 Current Demand 14:20 A V12 in Today's World 17:24 Will I Buy a Purosangue? 18:23 Daily Driver Ferrari 20:45 Tunnel Run 21:57 Wrap Up #Ferrari #Purosangue #FuelForThought Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

GONE WRONG! First Nurburgring Laps in My Lamborghini Huracan STO | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 17


My new Lamborghini Huracan STO at the Nürburgring, what a bonkers run! It's time to experience the track V10 raging bull in anger, although things don't exactly go to plan... It sounds amazing, looks wild, but perhaps it's a bit too much. Having been brought out to the Nürburgring by my friends at 🤍TheSatinCrew, who kindly looked after the STO in recent weeks while I've been touring with the SF90, it's ready to get a first lap under its belt at The Green Hell. Lamborghini introduced the Huracan STO to bring some elements of the Super Trofeo racecar to the RWD road model. One of those is of course a more free-flowing titanium exhaust, and it turns out they might have gone a bit far for the Nürburgring! It's a right of passage for any new Shmeemobile to set about a lap on this famous loop, and during Touristenfahrten (Tourist Drives) as a public toll road with normal road rules during Easter Weekend, we have a great opportunity to enjoy it properly. Unfortunately though, it transpires that a stock Lamborghini exhaust is a touch too loud for the Ring, with a sound readout at 134dB (131 with the margin for error) against a maximum permitted of just 130... Ironic that the Lambo track car is too loud for one of the loudest limits of any tracks out there! Awesome thumbnail pic from Rike67, be sure to check out pics of your laps and GP sessions at as well! 🤍 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:50 Track Prep 02:02 Warm Up 03:54 First Nurburgring Lap 12:19 Sound Problems 15:03 Trofeo Mode 17:18 Thoughts about the Issue 18:37 Wrap Up #Lamborghini #Nurburgring #WheresShmee Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

I BROUGHT 10 of My Supercars to a Car Show!


It's a big day! We're taking ten of the Shmeemobiles to a car event, and that means multiple runs from 🤍The Shmuseum over to the venue. Not only that, we're joined by 🤍Tavarish for the drive in my Ferrari SF90 as we get everything set up at Petrolheadonism Live! With lots of preparation required in advance, the plan had been to bring 10 cars from my garage over to Knebworth House for the activities of the weekend. Each car has been cleaned and prepared, but now it's time to get them all there and that means multiple convoys of Shmeemobiles together. First up we're on the road with my Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series, Aston Martin Vantage GT8 and McLaren 675LT Spider. For the second journey with Freddy we've got the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Lamborghini Huracan STO, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series and Lotus Elise Cup 250 Final Edition. Lastly it's the turn of the Ford GT, McLaren Senna, and also bringing over Brad's Abarth 124 Spider. I've previously taken 6 cars in a single truck to an event in the Netherlands, but the logistics to bring more than 10 has certainly been quite something. The result however is an awesome display at a great event, with plenty of time for meet and greets along the way. Make sure to order your Tarmac 1/64 model cars right here: 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:57 The Moving Plan 02:31 First Run Out 06:12 Arrived at the Event Grounds 08:21 We Have a Visitor 09:15 Second Run Out 14:59 Parking the Cars 17:13 Third Run Out 19:31 Last Line-up 21:31 Wrap Up #PetrolheadonismLive #Shmeemobile #Convoy Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

RIMAC NEVERA FULL STORY! Exclusive Factory Tour with Mate Rimac


Welcome to the home of Rimac and the assembly line for the Nevera electric hypercar! Join me with company founder, Mate Rimac, for a full tour of the facility and production processes that go into making Nevera. Mate's enthusiasm and knowledge is infectious, what an opportunity! Having visited the original facility a few years ago when the Concept_one was in production, things have stepped up a gear for Nevera with a new home in Zagreb, Croatia, ahead of opening the full new Rimac Campus that will be home to the over 1,500 employees to date. It's here where we can explore the entire process from the engineering offices, through to the final testing and cars reaching the end of the line. Learning about the components, technology, and engineering that goes into both the Nevera, but also cars from Koenigsegg and Aston Martin like the Valkyrie, gives an insight into the work carried out by Rimac. Having recently formed the new organisation of Bugatti-Rimac, this location is also going to be the home for developing, prototyping and testing future models for both companies, including the hybrid powertrain in the next generation Bugatti. It's an extended video, with so much to take in, and in particular thanks to Mate's knowledge and passion for everything in connection with the brand, and products. A special thanks to Mate, and the team at Rimac for this special opportunity, wrapping up a glorious time on the Supercar Owners Circle Croatia 2022 event. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:00 Welcome to Bugatti-Rimac 03:40 Offices 04:58 Nico Rosberg's Nevera 06:07 Powertrain Development 06:30 Wiring Harness Production 07:57 Upholstery 09:10 Nevera Assembly Line 11:17 Aston Martin Valkyrie Infotainment 13:15 Rimac Nevera Charger 14:09 Power Distribution Unit 14:46 Rear Inverter 16:11 Carbon Fiber Monocoque 16:21 Powertrain 17:45 Zone 0 Pre-assembly 21:20 New Testing Facilities 23:50 Nevera Assembly Lines 30:52 Sub-assembly 36:15 Quality Area 37:14 3,000hp Dyno 38:07 Battery Production 46:55 Mate's Electric BMW E30 47:57 Paint Shop 49:27 Nevera Prototypes 54:58 Mate's E30 M3 Evolution III 56:21 Wrap Up #Rimac #Factory #Tour Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

THIS is How I PAY for My SUPERCARS! Let's Talk Finance | SHMUSEUM VLOG 86


It's an immensely complicated topic, but let's talk about the finance side of my car collection! There's no single rule of thumb with a mixture of cars that I own outright, or finance in different ways, but with the inbound Zenvo TSR=S it's a very relevant and important subject. First up, we have a delivery of a full pack of timber with thanks to Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts that's going to kick start our office build in the near future, a special thanks to them: 🤍 🤍 Then we need to clean and tidy up the SLS AMG Black Series fresh from its arrival home after Avantgarde where unfortunately due to a burst water main on their road, it was not possible to have it cleaned before. Before we then have the departure of the Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge that we've rather enjoyed in recent days. After the SLS wash, it's onto the main topic of the day, car financing and more details behind the 🤍Shmee150 car collection following a recent touch onto the topic in connection with the imminent arrival of the Zenvo TSR-S. These topics vary dramatically from country to country and person to person, so it's only possible to speak from our experience with these cars on the subject of car finance. Other than the cars with direct manufacturer financing, Krish from Approved Motor Finance has been responsible for all of the Shmeemobiles. You can find much more information about AMF here: 🤍 There are a few more of our 1:64 scale model cars from Tarmac Works and Mini GT, which are available here: 🤍 You can also find the Topaz car care products here: 🤍 Thanks for watching!

I'M SELLING SOME OF MY CARS! The Future of the Shmeemobiles


It's time to say goodbye to some of the Shmeemobiles! A full update from 🤍The Shmuseum with some news on future cars but also what might be leaving soon. With the recent arrival of the Zenvo TSR-S, and over 10 other cars in the last year, it's time for some to move on... After Damon from 🤍DailyDrivenExotics recently discussed exactly the same topic, with so many recent additions and more on the horizon, it does mean that some have to go. Since moving into my new garage 15 months ago we've had the additions of the Zenvo TSR-S, Ferrari SF90 Stradale, AMG GT Black Series, Lamborghini Huracan STO and much more; yet none of the 'big' cars have ever left, and needs must, unfortunately it's time. As always there are currently some missing cars out for various reasons and we'll soon be seeing my Clio V6 being ready for the first drive, the GT500 arriving from the USA, the Zenvo making its way to the UK, plus the GT Black Series eventually coming back home. However, while my AMG GT R Roadster has already departed for sale, it will very soon be joined by one or two others. There are plans beyond even the Lotus Emira, Morgan Super 3 and Ferrari 296 GTS that will be joining the garage, plus with the Clio V6 project it's really whet my appetite to undertake some other similar projects. On 24th and 25th September, I'm going to be at Petrolheadonism Live in Knebworth House with 8 or more of my cars! Be sure to get your tickets here: 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:11 My Next Car Plans? 04:21 The Missing Shmeemobiles 05:46 Big Line Up at Petrolheadonism Live 06:30 The Future Arrivals 09:40 GT Black Series US Tour 11:58 Which Cars are For Sale? 15:05 Cost of Maintenance in 2022 17:12 Cars on the Horizon 17:32 Wrap Up #GarageUpdate #Shmeemobile #Shmuseum Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

My SLS Black Series WON AN AWARD! Behind the Scenes at Petrolheadonism Live | VLOG 93


We're taking you behind the scenes at Petrolheadonism Live, an awesome car show held at Knebworth House! Not only that, the SLS AMG Black Series is also the winner of an award to top off an epic car show weekend. Let's kick things off with a quick walkaround of some of the early arrivals before being spontaneously called up onto the stage by Ciro, AKA Mr 🤍Petrolheadonism and checking out 🤍Tavarish's new barn find Lamborghini! After looking at a few more of the cars on display with 🤍Shmee150, we head back over to our tent before the Meet and Greet over by the stage. Whilst this is taking place, there's lots of noise being made in the rev off and burnout competitions. Jump ahead a bit and it's time to take the C63 Black Series over to the dyno for a run with HP Tuners, although some settings seem to be wrong and the readings don't really compare with the recent tuning we did at GAD. Day 2 begins and we're having a slightly more chilled out day and enjoying the sights and sounds of the show! Tim manages to lock himself inside AMT Auto's Peel P50 before finding out that the SLS Black Series has won Best in Show chosen by sponsor AMT which is super cool. Thanks for watching!

THIS is Why I Will BUY a BMW 1M! First Drive in a Future Shmeemobile


I can't believe I've never driven one of these before! The BMW 1M is the ultimate 1 Series Coupe, and having had a base diesel 1er Coupe back in the day, I've always been keen to find out what it's like. During a visit to the Swiss part of the Global Car Collection, today is that day! The BMW 1 Series M Coupe launched a decade ago as a bit of a skunkworks project by a group of enthusiasts at BMW M, to take the Baby-BMW platform of the E82 1 Series and jazz it up a notch or two with components of the E92 M3. While the engine remains the N54 3.0l turbo straight-6, the power is up to 335hp and it's linked exclusively to a 6 speed manual gearbox. Significant parts of the rear subframe, suspension and brakes come from the V8-powered 3 series sibling, and as such on paper it is a recipe for awesome. You join me with the Global Car Collection, and a bit of a teaser ahead of some stops to visit the other parts of the collection around the world, later in the year. My car of choice to drive today however is the BMW 1M for some significant and personal reasons. The first two cars I owned in the UK were my 1.2l Renault Clio followed by a BMW 123d Coupe; and having recently purchased a Clio V6 as the flagship model of the former, it's very tempting to acquire a 1M, as the flagship variant of the latter. After taking a look at the BMW 1M beside the shores of Lake Geneva, it is promptly up into the mountains to see what it's made of, and whether it's a positive case of meeting your hero. Turns out, it's really quite epic and one of the best BMWs of recent times! Thanks for watching, Tim Intro: 00:00 Intro 01:36 Highlights 03:38 Engine 05:02 Getting Started 06:02 First Drive 12:42 Twisty Roads 15:14 Cult Following 17:34 Returned Back 18:49 Final Thoughts 19:53 Wrap Up #BMW #BMW1M #FirstDrive Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍



This is the new 2023 Ferrari Purosangue! It's been years in the making but the covers are finally off Ferrari's first ever 4-door 4-seat vehicle and we can take a full look at it. Powered by a glorious 6.5l V12, the 'thoroughbred' Italian brings a lot to the table, let's check it out! Ferrari have been testing the Purosangue for some time and there have been plenty of spyshots along the way, but finally we can now find out all of the details about it. While the SUV/Crossover segment has proven to be hugely successful across the board, Ferrari in their traditional fashion have taken a totally different approach. Building from the GTC4Lusso, it incorporates the 6.5l naturally aspirated V12 we know from the 812 in a front-mid transaxle configuration with a weight distribution matching that of the marque's super-GTs. It produces 725hp and 716Nm, revving to 8,250rpm and fitted with an 8spd DCT linked to the four wheel drive system. Purosangue has inherited a number of technological features from the likes of the 812 Competizione including 4 wheel independent steering and ABS 'evo', while the interior brings both the full digital zone for the driver along with an entirely new presentation elsewhere in the cabin. Perhaps surprisingly, the rear doors are opened from a rear-hinge, known as suicide doors, presenting a strictly 4 seat configuration with a sporty but elegant finish throughout. It is the most practical production Ferrari ever, and also the most powerful production ICE SUV on the market too. Demand for Purosangue is already vastly outstripping supply, although it's likely that a V6 hybrid derivative will arrive on the market a little further into the production run. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:03 Highlights 03:38 Design & Aero 08:32 Interior 11:54 V12 Engine 13:51 Technology 15:03 Size Comparison 16:20 Pricing 17:18 Final Thoughts 18:24 Wrap Up #Ferrari #Purosangue #FirstLook Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

IT TOOK LONG ENOUGH! We're Finally Building My Offices | SHMUSEUM VLOG 92


We are finally starting the office build at 🤍The Shmuseum! These plans have been in the works for a while, but with the recent expansion and 🤍Shmee150 constantly travelling it's taken a while. However we are finally getting underway, before the Clio breaks down... AGAIN! After a recent delivery of a pack of timber from Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts, we now have Martin and the team from Novus at work to install the ceiling beams and start the stud walls. Obviously it's not going to be an overnight process, and in fact there's plenty more to be done like the rest of the walls, the fire rated board, all of the electrical installations, and the finishing touches. Nonetheless, it's great to have made a start. That's not all though, as Tom takes the V8 Vantage Roadster for the annual MOT check at Godleman's, before the F1 parts are loaded into the van to head there for paintwork to begin. It's an exciting stage in the process with the Formula 1 showcar to get it visually to the 1996 Rothmans livery that would be period correct. Things go wrong quickly with a quick run out for the 1.2l Clio however, when it promptly decides to give up. There's a more positive turn when 🤍Seb Delanney 🤍Seb Delanney Fr stops by for a visit at the end of the day! Thanks for watching!

We BUILT a Race Track at The Shmuseum! | VLOG 91


Now this was a good idea! Welcome to the latest addition to 🤍The Shmuseum, a full Carrera race track setup. 🤍Shmee150 makes no secret that the garage is for all sorts of automotive fun, and it transpires that the competitive natures of the team all come out now. First up, we need to clear some space, and that means moving the Jaguar XJ220 along and in fact with long term storage in mind, putting it up on the Kuberth tyre cushions. Then starts the slightly sketchy process to bring the table that Tom has been working on recently around to the main hall of the barn. The awesome guys at Carrera very kindly supplied this whole set up of the Digital 132 system for us to put together a serious slot car track on the table that has recently been built by Tom for the purpose. Positioned in the line of cars within the garage, the full build gives us a track approximately 16 metres in length with all sorts of hurdles to overcome. Equipped with a selection of cars including the Porsche 935, Ford GT, 911 RSRs, Corvette C7.R and Aston Martin Vantage GT3, the race is on! We'll never be too old to have fun, and it's amazing how quickly the day vanishes! Thanks to Carrera: 🤍 🤍 You can source your own custom Kuberth tyre cushions via this link: 🤍 Thanks for watching!

How much are Shmee's cars worth? The SHOCKING value in the Shmuseum!


We appraised Tavarish's collection: 🤍 We appraised Hoovie's collection: 🤍 We appraised Stradman's collection: 🤍 Buy or sell your favorite car parts on ModFind & get a kickback! 🤍 🤍Ed Bolian, 🤍Ficarra Classic, and 🤍Curated TV by John Temerian appraise the amazing car collection of 🤍Shmee150 & 🤍The Shmuseum. VINwiki on iOS - 🤍 VINwiki on Android - 🤍 VINwiki Merchandise - 🤍 Check out our 2022 Sponsors: AutoTempest - 🤍 SWAE - 🤍 The Ticket Clinic: 🤍 Patrick Adair Designs - 🤍 Premier Financial Services - 🤍 Gloss-It - 🤍 Caffeine & Octane - 🤍 Modfind - 🤍 Support the Cannonball Memorial Run - 🤍 Support the Brock Yates Memorial Fund - 🤍 #Shmee150 #CarCollections #CollectionAppraisals

HYPERCAR SHOPPING DUBAI! The Craziest Cars for Sale in the World


Nowhere in the world can you find more hypercars than the showrooms of Dubai! From Bugatti Divos and Lamborghini Venenos, to a Porsche 911 GT1, with the complete Ferrari hypercar lineage along the way, join me to head out window shopping in this crazy city. It's almost tradition to venture out for a spot of supercar shopping when I'm in the UAE, but this time around the game has stepped up and it's now very much about hypercar shopping! It's truly breathtaking the number of insane cars that are for sale in Dubai; and with showrooms like Al Ain Class, VIP Motors, Q Motors and F1rst Motors really upping the ante, let's enjoy a hypercar feast. To happen upon 3 of the 9 Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters, and 3 of the 40 Bugatti Divos, plus all of the Ferrari hypercars including the 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari, and so much more on one single day takes some beating. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen with my own eyes more than 50 'hypercars' on one day before in my life. Of course the definition of hypercar is open to debate, but either way, the point is the same, the number of cars at this level for sale in Dubai is off the charts! Thank you so much to all the kind dealerships who allowed me to share some of these cars with you, I'm still taking it all in! Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:07 Al Ain Class Motors 05:26 Car Vault 07:59 F1rst Motors 12:55 Q Motors 16:46 VIP Motors 19:36 Princess Cars 21:10 Wrap up #SupercarShopping #Dubai #Showroom Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

NEW 680hp AMG C63 S E Performance! First Look at the Hybrid Super-C-Class


It's here, the brand new Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance! It's all change for the new C63 AMG with a 2.0l turbo 4-cyl hybrid set up replacing the traditional V8 so let's explore it in detail to find out everything about the new engine, updated interior, and all the details of the new C63! After multiple generations of the flagship C63 following a formula of squeezing a massive power lump into one of the smallest cars from the Mercedes-Benz family, this time around things are a bit different. There's no shortage of power with 680PS and 1,020Nm, with 476PS and 545Nm coming from the combustion engine itself. However, for this time around the engine has shrunk and in fact it is the 2.0 litre turbo charged 4-cylinder, a development of the unit that's been seen in the likes of the A45 S and C43. It's not all though, because the car houses a very clever P3 hybrid system including a 6.1kW battery and 204PS electric motor. The downside of all of this? The weight. The new C63 S E Performance (the only C63 version available) comes in at 2,111kg, hungreds of kilos more than the pervious generation thanks to the 89kg battery and everything else associated with it. The increase from 510PS in the previous car by 170PS certain more than negates the weight, however there's more to it than just power to weight. Regardless, on the inside we find a new 2nd generation AMG Performance Seat, along with the latest setup of MBUX for the C Class, and the AMG Sports Steering Wheel with touch dial controls. There are visual changes outside too with everything forwards of the A-pillar being specific to the C63; from an extended wheelbase, to longer front end to house the cool components, and of course a significantly wider track. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:57 Highlights 03:03 Front Exterior 04:13 Hybrid Engine Setup 07:22 Interior 13:32 Estate Variant 14:28 Specification Options 15:25 Weight 15:52 Additional Details 16:31 Final Thoughts 17:07 Wrap Up #AMG #C63EPerformance #FirstLook Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

CUSTOMER VALKYRIE DELIVERED! Inside Out with Aston Martin's Ultimate Hypercar


This customer Aston Martin Valkyrie is one of the very first to be delivered, and it's absolutely unreal! Let's check it out in detail with a full tour, even running through the start up process for the V12, and plenty of previously unknown secrets during a visit to 🤍Topaz Detailing. There are to be 150 Valkyrie Coupes, 85 Spiders and 40 AMR Pro track cars, making it an incredibly exclusive example at the height of engineering. This particular car shines bright in the Sunburst Yellow paintwork and has recently been delivered to the customer, now found at Topaz for full bespoke Paint Protection Film to be installed - on a car with such a high level of aero that even PPF is a relevant factor and needs to be carefully managed. It's not every day to get to see a car like this, let alone show all of the details inside and out, plus start up the V12 for a sense of the occasion that it will give. It's when you are up close and personal with it, you see the details from the aero work under the surface to how it is packaged and everything squeezed in. Plus, I've never previously been able to explore a bit of the screens and steering controls for even further understanding of how it all works. A special thanks goes to the owner of this car for making it possible to share this with you in detail, and to Topaz for setting up the opportunity! Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:04 Valkyrie Highlights 03:22 The Key 06:55 Gullwing Doors 08:10 Hidden Fuel Filler Cap 08:41 Opening the Engine Bay Cover 10:14 Stepping Onboard 11:31 Interior Tour 12:49 Starting the V12 Engine 17:26 Stepping Out 18:26 Adjust the Seating Position 19:27 Final Thoughts 22:27 Wrap Up #AstonMartin #Valkyrie #TopazDetailing Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Koenigsegg JESKO ABSOLUT! The FULL STORY: Factory Tour and First Ride | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 26


Join me for a full access tour of the Koenigsegg factory and new Jesko production line with company founder Christian von Koenigsegg, before an exclusive opportunity to experience the new Jesko Absolut in action. I first visited the home of Koenigsegg in Angelholm, Sweden approximately a decade ago, at which point the company had produced only around 100 cars from a single original hangar. It's safe to say that in the time since things have changed quite dramatically, but nothing more so than the evolution and new facilities being put into operation at this time. With multiple areas required thanks to the introduction of new models including Jesko and Gemera, it's an exciting time for the hypercar manufacturer. However, today's focus is the Jesko, and in paticular the first time the Jesko Absolut has been brought out to the unway for testing in its full look. Initially we set off with Christian to discover the assembly process from materials to the engine dyno, via composites and gearbox production, before venturing to the new building that houses the Jesko production line itself. Next we're over to the runway where the Jesko Absolut awaits, and an opportunity to join Christian on board his latest vehicle to get a feel for it, and the new sound created by the world's fastest revving production car engine. Needless to say, this is just the start, and it's going to be a very exciting journey for the 125 customers of the Koenigsegg Jesko, and the entire team involved in the project. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:02 Welcome to Koenigsegg 01:49 Factory Showroom and Show Engine 03:38 Hangar 1 Production Line 05:45 Jesko Pre-Production 06:48 Engine and Gearbox Build 11:47 Hangar 2 Part Completion 14:30 In-house Paint Shop 16:04 Composites 17:55 Hangar 3 Prototype Area 20:50 Gemera Testing 22:43 LST Gearbox 23:22 Engine Dyno 25:18 Gemera Factory 26:56 Rolling Chassis Line for Jesko 31:24 Jesko Attack and Jesko Absolut 35:53 Ride with Christian von Koenigsegg 41:51 Conclusion #Koenigsegg #Jesko #Factory Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍



Lamborghini have upped the ante with their Super-SUV, with the new Urus Performante! With more power, in fact 666 horses, less weight, more carbon and extra downforce, the Performante brings it all to the table including a new Rally driving mode. Let's check it out at the Lamborghini factory in Italy! After the immense success that Lamborghini have had with their first full production SUV, it was only a case of time until an upgraded version came along. Borrowing the Performante name tag from the Gallardo Superleggera and Huracan, the SUV variant follows a familiar philosophy. Beyond the weight savings and power hike, it also features an Akrapovic titanium exhaust, more aggressive bodywork, and further interior changes. However, most strikingly to me, it's available directly from the factory with Pirelli Trofeo R tyres... an SUV that comes on semi-slicks! Join me here at the Lamborghini HQ in Sant'agata Bolognese, right above the assembly hall and production line, for a first look up close and in person to take in all the details of the new Urus Performante. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:56 Highlights 03:02 Exterior 05:41 Interior 07:55 Start Up 09:23 Rear Seats 09:55 Trunk Space 10:22 Engine Bay 11:59 Weight Savings 13:15 Urus Factory Floor 13:46 Final Thoughts 15:36 Wrap Up #Lamborghini #Urus #FirstLook Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

My FIRST DRIVE in the EXTREME Apollo IE 'Red Dragon'!


My first drive in the utterly insane Apollo IE 'Red Dragon'! My friend Mike, 🤍Shinmikeyin has taken delivery of his extreme Apollo IE, and on a visit to Spa-Francorchamps, he's surprised me with an opportunity to get behind the wheel on the famous F1 track... there are very few words! Hot on the heels of my fabulous experience in the Pagani Huayra R track hypercar, we're here with Mike during the Arte in Pista event as his Huayra R is due imminently, however in the meantime he's brought both his Pagani Zonda F and Apollo IE to Belgium for the event. Today is all about the latter though, the Red Dragon as it is nicknamed, that Mike has recently bought and taken delivery of. The Apollo IE, standing for Intensa Emozione, is one of only 10 being made in total, powered by an 800hp NA V12, with radical design and aero, in a street legal racecar like no other. The drama and intense emotion begins as soon as that engine fires up, with a deafening growl and ready to scream in anger. The seats are fixed as part of the tub, the interior is all bespoke, and the feeling is totally extreme to the max. After a quick tour with Mike, we're out on the track for some passenger laps before he surprises me as we pull back in to the pitlane with an opportunity to get behind the wheel myself! I cannot thank Mike enough for the trust and opportunity to pilot such a special thing that very few have been lucky to experience. 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:48 Mike's Apollo IE 03:22 Heading onto Track 06:04 Passenger Laps 10:13 My First Drive in Apollo IE 16:28 Return to Pits 18:05 Track Day Vibes 20:07 Red Dragon Spec Details 22:54 Final Thoughts 24:27 Wrap Up #ApolloIE #SpaFrancorchamps #FirstDrive Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

New PAGANI UTOPIA! First Look at the MANUAL V12 Hypercar


Introducing the brand new Pagani Utopia! The long awaited successor to the Huayra, codename 'C10' has now arrived and been presented to the world. Join me for a full in-depth walkaround from the design, to the technical side and even taking a seat onboard. Welcome to Utopia! It's not every day that a new Pagani is introduced to the world, but after a long time known purely by the codename 'C10', the final car is here and makes its global debut. Following in some significant footsteps behind the Zonda that launched back in 1999, and the Huayra that was presented in 2011, the new Pagani Utopia starts a 3rd chapter in the company's story. Horacio Pagani has always been heavily influenced by the work of Leonardo da Vinci, and the location of choice for the presentation is the Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber in the heart of Milan, da Vinci's hometown. The public reveal features the Milan Orchestra on stage, with Horacio on piano performing his very own music, as the covers of the Utopia will be pulled back. Back in 1516, the philosopher Thomas More referenced Utopia as somewhere that does not exist, a place of which we dream, and it's fair to say this accurately describes the new car. Featuring a 6.0 litre twin turbocharged V12 that has been previewed in the Huayra Roadster BC, producing 864hp and 1,100Nm, one big stand out is the inclusion of an option for a 7 speed manual gearbox, or sticking with an updated automated manual option instead. Utopia pays attention to the details, and these can be found throughout the design of the exterior and interior; whether it's the intricacies of the bodywork, the exquisite finishing of the engine bay, or the exposed skeleton style dials for the interior. It's a timeless product, with a few key objectives; lightness at only 1,280kg, simplicity in the design, and driving emotion with the combination of manual gearbox and V12 engine. Join me therefore in Milan, Italy, behind the scenes at the launch event to take a first look and discover this glorious creation from one of the finest automobile makers to ever grace the planet. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:02 Initial Walkaround 03:09 Exterior Design 05:33 Interior Design 08:17 Engine Bay 10:41 Wheels & Brakes 11:44 Inside the Cabin 14:07 Final Thoughts 15:32 Wrap Up #Pagani #Utopia #FirstLook Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

I Found the FAMOUS "Top Gear" Zenvo! Amazing Denmark Car Collection | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 24


Welcome to the Strøjer Collection in Denmark, home to some exceptional cars, including the most famous Zenvo in the world! From Formula 1 racecars, to beautiful classics, via hypercars and extraordinary Ferraris, let's take a look around the Strøjer Samlingen. While travelling across Europe on the Where's Shmee tour, we are making our way towards Zenvo to see my TSR-S in assembly, so naturally a stop by the wonderful Strøjer Collection, which just so happens to house the most famous of Zenvos is a must. While a private collection and not open for the public, the Strøjer Samlingen operates as a venue for meetings, conferences and other purposes, with the added bonus of being surrounded by over 100 amazing cars. This particular Zenvo ST1 became so famous after appearing on Top Gear a decade ago, when unfortunately the car suffered an incendiary incident that the production team didn't hold back from publicising. However, it was of course then fully restored and put to correct working order and is now privately owned and residing in this collection. As Zenvo Chassis #5, it also sits opposite Koenigsegg CC8S chassis #5, in a garage that contains so much more. Whether it's the Bugattis of old and new, the Ferraris similarly, or even the Aston Martin Vantage V8 and Vanquish from James Bond movies, there's so much to see. The Strøjer Collection showcases a wonderful variety of cars of all ages, even including a number that have been owned by members of the Danish Royal Family, through to the current and future monarchs. Thank you so much to the Strøjer Samlingen team for this opportunity to visit and take a look around this wonderful garage! You can find out more about the cars and facility here: 🤍 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:57 Walkaround the Collection 02:08 Workshop 02:28 Second Room of the Collection 03:58 Third Room of the Collection 05:49 ZENVO ST1 from Top Gear 06:38 Bugatti Lineup 07:00 Danish Royal Family Car Lineup 08:17 BAC Mono 08:39 Jaguar XJ220 LM Racer 08:58 Lamborghini Lineup 09:56 Aston DBR1, Koenigsegg CC8S, BMW M1 URD 10:45 Ferrari Lineup 12:44 Jaguar & Bentley Lineup 13:35 Aston & Mercedes Lineup 15:10 Formula 1 Lineup 17:02 Wrap Up #StrojerSamlingen #CarCollection #Denmark Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍



The day has arrived for my first drive in the brand new Mercedes-AMG ONE! A road car with a Formula 1 engine, at the Nurburgring GP circuit, and permission to push it flat out - the stuff of my dreams. Join me for the full experience with AMG to see what it's all about! It's been a long time coming with numerous hurdles along the way, but finally the most successful F1 engine of all time is ready to be fired up in a car that can be bought by the public. Only 275 ONEs are to be made and a lot has been said without regards to the time it has taken to get to production, the weight of 1,695k and the relatively 'low' power output of 1,063hp, but there's always more to a story like this, and what a story it is. Mercedes have dominated the Formula 1 world championship during the 1.6l TT V6 era with Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Valteri Bottas and now George Russel driving cars powered by a derivative of the very engine that you can now find with a simple start button in a road car. The feat cannot be underestimated, no longer is a full crew of mechanics required but you and I can hop in, press the button and away we go with a spine-tingling 11,000rpm available. On a personal level as an AMG fan and obsessive customer, a supporter of the Mercedes-AMG F1 team, and somebody who appreciates road cars with true motorsports connections; this is the car I have been looking forward to driving the most in recent years. Therefore, when the opportunity came up to head to the Eifel Mountains despite it being Car Week, it didn't take long to decide to postpone my trip to California to be at the Nurburgring for a day to never forget. With the morning kicking off in the rain, and therefore a few slow laps following Bernd Schneider in the AMG GT Black Series to test out the different modes; EV, Race Safe, Race Plus and Strat 2, fortunately it clears up and the team let me have another go... and what a go it is! Today we'll take a full look through the AMG ONE experience; from the procedure to start it up, to how the driving modes work and ultimately what it's like to drive at pace around a race circuit. I still can't believe this day actually happened and am exceptionally thankful to all involved; what a piece of engineering, what an experience, and what a car. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:26 AMG ONE Walkaround 03:20 Engine Start Procedure 06:17 Track: EV & Race 10:38 Track: Race Plus & Strat 2 14:12 Exterior & Engine Tour 17:39 On-track 18:06 Complete Interior Tour 26:01 Full Throttle Track Session 33:32 Final Thoughts 36:46 Wrap Up #AMG #AMGONE #FirstDrive Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

OVER 200mph in My Ferrari SF90! Autobahn Drive to Denmark | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 23


My Ferrari SF90 Stradale is unleashed on the Autobahn! With a 500 mile (750km) journey ahead of us, that means a lot of time on the de-restricted German motorways and plenty of opportunity for the SF90 to breeze over 200mph! After an amazing stop in the Eifel Mountains and laps at the Nurburgring with all 3 of the Shmeemobiles; Brad and Tony shared their journey to 🤍The Shmuseum with the Huracan STO and now it's our turn to continue with both of the Ferraris to Denmark. Naturally there will be a visit and update ahead on the Road to Zenvo TSR-S, plus plenty more in the area to visit. However, the SF90 is a terrifyingly fast car; boasting 1,000hp from the hybrid powertrain including a 4.0l TT V8 and 3 electric motors. Not only does it have the power, but it's exceptionally easy to use and get it moving fast as discovered during this long journey on the open sections of the Autobahn. Fast forward hours of roadworks and traffic, eventually the roads open up and give it an opportunity to stretch up to 206mph (331km/h), approaching the claimed top speed of 211mph (340km/h), but the reality is that it can clearly go beyond that. Stay tuned for what's coming from Denmark! Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:21 Luggage Problems 01:50 Journey Begins from Nurburg 05:08 Autobahn Begins 08:28 Passing Manhart 10:26 Open Road 16:14 Traffic Jams in Hamburg 17:42 Back to Derestricted 20:17 Arriving in Denmark 21:46 End of the Day 22:42 Outro #Ferrari #SF90 #Autobahn Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

IT'S HERE! My Brand New Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Italy | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 11


It's finally time to reveal my brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale! It's been a long time in the making, but now the 1,000hp prancing horse is ready to go. Where else then to show it for the first time, but outside Enzo's house at Fiorano! Join me for this unforgettable day. After travelling across Europe in my Ferrari GTC4Lusso on the Where's Shmee tour to Maranello, the home town of Ferrari and the factory where both the Lusso and the new SF90 have been built, it's time to take a look at the newest Shmeemobile in all its glory. While unfortunately the main factory itself is currently closed to external visitors for a traditional handover and 'Factory Collection', and the logistics involved in getting the car here have been extraordinary (to say the least), that isn't going to stop it being a special day. After owning 3 Ferraris prior, the SF90 Stradale is my first brand new prancing horse, built to specification and the patience of a very long wait for it to go into production and eventually ready to be handed over. But to see it for the first time, with huge thanks to the Ferrari Communications team, I'm lucky enough to head into the famous Pista di Fiorano where the SF90 awaits outside the front of Enzo Ferrari's famous house. Let's take a look through the whole specification, with the paint in Blu Elettrico, complimented by the exterior visual carbon fibre, and optional forged wheels in silver, I've also gone for yellow calipers to match the yellow Scuderia Shields. Inside however is where we spent the most time working on the spec, creating a dual tone of Sabbia and Blu Sterling, that also mixes Alcantara and leather to create a beautiful environment around the Style seat upgrade and carbon fibre LED driver zone. After visiting such a special location, and excitement in overdrive, we're immediately off onto the roads to drive the very same loop where I first experienced an SF90 Stradale from behind the wheel. This is where the car truly excels, an insanely powerful road car that manages to boast great road handling capabilities and a fascinating hybrid powertrain that will take time to learn and fully understand. The registration is SH20 MEE, vaguely linking to 2 powertrains, 220 electric horsepower... yes, clutching at straws but sadly SH90 MEE won't be available until September 2049 and I'm not waiting over 27 years to drive it! I opted to not take Assetto Fiorano as this is a road car for me, and I require the optional lift system that can not be had in combination. Hence my choice of the softer seats and general elegant road configuration. Do not fear there are plenty of current Shmeemobiles, and more for the future, that better serve the race track! What an incredible day, and a huge thanks to everyone involved in making it happen despite the odds (and believe me the odds were not good). That includes those at HR Owen Ferrari London, Ferrari North Europe PR, the Italian customs team, and the team from Ferrari in Maranello. And of course, thank you to each and every person who has been part of the Shmee150 adventure! Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:58 Heading to Maranello 05:21 Arrived at Fiorano 06:06 Revealing My SF90 Stradale 06:30 Full Exterior Spec 09:26 Interior Spec Tour 14:20 SF90 First Drive 18:01 Leaving Maranello 21:56 Back at the Hotel 23:33 Wrap Up #Ferrari #SF90Stradale #WheresShmee Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍



The world's most expensive cars head to the drag strip! We're at Supercar Owners Circle with a feast for the eyes as the most extraordinary hypercars go full throttle on the runway; like the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, Valkyrie AMR Pro, Huayra R, and plenty more, including my Zenvo! The Supercar Owners Circle Croatia tour sees the most exclusive and rare cars in the world taking part in an unbelievable weekend. With around 60 hypercars including a display of all the greatest Bugattis; La Voiture Noire, Centodieci, Divo, Chiron 300+ and more, plus the Zondas, Huayras and even a Huayra R in the Pagani group too. Then you have the Koenigsegg Regera, Apollo IE, 918 Spyders, and so much more. Lastly, it's time to put the foot down in my Zenvo for the first time! With the running in mileage almost complete but not yet having had an oil change, it means we can have a bit of fun but not 100% full throttle. Even still, it's more than enough to get a sensation for quite how absurd this car is! Naturally, this is all in the spirit of fun and non-competitive hence some drivers are certainly keen to preserve the clutches in their cars - understandably so. More than anything else, what a fabulous opportunity to see these cars being pushed and shared with so many onlookers at the event. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:49 Drag Strip Action 05:49 Peace Photoshoot 10:03 Drag Races 10:49 Bugatti Chiron Sport 10:59 Ruf CTR 11:35 Pagani Huayra Roadster BC 12:25 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster 13:00 McLaren Senna 13:47 Koenigsegg CC8S 14:26 Porsche 918 Spyder 15:10 Bugatti La Voiture Noire 16:01 Porsche Carrera GT 17:15 Ferrari SF90 Assetto Fiorano 17:39 McLaren Elva 18:07 Chiron vs Nevera 18:36 Pagani Huayra R 19:32 Apollo IE Evo 20:06 Lamborghini Countach 20:44 Koenigsegg Regera 21:05 Pagani Zonda S 21:51 Ferrari 812 Competizione 22:08 Bugatti La Voiture Noire 2nd Drag 23:02 Apollo IE Evo 2nd Drag 23:27 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro 24:22 Pagani Huayra R 2nd Drag 24:35 Bugatti Chiron 25:01 Bugatti La Voiture Noire 3rd Drag 25:18 Porsche 918 Spyder Onboard Drag 26:35 Zenvo TSR-S 27:46 Wrap Up #SOCCroatia2022 #DragRacing #Zenvo Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

MY ZENVO TSR-S IS HERE! Factory Collection and First Drive


The day has finally arrived to officially collect my new Zenvo TSR-S! Join me at the Zenvo factory in Præstø, Denmark to take delivery of the long awaited Shmeemobile megacar, and immediately head for the first drive into the city Copenhagen. I can't believe this day is finally here! It's been the most incredible journey on the Road to Zenvo. I've visited the factory on numerous occasions throughout the process, from ordering the car, to completing the spec, getting involved in the manufacturing, paint and assembly, to ultimately revealing my TSR-S to the world at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Wrapping it up most recently with a visit to Topaz Detailing for full Paint Protection Film ahead of any road mileage. Now though, it's time for the handover and first drive! Having revealed the Zenvo TSR-S, chassis number 4 of the 10 to be made, at the Supercar Paddock at Goodwood only 2 months ago, it's since been back to the factory for finishing stages and shakedown testing which brings us through to the current day. It's officially collection day now as I've paid and the car is registered, making it genuinely mine, and that's something I can't quite believe. By way of a quick run down of the spec, the TSR-S features an in-house 5.8l twin supercharged V8 making 1,177hp on regular fuel and 1,360hp on E85 (1MW and hence a megacar). My example is finished in a custom purple paint, named Lilla Perlemor which means Mother of Pearl Purple, finished with Lime Gron accents, and the purple tint to the carbon fibre. The interior combines the two colours with an asymmetric design and hints of both through the dashboard elements, with the car sitting on the upgrade carbon fibre wheels. After revealing it at the Zenvo HQ, we can also take a first look at the anodised green Thor's Hammer car keys, and also the new 1:18 scale model of my own car, limited to 150 units! They are on pre-order now, directly from Zenvo: 🤍 The first 200km drive takes us from Præstø to the capital, and a pre-determined meet location with a great crowd and an opportunity to share the Danish hypercar with many who have never seen one before. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the day even more special. Next up though, the car is loaded for transport to Croatia because we're jumping straight in with Supercar Owners Circle in Zagreb - and it's going to be insane! You can also check out the TSR-S designs in the Cheers by Shmee150 shop here: 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:13 Zenvo Showroom 02:20 Model and Car Keys 03:24 Full Zenvo TSR-S Reveal 06:00 Into Daylight 07:46 First Drive Begins 16:38 Arriving in Copenhagen 19:26 Shmeeting in Copenhagen 21:15 Moonswatch Fiat 500 23:08 Second Drive to Zenvo HQ 28:32 Loading the Zenvo TSR-S 30:33 Wrap Up #Zenvo #newcar #CollectionDay Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

New HURACAN TECNICA FIRST DRIVE! The LAST Lamborghini V10 Supercar


This is the new Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica and everything you want to know about it! Mixing the dynamics of the STO with the usability of the EVO RWD, does it make the perfect sweet spot for the V10 raging bull? Let's have a full look around all the changes and head out for a first drive. The Huracan has been a hugely successful model for Lamborghini, and the STO has certainly grabbed quite a few headlines in recent times. Now though, the latest addition to the line-up is the redesign Tecnica, housing the same 640hp 5.2l NA V10, a completely new look especially to the front, but also carrying forward some more of the elements of the 'regular' EVO RWD model that make it more usable and less compromised. The front end features design elements seen on the likes of the Sian hybrid few-off car, but rather than the STO's cofango it reverts to a regular bonnet with storage space beneath - albeit available in carbon fibre if preferred. Equally, the engine cover can be in carbon, with a fixed wing found on the back, above the distinct hexagonal tailpipes offering up a superb V10 soundtrack. After a walkaround of the exterior, we're out onto some glorious roads near to Olbia on Sardinia, the perfect environment to make the most of it. Our end destination is the Lamborghini Lounge in Porto Cervo, an ideal spot in the harbour to take a look into some of the Ad Personam personalisation specifications that are available for the new Huracan Tecnica. Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:04 Walkaround 03:05 Engine Bay 04:12 Front Storage 05:46 First Drive 06:16 Driving Modes 10:09 Dynamic Steering 12:57 What Do I Like About Current Lamborghinis? 14:54 Initial Thoughts 17:54 Arriving in Porto Cervo 18:59 Interior Tour 24:59 Lamborghini Lounge 26:48 Second Lamborghini Tecnica 28:01 Final Thoughts 29:21 Wrap Up #Lamborghini #HuracanTecnica #FirstDrive Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

This is How Püppi and Shmee Spec the Shmeemobile Supercars!


It's always exciting to configure a supercar, so join 🤍Püppi150 and 🤍Shmee150 to discuss why the Shmeemobiles wear the specs that they do; from creating and naming colours to the combos in the garage! Püppi has been involved in all of the cars in the garage, even going back to creating the bespoke colour for the McLaren 675LT Spider almost 6 years ago and everything since. While sometimes there aren't any options like with the Heritage Focus RS, other times there are infinite options to make a totally bespoke and very special car. Of course there are some upcoming additions in bespoke colour schemes and specs like the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and the Lamborghini Huracan STO too, all of which have been decided together, while thinking both about the car and the garage itself. Thanks for watching!

Discover Montreal's HIDDEN Supercar Mancave! Visiting the Poirier Collection


Welcome to the Poirier Collection! I'm in Montreal, Canada, making my way to Toronto for the Gumball 3000, but first a stop to visit the amazing private garage and ultimate mancave of Luc Poirier. From the Ferrari Big 5 to the latest supercars, let's take a look around! When I started work on 🤍The Shmuseum, it was exactly this kind of venue that inspired me, and continues to give me ideas and set goals for what I'd like it to become in time. Not only the cars that are part of the collection, but the way it is set up and unique elements that make it different to any other garage. With Ferrari standing out as the number one brand; the full line up of the Ferrari supercars are featured: LaFerrari Aperta, Enzo, F50, F40 and 288 GTO. The collection continues to also include the full line of the V8 mid-engine supercars including: 488 Pista, 458 Special, 430 Scuderia Spider 16M, 360 Challenge Stradale, F355 Fiorano, 348, 328 and 308, plus the V12s: F12tdf, 599 GTO, 575 SuperAmerica, Testarossa, and more to come. However, we can also see a Lamborghinin Aventador Ultimae, AMG GT Black Series, Porsche 992 GT3 and 992 Turbo S Cabriolet (in Rubystone Red), and some other amazing and unusual cars from a shortened classic Mini, to a Unimog! A huge thank you to Luc and the team at the Poirier Collection for the opportunity to visit, explore, and share the dream venue! 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:51 Walkaround of the Ferrari Lineup 06:34 Checking out the Other Cars 10:10 Washing Bay 11:09 Number Plates 11:35 Fun Area 13:08 Final Look Around 14:15 Wrap Up #PoirierCollection #Supercars #Montreal Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍



We decided to buy a new car, and so we did! There's a method to our madness, sometimes, this one is perhaps a little more questionable though. Kicking off from The Shmuseum, let's take our Cupra Formentor team car to go view, and buy the latest addition. Spoilers below! Tom has always been a huge fan of estates / wagons, and has talked Tim 🤍Shmee150 into buying something rather unexpected; a 2003 Mercedes-Benz E500 Avantgarde Estate! Coincidentally, when a teenager, Tim's family had a very similar E500 Estate with the 5.0l V8 which makes it feel quite familiar. This one happened out of a late night discussion to pick up something for a few towing and luggage missions, rather spontaneously for sure but why not add another Merc with a V8 to the garage. As always, we have some plans so hold fire with us and all will be revealed... Thanks for watching!

VALKYRIE AMR PRO NO-RULES UNLEASHED! My First Experience in the Ultimate Track Hypercar


This is the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro! Join me for the ride of my life in the ultimate track hypercar, with Andy Priaulx at the wheel during Hypercar Invitational at Laguna Seca. My complete sense of speed has been totally re-written, there's simply nothing else like it! The Valkyrie AMR Pro is Aston Martin's complete no-rules hypercar; taking the already extreme Valkyrie and making it even more extreme. With only 40 customer cars (plus 2 prototypes), it weighs only around 1,000kg with approximately 1,000hp from the Cosworth 6.5l NA V12, and can match lap times akin to those of Le Mans prototypes, or in the back of the pack on a Formula 1 grid. The level of downforce would allow it to drive upside down, the engineering by Aston Martin and RBAT (Red Bull Advance Technologies) is unlike anything that's ever be seen, and it is quite literally the fastest track experience you can buy to drive. Having been lucky enough to ride in the road Valkyrie at Millbrook with Darren Turner, this time around we're at Laguna Seca for Hypercar Invitational and I'm hoping on board the track car with Andy Priaulx. And what an experience it is, there are very few words for this crazy ride, it's out of this world, quite literally. Huge thanks to Andy, the Aston Martin team, and Hypercar Invitational for the opportunity to experience this. It's going to take some time to recover! Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:12 Valkyrie AMR Pro Walkaround 04:17 Talking to Andy Priaulx 05:35 Stepping in to Valkyrie AMR Pro 06:32 Ultimate Track Experience 11:44 Return to Pits 12:39 Initial Thoughts 14:08 Experience Impressions 17:25 Wrap Up #AstonMartin #ValkyrieAMRPro #LagunaSeca Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

SHMEE 🇿🇦 | Bury A Friend (INSANE BASS 😳)


INSANE BASS! Big up to Shmee for sharing his crazy sounds with us! Watch out for this South African beast. Loads more good stuff coming from him! (🤍 🌐 Beatbox International: 🤍 🌎 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 🌍 Jam with on Discord: 🤍 🌍 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 🌎 Chat with us on Telegram: 🤍 🧢 Beatbox Merchandise: 🤍 You can find the team on Instagram too: 🤍 🤍 🤍 ❗ Interested in sending in your beatbox shoutout to us? 🎤 If you are a solo beatboxer, a beatbox crew, a tag team, or a loop station artist - we'd love to hear your beatboxing! 🔴Follow these steps: 🔻 Find a quiet place with no background noise 🔻 Record your video sideways/landscape 🔻 Say your NAME and COUNTRY 🔻 Record for 2 MINUTES seconds minimum 🔴 Head to! 🎦 Shoutout to our supporters! YouTube Members: NURUYU myownlanquaqe Diplow H-Toz Parker Mayco StokedSurfer56 Ethan Jacobs Chris Michael Chladek Patreons: Remva [Community Contributer] James M. [Community Contibuter] Beatbox International is managed by beatboxers, for beatboxers! Our team is built of members that are part of the beatboxing community themselves - working hard daily to promote the international beatbox community and provide content across all platforms for you to enjoy! If you're looking for a beatbox battle, to get your face out there through a beatbox shoutout or beatbox tutorial, want to take part or think you can rank in our top 10 beatbox challenges, or you just want to find or make a new beatbox meme - we've got you covered! #BEATBOX #BASS #SOUTHAFRICA

My Friend Shmee Bought A Ferrari SF90!


Check out my podcast, Behind The Glass (The UK's Number 1 Automotive Podcast) 🤍 It's the end of my first road trip of the year in the 360 and II head to the Nurburgring to find 🤍Shmee150 and check out his new Ferrari SF90. For all things Seen Through Glass, visit my website: 🤍 Thinking of financing a car? Check out the Magnitude finance calculator: What I Use To Make My Videos: Main Camera - 🤍 Drone - 🤍 Second Camera - 🤍 On Camera Mic - 🤍 Radio Mic - 🤍 In Car Camera - 🤍 [Cheap In Car Camera - 🤍 Camera Bag - 🤍 Laptop - 🤍 Essential Camera Accessory For Filming Cars - 🤍 Follow me on: Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 - Intro Music - Holismo, Sheldrake by Seiscientosdoce Channel Art & Intro Photography by Adam Shah [🤍 & Chris Williams [🤍 Thanks for watching SeenThroughGlass. If you liked this video you may also like videos by Shmee150, Salomondrin, Supercars Of London, Car Throttle, MrJWW and Petrolicious.

THE HYPERCARS OF CAR WEEK! The Craziest Car Spotting in the World


I've made it to Car Week, and the hypercar flow begins immediately! After parking my SLS Black Series in Germany and a long flight direct to California, let's head straight out for an evening car spotting with endless Bugattis, Koenigseggs, Paganis and so much more to find. This is just the start of what's going to be an incredible couple of days; with new releases at Quail from Bugatti, McLaren and Koenigsegg, plenty of action at Exotics on Broadway and Pebble Beach, plus some special things we've also lined up in the works. I'm also here with Mercedes-Benz, so stay tuned to check out the new G63 4x4^2 and some very cool stuff with MB Classic. However, first up is to immediately check out what can be found on the streets of Carmel by night. Car Week attracts some of the most exceptional cars from around the world, and in only a couple of short hours we already spot 4 Bugattis including 🤍TheStradman' Veyron, 2 Chiron Pur Sports and another Veyron, a Pagani Huayra BC and a Huayra Roadster, 3 Koenigseggs including a Regera, Agera RS and CCX, McLaren Sabre, SLR, LFA, Aventador Ultimae and so much more... If this is how the next few days are going to continue, it'll be a great time! Stay tuned, because I'm jumping in at the deep end, next up we have something amazing to check out! Thanks for watching, Tim #CarWeek #CarSpotting #Hypercars Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

POLICE CHASE With LA VOITURE NOIRE! Ultimate Hypercar Convoy in My Zenvo


It's a hypercar police chase through Croatia! With the likes of the Bugatti La Voiture Noire and Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta, while driving my Zenvo TSR-S... this doesn't happen every day! Supercar Owners Circle brings out the big toys for such an epic day on the road. For the first adventure and tour in my newly purchase Zenvo TSR-S, we're in Zagreb for Supercar Owners Circle Croatia 2022; a few days of driving between the city and over to the coast; including various stops and visits, today featuring a hillclimb run on a closed road with a police escort. After a line-up and departure from Zagreb city centre, I find myself giving chase to the one of one Bugatti La Voiture Noire, a car that famously sold new for €16.7m and unbelievably is being used and enjoyed by the owner. With the convoy also including the likes of multiple Pagani Zondas and Huayras, plenty of other Bugattis like the Centodieci and Divo, and just about any other hypercar you can think of, it certainly feels special to be here in my Zenvo. I'm in utter shock at how ridiculous this day is; after only driving my Zenvo twice before, we are straight to a mountain pass in such illustrious company - quite literally the stuff of my dreams. With the Croatian police leading the way we're also spoiled to make some swift progress. Thanks for watching, Tim Apologies for the issues with the connection on my microphone on two occasions during this day - clearly being thrown around by the bumpy roads too much. Chapters: 00:00 We Get Started 00:59 Walking the Grid 02:59 Convoy Starts 08:07 Zenvo in Race Mode 08:48 Chasing La Voiture Noire 13:37 Arrived at the Top 17:20 Convoy Heading Out 21:03 Driving Down the Hillclimb 23:40 Back in Zagreb 25:52 Arrival at the Garage 26:31 Number Plate Problems 27:47 Wrap Up #SOCCroatia2022 #Bugatti #LaVoitureNoire Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

FOUND THE MISSING POWER! My SLS Black Series is Back to Full Horsepower


It's finally time to get to the bottom of the power issues with my SLS AMG Black Series! When I bought it, a stock dyno run showed that it wasn't making the full 631hp you'd expect. Fast forward and some extensive work later, let's visit GAD Tuning to find out where it is now. I bough the SLS Black Series at the start of 2020; a car that was original Himalaya Grey and had driven around 10,500km (6,500 miles), before I imported it to the UK and change the colour to Mystic Blue. That wasn't where the modifications stopped, as we went to Opus in Germany to upgrade it to the RENNtech R1 package, but before even starting did an initial dyno run so we could compare the before and after. This is where the problems started to show up, as it came in at 582hp, rather disappointingly 49hp down on standard. With a large naturally aspirated engine like this you would always expect something, but not that much. Regardless, we did the upgrades to the R1 kit including the headers, sports cats and tune, before doing another dyno run which showed that it had been brought back to above stock power and some good gains to 636hp. However, the question has been on our minds ever since, and the same for many of you, where did that missing power actually go?! Fast forward, and the SLS has spent an extended period of time with Avantgarde for a 5-figure overhaul of numerous components including a rebuild to the top-end of the engine, replacing a host of parts along the way. Therefore, the ultimate test is to bring it to GAD Tuning for a dive into where it is, to install some new BMC Air Filters and ultimately a final tune to have it running properly. It's important to note that no two dynos will record the same numbers, and take into account all sorts of different elements. However, starting from a basis, we have the first run showing 581hp and 677Nm, which falls bang on to Anthony's expectations. Things get interesting with the installation of the new Air Filters from BMC, as the next runs bring it to 603hp and 696NM, gains of an extraordinary 22hp and 19Nm from a filter change alone. The next stage is to work on the tune, and 5 minutes later a final run gives us an output of 624hp and 704Nm, which equate to approximately 650hp in comparison to manufacturer figures, and therefore about where it should be for the level of modifications made to this car. Of course in something with a twin turbo engine, you'll have initial numbers above claims, and it's easy to tune them up by lots more, but for the M159 this is impressive and very satisfactory. A huge thanks to Anthony at GAD for his work on the dyno runs, and to Steve and the team at Avantgarde for the blood, sweat and tears over the last 12 months to have this car running properly! 🤍 🤍 Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:40 Recap the Engine Problems 05:30 Dyno Preparation 06:12 Stock Dyno Run 09:17 Installing BMC Air Filters 09:44 2nd Dyno Run with BMC Air Filters 13:00 3rd Dyno Run with GAD Tune 17:44 Final Thoughts 19:07 Wrap Up #AMG #SLSBlackSeries #Dyno Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

I've Been Keeping a SECRET! Welcome to The Shmuseum V2 | VLOG 80


This has been a little secret... but I'm very excited to finally reveal the next chapter for 🤍The Shmuseum, and our first expansion! With the collection of Shmeemobiles quickly expanding, space was always going to be a problem, but now we have the solution. We moved into The Shmuseum as the 🤍Shmee150 HQ almost exactly a year ago and what an amazing year it has been. It's a huge thank you to the 120,000+ subscribers to the channel, plus the amazing brands and partners who have supported the journey so far. However, while we've been working on the plans for the office and mezzanine, an opportunity came up about 4/5 months ago that diverted plans and was too good to be refused. Welcome therefore, to the second generation of The Shmuseum and our brand new space! Approximately 2/3rds the size of the main hall, the new area gives a distinct split between uses and will allow the setup of a workshop for us to carry out light tasks in house, and who knows what down the line, with the main barn very much taking the museum duties. It's early stages and I'm giving some time to take in ideas before committing to it all and an exact layout. After coming to show you the new area, we can also update on the plans for what we're doing across the entire space. Then it's actually out to pick up the Ferrari GTC4Lusso and explain where that's been recently. Thanks for watching!

We've Got ANOTHER Practical Team Vehicle?! | SHMUSEUM VLOG 90


We're taking delivery of another new team car, and you REALLY won't be expecting this one! But first, we're heading up to Cambridge Car Audio with the SLS Black Series and GTC4Lusso so the Mercedes can be dropped off for some fine tuning. Then it's back into the Ferrari for a relaxing drive back to The Shmuseum. Now we're back, let's introduce you to our latest team car, the Ford Transit Custom MSRT in this outrageously bright colour that helps it fit in perfectly with the rainbow of Shmeemobiles. We've finally got a truly practical vehicle in the form of a van, and we cannot wait to start using it. Next up, Brad and Tom are heading over to DUB Customs to drop off the E500 for a leather repair after a slight accident when folding down the rear seats. Once back at base, we head to V2 to finish off the build of our mystery table - all shall be revealed in our next video. Thanks for watching!

Shmee150 on his £6M Car Collection, The Gumball 3000 and Living the Supercar Dream


Tim Burton, known professionally as Shmee150 or Shmee, is a British car vlogger and YouTuber, who is based in London. His YouTube channel shmee150 has over two million subscribers and features videos of him traveling around the world talking about and driving supercars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Mercedes just to scratch the surface. This week's episode see's Steve join Shmee at the Shmee150 Museum (or the shmuseum) for a very special episode dedicated to the supercar dream, the exploits and adventures of the Gumball Rally, the future of cars and racing in a more sustainable world, and how to take your talents to the world through the use of social media. Shmee reveals his greatest memories from 12 years as a Supercar influence including; Going on a Safari in a Mercedes G-Wagon Maybach, Driving a laferrari aperta at sunset and waiting on the streets of london to film a video of the Lamborghini sesto elemento. Shmee150: 🤍 Steven Sulley: 🤍 Be Happy Never Content

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