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DEVELOPING! Cristiano Ronaldo receives offer to sign for Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr


SUBSCRIBE ► 🤍 Al-Nassr have made the best offer so far to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, Sky Sports News has been told.. ►TWITTER: 🤍 ►FACEBOOK: 🤍 ►WEBSITE: 🤍 MORE FROM SKY SPORTS ON YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS PREMIER LEAGUE: 🤍 ►SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL: 🤍 ►SKY SPORTS BOXING: 🤍 ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: 🤍 ►SOCCER AM: 🤍 ►SKY SPORTS F1: 🤍 ►SKY SPORTS: 🤍 ►SKY SPORTS GOLF: 🤍

Saudi-Arabië zorgt voor enorme sensatie🤯 | samenvatting Argentinië - Saudi-Arabië | WK 2022 Qatar


Er ontbreekt nog een hoofdprijs in de prijzenkast van Lionel Messi. Op het WK in Qatar wil hij met Argentinië wereldkampioen worden. Maar al in de eerste groepswedstrijd gaat het mis. Saudi-Arabië zorgt voor een enorme stunt door de titelfavoriet met 2-1 te verslaan. #fifaworldcup #wk2022 #samenvatting Wil je meer video's zien en helemaal niks missen? Abonneer je dan op ons kanaal! ► VRAGEN/TIPS/IDEEËN? Laat in de comments weten wat je van NOS Sport vindt! 🤍 ► VOLG ONS: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍NOSSport Facebook: 🤍

URGENT! Russia Saudi Arabia China Slam The G7 Oil Price Cap Of $60 A Barrel


On Monday, Europe and the United States began enforcing two of the toughest measures aimed at limiting Russia's income from oil, the main source of cash used to fund its nearly 10-month-long war in Ukraine. The first, a price cap initiative led by the United States, aims to increase economic pressure on the Kremlin while avoiding a global oil shock. The limit was set at $60 per barrel and was supported by the Group of Seven countries, Australia, and European Union members. The second is an embargo that will prevent European nations from purchasing most Russian crude beginning Monday. The European Union agreed to it months ago, but it was phased in with exceptions to prepare member nations. Oil prices fluctuated on Monday, with Brent crude, the international benchmark, rising by about 2.5 percent to $87.75 per barrel at midday in Europe. The West Texas Intermediate futures contract was trading at $82 per barrel. An immediate impact on European oil supplies was not anticipated, in part because the embargo had been in the works for months, and energy companies had already begun purchasing more oil from the United States, Brazil, Guyana, and the Middle East. Although analysts and traders say the price cap may prove a nightmare to administer, one expert on sanctions said the lengthy negotiations had produced a deal with the potential to work. “I suspect the compromise that was reached gives the policy the best chance it could have to succeed,” said Edward Fishman, a senior research scholar at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy. Mr. Fishman, who previously led the Department of State's planning and implementation of sanctions against Russia, believes there are several reasons to be optimistic. One example is the recent softening of oil markets, which he interpreted as implying that Russian oil is no longer as important to markets as it was a few months ago. He also stated that the agreed-upon $60 price was a "Goldilocks" level, not too high to provide Russia with additional revenue or too low to discourage Moscow from producing oil. He also stated that the cap's provision to review the price level every two months, or more frequently if necessary, provided the "flexibility" that has historically aided in the effectiveness of sanctions such as those targeting Iran's oil sales. Nonetheless, scepticism about the measures' likely efficacy stems in part from the United States and European countries mandating European shippers and insurers to enforce it by refusing to handle cargoes priced above $60 per barrel. For starters, analysts say that data on Russian oil pricing has become scarce in recent months. Few, if any, trades are reported, and market prices "are mostly based on hearsay," according to Viktor Katona, an analyst at Kpler, a shipping research firm. Russia has stated that it will not accept a price cap and has threatened to cut off supplies to countries that do. If Russia follows through on such steps and restricts oil flows to Europe as it has natural gas flows, it could destabilise the oil market. "These measures will undoubtedly have an impact on the stability of the global energy market," Dmitri S. Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said on Monday, referring to the embargo and price cap, according to Tass, the Russian state-run news agency. Analysts believe Russia has been assembling a "shadow fleet" of old tankers in order to export its oil and avoid EU sanctions, but they doubt it can assemble a large enough flotilla. If it can't, Russia may have to start shutting down wells. The G7 nations — the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan — have already largely stopped buying Russian oil, so any problems with a drop in Russia's exports risk harming the economies of countries like China and India, which are major customers who have refused to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The looming embargo and the price cap were the primary reasons why OPEC and its allies, including Russia, decided to maintain their oil production quotas on Sunday. The group, known as OPEC Plus, appears to have decided that there was no reason to change its policy in the face of numerous economic uncertainties, including a stumbling Chinese economy and crippling global inflation, which are fueling fears of a recession. Many analysts believe Saudi Arabia, the de facto leader of the producers' group, is aiming for a Brent crude price of around $90 per barrel. Market observers believe that if prices fall significantly below that level, the Saudis will cut production regardless of protests from Ukraine and its allies. #opecplus #saudinews #russianews #oilprice #oilpricehike #g7 #sanctionsonrussia

Why Saudi Arabia is Gladly Helping Russia


Saudi Arabia is getting closer to China and Russia and it's not good for US National Security. unironically hooah photos: 🤍 unironically hooah tweets 🤍 Join our Membership Tier For Exclusive Videos: 🤍 Written by: Chris Cappy & Justin Taylor Edited by: Savvy Studios Task & Purpose is a military news and culture oriented channel. We want to foster discussion about the defense industry. #SAUDIARABIA #GEOPOLITICS #NATO Email capelluto🤍 for inquires.

Saudi Arabia official responds to Biden's threats over oil cuts


Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir talks to CNN's Becky Anderson about OPEC+ production cuts and responds to criticism of the move from US leaders. #CNN #News

We Got Beat Up In Saudi Arabia | The Night Shift


Get 20% Off and Free Shipping from Manscaped at 🤍 on today's episode, we embark on a journey of epic proportions to the kingdom of saudi arabia and the beautiful city of riyadh, plus i get more than i bargained for from the usos and roman reigns at the wwe crown jewel, logan splashes off the top rope, we explore some arabic cuisine with the locals, run into some international static, study the history of german airlines, and try a california burger in the middle east. i hope anthony bourdain would be proud. buy the fifth vital book here: 🤍 ​ follow the new bestburger tiktok: 🤍 follow the new bestburger instagram: 🤍 buy the fifth vital book here: 🤍 ​ so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast. follow the night shift gaming channel: 🤍 ADD ME ON: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍

Saudi Arabia’s controversial mega-city project: The Line


In 2021, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman revealed the country's plans to build The Line, a smart linear city that will be constructed vertically, have no roads or cars and run purely on renewable energy. Now, the Saudi government has released image renders of what The Line could look like once it's done. The city was designed to only be 200 meters (656 feet) wide, but 500 meters (1,640 feet) tall and 170 kilometers (105 miles) long. It will house multiple communities encased in a glass facade running along the coast and will eventually be able to accommodate up to 9 million residents. The Line's designers envision a city wherein facilities are just a five-minute walk away from people and where residents can organically bump into each other as they go about their daily errands. While it will have no roads and won't be able to accommodate cars, it will have a high-speed rail for end-to-end transit that will take 20 minutes. It will also rely on a natural ventilation system to make sure residents enjoy the ideal climate all year round. The Line is part of Saudi's $500 billion Neom mega-city project being built in the country's Tabuk Province. It's a divisive initiative that's been beset with controversy from the time it started, because around 20,000 people will be forced to relocate by its construction. The controversies surrounding Neom had compelled Riot Games to quickly go back on its decision to enter a sponsorship agreement with the mega-city project. Neom was supposed to be a main partner for Riot's LEC esports championship in Europe two years ago until backlash from fans caused the company to end the sponsorship deal a mere 24 hours later. Read more about Saudi Arabia's 100-mile long emission-free smart city here: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on TikTok: 🤍 The Engadget Podcast: 🤍 More about Engadget Audio: 🤍 Read more: 🤍

Why Saudi Arabia is doomed


Go check out Ground News at 🤍 ►You can support my channel on Patreon here: 🤍 ►You can also support me on PayPal here: 🤍 ►You can support me on ko-fi here: 🤍 ►You can follow my twitter here: 🤍 ►You can also follow me on Instagram here: 🤍 ►You can discuss this video on my subreddit: 🤍 ►You can follow and watch me on twitch here: 🤍 ►You can join my community, give feedback and talk to me here: 🤍 Saudi Arabia may seem to many of us to be a country with a golden future. A country with enormous reserves of wealth, collected from almost a century of trading in oil and holding a monopoly on the world's hydrocarbon market. BUT... I would argue that the enormous economic power the Saudis built on the hydrocarbon market has doomed their country, as well as those of their neighbors in Qatar or the UAE. The holding of such a monopoly stagnated political development and therefore left these countries in a position of being ill-prepared for a world after oil. To showcase this, I will however take you to a different place first. The Congo Why Nations Fail by Darren Acemoglu and James Robinson A world History of Slavery by Milton Meltzer Conquerors by Roger Crowly Impromptu no. 4 in A flat major, D. 899 Preludes, Op. 28 - No. 15 'Raindrop' Ballade no. 1 in G minor, Op. 23 You might be interested in this video too: 🤍 Thank you again, and don't forget to subscribe to watch more.

The Line Actually Begins Construction


The Line in Saudi Arabia actually begins construction! Drone footage has recently revealed that construction of the $1 Trillion Skyscraper that is part of the massive Neom megaproject has actually begun! But what will happen next? Let's find out! For more skyscraper & megaproject content be sure to subscribe to Top Luxury. Thanks for watching this video: The Line Actually Begins Construction Check Out These Videos: Saudi Arabia's $1 Trillion Skyscraper 🤍 Biggest Megaprojects in the World 🤍 Size Comparison of World's Tallest Skyscrapers 🤍 #megaprojects #skyscrapers #neom 0:00 The Line in Saudi Arabia Starts Construction 0:32 What is Neom & The Line? 1:55 Construction of The Line Actually Begins 3:09 What Will Happen to The Line? - Scenario 1 4:00 What Will Happen to The Line? - Scenario 2 5:30 What Will Happen to The Line? - Scenario 3 Contact us: topluxuryinfo[at] 3D-rendering credits: Maps Data: Google, Imagery ©2022 TerraMetrics, Map data ©2022 -"Swedish royal yacht Amadis" (🤍 by Museovirasto Museiverket Finnish Heritage Agency is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (🤍 -"Yacht" (🤍 by Sergei is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (🤍 -"Realistic Palm Tree Model vol.1" (🤍 by aliyeredon is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (🤍

We Went To Saudi Arabia.


In today's episode, we take you along on one of our craziest trips so far. Never in a million years did we think we'd go to Saudi Arabia this soon. Then, all of a sudden, we decided to just do it. We were hesitant to go given all we’ve read about the country. During our journey to 100 countries and beyond, we will undoubtedly visit countries where we don’t agree with certain laws or practices, and personally, we don’t want this to stop us from going. After all, how can we build understanding if we refuse to meet people, or are not open-minded enough to talk to someone who might disagree with us? We need more understanding, respect, and international cooperation, not greater divides. Our intention has always been to use our platform as a personal diary to look back on, and we want to take every opportunity we can to grow and learn more about the world. More videos from Saudi Arabia coming soon!🇸🇦 Thank you for always supporting us and being the best people on the planet🌍❤️ - FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: 🤍 - Music: 🤍 We are Oskar & Dan, two boys from Sweden who decided to change the course of our lives, drop out of university and live life full-time. We're planning to visit every country in the world eventually, with an initial goal of 100 before the end of 2022. By the time of posting this video, we're both 24 :) Saudi Arabia was country #83/197🌍 Thank you for watching!🙏😍❤️

Sailing into Saudi Arabia was NOT what we expected! (Ep 214)


As we continue our journey up the Red Sea, we stop and spend three days in Saudi Arabia. Next, we dodge cargo ships for two and a half days as we sail 400 miles to Egypt. Thanks for tuning in this week! All episodes of our show are created exclusively by me, Keith, & the kids. You can also follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram, or If you’d like to support our video-making efforts, here’s several ways you can share the love: ❤️ —BECOME A MEMBER OF THE Z-CREW! 🤍 —BUY A TICKET TO THE SHOW! 🤍 -GRAB SOME MERCH or BOAT GEAR: 🤍 -WHAT CAMERAS DO WE USE? Find all my favorite filming gear here: 🤍 Happy Sailing! Renee & the Z-Crew _ Music In This Video: Our Theme song: Float Away by Grabbitz provided by Monstercat: 🤍 Find it here: 🤍 This music provided by Epidemic Sound 🤍 Hawa e Ghorbat by Mohammed Rezai How About Forever by Mike Franklyn Scented Nectar by Rune Dale Ya Hibibi by Push ‘n Glide #TheRedSea

Inside The Trillionaire Lifestyle Of The Saudi Prince


Inside The Trillionaire Lifestyle Of The Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, the future king of Saudi Arabia was born in the lap of luxury to billionaire royal parents. The crown prince is currently living his best life as one of the richest people in the world. Here are some details about Mohammed bin Salman’s billionaire lifestyle. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Track: Arabik — Next Route [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– #billionairelifestyle #lifestyle We show billionaire lifestyle to give you motivation for 2020. Luxury lifestyle videos of successful people is the best way to get inspired and motivated to create billion dollar wealth. Life of a billionaire is full of beautiful women and fast cars. For us, success is living a billionaire life with motivation, to make 2020 the best year of your life! _ Subscribe For Motivation, Inspiration And Success. Disclaimer : This video was created with the aim to educate and inspire its audience. 9 FIGURE LIFE does not own the video clips or the music, i.e. all rights are reserved to their respective owners. If the owner/s would like to get the music or video clips removed, I have no problem in doing so. (There is no negative impact on the original content) Copyright Policy : Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. _

INSANE! Saudi Arabia And Russia's NEW DEAL To COLLAPSE The U.S Economy CHANGES Everything


INSANE! Saudi Arabia And Russia's NEW DEAL To COLLAPSE The U.S Economy CHANGES Everything #saudiarabia #economy #russia The Saudis had difficult problems due to the shale sector. It was difficult for OPEC to cope with making them a lot less effective. Their market power seemed to be evaporating. They needed another big producer to try and regain their influence over the market. Russia was the obvious choice. It was the world’s number two producer and exporter. By 2016, after various discussions and overtures, Russia began cooperating with Saudi Arabia and OPEC. Russia also brought along a couple of other allies with Kazakhstan being the most important one. It was US shale that led to the formation of OPEC+ and this organisation has since been going strong. The OPEC+ countries cut oil production by over two million barrels just before this year’s US midterm elections. This October cut was really extraordinary. Saudi Arabia has never pushed OPEC to cut production when the incumbent US president did not want it to. This time, US President Joe Biden wanted an increase in oil production. He wanted lower gasoline prices at the pump because American consumers believe that the president controls them. Instead, it is the Saudis who have the most influence over gasoline prices. They can increase production and lower gasoline prices, making them a non-issue for an American president. In the past, the Saudis obliged Barack Obama and Donald Trump. When the Saudis obliged Obama, the late King Abdullah was in charge. Under King Salman, equations with the Democrats have changed. The Saudis were willing to oblige Trump but decided to hurt Biden by cutting production and increasing prices. It is clear that Saudi Arabia and OPEC value their oil market cooperation with Russia. The cartel has become more disciplined with Russia on board. Under Saudi-Russian dual leadership, OPEC+ has become stronger. Before the invasion of Ukraine, the Saudis had more to gain from this partnership. After the invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin is really the big winner. OPEC+ provides him the best stage for geopolitical influence. He seems to revel in the fact that he’s managed to shoehorn himself into this tight US-Saudi relationship. The US and Saudi Arabia Drift Apart. The Saudis are unlikely to jettison Putin despite US pressure. They are making a point of making diplomatic visits and taking the Russian president’s calls. In contrast, they made a show of rejecting Biden’s calls last year. The Saudis seem to be signaling to Washington that there are consequences for spurning their Gulf Arab partners. Disagreements between the US and the Gulf states date back at least to the Arab Spring. As shale production went up, the US did not worry too much about such disagreements. There was a feeling that we’re self-sufficient in oil. That gives us a free pass on not having to cater to our Middle East allies, at least to some of their demands. It turns out that the US motorist is just as exposed to global oil prices as ever. The Gulf oil exporters still remain the global price makers. Saudi Arabia has spare capacity. That is the gap between how much a country actually produces and how much it could potentially produce if it went flat out and opened all the taps. Spare capacity makes Saudi Arabia special. It gives the Saudis their swagger on the geopolitical stage. They can always tap spare capacity in case of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or an earthquake. They can also do so in case of a political upheaval such as an invasion or an embargo. In the past, the Saudis leveraged spare capacity in concert with the US. When Washington wanted to invade Iraq or sanction Iran, Saudi Arabia unlocked its spare capacity to release extra oil into the global market. So in my classes here at Rice University, I used to say that the Saudis protect the US motorist from US foreign policy. After this October that might not be true anymore. Saudi Arabia is now behaving differently. Biden campaigned on making the Saudis a pariah. Well, once he was elected, Saudi spare capacity was less available to the US. We had a really fast post-COVID recovery in oil demand and we had this big oil price shock. And we had OPEC+ basically saying that we’re just going to stick to our plan of drip-feeding oil to the global market by increases of 400,000 barrels a day. As a result, oil prices rose all the way up to $130 a barrel.

അമേരിക്ക വീഴുന്നു!ഷി സൗദിയിലേക്ക്! ശക്തി നേടി ചൈന കുതിക്കുന്നു!|Xijingping in Saudi Arabia|


അമേരിക്ക വീഴുന്നു! ഷി സൗദിയിലേക്ക്! ശക്തി നേടി ചൈന കുതിക്കുന്നു! ഒടുവിൽ ആ സത്യം നമുക്ക് മുന്നിൽ|Xijingping in Saudi Arabia| 'Umayappa Online Media' #internationaldefence#xijingping#saudi#america

The Saudi prince: how dangerous is MBS?


Muhammad bin Salman, or MBS—the millennial crown prince of Saudi Arabia—appears increasingly invincible. With the war in Ukraine disrupting energy supplies, Western leaders are eager to get their hands on his oil. But should they worry about the young prince’s power? 00:00 - How dangerous is MBS 01:06 - How MBS has reformed Saudi Arabia 02:59 - Who is MBS? 03:36 - MBS’ rise to power 06:21 - Khalid Al-Jabri on MBS’ brutal regime 08:14 - The murder of Jamal Khashoggi 09:21 - The impact of the global energy crisis 10:02 - Who, if anyone, can stop MBS? Read Nick Pelham’s 1843 profile on MBS: 🤍 Sign up to The Economist’s daily newsletter: 🤍 Find our most recent coverage on the Middle East & Africa: 🤍 How to deal with despots: 🤍 What does the Middle East offer America?: 🤍 How did MBS rise to power?: 🤍 Why many Saudis are seething at MBS’ reforms: 🤍

Saudi Arabia's $1 Trillion Skyscraper


Saudi Arabia has just unveiled its plans for the biggest construction project ever. The Mirror Line is supposed to be 500 meters tall and incredible 170 kilometers long. But why do they propose such insane plans? Can they really make it happen? Or are there other intentions behind it. Let's find out. For more skyscraper & megaproject content be sure to subscribe to Top Luxury. Let us know your thoughts about the Mirror Line in the comments below and thank you for watching our video about Saudi Arabia's $1 Trillion Skyscraper. Check Out These Videos: What If Everyone Lived in One Building? 🤍 Insane Megaprojects that were Never Built 🤍 The End of Mega-Tall Skyscrapers 🤍 #megaprojects #engineering #construction 0:00 Saudi Arabia's $1 Trillion Skyscraper 1:06 Vision 2030 2:10 The Mirror Line 3:18 Can they build it? 4:49 Are there other intentions? 6:05 Reactions & Criticism Thumbnail render credits: Maps Data: Google, Imagery ©2022 TerraMetrics, Map data ©2022 "Swedish royal yacht Amadis" (🤍 by Museovirasto Museiverket Finnish Heritage Agency is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (🤍 "Yacht" (🤍 by Sergei is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (🤍 "Realistic Palm Tree Model vol.1" (🤍 by aliyeredon is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (🤍 Contact us: topluxuryinfo[at]

Completely Crazy Saudi Arabia Fan Reactions To 2-1 Goal Against Argentina In The World Cup


Completely Crazy Saudi Arabia Fan Reactions To 2-1 Goal Against Argentina In The World Cup Liking the video or subscribing would help us a lot:) Thanks for your support! Subscribe to this channel for more videos like this:) 🤍 Email contact: sommityt🤍 Intro-Song: Track: Cartoon - Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Outro-Song: Track: Warriyo - Mortals [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Sommit If you have any copyright issues, please don't strike this video, just send me an e-mail (sommityt🤍 and I will remove this video right away or we will find another solution. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS. The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such a link and buy via this link, I get a comission from your purchase. The price does not change for you:)



Special atmosphere inside Lusail Stadium for Argentina vs Saudi Arabia! Subscribe for more content around FIFA World Cup 2022… ↓Open for links↓ ►FACEBOOK: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ►Business Enquiries:🤍

Saudi Arabia's Crazy Half Time Speech vs Argentina


Saudi Arabia Coach Hervé Renard gave an emotional half time speech to give his players the motivation for the come back against Messi's Argentina.

Lewandowski heeft zijn eerste WK-goal te pakken | samenvatting Polen - Saudi-Arabië | WK 2022 Qatar


Na de megastunt tegen Argentinië (2-1 winst) zaten de tribunes vol met enthousiaste Saudische fans. Het team treft een Lewandowski met een missie: zijn eerste WK-goal scoren. #fifaworldcup #wk2022 #samenvatting #polsau #polen Wil je meer video's zien en helemaal niks missen? Abonneer je dan op ons kanaal! ► VRAGEN/TIPS/IDEEËN? Laat in de comments weten wat je van NOS Sport vindt! 🤍 ► VOLG ONS: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍NOSSport Facebook: 🤍

How Saudi Arabia beat Argentina


I thought Argentina would win the World Cup, But I changed my mind.

HUGE upset by sensational Saudis | Argentina v Saudi Arabia highlights | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


Watch highlights of the Group C game between Argentina and Saudi Arabia at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Get all the highlights from Qatar 2022 on FIFA+ 👉 🤍 Find out where to watch the games live here 👉 🤍 Follow FIFA World Cup & FIFA Women's World Cup: 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (full documentary) | FRONTLINE


One year after the murder of columnist Jamal Khashoggi, FRONTLINE investigates the rise and rule of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia. In a never before seen or heard conversation featured in the documentary, the Saudi Crown Prince addresses his role in Khashoggi’s murder exclusively to FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith. Smith, who has covered the Middle East for FRONTLINE for 20 years, examines MBS's vision for the future, his handling of dissent, and his relationship with the United States. This journalism is made possible by viewers like you. Support your local PBS station here: 🤍 Love FRONTLINE? Find us on the PBS Video App where there are more than 250 FRONTLINE films available for you to watch any time: 🤍 Subscribe on YouTube: 🤍 #MBS #SaudiArabia #Khashoggi Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 FRONTLINE is streaming more than 200 documentaries online, for free, here: 🤍 Funding for FRONTLINE is provided through the support of PBS viewers and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Major funding for FRONTLINE is provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the Abrams Foundation, the Park Foundation, The John and Helen Glessner Family Trust, and the FRONTLINE Journalism Fund with major support from Jon and Jo Ann Hagler on behalf of the Jon L. Hagler Foundation.

China-Arab Summit: China Kicking US Out of Middle East? | Saudi Arabia's Red Carpet for Xi Jinping


China-Arab Summit: Is China Kicking the US Out of the Middle East? | Saudi Arabia's Red Carpet for Xi Jinping. China is fast emerging as a serious challenger to the United States and the “free world order” that the US thinks it leads. China has arrived in the Middle East. And to announce this arrival, Saudi Arabia is planning a grand China-Arab summit on December 9th. Middle Eastern nations are viewing ties with China purely from a business perspective. With China, though, it’s never just business. Europe is learning this the hard way. Watch to know more. China | Saudi Arabia | Middle East | Xi Jinping | China | Saudi Arabia China | China UAE | China Iran | Russia China | Russia Ukraine War | US Saudi Arabia Tensions | Defense | Gulf | Crude Oil | United States | Geopolitics | Latest News | International News | Firstpost #europe #russia #europeanunion #france #germany #ukraine #war #oil #pricecap #G7 #ukrainewar #russiaukraine #joebiden #moscow #putin | n18oc_world Subscribe to Firstpost YouTube channel to never miss a video: 🤍 Follow Firstpost on Instagram: 🤍firstpost Follow Firstpost on Facebook: 🤍firstpostin Music credits: BNB PRODUCTIONS - "DREAMING" LIL SKIES TYPE BEAT BNB Productions 🤍

How Saudi Arabia Is Turning It's Desert Into Green Forest


This is Saudi Arabia measuring a massive 2 million square km, making it the 14th largest country by landmass! However, 95 percent of the kingdom is a hot dry desert where you find lots and lots of sand! It is also one of the few countries where you find not a single permanent river! You are also looking at a country where the average annual rainfall is below 150 mm all year round! However, if you zoom in on the country, you will see something totally unexpected; arable land! Saudi Arabia is dotted by a network of farmlands where agriculture thrives, letting farmers harvest many kinds of fruits, an abnormality in the hot desert! You will also immediately notice that most of the farmlands are in circles! The nation has 35,000 square kilometers of arable land, which is larger than the Netherlands and larger than three times the size of Qatar! However, in the early sixties, Saudi Arabia only had 400 square kilometers of arable land! How did the oil-rich kingdom multiply its arable land in so short a period? Join us in this video as we dive into the ingenious methods Saudi Arabia has used to turn its desert into a farmland oasis!

Saudi News Today (06-12-2022) Latest Saudi Arabia News Today | Saudi Arabia News | Saudi Arab News


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Saudi Arabia's Coach Crazy Halftime Speech vs Argentina


Saudi Arabia's Coach Crazy Halftime Speech vs Argentina. Saudi Arabia coach Herve Renard gave one of the most rousing halftime speeches to his players at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to give his players the motivation to come back against Messi's Argentina. In the second half, Saudi Abaria came back and won the match with a final score of 2-1. Buy some of the coolest Merch here 🤍 Don't forget to Subscribe to our channel for more stuff - #saudiarabiacoachspeech #HerveRenardspeech

أجانب يقلدون الجمهور السعودي ويرددون شعاراته في كأس العالم 2022 ! Saudi arabia


#قطر #مونديال_قطر2022 #كأس_العالم2022 #saudiarabia #worldcup2022 #qatar2022 #السعودية #الجمهور_السعودي #ميسي #رونالدو العالم كله يلتحق بـ الجمهور السعودي ويقلد شعاراته في كأس العالم 2022

Saudi Arabia become a vast ocean! Flooding in Jeddah after heavy rain


#jeddah #flooding #rain On Thursday, November 24, heavy rainfall in Jeddah led to severe flooding in the west of Saudi Arabia. Videos shared by residents showed Jeddah struggling with the aftermath of the rainfall as severe flooding hits the area. Cars were swept away, streets were engulfed and property was destroyed by the floods. The floods have also caused flight delays at King Abdulaziz International Airport, school closures and blocked the road to Mecca. Most residents were forced to stay indoors as they watched water levels rise steadily outside their homes, while most streets remained flooded. According to the National Meteorological Center of Saudi Arabia, 179mm of rain fell in southern Jeddah on Thursday between 8am and 2pm, was the "highest" on record. Traffic resumed on the Makkah-Jeddah Expressway in both directions after disruption for many hours. Saudi's Civil Defense Agency issued a weather warning amid the extreme weather conditions, advising motorists and residents to be wary of conditions. Winter rainstorms and flooding occur almost every year in Jeddah, where residents have long decried poor infrastructure. The channel lists such natural disasters as: 1) Geological emergencies: Earthquake, Volcanic eruption, Mud, Landslide, Avalanche; 2) Hydrological emergencies: Flood, Tsunami, Limnological disaster, 3) Fires: Forest fire, Peat fire; 4) Meteorological emergencies: Tornado, Cyclone, Blizzard, Hail, Drought, Tornado, Hail, Hurricane, Tsunami, Storm, Thunderstorm, Tempest. #weather #storm

#saudiarabia | heavy rains caused severe floods in Jeddah Saudi Arabia


🔔 Subscribe to the channel to be informed about all the natural disasters that are happening on the planet. -:- November 24, 2022 🇸🇦 #saudiarabia | heavy rains caused severe floods in Jeddah Saudi Arabia #جدة #سيول_ جدة #جدة_تغرق #naturaldisasters #flashflood #flooding #floods #Inundaciones #incendio #flood #eurthquake #climatechange #climatecrisis #climate #climateemergency #winter #summer #spring #autumn #sun #sunset #eclipse #hail #hailstorm #granizado #granizada #tormenta #lluvia #lluvias #snowfall #snow #blizzard #snowstorm #waves #inondations #heavyrain #thunderstorm #rainfall #rain #rains #chuvas #storm #hurricane #tornado #cyclone #meteo #meteor #fireball #volcano #volcan #eruption #waterspout #duststorm #landslide #winds #wildlife #2022 #endoftime #tsunami :- On t he "CLIMATE Change" channel you can watch videos with extreme weather events from all over the world. natural disasters , flashflood , flooding , floods , flood , earthquake , climate change , climate crisis , climate , climate emergency , winter , summer , spring , autumn , sun , sunset , eclipse , hail , hailstorm , granizado , granizada , tormenta , lluvia , lluvias , snowfall , snow , blizzard , snowstorm , waves , inondations , heavy rain , thunder storm , rainfall , rain , rains , chuvas , storm , hurricane , tornado , cyclone , meteo weather , meteor , fireball , volcano , volcan , eruption , waterspout , duststorm , landslide , winds , wildlife incendio , end of time , tsunami , allagamento , tromba d'acqua , Terremoto ,vulcano , neve , grandinata , Grêle , tempo metereologico , eclisse , uragano , incendio forestale , наводнение , цунами , Землетрясение , затмение , лесной пожар , град , торнадо , ураган , вулкан , снег , метеор , terremoto , nieve , meteorito , huracán , incendio Forestal , Potres

🇸🇦 Al Masmak Palace in Riyadh Saudi Arabia #shorts


🇸🇦 Al Masmak Palace in Riyadh Saudi Arabia #shorts Subscribe Here! 🤍 Top videos! 🤍 Follow Me: + INSTAGRAM ► 🤍 + FACEBOOK ► 🤍 + TWITTER ► 🤍 + MY BLOG! ► 🤍 Contact Me: +BUSINESS EMAIL ► david🤍 #saudiarabia #davidsbeenhere #travel About Me: My name is David Hoffmann. For the last 13 years, I have traveled the world in search of unique destinations and cuisines. Since starting David’s Been Here in 2008, I have explored over 1,300 destinations in 95 countries, while documenting them on my YouTube channels, travel blog, and social media sites. I focus mostly on cuisine, culture, and historical sites, but my passion is food! I love to experience and showcase the different flavors each destination has to offer, from casual street food to gourmet restaurant dining. Where have you been? P.S. Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing!

How Saudi Arabia & Russia are crushing the US and UK economies? : Saudi Arabia vs USA


Invest with Goldenpi : 🤍 ➡️Communication Masterclass: 🤍 VIDEO INTRODUCTION: On the 5th of October 2022, the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies including Russia agreed to cut their production of oil by 2 million barrels a day. This is so much oil that it accounts for 2% of the entire world's oil supply and this can have some severe consequences on economies all across the world including the US, UK and India. Now considering the fact that both US and UK are already at the brink of a recession, this oil spike could escalate their situation to a disaster!! Which is why, in response to it, the United states are passing something called the NOPEC bill!! and the UK govt is deploying something called Price cap strategy!! So in short, Russia, Middle east and the west are now engaged in an oil war that could decide the fate of the world economy in 2023!!! So the question is, What exactly is OPEC and why are they cutting down their oil production? What is this NOPEC bill all about? What is UK's price cap strategy? And most importantly, how will this oil war affect India and the world in the next 1 year??? Think School is a Digital School that we all deserved, but never had ►►Check out Think School's Online courses: 🤍 ►Books Everyone should read: 1. Sapiens: 🤍 2.Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: 🤍 3.Presuasion: 🤍 4.Start with why: 🤍 5. Culture code: 🤍 6. Hooked: 🤍 7. I will teach you to be rich: 🤍 8. From Third world to First: 🤍 9. This is Marketing: 🤍 🎧 Want to buy the equipment we use? 1. Our Laptop: 🤍 2. Our Mic: 🤍 3. Camera Stand: 🤍 4. Mobile holder for stand: 🤍 5. Laptop: 🤍 ► Invest in the Stock Market : 🤍 ✅Study Materials: ✅To support our work you can donate here: 🤍 #opec #opec+ #geopolitics #thinkschool #businesscasestudy

🥺Saudi Arab me Qyamat ki nishani🔥 #shorts #jeddah #saudiarabia


#imankibaten Iman Ki Baten also promotes Dawat - o - Islam . The proper presentation , understanding and appreciation of Islam , as well as removing misconceptions about Islam - amongst less aware Muslims and non - Muslims . If we have mistakenly uploaded any copyright material , please message us and we will take it down immediately . Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 , allowance is made for " fair use " for purposes such as criticism , comment , news reporting , teaching , scholarship , and research . Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing . Non - profit , educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use . #YouTube #ImanKiBaten #Gufran #MohammadGufran

Saudi Arabia's Trillion Dollar City: Crypto Legalisation Incoming!?


🛒 Get The Hottest Crypto Deals 👉 🤍 📲 Insider Info in my Socials 👉 🤍 👕 My Merch Store 👉🤍 🔥 TOP Crypto TIPS In My Newsletter 👉 🤍 ~~~~~ 📺Essential Videos📺 Bitcoin Reserve Currency 👉 🤍 MBS Interview Vision 2030 👉 🤍 Population Decline Facts 👉 🤍 MBS Explains The Line 👉 🤍 You Will Own Nothing 👉 🤍 ~~~~~ ⛓️ 🔗 Useful Links 🔗 ⛓️ ► Saudi Central Bank Hires Crypto Expert: 🤍 ► Neom Regions: 🤍 ► Bloomberg Deep Dive About The Line: 🤍 ► Native Saudis Being Displaced: 🤍 ► Saudi Changing Attitude To Cryptocurrency: 🤍 ~~~~~ - TIMESTAMPS - 0:00 Intro 0:47 Saudi Crypto Interests 3:56 Neom Project 7:30 The Line 12:31 MSB Investments, Controversy 17:42 What’s Next For Saudi? ~~~~~ 📜 Disclaimer 📜 The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. #Neom #saudi #city

THE SAUDI'S STEAL THE SHOW! | Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia | Qatar 2022


THE SAUDI'S STEAL THE SHOW! | Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia | Qatar 2022 To be a part of the World Cup watchalongs on DR Sports, email a short video here explaining why you would love to be on the streams: worldcupdrsports🤍 Join the channel & become a member to get access to perks: 🤍 ▶️ Subscribe to DR Sports: 🤍 📲 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 💬 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 🎥 Follow us on TikTok: 🤍 👍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 #Qatar2022 #Football #saudiarabia #DRSports

"MESSI WAS A SHAMBLES" - Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia | Roy Keane post-match reaction


Roy Keane post-match reaction after Argentina 1-2 loss against Saudi Arabia at the World Cup 2022 #messi #worldcup #worldcup2022

The day SAUDI ARABIA Beat Argentina and Messi Disappeared in Qatar World Cup 🇸🇦 🇦🇷


Argentina, one of the favorites to win it all in the FIFA 2022 Qatar world cup faced off against Saudi Arabia. Nobody gave Saudi Arabia a chance of beating Argentina however the future had other plans. This video will show you the magic felt in the stadium when Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1 to get three precious points in the FIFA world cup. 🎥 USA vs Wales 1-1 & $8.00 Non Alcoholic Beer 🍻🇺🇸 (Day 3) 🤍 ✅ My Food Channel 🤍 ✅ FACEBOOK 🤍 If you would like to support my travels in any way, this is it. Thank you 🤍 ✅ My Football YouTube Channel: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍

কি অবস্থা সৌদি আরবের আর্জেন্টিনাকে হারানো সেই ফুটবলারের? Saudi Arabian Footballer Injury


কি অবস্থা সৌদি আরবের আর্জেন্টিনাকে হারানো সেই ফুটবলারের? Saudi Arabian Footballer Injury Enjoy & stay connected with us: Contact Us : +88 01786555463 For Business query : innovate.digitals🤍 * ANTI-PIRACY WARNING * This content is Copyright to Cricket Today. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution, or re-upload is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented. © 2022 Cricket Today

மக்காவில் தமிழர் கைது | உம்ரா பயணி கைது Saudi Arabia tamil news #sauditamilmedia #sauditamil


சவூதி தமிழ் மீடியாவின் தமிழ்செய்திகள் சவூதி தமிழ் மீடியாவின் செய்திப்பிரிவு சவூதி அரேபியாவின் செய்திகளை தினம்தோறும் தமிழாக்கம் செய்து எளிய முறையில் தொகுத்து தமிழ் மக்களுக்காக வெளியிடுகிறோம். Please connect with us contact: sauditamilmedia🤍 #sauditamil #sauditamilnews #tamilnews #tamil #saudiarabiabreakingnewsintamil #sauditamilnewstoday #sauditamilnewslatest #saudiarabinantamilnews #saudiexpatriates #saudiexpatriateslatestnews #ksa #ksaupdates #sauditamilmedia #சவூதிதமிழ்செய்திகள் #சவூதிதமிழ் #சவூதிவாழ்தமிழ்மன்றம #சவூதிதமிழ்சங்கம்

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