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WORLD'S SHORTEST TRIBE (Pygmies of Central Africa)


► SUBSCRIBE for daily travel videos: 🤍 ► INSTAGRAM? Join me: 🤍 This is the hardest I've ever worked to find, plan and execute a story in terms of logistics, finances and production. It took me 2 months to plan and 35 hours to edit. It's also the longest video I've ever made, at 15 minutes, and I really hope you watch it all because I love this kind of storytelling. It's the reason why I travel. The pygmies are a group of tribal ethnicities native to Central Africa (Gabon, Cameroon, DRC and Central African Republic). About 900,000 of them in total are entirely dependent on the dense forest for survival. Genetically speaking, they are the world's shortest ethnic group for unknown reasons. I just spent 24 hours with them here in a remote part of Central African Republic and I made this story from my experience. Please note that I had full permission from the chief to make this story and he was very happy that I came, as you'll hear about in the interview after the credits. If you find this story interesting, please share it with your friends! I also welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE :) Follow 🤍DrewBinsky on IG Stories right now to see this stuff behind the scenes: 🤍 TEXT ME +1 310 349 3854 and I will respond :) Do you want exclusive travel advice, need help planning a trip or want a personalized shoutout? Request a custom video from me on CAMEO: 🤍 FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ►FB: 🤍 (I post daily videos there too!) ►IG Stories: 🤍 WHO AM I? My name is Drew Binsky and I am going to all 197 countries in the world. I make daily travel videos about people, culture and anything else I find interesting on the road. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to travel far and wide, because our planet is beautiful! MORE ABOUT ME: 🤍 CONTACT ME: drew (at) drewbinsky (dot) com

The life of Central African Republic Pygmies | SLICE


The Baaka Pygmies are people that live at the edge of the Bayanga National Park in the Central African Republic. They are known for their songs and dances, but also have their own distribution of roles in the tribe: Women dance the Pongo for the spirits, and men risk their life by climbing up the trees to gather honey from wild bees. Extract from the documentary: “Living cultures – The Baaka Opera” Direction: Jean Queyrat Production: ZED & TF1 SLICE wants to fill up your curiosity! Accessible to anyone from anywhere at any time, this channel is your weekly dose of short docs about curious facts, discoveries, astounding info, unusual stories, weird, fun and instructive. Be smart, have a slice! Subscribe now ►►► 🤍 Follow us 👇 In French: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

African Pygmies in 1938


According to this prewar educational film pygmies hunted and ate monkeys as well as elephants whose tusks they traded. Can one blame them? See my other 1060 clips by searching YouTube with 'michael rogge' Find my photo's here: 🤍 Website 'Man and the Unknown' 🤍



While in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we were invited into the forest to hunt with a group of Pygmies. This group is an African Tribe that is known for their short stature, and their hunting ability. During our adventure together, we found all sorts of things I didn't know were considered food, and also attacked by a mamba... which y'know... was fun. This is the second part of the adventure. In the first... we had to escape a governor that labeled us spies. We bought a crocodile before flooding our motorbikes a few kilometers later. The sun was setting, we were stuck, so we went the the nearest village with an offer… our crocodile for a night stay in their village. They accepted. #congo #travel #fearlessandfar Check out the previous CONGO videos! DEEP Inside VOODOO WRESTLING in CONGO: 🤍 Dressing like Millionaires in Poverty - The Dandies of Congo: 🤍 LOST in CONGO and trading a CROCODILE for a Bed: 🤍 My gear, new locations, and cool discoveries in my Newsletter Join the Adventure Newsletter 🤍 All my Video locations on ONE BIG MAP: 🤍 6 Life Lessons I learned to conquer my fears and travel the world: 🤍 Links to my TV show, Podcast, and More 🤍 0:00-1:18 Intro 1:18-1:44 Recap 1:44-2:50 Waking up in the Village 2:50-5:26 Trekking to Camp 5:26-7:21 Thoughts on the Jungle 7:21-12:15 Hunting Part 1 12:15-16:45 Cooking, Eating & Dancing 16:45-19:14 Wake & Bake 19:14-24:07 Hunting Part 2 24:07-25:43 Snake Attack! 25:43-28:22 Cooking, Eating & Outro Stock video from STORYBLOCKS ♥ Friends ♥ Big love to Obed at kumbukumbutours(at) for putting this trip together. If you want to come to DRC, Rwanda, Uganda, etc. Send him a message! 🤍 ♫ Music ♫ My playlist of songs I use in videos: 🤍 Musicbed is the BEST place for music. (For real though!) Use my coupon code FEARLESSANDFAR at checkout to get your first month free when you purchase an annual Personal subscription. ☎ Say Hi Here ☎ ✧ Instagram: 🤍 ✧ Tweetz: 🤍 ✧ Facebook Fanpage: 🤍 Chase Your Fears 🐉

The Pygmy People Are Hunted for Their Blood


Taken from JRE #1374 w/Justin Wren: 🤍

Reaching Remote Pygmy Tribes in CONGO Documentary - Sebastian Tirtirau


Sebastian Tirtirau is one of the very few people around the world that has worked with remote tribes around the world for the last 25 years. This episode introduces you into the life of remote pygmy tribes in the Congo basin. #PygmyTribes #SebastianTirtirau #TribesDocumentary PRESENTER Sebastian Tirtirau Gabriel Buruiana NARRATION Tom Wilson PRODUCER Spring Media Production EDITING Florian Ardelean MUSIC Mihnea Irimia VIDEO & SOUND RECORDING Madalin Ciobanu Valentin Moloman SOUND DESIGN Florian Titus Ardelean / Cinesound Europe GRAPHICS/VISUAL EFFECTS/COMPOSITING/ANIMATION Cristiana Apostol / Cinesound Europe SPECIAL THANKS Indigenous People that appear in the film DIRECTED BY Attila Peli

African Pygmy Thrills, 1930s


A film about pygmies from the 1930s.To purchase a clean DVD or digital download of this film for personal home use or educational use contact us at questions🤍 To license footage from this film for commercial use visit: 🤍

Congo: The pygmies of Boyanga - BBC News


Go hunting in the forest with pygmies who still live a very traditional way of life. Their elders remember the brutal colonial time under the Belgian King Leopold II. His men would force them to collect rubber from wild forest vines – and amputate limbs if they didn’t collect enough. Please subscribe HERE 🤍 To Find out more: World News Documentary: 🤍 World Service Podcast: 🤍 VR Hub: 🤍

Story of the Pygmy Who Was Kept in the Bronx Zoo w/Forrest Galante | Joe Rogan


Taken from JRE #1403 w/Forrest Galante: 🤍

Ayasa "Ember Steel" C# Pygmy 17 - Malte Marten ( YATAO ) Ayasa Workshop Session


4K and Quality Headphones or speakers recommended. 🤍 🤍 🤍 Performed by Malte Marten ( YATAO ) Instrument: Ayasa Instruments: C# Pygmy 17 ( Ember Steel ) C#) (D) (E) F# G# A (B) C# (D) E F# G# A (B) (C#) (D) (E) Find Yatao: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Sound edit: Jeremy Nattagh Video edit: Janneke de Jong #handpan #ayasainstruments #pantam #embersteel #music

Democratic Republic of the Congo's PygmyㅣExploring the Origin of Humanity


Exploring the Origin of Humanity Democratic Republic of the Congo's Pygmy Pygmy A diminutive ethnicity with a height of below 150 cm Exists around Arica, Southeast Asia, and New Guinea The Pygmy that live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ituri Forest They are also called the Mbuti, they live in search of their prey through the woods

Meet shortest Humans in the world | African Pygmies


Meet the African Pygmies | Shortest People in the world? The African Pygmies or Congo Pygmies, are a group of ethnicities native to Central Africa, mostly the Congo Basin, traditionally surviving on a forager and hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Researchers have traditionally defined pygmies as populations with an average adult male height of no more than 155 centimeters, or about 5 feet, 1 inch. The forested lands of Middle and West Africa are home to Pygmies, which are known to be the shortest people in the world. Despite thousands of years having passed, Pygmies attract the attention of the world with the primitive lifestyle that they have preserved since the "first age." There is not any solid information about the origin of Pygmies, but they have lived in the region for approximately 5,000 years and have been shown to be one of the oldest inhabitants of Africa. These indigenous people, who are about 120 centimeters tall were given the name "Pygmy" which means "dwarf" by the Europeans. Pygmy men are approximately 10 centimeters longer than their women. With their curly hair and fuzzy bodies, Pygmies differ from other groups and have broad chins, flat noses and large eyes. Various theories have been proposed to explain the short stature of pygmies. Some studies suggest that it could be related to adaptation to low ultraviolet light levels in rainforests. This might mean that relatively little vitamin D can be made in human skin, thereby limiting calcium uptake from the diet for bone growth and maintenance, and leading to the evolution of the small skeletal size. Other explanations include lack of food in the rainforest environment, low calcium levels in the soil, the dense nature of the jungle, and adaptation to heat and humidity. It is assumed that today there are about 120,000 Pygmies in the world. Most of them live in a forested area, close to the Atlantic Ocean, in Congo and Cameroon. Smaller Pygmy groups are found also in Rwanda, Burundi, the Central African Republic, Zambia, Gabon and Angola. Pygmies in Cameroon and Congo are separated into two groups, Baka and Bage Pygmies. Baka Pygmies spend their life in the undiscoverable parts of the forests out of the public gaze, while Bage Pygmies live together with the Bantu people, who consist one of the largest tribes in Cameroon and live in areas near forestlands. The Pygmies which are more interested in living the settled life are Bage Pygmies. Living in small groups, Pygmies construct temporary cottages to live in by using bamboo trunks and large leaves they gathered from other trees. Pygmies, who do not like connecting with outsiders and being photographed, lead a different life from the settled people of the Africa continent. Still living a primitive life, Pygmies spend most of their time hunting in the deep forests and gathering fruit plants. Not using any form of money, Pygmies interchange products they hunted and gathered with other groups in return for their needs. By organizing various contests, they teach their children hunting and gathering. The Pygmy people follow the job-sharing method to meet their daily needs. Women keep busy with fishing and construction of their cottages, while men go hunting. Recently, the Cameroon government initiated social integration programs to make Pygmies adopt to settled life. Under the context of the programs, Pygmies are given education in various areas such as agriculture, apiculture and animal breeding. Although they have been accepted as citizens of the countries they live in over time, they still cannot benefit from many social services like health care. Regulating their social life according to highly complicated rules, Pygmies generally prefer persons out of their tribe for marriages. Although polygamy is not forbidden, it is rarely seen within their culture. Their living spaces are narrowing down day by day, as they are not allowed to live in forests which are turned into national parks. The Pygmies are interesting set of people. Generally, they're peaceful and welcoming

Sixpence "Kiss Me" PARODY Pygmies ~ Rucka Rucka Ali


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African Bayaka Pygmies Music Part 1


The Last Dinosaur of the Congo with David Choe


Legend has it that the last remaining dinosaur lives inside the Congolese jungle. Dave Choe and his team of pygmy guides go in search of the beast, slicing their way through the heart of darkness to visit a reclusive tribe who claims to have witnessed the dinosaur's existence. After making sure of his intentions, the tribe's leader offers Dave a ritualistic alcohol that he must drink before setting out to find the animal. Chaos ensues. Follow David Choe on Twitter here: 🤍 Originally aired in 2011 on 🤍 Check out the Best of VICE here: 🤍 Subscribe to VICE here! 🤍 Check out our full video catalog: 🤍 Videos, daily editorial and more: 🤍 Like VICE on Facebook: 🤍 Follow VICE on Twitter: 🤍 Read our tumblr: 🤍

The Tragic but Fascinating Story of the Pygmy Kept in the Bronx Zoo


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Pygmies ​of the Zaire rainforest (Documentary about the former Belgian Congo)


The Congolian rainforests are a broad belt of lowland tropical moist broadleaf forests which extend across the basin of the Congo River and its tributaries in Central Africa. A commonly held belief is that African Pygmies are the direct descendants of Late Stone Age hunter-gatherer peoples of the central African rainforest, who were partially absorbed or displaced by later immigration of agricultural peoples. Follow on Twitter: 🤍 #Pygmies #CongolianRainforest #Documentary

Teeth Sharpening: The Ultimate Pygmy Fashion Statement


Subscribe to Channel 4 Documentary: 🤍 Watch the FULL series on All 4: 🤍 Looking good in the rainforests of the Congo comes at a cost. #Channel4Documentary #Channel4 #Documentary

Châu Phi: Thăm làng bộ lạc người lùn Pygmy ở CHDC Congo | Vlog trải nghiệm khám phá 🇨🇩


Pygmy là bộ lạc người lùn ở những nước vùng Trung Phi. Cùng tới thăm ngôi làng của bộ lạc này ở CHDC Congo. #dulich #trainghiem #phuot #langthang #chauphi #dulichchauphi #drc #congo #trainghiemchauphi #chauphikythu #bolac #bolacchauphi Please follow my official page: ✅ ​🤍 Subscribe #Lainguachan để xem ngay video mới nhất: 📺 🤍 📌Liên hệ hợp tác: Ms Bảo( Assistant) ▶️ Phone: (+84) 384455253 ▶️ Mail:🤍

Ayasa Deepdrawn Stainless - C# Pygmy


To get the best audio impression of this handpan please set quality to 4k and use quality headphones or speakers. This is one of the first handpans we created from deepdrawn stainless steel material (1mm AISI 430). We offer both instruments for handpan players and raw material for handpan makers, click one of the links below if interested. 🤍 🤍 🤍 Scale: C# Pygmy (C#) F# G# A C# E F# G# A Recorded with Oktava MK 012 Raw sound - no editing

পিগমি মানুষ | পৃথিবীর সবচেয়ে খর্বকায় উপজাতি | আদ্যোপান্ত | Pygmy Peoples | Adyopanto


প্রাণীকুলের বৈচিত্রময়তার কারণে আফ্রিকার জঙ্গল এমনিতেই বেশ রোমাঞ্চকর। হিংস্র চতুষ্পদ থেকে শুরু করে বিষাক্ত সরীসৃপ আফ্রিকার রেইনফরেস্টগুলোকে একই সাথে করে তুলেছে ভয়ংকরও। তবে আজ সেসব নয়। জানাব আফ্রিকার জঙ্গলে বসবাসকারী এক মানব সম্প্রদায়ের কথা। নিজেদের অস্বাভাবিক খর্ব আকৃতির কারণে পৃথিবীর মানুষের কাছে যারা পিগমি নামে পরিচিত। আদ্যোপান্ত'র এই পর্বে জানবেন খর্বকায় পিগমি আদিবাসীদের সম্পর্কে! 📌 সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন : 🤍 নতুন ভিডিওর নোটিফিকেশন পেতে অবশ্যই "🔔" বেল আইকনে প্রেস করুন 💻 যুক্ত হোন: ফেইসবুক: 🤍 💻 আমাদের ওয়েবসাইট: 🤍 📌 For Copyright Related Issues, please contact us: adyopanto🤍

Amazing Home of Sticks and Leaves - Baka Pygmy Hut


Order our new book and help us to continue with this important research. UK and international postage options are available here 🤍 bulk orders please contact us. The Baka live in the forests in Cameroon. Their traditional hut, the mongulu, is a finely crafted design woven from thin saplings and covered in maranta leaves. They move periodically and practice a little forest agriculture.

Pygmy Lush - It's A Good Day To Hide


thanks Pygmy Lush and Eadweard J. Muybridge

F Low Pygmy Arpeggio Composition | Beginner Handpan Tutorial


A style that I haven't really touched on yet in my tutorials, here's a nice beginner piece, with an introduction to intermediate ideas. I invite you to create your own composition or structured improvisation based on this handpan lesson. 🐢 - Meridian Handpan - F Low Pygmy 💚Handpans I use💚 👉Aciel Handpan - D kurd 👉Meridian Handpan - F Low Pygmy 👉Meridian Handpan - E Sabye 👉Elaia Handpan - Desert Rose (C# harmonic minor) 👉 RAV Vast - B Rus ☀️Merch: 🤍 ☀️Email me for private tuition: amynaylormusic🤍 ☀️Find more beginner handpan courses at Master The Handpan: 🤍 ☀️Find me on social media: 🤍 🤍 ☀️Join my Patreon community: 🤍 ☀️Buskers hat: 🤍 Special thanks to my very important producers: Kate Thomas Nina Kneip Denise Blundell Jules Thornton Ailana Dallocort Laurent Chiron Trude Overlie Sorin Gabriel Leonie Walenberg Manfred Huber Tereza Koutná Marcus Ward Help me continue to make free tutorial content, and get access to extra videos, free music downloads, behind the scenes content and more by becoming a member of my Patreon community: 🤍 #handpan #beginner #tutorial

Ayasa "Ember Steel" F#2 Pygmy 16 - Jeremy Nattagh


4K and Quality Headphones or speakers recommended. 🤍 🤍 🤍 Performed by Jeremy Nattagh Instrument: Ayasa Instruments: F#2 Pygmy 16 F#2) (C#3) (D3) (E3) F#3 G#3 A3 (B3) C#4 (D4) E4 F#4 G#4 A4 (B4) (C#5) Find Jeremy Nattagh 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Sound edit: Jeremy Nattagh #handpan #ayasainstruments #pantam #embersteel #music #handpanmusic

Pygmy Corydoras Care Guide – Breeding, Food, and More


Pygmy corydoras (Corydoras pygmaeus) are the cutest cory catfish ever, but are they worth all the hype? Let’s talk about what it takes to care for them, how hard it is to breed them, and if I think they’re a must-have fish. 🐟 SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss my latest video: 🤍 🌿 BECOME A MEMBER for bonus content: 🤍 🛒 MATERIALS I USED (I work for Aquarium Co-Op but do not receive commissions from their links.) ▶ Repashy gel food: 🤍 ▶ Live baby brine shrimp: 🤍 ▶ Nano pellets: 🤍 ▶ Sera Micron fry food: 🤍 📚 RESOURCES ▶ Where I bought my captive-bred, tank-raised pygmy corys: 🤍 🦐 EXTRAS ▶ Instagram: 🤍 ▶ Merch store: 🤍 EDITOR: Matt Gray at 🤍 and 🤍 ATTRIBUTION Music from Epidemic Sound: 🤍 (if you use my referral link, I get 1 month free 😀) Music from Soundstripe: — Home Run by Avocado Junkie, UV7TMMCOYCKGEUEY — Shoes 'N' Socks by Cast Of Characters, 3G6VE27IPLIFKAAP #girltalksfish #nanofish #pygmycory 0:00 Pygmy corys – the cutest corydoras ever 0:31 Care requirements for pygmy corys 2:44 What to feed pygmy corys 3:53 How to breed pygmy corys 8:15 Pros and cons of pygmy corys

Zoo Keeper Talks: Pygmy Goats


Here is the latest Zoo Keeper Talk. This week the feature is Pygmy Goats enjoy

Pygmy Hippo baby makes a splash


Obi, our little baby Pygmy Hippo ventured out with mum, Petre, for a swim in the big pool for the first time. The name Obi means heart in the Nigerian Igbo language, and he is certainly melting a few hearts here at Melbourne Zoo :)

Pygmy Seahorses: Masters of Camouflage | Deep Look


Tiny and delicate, pygmy seahorses survive by attaching to vibrant corals where they become nearly invisible to both predators and researchers. Now, biologists at the California Academy of Sciences have successfully bred them in captivity for the first time. Finally, they're able to study the seahorses' amazing act of camouflage up close. SUBSCRIBE to Deep Look! 🤍 DEEP LOOK: a new ultra-HD (4K) short video series created by KQED San Francisco and presented by PBS Digital Studios. See the unseen at the very edge of our visible world. Get a new perspective on our place in the universe and meet extraordinary new friends. Explore big scientific mysteries by going incredibly small. * NEW VIDEOS EVERY OTHER TUESDAY! * Over the summer, biologists from the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco returned from an expedition to the Philippines with some very rare and diminutive guests, a mating pair of pygmy seahorses. Pygmy seahorses live their entire adult lives attached to a type of coral called a Gorgonian sea fan. The seahorses use their long tails to grab on to the delicately branched sea fans. But what’s really amazing is their ability to match the coral’s bright color and knobby texture. They blend in so perfectly that they are barely visible, even to a trained eye. Pygmy seahorses are nearly impossible to raise in captivity. Until recently, there was no record of the seahorses ever living long enough to breed in an aquarium. As a result, very little is known about them, making them extremely attractive to researchers eager to learn about the mysterious species. The Gorgonian sea fan is itself an animal, distantly related to jellyfish and anemones, and is very difficult to raise in tanks. But these seahorses cannot live without the them. How do seahorses mate? They do a courtship dance during which the female puts her eggs in the males brood pouch. How do seahorses give birth? Like other seahorses, it is the male pygmy that rears the offspring in his brood pouch, releasing groups of offspring every two weeks. Check out an additional video from the Cal Academy: 🤍 Find out more about pygmy seahorses: 🤍 Created by KQED Public Media in San Francisco and presented by PBS Digital Studios. Funding for Deep Look is provided in part by PBS Digital Studios and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Deep Look is a project of KQED Science, which is supported by HopeLab, The David B. Gold Foundation; S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation; The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation; The Vadasz Family Foundation; Smart Family Foundation and the members of KQED. #deeplook

Skystruck - Jeremy Nattagh / Ayasa "Ember Steel" F# Low Pygmy 21


4K and Quality Headphones or speakers recommended. 🤍 🤍 🤍 Performed by Jeremy Nattagh Instrument: Ayasa Instruments: F# Low Pygmy 21 (D3) (E3) F#3 G#3 A3 (B3) C#4 (D4) E4 F#4 G#4 A4 (B4) C#5 (D5) E5 F#5 G#5 (A5) (B5) (C#6) Find Jeremy Nattagh 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Sound edit: Jeremy Nattagh #handpan #ayasainstruments #pantam #embersteel #music #handpanmusic

Want a Tiny Cory Catfish? Check Out the Pygmy Cory Cat: Care and Breeding


Hello Everyone, In this video we take a closer look at the Pygmy Cory Cat (Corydoras pygmaeus). Looking for tankmates for cory cats? Check out these options: Ember Tetra: 🤍 Von Rio Tetra: 🤍 Cherry Barb: 🤍 Black Neon: 🤍 Green Neon: 🤍 Exclamation Rasbora: 🤍 Florida Least Killifish: 🤍 Betta Fish: 🤍 Mystery Snail: 🤍 Java Rice Fish: 🤍 Guppy Care: 🤍 Peacock Gudgeon: 🤍 Bristlenose Pleco: 🤍 If you want to learn more about the nitrogen cycle check this video out: 🤍 Our new shirts can be found at: 🤍 For the latest in the fish room check us out on Instagram primetime_aquatics For more cool behind the scenes stuff consider becoming a member! 🤍 If you want to see all the cool stuff Joanna does with other types of scapes check out her channel! 🤍 Check out if you are looking for Pygmy Corys! We would like to thank our channel sponsors for 2021: Flip Aquatics and Fritz Aquatics. For 2021 our fish are being fed Northfin Foods from! They help make what we do here possible and are worth checking out! Thank you so much for watching! #aquariums #aquariumfish #fishtank

Ayasa - Ember Steel - F#2 Pygmy 18 - Marcel Hutter


You can win an F#2 Pygmy 18 by supporting Marcel´s crowdfunding: 🤍 4K and Quality Headphones or speakers recommended. 🤍 🤍 🤍 Performed by 🤍Marcel Hutter Instrument: Ayasa Instruments Ember Steel F#2 Pygmy 18 F#2) (C#3) (D3) (E3) F#3 G#3 A3 (B3) C#4 (D4) E4 F#4 G#4 A4 (B4) (C#5) (D5) (E5) Find Marcel Hutter: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Sound edit: Sander van der Heide Video edit: Lars Nerback #handpan #ayasainstruments #pantam #embersteel #music #handpanmusic

All About Pygmy Corydoras - Perfect Nano Catfish for Smaller Tanks


Pygmy Corydoras and tiny little catfish that do a fine job of keeping your aquarium free from uneaten food that has fallen to the substrate. They only grow to be about 1 inch long for a big female and as they are perfectly gentle they can be kept with any other fish that is of a similar size or equally gentle nature. , This little video takes a look at pygmy corydoras as a species in terms of what kind of tank you should provide them with and what they are like to keep. My favourite fishy stuff! (yes these are affiliate links :) ) Lights Nicrew Classic LED - 🤍 - Traditional led light that's got a nice high output in a white/cool colour range. Makes plants look extra green. Nicrew SKY - 🤍 - really nice light for natural looking tanks, also the one I use for filming. Filters Pat Mini - 🤍 - popular for a reason, just a superb little filter thats great for shrimp tanks and fish alike. ASAP - 🤍 - the old favourite and the one i return to most frequently. Air Pump AP-3 Kit : 🤍 - Great little air pump, not a silent runner, but has been very reliable for me. Tanks Scaper 45 - 🤍 - a lovely high quality tank that comes with a super strong light, and a decent enough hang on back filter - perfect for newbies and scapers alike.

Cute Pygmy Goats! | The Cute Show


When we heard that our pal's family farm had just acquired three baby pygmy goats (easily one of the top ten cutest animals of all time), we set out to meet them ASAP. The goats, named Morning, Noon, and Night, were sweet as can be and we spent two blissful days crawling around the grass with them. We contemplated stealing one, but that would be wrong, so we filmed our experience instead. Enjoy! Originally released in 2012 at 🤍 See more cuteness in our fluffy animal playlist here: 🤍 Subscribe to VICE here! 🤍 Check out our full video catalog: 🤍 Videos, daily editorial and more: 🤍 Like VICE on Facebook: 🤍 Follow VICE on Twitter: 🤍 Read our tumblr: 🤍

World's Shortest Tribe//Batwa Pygmies Of East Africa Uganda//Bwindi Forest


World's shortest tribe//Batwa Pygmies Of East Africa Uganda//Bwindi forest



Pygmy Marmoset as Pet


Pygmy Marmoset as Pet 🤍 Related searches: buy a pygmy marmoset | adopt a pygmy marmoset | is a pygmy marmoset endangered | pygmy marmoset breeder

Pygmy Owl Escape Walkthrough - Games2Jolly


Games2Jolly - Pygmy Owl Escape is a point and click escape game developed by Games2Jolly Team. We know that you are a great fan of Escape games but that does not mean you should not like puzzles. So here we present you Pygmy Owl Escape. A cocktail with an essence of both Puzzles and Escape tricks. Good luck and have a fun!!!

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