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DJI - This is DJI Mavic 3


#DJI #Mavic3 #ImagingAboveEverything DJI Mavic 3 is not just an evolution - it's a revolution. A 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad variable aperture camera capable of recording 5.1K video, a 162mm equivalent telephoto camera, 46 minutes of flight time, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, and more mean that DJI Mavic 3 is not just a drone with a great camera, this is an incredible camera that can fly. Discover more about DJI Mavic 3: 🤍

DJI - Introducing Mavic 3 Classic


#Mavic3 #ExploreVivid This is DJI Mavic 3 Classic This drone features the same 20MP 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera, 46-minute maximum flight time, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, and O3+ transmission system as the original Mavic 3 drone - delivering the absolute essence of flagship imaging to even more creators. —————————————————————————————————— Explore Vivid now: 🤍 Buy your Mavic 3 Classic here: 🤍 ——————————————————————————————————

Review: DJI MAVIC 3 laat steekjes vallen


DJI is heer en meester op het gebied van drones, en versterkt die positie verder met deze Mavic 3. Dankzij de twee lenzen veelzijdiger dan ooit, met een behoorlijk zoombereik, prima accuduur en een stabiele vlucht. Maar helemaal perfect is 'ie (nog) niet. Waarom? Check onze video! KIJK OOK: Nieuwe DRONE-regels: 🤍 DJI Action 2: 🤍 GoPro HERO10: 🤍 Abonneer en zet de BEL aan! VOLG ons op: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

DJI Enterprise - Introducing the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series


#DJI #ThermalDrone #EnterpriseDrone Your Everyday Commercial Drone Introducing the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series, a compact, portable, powerful, and extensive series that redefines the standards for small commercial drones and driving forward a new era of lightweight operations. The DJI Mavic 3E is equipped with a mechanical shutter, a 56x zoom camera and an RTK module for centimeter-level precision, making it the ideal tool for utility inspection, surveying and mapping missions. The DJI Mavic 3T equipped with a thermal camera and takes Search and Rescue missions to the next level. The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series has abundant accessories and is expandable. From the PSDK, MSDK, new DJI RC Pro Enterprise, full software suite and more, the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series is adaptable across multiple workflows and teams. Learn more about the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series: 🤍 Pick up yours, now: 🤍

Beginner's Guide Part 1 - DJI Mavic Pro


I explain all you need to know as a beginner drone flyer with the Mavic Pro Beginner's Guide Part 2: 🤍 I helped my friend set up his Mavic Pro too: 🤍 Buy the Mavic Pro (US): 🤍 Buy the Mavic Pro (UK): 🤍 Buy the DJI Care Refresh Plan (US): 🤍 Buy the DJI Care Refresh Plan (UK): 🤍 PolarPro ND/Polarizer Filters: 🤍 More products and info at 🤍 If you're looking to be a commercially certified drone pilot in the US, enroll in the Drone Pilot Ground School below. 🤍 Get $50 off by using the code: RICKER50 My Gear: Vlogging Camera: 🤍 Production Camera: 🤍 Devin Graham Glidecam: 🤍 Manfrotto Tripod: 🤍 RODE NTG1 Shotgun: 🤍 IDX High Capacity Battery: 🤍 Hoya DMC Pro1 72mm Polarizer: 🤍 Lexar 128GB SDHC: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Music by Rafi:ki

Dji Mavic 3 and 3 Classic Low Light Footage - New Territories with Night Mode?


My analysis of Neat Video: 🤍 The Mavic 3 Classic has new functionalities for improving low light footage: the new Night mode and the ability to shoot at a higher ISO value in the two 10 bits modes, D Log and HLG. These features have been added to the Mavic3 Pro via firmware update, so the two models are now practically identical, the only difference being the telephoto lens. You will find an unexpected surprise toward the end of this video DJI Mavic 3 Classic: 🤍 DJI Mavic 3: 🤍 RC Controller for Mini 3, Air 2S and Mavic 3: 🤍 Lanyard neck strap for DJI RC controller: 🤍 Anti-glare screen protector: 🤍 SanDisk Memory Card: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases On1 Photo RAW: my photo editing and video organizing software: 🤍 DISCOUNT COUPON for 20% off the price of ON1 Photo RAW: VICVP20 (does not work for the subscription, only for one-off payment) My video about ON1 Photo RAW: 🤍 Neat Video, best denoiser for video: 🤍

DJI MAVIC 3 Drone - Productvideo


(NL): Productvideo DJI MAVIC 3 - Drone - te verkrijgen bij 🤍 (FR): Vidéo produit DJI MAVIC 3 - Drone - disponible sur 🤍

DJI Mavic 3 - Flying Over Mount Everest


#DJI #Mavic3 #MountEverest When we say Imaging Above Everything, we mean it. Discover more about the DJI Mavic 3: 🤍 Pick up your Mavic 3 now: 🤍 This is Mount Everest. The highest point on Earth. A place where describing the weather as 'harsh' is an understatement. Together with 🤍8kraw_official, we developed a detailed flight plan that would allow their videographers to take the ultimate drone flight from the summit - capturing the stunning beauty of the mountain, and the surrounding views, as they've not been captured before. In collaboration with: 🤍8KRAW FILMS: LingChen, YuanZong Wang, Yan Xie, YouYuan Lu, SUMAN, Qian Ma, ROCKER

In 60 Sekunden: DJI Mavic 3 (Classic) D-Log Color Grading Trick in Davinci Resolve 18 ohne LUT


DJI Mavic 3 Classic Color Grading ohne LUT in nur 60 Sekunden. Ganz ohne LUT kannst Du mit dieser Anleitung Du D-Log Aufnahmen Deiner DJI Mavic 3 (Classic) in Davinci Resolve 18 rasend schnell in nur in paar Klicks bearbeiten. Globe-Flight DJI Mavic 3 Classic: 🤍 DJI Mavic 3 Classic bei Amazon 🤍 Speicherkarte 🤍 Drohnenlandeplatz 🤍 Drohnenführerschein in A2 (der Große) und 10% Rabatt 🤍 Davinci Resolve 18 (kostenlos) 🤍 Die Studio Version lohnt sich übrigens total! Viel Spaß beim Anschauen! Folge mir auf Instagram: 🤍 Besuche meine Website: 🤍 Die Amazon-Links ( hier in der Videobeschreibung sind Affiliate-Links. Das bedeutet, wenn Du über die Links Etwas kaufst, bekomme ich eine kleine Provision, aber ohne dass sich dabei der Preis für Dich ändert. Danke für Deine Unterstützung! #djimavic3classic #davinciresolve #colorgrading

Drones DJI Mavic Ukraine drops bombs destroy Russian tanks in Donbass


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10 WINTER FLYING TIPS for DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mavic 3


Epidemic Sound Cyber Week Sale link- 🤍 PGYTECH Winter Gloves - 🤍 🌈 HUGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE - DRONE LUTS AND PRESETS - 🤍 Should you fly a drone in winter? YES! It's risky so 10 tips on how to do it safely! ✨DJI Mini 3 PRO - 🤍 DJI MAVIC 3 CLASSIC LINK - 🤍 DJ Mavic 3 Classic (Amazon ) 🤍 📸 ND FILTERS Mini 3 ND MEGAPACK - 🤍 Mini 3 Pro Freewell NDPL Filters - 🤍 Mini 3 Pro Freewell All day ND Filters - 🤍 DJI Avata ND Filters- 🤍 DJI Mavic 3 ND Filters- 🤍 🔥 Drones I Use: ✨DJI Mini 3 PRO - 🤍 DJI MAVIC 3 CLASSIC - 🤍 DJI Mini 3 Fly More Kit - 🤍 DJI Mini 3 Pro ( Amazon ) 🤍 DJI AVATA - 🤍 DJI AVATA (Amazon) 🤍 DJI MAVIC 3 - 🤍 DJI MAVIC 3 (Amazon) - 🤍 DJI Mini 2 - 🤍 DJI Mini 2 (Amazon)- 🤍 📧 - Business email only- darrenmproductions🤍 📸Follow me on Instagram - 🤍 💻 My Titles / Effects here - 🤍 🔥Camera Equipment Main Camera - 🤍 Main Lens - 🤍 Fav GM Lens - 🤍 B-Roll Lens - 🤍 Vlog Camera - 🤍 Insta360 One X2 - 🤍 Drone Car Charger - 🤍 40w Anker Charger for drone - 🤍 Drone Memory Card - 🤍 🔥Editing Devices Main Laptop - 🤍 iPad Pro M1 - 🤍 🎤 Microphones Voiceover Mic - 🤍 DJI Mic - 🤍 Studio Mic - 🤍 Vlog Mic - 🤍 Wireless Mic - 🤍 Small Vlog Mic - 🤍 = Pass Drone Pilot Course - A2Cofc Course in 48hrs here - 🤍 These are Amazon affiliate links, we get a small commission at no cost to your which helps the channel out a lot. Thank you. 🤍DJI Amazon Prime Free Trial ( Next day delivery ) 🤍 #djimini3pro #DJI #mini3pro

DJI Mavic 3 Review - King of Drones // 6 Months In


This Mavic 3 Cine review is after 6 months of using this drone regularly, I’m sort of obligated to do this now because I use it constantly over my other drones. The default color is really incredible, but I also have the option to color grade because of the rich data and Prores format. After firmware updates from DJI this drone now has hyperlapse, a huge battery, a 7x zoom camera with manual picture settings like shutter, iso, etc. (coming in next update) and it's heavy enough to sit still in the wind at night and do a 1 second long exposure. Cannot recommend it enough just because of how little you have to stress over what you’re filming since anything it records has turned out better after viewing than what I had pictured in my head. Again and again. The DJI RC Pro is such a VIP feature, seriously makes flying fun again not having to consider a phone. Most shots filmed between California, San Diego, Highway 1 in Northern California, Scottsdale Arizona Most shots: Prores 24fps - Normal Color Profile DJI 16ND filter 1/60 shutter ISO 100 Graded in Adobe Premiere Pro using Lumetri Color I teach a course on Cinematography and Editing + Marketing drone footage, you can check my credentials 🤍 🤍dji #DJI #djimavic3cine #mavic3 1:00 Original Launch 1:40 Normal Profile is really capable 3:00 Prores even worth it? 3:33 Who is this for? Why not Air 2S 4:50 Firmware Updates 5:33 Low Light/Long Exposures 7:05 Color Grading Footage 8:36 RC Pro Controller 10:20 Bottlenecks removed 10:51 7x zoom 2nd lens 11:00 Firmware Updates 12:30 Cinematography Tips 14:00 Battery Life 14:30 Price worth it?

DJI MAVIC 3 CLASSIC vs. MAVIC 2 PRO | Vyplatí se přejít na nový model? | 4K


V tomto videu jsme proti sobě postavili cenově přijatelnějšího Mavic 3 Classic proti starému dobrému Mavic 2 PRO! Koukněte se na srovnání výstupů a funkce activetrack. Poslechněte si názor fotografa, Radima Kolibíka. To vše a mnohem více v našem nejnovějším videu! Mavic 3 Classic: 🤍 Výstupy: 🤍 Účinkující Radim Kolibík: 🤍 Jiří Vacek: 🤍 Časová osa videa: 00:00 - Intro video 00:51 - Názor Fotografa 04:56 - Test v terénu 08:10 - Závěr Více informací o nás se dozvíte zde: 🤍 🤍 🤍

DJI Mavic 3 Classic - Eerste Indruk


De DJI Mavic 3 Classic is er! In deze video laat Martijn zien wat er nieuw is, wat de verschillen zijn met de Mavic 3 van vorig jaar en test hij natuurlijk hoe hij vliegt. DJI Mavic 3 Classic: 🤍 In deze video: 0:00 Intro 0:23 Beelden 0:34 C1 label 1:21 Wat is er anders? 2:05 Cruise control 3:07 Camera 3:45 Makkelijk te besturen 4:31 360 graden sensoren 5:11 Vliegtijd 5:50 Night video & Occusync 3.0 6:50 Is deze drone voor jou? Deze video is gefilmt met: Sony A7IV: 🤍 Sigma 24-70 f2.8: 🤍 Rhode Videomic Pro: 🤍 Bekijk ook Coolblue’s andere kanalen: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Bekijk alle producten via onze Coolblue App: 🤍

Introducing DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral


Introducing DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral, an advanced imaging tool for seeing the unseen. The Mavic 3M is a compact drone with five cameras; a 4/3 CMOS 20MP RGB camera and four 5MP multispectral cameras (green, red, red edge, and near-infrared). With its 0.7s mechanical shutter speed and 43-minute flight time, you can confidently complete a 200-hectare mapping mission in a single flight. The Mavic 3M has a built-in Sunlight Sensor that takes irradiance readings for post-processing calibration. By adjusting sunlight levels, you'll get more accurate NDVI results and better data, regardless of the weather or season. With the RTK module, you'll capture centimeter-level data whenever conducting an aerial survey, crop growth routine check, or natural resource survey. Remove the guesswork from day-to-day operations and have access to data across the electromagnetic spectrum for smarter workflows that lower costs, use resources more efficiently, and ultimately maximize yields. Learn more 👉 🤍

DJI - Introducing the DJI Mavic


The Mavic is DJI’s first compact, personal flying camera. Ultimate image quality and ultimate portability combine in one revolutionary device that will stay with you, whenever you need it to capture that sudden burst of inspiration. Always follow applicable rules and regulations in your jurisdiction. Permits were obtained, where needed, in locations depicted in this video. Maximum range specification is provided as a performance measurement only. 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍

DJI MAVIC 3 Beginners Guide - Start here


Are you new to drone flying? Did you just get the DJI Mavic 3? This video breaks down everything you need to know about flying with the Mavic 3 and some ways to get better looking footage out of this drone. △ 100+ Drone Moves: 🤍 △ HOW TO EDIT Beginners Guide (2 hour course): 🤍 △ My LUTs for Quick Color Grading: 🤍 △ Epidemic Sound for Music (30 Day Free Trial): 🤍 △ Color Grading Tutorials: 🤍 △ More DJI Mavic 3 Videos: 🤍 △ Get the DJI Mavic 3: 🤍 0:00:00 - DJI Mavic 3 Beginners Guide 0:01:10 - The Drone 0:05:59 - The Controller 0:10:29 - DJI Fly App 0:35:14 - First Flight 0:38:36 - How To Fly 0:41:55 - Active Track 0:50:13 - Master Shots 0:53:08 - Hyperlapse 0:56:13 - What Do You Shoot? 1:01:44 - Editing 1:17:21 - Color Grading LEARN HOW TO BE A CREATOR IN MY ONLINE COURSES Step 1: Creating Video Ideas and a YouTube Strategy: 🤍 Step 2: How to Use Any Camera: 🤍 Step 3: Video Editing Beginners Guide: 🤍 Step 4: Creative Color Grading - From Beginner to Pro: 🤍 More Creator Courses to Expand Your Skills: 🤍 CREATOR RESOURCES △ Tool I Use To Help Grow My YouTube Channel: 🤍 △ Better MUSIC for your VIDEOS: 🤍 △ My LUTs for FAST Color Grading: 🤍 △ Easy way to Sell Your Footage as Stock: 🤍 △ Gear I Use To Make My Videos: 🤍 △ Business Inquiries: 🤍 Disclosures: All opinions are my own. Sponsors are acknowledged. Some links in the description are affiliate links that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

DJI Mavic Mini Beginners Guide | Getting Ready For First Flight


Mavic Mini (Amazon) 🤍 I have updated the beginners guide for the new DJI Mini 2 here: 🤍 There are many people who will be getting the DJI Mavic Mini as their very first drone. I have put together this complete beginner's guide for the Mavic Mini to help new pilots get familiar with their new drone and all the hardware that is included. We go over all the basics of getting your drone ready for your very first flight from installing memory and charging the batteries to updating the firmware and activating the drone. This beginner's guide for the Mavic Mini is geared to new pilots who have never flown a drone before. DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI Store) 🤍 DJI Mini SE (DJI Store) 🤍 DJI Mini 2 (DJI Store) 🤍 Recommended Memory (USA) 🤍 Recommended Memory (CAN) 🤍 Mavic Mini Batteries (Amazon) 🤍 Mavic Mini Display/Charger: (Amazon) 🤍 Mavic Mini Bag (Amazon) 🤍 Mavic Mini Charging Hub (Amazon) 🤍 Links may contain Amazon Associate or other affiliate ID's. #MavicMini #BeginnersGuide #Tutorial

DJI Mavic Mini 2 fly More Combo - Eerste Indruk


Dit is de drone voor 2021: De DJI Mavic Mini 2 Fly More Combo. Als je in 2021 zonder opleiding met een drone wilt kunnen vliegen dan moet je deze hebben. Het valt met 249 gram namelijk in de Cx categorie. Martijn vertelt je over deze Mini 2 en hij laat je zien wat er in de Fly More Combo zit. DJI Mavic Mini 2 Fly More Combo: 🤍 In deze video: 0:00 Intro - DJI Mini 2 0:38 Fly More Combo tas 1:04 DJI mini 2 formaat 1:30 Controler 1:49 Fly more combo extra's 2:27 Drone regels 2021 2:56 Vliegtest (4K) 3:46 Vliegtijd 4:10 Voor wie is deze drone? Bekijk ook Coolblue’s andere kanalen: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Bekijk alle producten via onze Coolblue App: 🤍

$400 Mavic Mini Drone; GARBAGE or great??


MUSIC; TOMMY NEWPORT; 🤍 FRENCH 79 : 🤍 it's a pretty great thing for $400 this is NOT a sponsored video

Comment bien gérer l’argent dans son couple en 2022


L’argent est sans conteste un sujet épineux de la vie de couple. Véritable tabou (ou presque), il peut être à l’origine de non-dits qui viennent empoisonner votre relation. Aujourd'hui, mon chêne majestueux et moi vous expliquons comment NOUS gérons l’argent dans notre couple. ◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ DANS CETTE VIDÉO ✅ L’importance du salaire ✅ Temps VS argent ✅ Répartition de l’argent ✅ Galère financière ✅ Contrat de mariage ✅ Compte commun 🛎 Abonne toi à ma chaîne pour recevoir des paillettes au canon ! ◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ Mes derniers planners 2023 : 🤍 ◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ Votre dose de paillettes au quotidien INSTAGRAM : 🤍 TIKTOK : 🤍 FACEBOOK : 🤍 ◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ La seule newsletter gratuite en francophonie, qui met les neurosciences au service de votre puissance, de votre mindset et de votre succès 👇🏾 BRIGHTLETTER : 🤍

DJI MAVIC 3 ... Просто ТОПовый дрон! ... 5.1К, датчики на 360гр, 2 камеры.


DJI Mavic 3: 🤍 Аксессуары для Mavic 3 : 🤍 Обзор нового DJI Mavic 3. Теперь он с двумя камерами, съемка в 5.1К, дальность 15 км. Датчики на 360 градусов. По вопросам сотрудничества - rc-buyer🤍 Группа в ВК: 🤍 Инстаграм: 🤍 Мой второй канал: 🤍 Мой live канал: 🤍 Самый большой канал на обзоры радиоуправляемых моделей машин, вертолетов, квадрокоптеров, лодок, танков и прочей техники в России. Меня зовут Игорь (RC Buyer) и на моем канале вы увидите как распаковки квадрокоптеров, автомобилей, вертолетов, лодок, так и полные обзоры на эти радиоуправляемые модели (RC models). Обзоры таких фирм как Traxxas, HPI, Arrma, Wltoys, Axial, RC4WD, Losi, Thunder Tiger, Team Asso, Hubsan, Syma, Walkera и менее знаменитых брендов. #mavic3 #dji #djimavic3

Ocusync RANGE BATTLE - Mavic Air 2 vs Phantom 4 2.0


Mavic Air 2 vs Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 range test! Get your Mavic Air 2 HERE: 🤍 Mavic Air 2 FlyMore Bundle: 🤍 #kenheron #mavicair2 #dronerange Support the channel on Patreon: 🤍 Epidemic Sound Music Library (NO copyright strikes!) Personal Plan: 🤍 Commercial Plan: 🤍 Ken's New Channel: Side B: 🤍 - 🤍 (Use Heron18 for 30-percent off!) Lume Cube: 🤍 Use: TNL10 for TEN-PERCENT off everything! GPC Custom drone cases: 🤍 (Use discount code: TNL10 for TEN-PERCENT off online purchases!) - 🤍 NEW Freewell Magnetic ND filters: 🤍 Freewell All Day 4K Series (Osmo Pocket) 🤍 Freewell All Day 4K Series (Mavic 2 Zoom) 🤍 Freewell All Day 4K Series (Mavic 2 Pro) 🤍 Get your Eyeball Decals HERE: 🤍 Get Heron Aerial stuff HERE: 🤍 Ken's Gear: AUDIO: Sony URX-P03D (Dual Receiver) Lavalier Microphone: 🤍 Roland R-07 Digital Recorder: 🤍 VIDEO: Sony RX100 Mark-VI: 🤍 DJI Osmo Action sport camera: 🤍 GoPro Hero Session 5 HERE: 🤍 Goggles: For FPV race drones: Fatshark Dominator V3 Goggles: 🤍 For Photography drones: 🤍 For both: 🤍 Other Gear: Bestem Controller knob covers HERE: 🤍 Roland R-07 Digital Recorder: 🤍 Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Mic: 🤍 DJI Inspire 2 Drone: 🤍 Osmo Pocket HERE: 🤍 Polar Pro Lens bracket for Phantom 4 Pro: 🤍 DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 HERE: 🤍 Rolling Phantom 4 case HERE: 🤍 DJI Crystalsky Monitor HERE: 🤍 Crystalsky mount for Phantom HERE: 🤍 RAM camera-mount HERE: 🤍 Pelican 1200 Camera Case HERE: 🤍 For Lighting: 🤍 Get a set of red Chucks HERE: 🤍 Get Phantom Obsidian props HERE: 🤍 PolarPro Vivid Filters for P4P: 🤍 Fatshark Dominator V3 Goggles: 🤍 Ken's Quick-Release Neck Strap: 🤍 Get eyeball decals for your drone. Send $10 PayPal to: kenheronupload🤍 Go HERE for more info: 🤍 Thank you so much for supporting our channel!! For a complete set of contest rules: 🤍 . . . . . . . . . . . . ... SCROLLERS! Just for you: 🤍

DJI - Introducing DJI Mini 3 Pro


#DJI #DJIMini3Pro Featuring obstacle avoidance, a camera capable of 48MP RAW stills and a vertically rotating gimbal, DJI Mini 3 Pro redefines what it means to fly Mini. Oh, and yes, it still weighs less than 249g. Discover more about DJI Mini 3 Pro: 🤍

DJI Mavic MINI Flight Test Review IN-DEPTH - How good is it...REALLY!?


Enjoy my in-depth DJI MAVIC MINI Flight Review. Does it live up to the HYPE? Is it the best mini drone? Mini Here: 🤍 Starter Combo with bag, SD Card & More 🤍 Ultimate FlyMore Combo Kit 🤍 My Tried and True Gear that works: Drone Launch Pad 🤍 One+ 6T Phone - Fly App Never Crashes 🤍 Apple Ipad Air 2 🤍 DJI Action 4K Hat Cam 🤍 Sony 4K Action Hat Cam 🤍 DJI Osmo Pocket 4K Tracking Cam 🤍 Portable Body MIC 🤍 SD Card for all 4K Recording that lasts 🤍 3D Printable SD Card Tool 🤍 Portable Compact Table 🤍 Portable Chair with built-in Sunshade 🤍 Full Featured Mobile Power Station 🤍 Wrist Watch 🤍 DJI has thus far been able to hold off the competition for the most part in just about every corner of the drone market. With the Mavic Mini offering, it seems they want to bridge the gap between small size and ultra light weight while achieving maximum flight time and range. They are on their way. Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss future reviews in this series including more flight tests, range tests and cinematic video here in Hawaii. Mavic Mini Playlist Here 🤍 Aloha, - Dustin & Family Help support our channel 🤍

DJI - Introducing DJI Avata


Featuring 4K/60fps video, a 155-degree FOV, and an upgraded stabilization algorithm, DJI Avata is the ultimate flight experience drone. All this performance, combined with its built-in propeller guard, means you can push the boundaries of content creation like never before. Hit impossibly tight gaps and fly with total confidence with DJI Avata. —————————————————————————————————— Discover more about DJI Avata: 🤍 Pick up yours today: 🤍 —————————————————————————————————— Combine DJI Avata with the redesigned DJI Goggles 2 for next-level convenience and unbeatable visuals. The foldable antennas and new, lightweight design make the whole package easier to carry and more comfortable to wear, so you can always be ready for an immersive flight. DJI Avata is compatible with both DJI Motion Controller and DJI FPV Remote Controller 2. Enjoy intuitive and precise flying, whether you're a seasoned pilot or an absolute beginner.

DJI MAVIC AIR 2 Beginners Guide - Start Here


Are you new to drone flying? Did you just get the DJI Mavic Air 2? This video breaks down everything you need to know about flying with the Mavic Air 2 and some ways to get better looking footage out of this drone. △ Next check out my Drone Filmmaking Beginners Guide: 🤍 00:00 Mini 2 Beginners Guide 00:59 Part 1 - The Drone 06:08 Part 2 - The Controller 08:37 Part 3 - DJI Fly App 29:34 Part 4 - First Flight 31:16 Part 5 - Create a look 34:17 Part 6 - Color Grading △ 10 Drone Moves For Better Footage: 🤍 △ Cinematic Color Grading Tutorials: 🤍 △ Unique Color Grading with your drone: 🤍 △ Mistakes New Drone Pilots Make: 🤍 Get The Mavic Air 2: 🤍 Stay at this Container House! Here's the AirBNB listing: 🤍 THE GEAR I USE △ Filmmaking Complete Gearlist: 🤍 △ Editing Setup & Software: 🤍 TOOLS I USE TO GROW MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL △ Get More Views Using TubeBuddy: 🤍 △ Better MUSIC for your YOUTUBE (30 Day Free Trial): 🤍 △ Best Way to Get Captions (Free $10 Trial): 🤍 △ Cinematic Stock Footage: 🤍 △ Color Graded using this software: 🤍 △ Step by Step Courses on being a Creator: 🤍 LET’S CONNECT △ Business Inquiries: 🤍 △ Website: 🤍 △ Instagram: 🤍 △ Twitter: 🤍 Disclosures: All opinions are my own. Sponsors are acknowledged. Some links in the description are affiliate links that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.




DJI Mavic Mini: kleine drone, GROTE daden


David test de DJI Mavic Mini, de kleinste en lichtste drone ooit van DJI. Hij weegt 249 gram en past in je handpalm. Wat kan hij allemaal? En is hij de prijs waard? NIEUW! Koop onze BRIGHT AIRPOP shirts of hoodies 👉 🤍 Niks missen? Check de Bright-app! Android: 🤍 iOS: 🤍 KIJK OOK: de beste elektrische step 🤍 Elektrische Porsche Taycan 🤍 Luister ook onze podcast 🤍 #drone #dji #drones #gadget #gadgets #nederland #wifi #RTL #bright #parrot

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Review and full comparison


• Purchase the M30 at: 🤍ityflightacademy.... • Dave King from Steel City Drones breaks down the DJI Matrice 30 and 30T aircraft. This is the most comprehensive video that you can find anywhere. 01:40 2 Differences between the T and E versions 01:53 Lower overall costs and price points 03:01 Survey Grade Features 03:45 Impressions of the RC Pro Remote 05:14 Comparing the Mavic 3 Enterprise to Matrice 30 & 300 06:43 Water Resistant Considerations 07:42 Real Life Flight Times 09:24 Zoom Camera Testing 12:17 Cell Tower Inspection Testing 14:03 Roof Inspection Applications 14:44 2nd Remote Capabilities and Considerations 16:01 Survey-Mapping-3D model features and Clarifications 18:46 RTK 101 - 1 puck versus 2 puck systems 21:14 Thermal Camera tests and comparisons 22:34 Payload limitation considerations 23:25 Spotlight and Speaker Options 24:02 4G Network Dongle 25:01 Setup time and Portability 26:00 Size of Drone and Flying Considerations Visit: 🤍 | Drone Training Anywhere In The United States - Steel City Drones Flight Academy offers complete drone training services anywhere in the United States. -WE OFFER training services for all DJI platforms including the DJI M300, M200 V1, M200 V2, Inspire, Mavic, and Phantom series. -WE OFFER drone-introduction classes: Advanced drone flying, Law Enforcement and Fire Department Drone training, Commercial drone applications classes, Cell tower inspections with drones, and Precision agriculture using drones -such as golf course management. -WE OFFER financing and leasing options with special Public safety purchasing plans as well. If you are ready to take your drone capability to the next level, visit our website today!

Most Advanced Drone I've Ever Seen!!! | DJI Enterprise Matrice 30


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DJI Mavic 3 Classic Review - The Real M2P Successor Drone


DJI Mavic 3 Classic has just released Nov. 2 2022, I can confirm after using myself that it is the same quality, same camera and mostly everything good minus the zoom lens. Here's a drone review to save everybody time: Yes it has the zoom lens removed No it isn't using a worse camera No Aperture hasn't been removed Yes it uses the same Mavic 3 batteries, Same props, Same body, Same everything except the ND Filters Yes, there are new features: Night Mode, Hyperlapse preview, a DJI RC option when buying 5.1k H.265 footage, no internal hard drive (except for small 8gb) Hasselblad 4/3" sensor f2.8 4K 60fps 10-bit D-Log 20mp photos Omni Directional Obstacle Avoidance Hyperlapse (now with preview) Active Track 46 minute flight time Same body and weight (895g) Most important to me was that the firmware and color profile look and feel like the Mavic 3 before, and yes it is still all there. Really well working exposure balancing in the software while filming, and I can't believe I'm saying this but I really love that HDR thing whatever it is doing, it gives the Mavic 3 a rich and distinct look. Night mode was a great idea to add without having to harm the current profile for normal filming. The color profile and ISO didn't translate well to night time filming, so with this Night Mode, black point, noise containment, and sensitivity to bright spots makes it look much cleaner, very vibrant for filming at such low-light. SUPER happy with this and hope all drones get it soon. This feels like the natural successor to the Mavic 2 pro, the drone we were all anticipating in 2021. The Mavic 3 was a big leap in quality, features, and price. This should satisfy everybody who was waiting around for a $1700ish drone and still wanted a manual aperture. Rejoice mortals. $1469 USD Drone Only $1599 USD Drone Only $1749 USD Smart Remote included $649 USD Fly More Kit $129 ND Filters 🤍 Just get a second battery and ND filters and you'll be fine. REALLY suggest the DJI RC smart remote too, wildly helpful to the experience. 00:00 Intro 00:15 Spec List 00:50 Mavic 3 Classic Price 01:30 Quality 02:13 Charmander 05:05 Use Normal Profile 05:45 Night Mode 07:00 Photography 08:00 Equipment #DJI #DJIMavic3Classic #Mavic3

DJI Mavic 3 classic vs DJI Mini 3 Pro


DJI Mavic 3 classic and DJI Mini 3 Pro are two of the latest drones from DJI. They’re offering different features at different price points. In this video, we’re going to talk about DJI Mini 3 Pro vs Mavic 3 classic-which one is better? *Video Sources: DJI - 🤍 Our social media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Disclaimer: The following video abides by the YouTube Community Guideline. The footage used in this video is for educational purposes and all the information covered in this video was collected from unofficial sources and assumptions. *Footage, music, images, and graphics used in the video falls under YouTube Fair Usage Policy Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. If you have any copyright issues, please contact us. #CameraZone #mavic3classic #mini3pro

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise - The Everyday Commercial Drone!


The Mavic 3 Enterprise Thermal is your everyday commercial drone. It's compact size, fast set up time and versatile 3-camera system is perfect for beginner and veteran commercial drone pilots alike. Learn more here: 🤍 Timestamps for your convenience: 0:00 Introduction 1:18 What's in this video? 1:50 Why this drone exists 2:29 Interview/First look with fire chief 4:00 Specification overview 4:20 Wind tolerance testing 5:39 Flight time 6:37 Obstacle avoidance/APAS 8:56 Camera system 13:56 O3 Enterprise transmission discussion 14:17 Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced comparison 16:21 RC Pro Enterprise controller 16:47 Closing discussion Watch the end screen for fun surprise! Watch Billy Kyle’s review of the M3E here: 🤍 Here is another from OriginalDobo: 🤍 And Another from Mike at Drone Supremacy: 🤍 EQUIPMENT USED TO MAKE THIS VIDEO: Camera:🤍 Camera 2: 🤍 Wireless Microphone: 🤍 Studio Microphone: 🤍 Action Camera: 🤍 Action Camera 2: 🤍 Equipment Bag: 🤍 Second Drone: 🤍 Lighting 1: 🤍 Lighting 2: 🤍 Lighting 3:🤍 Lighting 4: 🤍 Lighting 5: 🤍 Budget Fill Lights: 🤍 Studio Microphone: 🤍 The Ultimate Successful YouTuber Product: 🤍 You can help my channel succeed and bring you more informative content by using these links to see the gear/equipment I use and recommend: 🤍 or: 🤍 Check out 51 Drones apparel and accessories: 🤍 All music in my videos come from Epidemic Sound. Click here for a free 30 day trial: 🤍 *As an Amazon affiliate, this channel does benefit from qualifying purchases. #DJIMavic3Enterprise #DJIMavic3T #DJIEnterprise

Mavic 3 Classic vs. Mavic 2 Pro - IS It Worth the Upgrade?!


Is the Mavic 2 Pro still a professional drone in 2022? We compare the new Mavic 3 Classic with the Mavic 2 Pro. Both have Hasselblad sensors and come in similar formfactors and weight. We take pride in our standardized testing process. This is the same process used for all past comparisons and all future comparisons. 00:00 Introduction 00:23 Specs 04:42 Pricing 05:57 Photo Comparison 12:01 Video Comparison Check out our MERCH: 🤍 Check out our gear list: 🤍 Free drone registration labels: 🤍 Our Other Channels - PIXL Drone Show: drone-related podcast, posts every Tuesday morning. 🤍 - Pilot Institute Airplane: our airplane channel: 🤍 Our courses - Part 107 Made Easy: the most comprehensive ground school online. 🤍 - Drone Business Made Easy: start your drone business with a solid foundation. 🤍 - Drone Flying 101: the perfect course for beginners. 🤍 - Drone Maneuvers Mastery: become a better pilot with these 50 maneuvers designed to improve your flying skills. 🤍 - Cinematic FPV Drone From Scratch: build your own cinematic machine with this course. 🤍 Get Pilot Institute Gear - T-shirt or Long Sleeve T: 🤍 - Polo shirt: 🤍 ~~ Show notes go here ~~

DJI Mavic 3 Classic - All You'd Need in a Drone for Less


Visit Squarespace for a free trial and 10% off your first purchase: 🤍 DJI Mavic 3 Classic: 🤍 (affiliate) MUSIC Sam Barsh - See For Your Shelf Sam Barsh - The Sinmaster Famous Cats - Catnip Super Bokeh Bros Merch! 🤍

DJI - Introducing Mavic Mini


Introducing DJI’s most compact and portable drone yet. At just 249 grams, the ultralight Mavic Mini delivers a 30-minute max. flight time, 4km HD video transmission, and powerful safety features. Capture every vivid detail in 2.7K Quad HD video and enjoy simplified recording and editing with the new, hyper-intuitive DJI Fly app. Whether you’re trekking through the mountains, enjoying a day at the beach, or just lounging in your own backyard, Mavic Mini was made to elevate the experience. Learn more at 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍

DJI MAVIC 3 - The Drone We've Been Waiting For


The DJI Mavic 3 is a pro level drone with 2 cameras built in. More information about the Mavic 3: 🤍 More Mavic 3 Footage: 🤍 Get my Drone LUTS: 🤍 DJI Tracking: 🤍 LEARN HOW TO BE A CREATOR IN MY ONLINE COURSES Step 1: Creating Video Ideas and a YouTube Strategy: 🤍 Step 2: How to Use Any Camera: 🤍 Step 3: Video Editing Beginners Guide: 🤍 Step 4: Creative Color Grading - From Beginner to Pro: 🤍 More Creator Courses to Expand Your Skills: 🤍 CREATOR RESOURCES △ Tool I Use To Help Grow My YouTube Channel: 🤍 △ Better MUSIC for your VIDEOS: 🤍 △ My LUTs for FAST Color Grading: 🤍 △ Easy way to Sell Your Footage as Stock: 🤍 △ Gear I Use To Make My Videos: 🤍 △ Business Inquiries: 🤍 Disclosures: All opinions are my own. Sponsors are acknowledged. Some links in the description are affiliate links that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

DJI Mavic 3 Classic No BULLSH*T Review


DJI Mavic 3 Classic - 3 Weeks Later HONEST Review. A Really Good Drone, BUT... INSANE BLACK FRIDAY DEAL ON LumaFusion Presets/Transitions & LUTs: 🤍 Best LUTs for your DJI Drone - Signature LUTs: 🤍 Get the Mavic 3 Classic here: 🤍 Mini 3 Pro Best Travel Features: 🤍 Mini 3 Pro LONGTERM REVIEW: 🤍 Best Drone EVER: 🤍 DJI Mini 3 Pro PGYTECH: 🤍 ND filters & the Mini 3 from the links below: DJI Mini 3 Pro with RC (US): 🤍 DJI Mini 3 Pro with RC (UK): 🤍 FLY MORE KIT(UK): 🤍 BLACK FRIDAY SALE ON MY MASTERCLASS: 🤍 Music i Use: Start with a 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL! 🤍 Check out ALL MY CINEMATIC TRAVEL VIDEOS: 🤍 Get AWESOME LUMAFUSION PRESETS: 🤍 -Show your support- -Join LumaFusion Masterclass TODAY! 🤍 -Make a Donation to help me make more videos!: 🤍 -Get my transitions: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 All links below are affiliate links, you do not pay anything extra by using these links. It´s just another way of supporting the channel. Buy purchasing something from the links below, i will get a crazy small amount. Main iPad: 🤍 2nd iPad: 🤍 3rd iPad: 🤍 Pencil: 🤍 IPAD ADAPTER: 🤍 IPAD SSD: 🤍 IPAD 2015-2017 ADAPTER: 🤍 MAIN CAMERA: 🤍 BEST MOUNTING ADAPTERS!: 🤍 BEST ALLROUNDER LENS: 🤍 MAIN LENS: 🤍 OTHER LENS: 🤍 SONY A6400 BATTERY GRIP: 🤍 ND FILTER: 🤍 🤍 🤍 MAIN DRONE: 🤍 SECOND DRONE: 🤍 ND FILTER: 🤍 ////ACTION CAMERA////: 🤍 ////MOBILE VIDEO GEAR//// GIMBAL: 🤍 ////GIMBALS/// Main Gimbal: 🤍 2nd Gimbal: 🤍 GorillaPod: 🤍 - For Collaberation: E-Mail: RobHK🤍 - #djimavic3classic #mavic3classic #robhk #mavic3 #mavic3drone #mavic3cine #mavic #djimavic3 #dji #dronevideos #djimavic3classic #djimavic3cworthit

How to Fly a DJI Mavic 3 Drone #shorts


#dji #photography #videography #mavic3

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