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Foe - Miscari (Official Video)


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Forge of Empires: Ultimate Great Building Tier List For Fighters (What Are the Best GBs in FOE?)


Great buildings are one of the most interesting and best parts of Forge of Empires. They're also some of the most debated aspects of the game. Everyone (especially beginners) wants to know what are the best GBs in Forge of Empires? This tier list ranks which GBs are most important and which ones you should avoid building/leveling. Detailed explanations of each ranking included! :) Tier S - Best Great buildings in Forge - Worth leveling well past 100. Tier A - Must have Great Buildings - Worth leveling to 80+ typically. Tier B - Optional, but generally great Great Buildings. Most players will build these. Tier C - Niche, Disposable, or Advanced Great buildings. Good Enough. Tier D - Not Good Great Buildings. Wouldn't level them very high unless for Vanity. Tier F - Terrible Buildings. Do not build for any reason. Delete if you have them. What do you think? Did I get them right? what would you change? Which great building do you think is the best in Forge of Empires? iPenguinPat US-Korch - Hostile Takeover FoElite Discord: 🤍 Special thanks to 🤍Jakub Malinowski for help with the timestamps! 0:00 - Intro 1:23 - Tiers Explained 4:02 Alcatraz 4:41 Arctic Orangery 5:39 Atlantis Museum 7:19 Atomium 9:05 Babel Tower 10:52 Cape Canaveral 14:50 Capitol 15:56 Cathedral of Aachen 17:16 St. Basil Cathedral 18:20 Castel del Monte 20:10 Chateau Frontenac 21:25 Coloseum 21:36 Deal Castle 21:47 Frauenkirche of Dresden 22:55 Flying Island 26:00 Gaea Statue 26:20 Galata Tower 27:22 Hagia Sophia 29:23 Himeji Castle 32:02 Innovation Tower 34:17 Lighthouse of Alexandria 35:17 Lotus Temple 35:39 Notre Dame 36:19 Observatory 37:27 Oracle of Delphi 38:17 Rain Forest Project 39:33 Royal Albert Hall 41:18 Seed Vault 42:43 Space Carrier 46:47 Space Needle 46:41 Star Gazer 47:20 Statue of Zeus 48:43 St. Mark's Basilica 50:31 Temple of Relics 55:01 Terracotta Army 56:27 The Arc 57:37 The Blue Galaxy 1:04:17 The Habitat 1:05:49 The Kraken 1:08:09 The Virgo Project 1:09:15 Truce Tower 1:10:41 Voyager V1 1:10:51 Outro

Forge of Empires: 2022 Summer Event First Impressions! New Buildings, Features, & BYE Surprise Box??


Support my content on Patreon: 🤍 Announcement: 🤍 Beta Server: 🤍 Welcome to my first impressions of the 2022 Summer Event! I'm a bit late to the party this time, the event has already been out for a week on the Beta server, but I've been away on vacation! Anyways, hope you enjoy this, and stay tuned for my guides in a couple of weeks! Join my discord server to talk anything FoE related: 🤍 Timestamps 0:00 Intro 0:46 - Release Date on Live Servers? 1:06 Announcement 1:18 - Wheel of Fortune (Minigame Basics) 5:16 - Event Pass Returns 5:52 - "New" Feature: Piggy Bank 7:02 - Event Surprise Boxes Are Gone! 8:47 Checking out the event In-Game 8:59 - Main Building: Privateer's Boathouse 10:28 "Bounty" Chests 13:49 - Spinning the Wheel! 15:19 - Piggy Bank 16:34 - Grand Prizes (Compass) 17:29 - New Building: Forge Fountain (Event Pass Exclusive) 18:27 - New "FP Boost" in Action! 20:52 - My Thoughts on the Forge Fountain 23:01 - Other Event Pass Rewards 23:57 Thanks for Watching! 24:25 Thanks to my Patreons!

Forge of Empires: Beta Recap Week 31 - Fall Event Spoilers | New Settlement? | GBG Changes (SC Nerf)


Support my content on Patreon: 🤍 My Sortable Table: 🤍 Video On Table: 🤍 Daily Changelog: 🤍 Daily Changelog Feedback: 🤍 New Achievement Levels: 🤍 Fall Event Spoilers: 🤍 "Emissary Chest": 🤍 "Egypt Cowboy": 🤍 GBG Update Announcement: 🤍 GBG Update Feedback (poll): 🤍 GBG Update Discussion: 🤍 🤍 3:25 Meant GBG Building Fragments :P 🤍 7:58 I messed up the reading a bit (tbh I wasn't really reading, went off my memory :P). What I said is correct, the text itself would read "... the Cobalt Blue Lagoon doubles the collection of the first 2 buildings of your main city", and then separately it has a duration of 5 collections ("5 days", but seems to be tied to # collections instead of a duration like the Forge Fountain) 🤍10:42 I checked, it's not. It's a different variation of the same style: 🤍 🤍13:41 Forgot to mention that Siege Camps and Watchtowers are calculated separately, and then combined. If the bonus is above the cap it will then be lowered. Welcome to another beta recap, where at the end of most weeks I do a quick recap of what's been happening on the Beta Server! I'll go through any interesting updates, changes, as well as any new spoilers in the spoilers section! I hope you find this content interesting, and please let me know if you'd like any format changes! Join my discord server to talk anything FoE related: 🤍 Timestamps 0:00 Intro 0:46 Daily Changelog 0:56 Forge Plus Disabling Video Ads 1:28 Opening Multiple Inventory Items At Once 3:59 Spoilers 4:09 More Achievement Levels 4:56 Fall Event: Main Building 6:00 Fall Event: Additional Buildings 9:52 New Settlement? "Emissary Chest" & "Cowboys"?? 12:34 Upcoming GBG Changes?? 12:53 Overview Of Changes (Siege Camps & Watchtower) 13:53 General Beta Feedback + My Thoughts 14:11 Poll Results 14:50 "A Step In The Right Direction"? 15:40 Too Late For This Change? 16:32 "No 0 Attrition Fights Will Harm The Game"? 17:24 Players Want Positive Changes As Well 18:26 66.6% Too Low Cap? 18:53 Change Will Lead To Less Grind, Less Performance Pressure? 19:16 Less Activity? 20:25 When Will It Come To Live Servers? 21:22 Thanks for Watching! What do you think of my Beta Recaps? 21:40 Thanks to my Patreons!

SPIDER-MAN Friend or Foe : La Historia en 1 Video I Fedelobo


Ya tenemos playeras! 🤍 Directos de Lunes a Viernes 8:00 pm (MX) en mi pagina de Facebook: 🤍 Canal de series y películas: 🤍 Segundo canal de videojuegos: 🤍 Canal con Nadia: 🤍 Contacto/Negocios/Conferencias: contacto🤍 Sígueme también en las redes sociales: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

TRE - Rom Cola feat. @Foe, @Azteca & @Amuly | Official Video


🔴 Aboneaza-te pentru a primi notificari cand postam 🤍 📱 Booking: Christi Anghel / tups🤍 📸 INSTA FOLLOW: TRE | 🤍 Foe | 🤍 Azteca | 🤍 Amuly | 🤍 Koma | 🤍 Lu-K | 🤍 Young G | 🤍 Krack House Studio | 🤍 Text: TRE, Foe, Azteca, Amuly Artwork: Komasinistro Video: MKDV Mixatã si Masterizatã 🤍 Seek Music, inginer de sunet: Lu-K Beats Inregistrata 🤍 Krack House Studio (C) 2022 Young G & Krack House Studio ⚠️ Toate drepturile rezervate. Orice reupload poate fi raportat la YT. ⚠️ All rights reserved. Copyrighted material may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise used for commercial purposes without the written permission of the copyright holder. #TRE #YoungG

Il y a 14 ans, Marc-Vivien Foé décédait tragiquement!


Il y a 14 ans, Marc-Vivien Foé décédait tragiquement sur la pelouse de Gerland. Un lion ne meurt pas, il dort. 🤍

[IOSYS] F O E! (English subtitles)


I didn't make or translate this. Just uploading it because the subtitles are a little bit better than what I've seen on YouTube. The game this is based on is called Etrian Odyssey.

3 Misconceptions About Alcatraz in Forge of Empires (FoE Great Building Guide)


* Read Note Below for clarification * Alcatraz is one of the most popular great buildings in Forge of Empires. It's for a good reason too; it's one of the most useful and important GB's in the whole game. The description doesn't do a very good job of explaining how traz works, and this video helps to clear up those misconceptions. 1) It's not 24-hrs. The time is reduced by your guild's recruitment boost. 2) Military buildings do not need to be fully constructed or connected to road. 3) The split is truly random for each unit, and how to help make collection more consistent. I didn't explain what i was thinking well. I'll make a follow up video in a day or two to clarify. Here's the short version of what failed to communicate (why more barracks stabilizes your collection). Say you need 4 different type of units and rogues. Case1: You leave all 4 different barracks + 4 rogues in for 4 straight collection Case2: You only have 1 main unit barrack + 1 rogue and rotate the main unit out each collection for 4 straight collections. Case 1 will be more normalized than Case2. With enough collections/large enough sample size, the results will be the same between case 1 and case 2, but for shorter time frames, Case 1 will be more consistent. I completely didn't communicate that idea at all... that's what I get for doing everything totally unscripted ;-) If this video is helpful at all, please share, like, and subscribe. iPenguinPat US-Korch

Yung Foe X Tre - Din Prima (Official Video)


Subscribe to Bity: 🤍 Yung Foe X Tre - Din Prima (Prod. Foreign Maidan) Video Directed By Sybro and brought to life by Condri 🤍trefrmdabity 🤍yung.foe 🤍foreignboymai 🤍alexbittman 🤍_condri Booking: bitybooking🤍 +40 724 322 983 All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. In order to avoid copyright infringement, please, do not upload this song on your channel.

Foe - Buna purtare feat. Kali (Official Visualizer)


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[Documentaire] 27/06/2003 - Reportage - RC LENS - Mort de Marc Vivien FOE


27 juin 2003, reportage France 3 sur la mort de Marc Vivien FOE le 26 juin 2003 à Lyon

F.O.E (feat. AMUthaMC)


Provided to YouTube by DistroKid F.O.E (feat. AMUthaMC) · Maz · AMUthaMC Est. 95 ℗ Maz Released on: 2021-01-05 Auto-generated by YouTube.

FoEhints: (July 28th, 2022) Fellowship Event in Forge of Empires


FoEhints: (July 28th, 2022) Fellowship Event in Forge of Empires In Forge of Empires, a brand new event will start on Thursday, July 28th, 2022: the Fellowship Event. The theming and graphic design is completely new, while the game mechanics take up the proven concepts of the Forge Bowl Event. For 21 days, the goal is to collect travel rations and then use them to travel to as many cities as possible in a mini-game. The complete script and all quests can be found in the first, pinned comment below the video. 00:00 Intro 00:08 Starting the Event 00:43 Travel Rations 01:06 Incidents 01:26 Questline 02:26 Milestones 02:53 Grand Prizes 03:10 Heroes Tavern 03:52 Daily Specials 04:22 Minigame 07:15 Comrades 07:43 Resumee

Zelf thuis echte Chinese Foe Yong Hai met kip maken


Bezoek mijn receptenshop: 🤍 Ingrediënten (2 personen): Water 1,25 liter Vers: Bleekselderij 1 tak Appel 1 grote Sinaasappel 1 grote Kipfilet 100 gram Gember Ei 8 stuks Prei 1 stuk Champignons 3 stuks Bamboescheutjes Naar smaak Paprika Halve, rood Uit de voorraadkast: Olie 100 milliliter Aardappelzetmeel Naar behoefte Suiker 125 gram Bloem 140 gram Tomatenpuree 280 gram Azijn 200 milliliter Zout Peper Vetsin Rijstwijn Scheutje

Foe Yong Hai bijna net zoals bij de Chinees maar dan lekkerder | EtenmetNick | How to


Ni Hao! EtenmetNick gaat je favo Chinese restaurant nadoen. Ei, groenten, kip en zoetzure saus? Tijd voor de Foe Yong Hai! WEBSHOP: ➤Merch ⇒ 🤍 (t-shirts, truien en meer!) SOCIAL MEDIA: ➤Business Email ⇒ nick🤍 ➤Instagram ⇒ 🤍 (🤍tickynoet) ➤TikTok ⇒ 🤍 (🤍etenmetnick) Foe Yung Hai Ingrediënten: - 1 ui - 1/2 prei - 1 blik bamboo scheuten - 150 gram champignons - 1 paprika - 1 el sojasaus - 1 tl oestersaus - 1/2 tl zwarte peper - 2 kipfilets - 3 tl maizena - 1/2 tl zout - 5 eieren - 1 tl zout - 1/2 el suiker - 1/2 tl witte peper - 1 tl olie - 2 tl maizena - 1 el water Bereiding: 1. Snij je groenten in mooi stukken. 2. Bak je groenten mooi bruin maar niet helemaal gaar. 3. Breng je groenten op smaak. 4. Snij je kip in dunne repen. 5. Breng je kip op smaak en gooi het in je maizena. 6. Bak je kip mooi krokant in een aparte pan. 7. Leg je kip en groenten apart. 8. Tijd voor je ei. 9. Breek al je eieren in een bak en gooi 1 tl zout, 1/2 el suiker en je witte peper erbij. 10. Maak je maizena ff aan en gooi bij je eieren. 11. Goed je eieren ff mengen met elkaar tot een hele mooi oranje massa en laat 10 min staan. 12. Zet een pan op met 2 el olie en laat heet worden. 13. Gooi er wat van je ei mengsel in en zorg voor een goeie basis van een omelet. 14. Bijna gaar? 15. Gooi je vulling (groenten en kip) op het midden van je ei. 16. Vouw je ei om de vulling heen. 17. Flippen! 18. Klaar. 19. Tijd voor je saus. Foe Yong Hai saus Ingrediënten: - 200 ml passata (gezeefde tomaten) (ik gebruikte de passata van Mutti) - 200 ml water - 100 gr fijne kristalsuiker - 4 el azijn - 5 el gembersiroop - 2 el maizena (aangemaakt met water) - snufje zout - snufje peper - 2 teentjes knoflook Bereiding: 1. Gooi je tomaten passaat en water in een pan samen met je suiker, gembersiroop, azijn, zout en peper. 2. Laten koken totdat de suiker opgelost is en pers er 2 teentjes knoflook bij. 3. Meng je maizena met wat water tot een papje. 4. Gooi bij je tomaten mengsel. 5. Even de kook erover totdat de saus wat dikker is. 6. Even proeven, en gooi er extra shit bij naar smaak. 7. Klaar! Nasi Goreng zoals bij de Chinees Ingrediënten: - 300 gram rijst - 200 gram achterham - 2 eieren - 1/2 prei - 3 eetlepels olie - ½ eetlepel zout - 1/2 tl Ve - Tsin - 1 tl sesamolie Bereiding: 1. Rijst een dag van te voren koken. 2. Snij je ham, prei en ui in stukken. 3. Bak je uien in de pan een beetje glazig. 4. Pleur je prei erbij en bak 3 min mee. 5. Gooi je eieren erbij en bakken maar. 6. Flikker je gesneden ham erbij en roeren. 7. Gooi je sesamolie erbij. 8. Gooi nu je rijst erbij en breng op smaak met zout. 9. Neem een hap en het is net of je in je favo Chinese restaurant zit. 10. Lekker man.

Eure 3 FATALSTEN❌❌❌ Fehler in FOE, die man niemals selber machen solltet⛔⛔⛔


Link zu meinem Kanal in dem es um Android, Windows usw geht: 🤍 Link zu meinem Kanal über meine alltäglichen Projekte, hier soll es in Zukunft auch verstärkt um Gebäudetechnik wie Heizung, Klima usw. Gehen: 🤍 Link zum Discord Server: 🤍

Hoe je ZELFBEELD je per definitie klein houdt - Met Marvin Foe Aman


Je wilt liefst een gunstig zelfbeeld hebben, toch? Niet per sé. In deze video geeft Marvin een ander perspectief. Namelijk hoe in essentie iedere vorm van zelfbeeld ofwel identificatie een manier is waarop we onszelf klein houden. Marvin is een zeer ervaren spirituele leraar en de persoon die mij persoonlijk coacht dmv ademsessies. Ook zal Marvin tijdens het Meesterschap in Spreken event als gastspreker komen om je te leren om de knop ook weer uit te kunnen zetten als ondernemer. Tickets vind je hier: 🤍 #zelfbeeld #zelfacceptatie #zelfliefde

Which Great Building Should I Build Next [Growth Hackers Guide to FoE - Part 2 - GB Order]


There's a lot of discussion about what the optimal order is for building GB's in Forge of Empires This video does an in-depth analysis comparing the FoElite approach (which skips FP only GBs) vs. the LOW approach (which focuses on FP/Day first). Great Building Spreadsheet 🤍 iPenguinPat Growth History Spreadsheet 🤍 LOW Efficient Growth Path by KronikPillow of LOW (EN7) If you found this video helpful at all, please like and subscribe. iPenguinPat (US-Korch) Timestamps (00:00) Intro/Background (06:15) Theory of each approach (10:00) Comparison of FoElite vs. LOW (16:20) Hypothetical case (27:05) No Inno/HC = Advantage FoElite (30:00) iPenguinPat Real Data (32:45) Conclusion / Practical Application

10th Anniversary Event 2022 in Forge of Empires - Simple Guide to Getting the BEST Prizes


The FOE 10th Anniversary Event 2022 in Forge of Empires celebrated 10 years of the game. This event features a board game style minigame and several amazing daily prizes. You can learn more about the Tenth Anniversary Event and the Prizes in the video or in the links below. Forge 10th Anniversary Event Announcement: 🤍 FOE 10th Anniversary Wiki: 🤍 FoElite Spreadsheet of Madness 🤍 Mooing Cat's Written Guide 🤍 Kez Event Guide: 🤍 FoElite Discord: 🤍 iPenguinPat US-Korch - Hostile Takeover [Retired]

Forge of empires - Foe Assistant - Level 4 Expédition de guilde


Salut les GeekX !! Je n'ai pas honte de vous le dire mais je "cheates" sur forge of empires !! Mais non c'est une blague j'utilises en faite Foe Assistant !! Un outils très utile et qui simplifie le gameplay ! Téléchargeable ici sur chrome 🤍 et sur firefox ici 🤍 Maintenant régalez-vous ! NB : Cet assistant ne viole aucunes règles mise en place par Innogames !

FoETipps: (28.07.2022) Gemeinschafts-Event in Forge of Empires (deutsch)


FoETipps: (28.07.2022) Gemeinschafts-/Kameradschafts-Event in Forge of Empires (deutsch) In Forge of Empires startet am Donnerstag, den 28. Juli 2022 ein brandneues Event: das Kameradschafts-Event, bzw. auf Englisch Fellowship-Event. Die Thematisierung und die grafische Gestaltung ist komplett neu, während die Spielmechanik die bewährten Konzepte des Forge-Bowl Events aufgreift. Das vollständige Skript, alle Questaufgaben und Preise sind im ersten, angepinnten Kommentar unter dem Video zu finden. 00:00 Intro 00:08 Eventbeginn 00:47 Reiseproviant 01:10 Ereignisse 01:29 Questreihe 02:28 Meilensteine 02:56 Große Preise 03:13 Taverne der Helden 04:01 Tagespreise 04:27 Minispiel 07:20 Kameraden 07:48 Resumee

FoE The Most Asked Qustion - To Age or Not to Age Up - When Why and How. Plus High Era Gotchas


In this video there's no holding back on this Everlong topic if you are in earlier era's of Forge of Empires. This video is long, but so is your gameplay commitment. We discuss early-era camping, aging up, hyper-aging, and which eras just totally suck IMHO. Targeting FE and beyond. If you can get all the way through this not-short video, you'll be rewarded with some really decent info. Please comment for clarifications. Really important stuff at 31:40 and beyond (like at 41:00), but there are some tasty nuggets all through the vid. If you want to go Elite and get to higher levels watch this video. 🤍45:25 it should say 80 Nickel related to supply production costs for SAAB goods. 🤍47:34 never delete your LoA if you are going to step up to higher eras.

FoE Great Buildings not to Build


I get asked all of the time which great buildings players should avoid placing in their city in Forge of Empires (FoE). Well here they are at long last! Here is a link to FoE: 🤍 ●●●●● Follow Me on Social Media: ➜ Discord: 🤍 ➜ Twitch: Liliana_the_Magnificent 🤍 ➜ Support my future Livestreams. Thank you for your patience, encouragement, and advice, as I iron out the kinks: 🤍 ➜ Facebook: Liliana the Magnificent 🤍 ➜ Xbox: LilianaTheM ➜ Collaboration and Business Inquiries Only: liliana.the.magnificent🤍



Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Foe · Leprous Coal ℗ 2013 Century Media Records, Ltd., under exclusive license from InsideOut Music Released on: 2013-05-28 Producer: Not Documented Composer: Einar Solberg Author, Composer: Tor Oddmund Suhrke Composer: Øystein Landsverk Composer: Tobias Ørnes Andersen Composer: Rein Blomquist Auto-generated by YouTube.

Forge of Empires - Event Drużynowy 2022 (Poradnik)


📺Miłego oglądania! Jeżeli film lub stream Ci się spodoba - zostaw łapkę w górę i zasubskrybuj kanał, to nic nie kosztuje! 💎Discord💎(tutaj piszemy i rozmawiamy!) ▶ 🤍 🔥DONATE POD LINKIEM PONIŻEJ, DZIĘKUJĘ ZA WSPARCIE!🔥💰 ▶ 🤍 🔥Napiwki anonimowe 75 1020 5011 0000 9502 0306 0605 🔥💰 💰Chcesz wspierać kanał? Otrzymasz SPECJALNĄ PLAKIETKĘ na czacie oraz zielony kolor, moją wdzięczność i emotikonki, a ja będę zmotywowany by działać jeszcze aktywniej! Kliknij pod filmem przycisk Wesprzyj (możliwości - karta płatniczna, PSC, płatność operatora komórkowego) 🤍 💰 TOP10 WSPIERAJĄCYCH OD POWSTANIA KANAŁU💰 (AKTUALIZACJA 17.07.2022 godz. 20:00) 1. Leoncjusz 127 Laskawy 5502.00 PLN 2. Unknown 3073.00 PLN 3. prequel_sequel 3000.00 PLN 4. Dj Kamil 2754.00 PLN 5. Adkow2 2750,00 PLN 6. Novek90 2056,00 PLN 7. Thomas Mehlberg 1600.00 PLN 8. Xthelon 1134.00 PLN 9. IXU 1055.00 PLN 10. Hakus 685.00 PLN 💬Facebook Fanpage ▶ 🤍 💭Grupa na Facebook'u ▶ 🤍 📧Instagram ▶ 🤍 📧Kontakt(e-mail) ▶ dawio9666🤍 📧Steam ▶ 🤍 🎮Forge of Empires🎮 REFLINK - GRAJ ZE MNĄ na głównym świecie Cirgard! Użyj link! 🔸 🤍 🎮Jaki mam sprzęt komputerowy?🎮 (w linku najniższe ceny) Karta graficzna: MSI Geforce RTX 2070 SUPER VENTUS | 🤍 Procesor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 | 🤍 Płyta główna: ASRock AB350 PRO4 | 🤍 Monitor główny: AOC CQ27G2U | 🤍 Mikrofon: Elgato Wave:3 | 🤍 Klawiatura: MSI GK80 | 🤍 Mysz: MSI Clutch GM20 | 🤍 Kamerka internetowa: Logitech C922 | 🤍 Kamera do filmów i streamów: Canon EOS M50 | 🤍 Kamerka do VLOG DJI Osmo Pocket | 🤍 Słuchawki Razer Nari Ultimate | 🤍 Gogle VR Oculus Quest 2 | 🤍 Telefon Huawei P30 Pro | 🤍 🎮Chcesz kupić tanio grę? Wejdź pod ten link! Dziękuję :) 🎮 ▶ 🤍 💭FAQ💭 🎲Jaki mam nick w FoE? TieruYT 🔒Gram tylko na serwerach Cirgard (główny), Brisgard (poboczny) Arvahall (poboczny), Griefental (poboczny), Jaims (poboczny), Korch (poboczny)! 💬Jak długo gram w FoE? - od 15 lutego 2016 kiedy powstał film. Zamykam się tylko na jedną grę? - nie, jestem miłośnikiem wszystkich gier typu Battlefield, Call of Duty, Metin2, FIFA itp., ale kontent kanału jest pod gry strategiczne. 💬Mogę zostać modem? - doceniam pracowitość, wiedzę z gry i obecność na streamach, no i skromność :) 💬Dlaczego tak rzadko wrzucasz filmy i streamujesz nierównomiernie? - Mam pracę, rodzinę, dziewczynę, poświęcam na kanał swój wolny czas. Dużo zależy od motywacji do robienia tego co robię. Support the stream: 🤍 #forgeofempires #foe

''Marc Vivien Foe a été em.poi,sonné par Marie Louise Foe sa femme" Martin Amougou FOE père de Marco


Martin Amougou Foe le père de l'ex gloire du football camerounais Marc Vivien Foe accuse sa belle fille Mari Louise Foe d'avoir donné une substance à son fils avant le match contre la Colombie en coupe des confédération 2003

St. Patrick's Day Event 2022 For Forge of Empires (Don't Waste Pots Before Watching This Guide)


The 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Event in Forge of Empires is one of the most polarizing events each year. Some people love this event and others absolutely hate it. The first year, the St. Pat’s Event was interesting and different, but it was tedious to complete. Going into 2021, many players had terrible memories of how awful the event was; however, it turned out to be a pretty easy event the second time around. Now, we’ve mastered the FOE St. Patrick’s Day event. If you follow the plan laid out in this video and minic the minigame gameplay, you’ll have no problem completing the Celtic Farmstead level 10 and winning a bunch of other nice grand prizes along the way. Links: 2022 St Patrick's Day Event Wiki: 🤍 FoE Celtic Farmstead Wiki: 🤍 FoE 2022 St Patrick's Event Beta: 🤍 Spreadsheet of Madness: 🤍 *MooingCat's Cheatsheet: 🤍 iPenguinPat US-Korch - Hostile Takeover FoElite Discord: 🤍 Timestamps 00:00 2022 St Patrick Event Intro 00:31 St Pat Minigame Intro 01:45 Event Prize System 04:19 Celtic Farmstead 05:22 Spreadsheet of Madness 08:29 Pots of Gold, Currency, & Upgrades 12:54 Town Tasks 13:50 Task Cheatsheet (Easy Mode) 15:26 Minigame Gameplay 17:30 Tasks+Town or Open 6 Chests? 20:14 Full Upgrade Strategies 26:03 Cost for Multiple Celtic Farmstead 29:07 FOE Event Outro FOE St Patrick’s Event 2022, Forge of Empires St Patrick’s Day 2022, Saint Patricks Event 2022



Provided to YouTube by DistroKid foe · p4rkr foe ℗ my fuckin bedroom lol Released on: 2020-05-03 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Forge of Empires: Fellowship Event First Impressions LIVE! Brand New Event :O


This is my first impressions video, check out these link for a proper Guide to the Event! Written Guide: 🤍 Video Guide: 🤍 In this live stream I'll check out the brand new Fellowship event LIVE! You can read about the event here if you want to prepare before the event, or you can learn as I do during the stream! 🤍 Support my content on Patreon: 🤍

FoE #32 - 8 способов грязной игры


Рад всех приветствовать! Меня зовут Алексей и это видео о стратегической игре FoE (Forge of Empires). В данном выпуске поговорим о 8 способах игры, которые не противоречат правилам игры, но не находят положительного отклика в игровом сообществе. Критику, предложения и пожелания жду в комментариях :) Давайте совместно улучшать наши результаты :) Эффективность всех построек FoE - 🤍 Эницклопедия Культурных Поселений - 🤍 Сайт статистики игроков с количеством боёв - 🤍 Второй сайт статистики - 🤍

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Видео о чертежах. Собрал максимум информации. Мой ник: TIMka-PUPA Донат: Webmoney: R729774858117 Payeer: P80703493 Qiwi: +380971458508 Любая платёжная система - 🤍 Любая платёжная система - 🤍 foe, forge of empires, секреты фое, фое, гайд по фое, прохождение фое, бриллианты фое, lud foe, pc, pvp, bigbstatz, tomohawk, squid, friend or foe, smp, minecraft, sb737, survival, bigbst4tz, iballisticsquid, sb, forge of empires tips, lud foe music, ивент фое, эффективность foe, ивентовые постройки, forge bowl 2021, развитие фое, ивенты фое, forge of empires стратегия, foe эффективность, foe стратегия, великие строения фое, multiplayer, стратегия фое, forge +of empires +как заработать бриллианты, hip hop, как развиваться, правильное развитие, брюлеферма forge of empire, эффективность фое, tipps, rap, tot ou tard, foetipps, foe tipps, ไม่ใช่พระเอก, worldstarhiphop, youtube worldstar, alors lise, faubourg26, chad, kampfkraft, pleurs, zukunft, world star hip hop, toulouse, il, spicydisc, the rube, wshh, new hip hop songs, video, live, forge of empires трофейный кубок 2021, vianney, worldstar youtube, lud foe music video, chiraq, gameplay, play, lets, online-mode, let's, zock, hilfe, tricks, event, game, online, spiele, football, vivien, drill, tutorial, falke, zocken, 1080p, hd, gaming, zouave, zockit, chief keef, forge of empires обзор, фое зимний ивент 2020, forge of empires tipps deutsch anfänger, трофейный кубок foe 2021, 2020, tha, bone, love, of, lud foe shot by 🤍passporttrace, i'm da man, trace, tracy gardner, lud foe in & out, in & out lud foe, lud foe in and out, lud foe ambitions as a rider, official music video, shot, my ambitions music video, my ambitions as a rider music video, world star exclusive, business man, choregraphie, worldstar hiphop, world hip hop, bouquet de pleur, ambitions as a rider, in and out lud foe, outwest 290, boochie gang, no hooks, 187, worldstar, world star, famous dex, youtube worldstarhiphop, drill music, lud foe 2017, lud foe ambitions, da man, in & out, passporttrace, in and out, mkampfgebäude, comparison, trick, schmutzig, böse, vincent frerebeau, chad boccara, förderkette, analysis, vergleich, analyse, terracotta, army, chanteur, chanson, lud foe 2016, francais, amour, building, youtube lud foe, official music videos, wshh exclusive, my ambitions as a rider, my ambitions as a rider lud foe, deff, zeus, castel del monte, defense, bonus, lud foe my ambitions as a rider, how to, when to, homme affaire, ice cube, milky made it i might, foe ивент трофейный кубок, forge of empires ивент forge-bowl 2021, powerstart foe, milky made it lud foe, lud foe milky made it, sg batman music, sg batman official, sg batman 2019, forge of empires tipps deutsch handy, foe bronzezeit, forge of empires событие forge-bowl, фое ивент трофейный кубок 2021, foe событие трофейный кубок 2021, forge of empires событие forge-bowl 2021, arktische, powerstart, foe powerstart, foe power start, anfängertipps, lud foe 2019, lud foe official, officielle, faubourg 26, bobine, bouquet pleurs, premier, album, d'été, lud foe i might, deezer, lud foe sg batman, sg batman lud doe, nuria, sg batman i might, i might sg batman, i might lud foe, victoires, 2019, revelation, musique, обзор ивента forge-bowl foe, foe ivent forge-bowl, school, old, btnh, money, hip, hop, cameroon, marc, eazye, harmony, and, アイス・キューブ, souvenirs, マックテン, mack 10, アイスキューブ, foe life, thugs, #youcut, フォー・ライフ, france, thierry, leew ajareeya, หลิว อาจารียา, cago leek, breezy montana, трофейный кубок фое 2021, светлые начинают и выигрывают, обзор foe ivent forge-bowl, обзор foe ivent forge-bowl 2021, foe трофейный кубок 2021, lil herb, young pappy, jaques, africa, henry, santini, william, lil durk, marc-vivien foé (football player), gallas, king louie, สีดา, guild vs guild, gvg, тактика прохождения ивента фое, американский футбол фое, foe forge bowl 2021, lud foe cuttin up, cuttin up, cuttin up song, cuttin up music video, cuttin up lud foe, lud foe cuttin up video, трофейный кубок 2021 фое, the rapper, lud foe chicago, chicago rap lud fo, romanian drill, romanian trap, игры в стиле цивилизации, интересные новости, летсплеи по играм, компьютерные игры, браузерная стратегия, эффективность развития фое, foe diamonds, forge of empires зимний ивент 2020, foe winter event 2020, бриллиантовая ферма, брюлеферма фое, ased, футбоьное событие, медали, монеты, ресурсы, бриллианты, рейтинг, бонус, кубок foe 2021, трофейный кубок foe, трофейный кубок, бой, forge bowl, forge bowl event 2021, foreign maidan, official video, din prima, tre, foreign boys, Как быстро собрать комплект чертежей. Всё о чертежах. Где брать чертежи на ВС.

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Forge of Empires, Event Drużynowy 2022 [Poradnik], Dobre Nagrody Do Wygrania


Możliwość donate poprzez tipo: 🤍 Jakby ktoś miał ochotę w jakiś sposób wesprzeć mnie i mój kanał to zapraszam do skorzystania z opcji "wspieranie". Celowo zrobiłem duży rozrzut od najtańszego do najdroższego. Dzięki temu 1 poziom wspierania (specjalne oznaczenie w postaci plakietki i zielonego koloru na streamie i dostęp do specjalnych emotek) można uzyskać za symboliczną sumę. Jeśli jednak ktoś chciałby pojechać konkretnie z tematem to i droższe opcje są możliwe z odpowiednimi dodatkowymi bonusami. Wszyscy, którzy choćby 1 raz wesprą mój kanał (niezależnie czy poprzez wsparcie czy jakieś donate itp.) będą odpowiednio wyróżnieni w opisie wszystkich następnych filmików, jakie będę wrzucał na youtube. Szczegóły po kliknięciu "wspieranie" lub wejściu w ten link 🤍 To co zgromadzę za pośrednictwem wspierania, donate, reklam itp. mam zamiar przeznaczać na wysokiej jakości sprzęt komputerowy (hardware i software), jak i porządne stanowisko pracy i to, co jest z tym związane. Przyczyni się to do lepszej jakości filmów / streamów. Oprócz tego możliwe różne dodatkowe bonusy (do obgadania indywidualnie) dla osób, które pomagają finansowo w rozwoju kanału. Kanał youtube tworzę sam, samodzielnie i nie mam zamiaru w przyszłości tego zmieniać (mam zamiar jednak poprawiać jakość tworzonych przeze mnie materiałów w miarę swoich skromnych możliwości). Nie oznacza to jednak, że zamykam się na ewentualną współpracę jakby pojawiły się jakieś fajne pomysły możliwe do zrealizowania. Jestem przede wszystkim dobrym graczem, ale nie jestem wybitnym youtuberem i nigdy nie będę. Będę jednak starał się, żeby moje materiały trafiały do różnego grona odbiorców, które będzie zadowolone z oglądania moich treści i nie będą żałowali poświęconego na to czasu. Moje profile na facebooku i instagramie: 🤍 🤍 Support the stream: 🤍 Osoby, które zdecydowały się na wspieranie mojego kanału. Po nicku wpisuję najwyższy lvl, jaki dana osoba miała i łączny czas wspierania. Bardzo dziękuję za pomoc jak i zapraszam do kontaktu w przypadku ewentualnego obgadania kwestii jakiegoś bonusu itp. Będę aktualizował to co jakis czas w kolejnych filmikach w przyszłości :) Może później jeszcze jakoś zmienię system wypisywania tego jeśli obczaję / wpadnę na lepszy pomysł :) Stan statystyk wspierających w opisach filmików dotyczy mniej więcej czasu ich publikacji/nagrania. Wspierający: Michał Guzik - Pan Prezes (lvl 2) - 2 miesiące Suma donejtów poszczególnych osób: GOŁOMP 21,37 zł Michał Guzik 20 zł Suma anonimowych donejtów 100 zł Łączna suma donejtów 141,37 zł #Selfir #forgeofempires #foe



Mark Vivian foe June 26 2003

Foe Yong Hai Trafasie


Het wordt tijd je favoriet Chinees eten naar je eettafel te halen! En de heerlijkste Chinese gerechten zelf maken is natuurlijk het allerleukst. Je hoeft het kunstje daarvoor nu alleen maar van onze kookvideo af te kijken. Makkelijk voor morgenavond! Foe Yong Hai Trafasie: • RECEPT: 🤍 • KOOKVIDEOS: 🤍 • WAAR TE KOOP: 🤍 KOOKBOEK BESTELLEN: 🤍 =

Foe - Caiete


Follow Foe on Instagram: 🤍 Streaming: 🤍 Art: 🤍rival.gfx Mix-master: 🤍trigx2k

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