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CN Freight Traffic on Chicago Subdivision - June/July 2022


This is a video of CN core/manifest/unit freight traffic on the CN Chicago sub with a wide variety of CN and foreign widecab locomotives. Everyday, CN runs two manifest trains (M337 out, M338 in) as well as the occasional grain or ethanol train. M338 runs at night which is why I almost never see it. Intermodal and autoracks do not run on this route due to the height restriction underneath McCormick Place. This route also sees 2 daily local trains (536 in, 537 out) and the "Recycle" industry job but since these have standard cab locos, most days that footage is in different videos of mine. Be sure to check out my channel! Highlights in this video would have to be seeing the BNSF 6111 two separate times, the blueberry CN 2038, the CN 3233 Veteran's Tribute, and a few former CREX units as well. The video is taken near the 18th Street pedestrian bridge connecting the South Loop to Soldier Field. Here we can see trains from the Metra Electric District (all subdivisions), NICTD South Shore line, Amtrak City of New Orleans/Illini/Saluki service, and CN freight traffic on the adjacent CN Chicago sub. Also visible is the Metra Electric district maintenance yard at 18th Street. 0:00 Intro - Thanks for watching, please Like & Subscribe! 0:31 CN M337 June 27, 2022 2:26 CN M337 June 28, 2022 3:34 CN M337 June 29, 2022 3:58 CN G890 (BNSF 3911, CN 3188) meeting M337 (CN 3118, CN 5617) July 1, 2022 4:30 CN M337 (CN 8905, CN 3243) and Metra surfacing spreader July 2, 2022 5:00 CN M337 (CN 8008, CN 2553) July 3, 2022 5:28 CN M337 (BNSF 6111 25th Anniversary, CN 5833) July 4, 2022 7:16 CN M337 (CN 3821, CN 2038 blueberry, CN 3936 ex CREX) July 6, 2022 11:06 CN U704 (CN 2294, CN 2594) July 7, 2022 11:44 CN M337 (NS 8120, CN 2327, CN 8857) meets 2 NICTD trains July 8, 2022 13:47 CN G890 July 8, 2022 14:32 CN M337 (CN 3118, CN 5617, CN 8805) July 9, 2022 15:14 CN M337 (BNSF 6111 25th Anniversary, CN 2205) July 12, 2022 17:33 CN M337 (CN 8857, CN 8805, GTW 4910) July 13, 2022 20:31 CN M337 (CN 8008, CN 2553) July 14, 2022 21:58 CN L537 (BNSF 4100, BNSF 7750) July 14, 2022 22:52 CN M337 (CN 8897, CN 5800) July 15, 2022 23:22 CN L536 (BNSF 7750, BNSF 4100) July 15, 2022 23:48 CN M337 (CN 8021, CN 2617) July 16, 2022 25:33 CN L537 (CN 8950, CN 8892) July 16, 2022 26:01 CN M337 July 17, 2022 26:39 CN L536 (CN 8892, CN 8950) July 17, 2022 27:15 CN L537 (CN 8842, IC 1033) July 17, 2022 28:10 CN M337 (CN 8892, CN 8950, GTW 4926, GTW 5424)) July 18, 2022 29:32 CN L537 (CN 3053) July 18, 2022 29:58 CN M337 (CN 8842, CN 8878) July 19, 2022 30:46 CN L536 (CN 3093, CN 3053) July 19, 2022 31:16 CN M337 July 20, 2022 32:15 CN G889 (CN 2281, UP 7778) takes a 7 hour delay July 20, 2022 34:51 CN M337 (UP 2754, CN 3965) July 21, 2022 36:24 CN G890 July 21, 2022 36:54 CN M337 (BNSF 9226, CN 2610) July 22, 2022 37:47 CN M337 (CN 8956, CN 8016) July 23, 2022 38:14 CN M337 (CN 8021, CN 2617, GTW 4933, CN 5341) July 24, 2022 38:53 CN M338 (CN 8950, CN 8892) July 24, 2022 39:25 CN L537 (CN 2287, CN 8826) July 24, 2022 40:02 CN M337 (CN 8950, CN 8892) July 25, 2022 41:09 CN G890 (BNSF 4066, BNSF 5447) anybody know what that noise is? July 25, 2022 42:00 CN M337 (CN 8911, CN 2628) July 26, 2022 43:38 CN M337 (CN 8873, CN 8826, GTW 5457, EJE 676) July 27, 2022 45:01 CN G890 (CN 3233 Veterans Tribute Unit, CN 2610) July 27, 2022 45:29 CN M337 (CN 3029, CN 3838) July 28, 2022 47:02 CN M337 (CN 8943, CN 8956) July 29, 2022 48:15 CN M337 (CN 3159, CN 2603) July 20, 2022

10/15/22 | Trains At Night On The CN Chicago Subdivision (Homewood IL)


Been a While Since I've Done One Of These Recorded On 10/15/22 From 4:50PM Till 8:00PM Southbound Carbondale Amtrak Metra Inbound CN Autorack Train CN Intermodal Metra Inbound Metra Outbound CN Yard Move CN intermodal Metra Inbound CN Intermodal IC Manifest Metra Inbound Metra Outbound Like And Subscribe For More!

Chicago's North Shore - Only Luxury New Construction Subdivision


In this video the builder and developer discusses the development and the types of homes in the development. At the time of publishing (6-22-22), there were only three lots remaining. Homes start at $2,100,000 as of the time of this video. To learn more about these homes or similar homes, please click the link below. 🤍 Click here for different options on how to help us help you. 🤍 Visit our website for more information on renting, buying or selling your home in downtown Chicago. 🤍 Contact our team via this link. 🤍 Search Chicago high rise condos here. 🤍 Search Chicago metro real estate here. 🤍 Your dream condo form. Fill out this form and we'll see if we can find your dream condo for you. 🤍 Your dream apartment form. Fill out this form and we'll see if we can find your dream apartment for you. 🤍 #movingtochicago #movingdowntownchicago #chicagoluxurycondo #chicagocondo #downtownchicagocondo #chicagoluxuryapartments #luxuryapartmentschicago #rentorbuy #chicagogoldcoast #rivernorth #streeterville #buyorrent Soloma Realty is a real estate brokerage focusing on renting luxury apartments and buying / selling condos in the downtown Chicago area. Our experienced team knows how and where to find you the best home that meets your needs. Contact us to start your search and we will make the process easy and seamless for you. Visit 🤍 now.

Railfanning The CN Chicago Subdivision at Kankakee Illinois!


On 3/21/22, we had went to Kankakee Illinois, located along CN's Chicago Subdivision that runs from Chicago down through Memphis. We saw various CN & Amtrak Trains around Kankakee, so I hope you will enjoy the video! You can not use any footage in this video without my permission. Thanks for Watching! I hope you enjoyed the video! Make sure to leave a like and a comment. Hello! I'm Will, and I love everything trains. I railfan and enjoy model railroading. I try my best to make great videos for your enjoyment. So, hop aboard, Subscribe, and hit that Bell, so you won't miss any future uploads! - Chapters: Feel free to skip to any chapter in the video! 0:00Intro 0:28CN 5768 Leads a Northbound Hopper train 2:39Amtrak 57 leads Northbound to Chicago 3:06Amtrak 4633 Southbound Station Stop 3:38Amtrak 4633 Departs Kankakee Station 4:38CN 5760 leads Racks & Stacks 7:21CN 3061 leads a 6 Unit Manifest 10:34CN 3042 Leads a High Priority Intermodal 12:52Photo Slideshow 13:20Outro - Check out my website! 🤍 Check out my Facebook Page! 🤍

AMAZING Trains on the CN Chicago Subdivision


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Chicago's North Shore - Only Luxury New Construction Subdivision


In this video the builder and developer discusses the development and the types of homes in the development. At the time of publishing (6-22-22), there were only three lots remaining. Homes start at $2,100,000 as of the time of this video. To learn more about these homes or similar homes, please click the link below. 🤍 Click here for different options on how to help us help you. 🤍 Visit our website for more information on renting, buying or selling your home in downtown Chicago. 🤍 Contact our team via this link. 🤍 Search Chicago high rise condos here. 🤍 Search Chicago metro real estate here. 🤍 Your dream condo form. Fill out this form and we'll see if we can find your dream condo for you. 🤍 Your dream apartment form. Fill out this form and we'll see if we can find your dream apartment for you. 🤍 #movingtochicago #movingdowntownchicago #chicagoluxurycondo #chicagocondo #downtownchicagocondo #chicagoluxuryapartments #luxuryapartmentschicago #rentorbuy #chicagogoldcoast #rivernorth #streeterville #buyorrent Soloma Realty is a real estate brokerage focusing on renting luxury apartments and buying / selling condos in the downtown Chicago area. Our experienced team knows how and where to find you the best home that meets your needs. Contact us to start your search and we will make the process easy and seamless for you. Visit 🤍 now.



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CN Chicago Subdivision, September 9, 2022.


Trains! 00:05 Eastbound Manifest CN Matteson Subdivision Gary, Indiana CN 2927 CN 2754 03:54 South Shore Construction Hammond, Indiana 04:37 Westbound Autoracks IHB Main Line Hammond, Indiana UP 3092 UP 4945 06:18 Southbound Manifest CN Chicago Subdivision Homewood, Illinois IC 1031 07:19 Northbound Stacks CN Chicago Subdivision Homewood, Illinois CN 2292 CN 8860 10:43 Northbound MU CN Chicago Subdivision Homewood, Illinois METX 1306 METX 1233 METX 1384 METX 1381 METX 1324 METX 1311 11:56 Southbound MU CN Chicago Subdivision Homewood, Illinois METX 1321 METX 1380 METX 1247 METX 1376 METX 1365 METX 1372 13:03 Southbound Stacks NS Chicago Subdivision Homewood, Illinois CN 8855 CN 3923 14:34 Southbound Manifest CN Chicago Subdivision Homewood, Illinois IC 1005 IC 1032 18:24 Northbound MU CN Chicago Subdivision Homewood, Illinois METX 1372 METX 1365 METX 1376 METX 1247 METX 1380 METX 1321 19:58 Southbound MU CN Chicago Subdivision Homewood, Illinois METX 1341 METX 1310 METX 1285 METX 1278 METX 1255 METX 1286 21:15 Southbound Stacks CN Chicago Subdivision Matteson, Illinois CN 8855 CN 3923 22:19 Northbound Stacks CN Chicago Subdivision Matteson, Illinois CN 2232 CN 3232 24:48 Northbound Manifest CN Chicago Subdivision Peotone, Illinois CN 2940 CN 2779 IC 1003 CN 2787 28:32 Northbound Manifest CN Chicago Subdivision Peotone, Illinois IC 1033 IC 1038 33:55 Southbound Manistacks CN Chicago Subdivision Danforth, Illinois CN 8855 CN 3923 35:50 Southbound Amtrak CN Chicago Subdivision Gilman, Illinois IDTX 4603 36:58 Northbound Tanks CN Chicago Subdivision Paxton, Illinois 40:33 Approach Restricting 42:19 Northbound Local CN Chicago Subdivision Gilman, Illinois IC 1016 #patstrainvideos #trains #railroad

9/18/22 Homewood Railfanning | Trains On The CN Chicago Subdivision!


Homewood Railfanning | Trains On The CN Chicago Subdivision! Like And Subscribe For More!

A Morning Of Great Lash-Ups On The BNSF Chicago Subdivision, 6-14-09.


This is part two. Plenty of good trains began to show up as soon as we finally got some natural light. 5:15AM- The sun rises above the city as the V-CHCTAC departs Clyde yard. BNSF ES44DC #7597 BNSF C44-9W #4621 5:46AM- E-CXVBTM An unordinary lash-up on an empty coal train from the CSX sure as hell caught our attention. CSXT C40-8W #7303 BNSF SD70MAC #9889 BNSF ES44AC #5951 6:18AM- H-GFDBRC Another unusual lash-up of two CP units sandwiching an IC&E EMD leads a train usually led by boring power. CP ES44AC #8775 IC&E SD40-2 #6409 CP ES44AC #8835 6:47AM- Two GEVOs lead the E-CXCNAM West. BNSF ES44AC #6083 BNSF ES44AC #5931 7:16AM- Train 1302 departs Berwyn's Harlem Avenue Station for Chicago. Metra F40PHM-2 #185 7:51AM- Back to LaVernge I go to catch Amtrak's Westbound Carl Sandburg 381. I doubt any of the passengers behind Engine 44 knew that it pulled President Obama's Inauguration Train Into Washington DC last January. Funny to think a unit that led a train with the president on board is back to pulling the lowest-funded Amtrak trains. 8:13AM- At the LaGrange, IL. Metra/Amtrak Station, Union Pacific Trackage Rights Train F-ZTUCS heads to Chicago with expected power. UP SD70M #4990 UP SD70M #5107 UP ES44AC #7364 (c) 9th Street Productions.

BNSF's Metra Racetrack: A Railroad Superhighway


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - 10 DEC 2021 Chicagoland is no stranger to the term "superhighway", whether it be in reference to the Interstate Highway system or its predecessor on rails. With dozens of lines radiating out of the city-on-the-lake, Chicago is the most important railway hub in the world! While Chicago holds this title largely thanks to the huge volumes of freight traffic being moved into, out of and through the city, it also remains a passenger rail hub, including most of Amtrak's long-distance intercity services and the commuter network known as Metra. Heading west out of the dense urban core, BNSF's Chicago Subdivision has no fewer than three tracks all the way to the distant suburb of Aurora. With 97 Metra trains on the pre-pandemic timetable, plus dozens of repositioning moves and plenty of BNSF freight traffic mixed in, this stretch of railroad has long been known as the "Racetrack" for its ability to run train after train, often side-by-side. In this edition of the Thornapple River Rail Series, we'll document this incredible railroad as it has never been done before, including scenes from all 26 stations, along with many more points in between. We'll cover the timetable, track diagrams (see link nearby) and history while enjoying over 250 freight and passenger trains, representing all kinds of different operations on this stretch of railroad. This is BNSF's Metra Racetrack, a Railroad Superhighway, presented by the Thornapple River Rail Series. LOCATIONS/CHAPTERS: 0:00 Intro 4:51 Big Rock 7:01 Somonauk 7:58 Sandwich 10:17 Plano 12:50 Bristol 14:46 Sugar Grove 15:49 Aurora, Downtown 16:38 CB&Q and Metra History 20:02 Aurora, Hill Yard 26:54 Eola 30:08 Route 59 34:00 Naperville 45:05 Lisle 49:11 Belmont 53:18 Downers Grove 58:47 Fairview Ave 1:02:52 Westmont 1:11:10 Clarendon Hills 1:18:31 West Hinsdale 1:22:58 Hinsdale 1:27:42 Highlands 1:29:19 Western Springs 1:35:05 Stone Ave 1:38:48 LaGrange 1:45:24 Congress Park 1:50:53 Brookfield 1:57:39 Hollywood 2:02:48 Riverside 2:05:52 Harlem Ave 2:10:02 Berwyn 2:15:14 LaVergne 2:23:29 Cicero 2:30:30 Western Ave 2:33:23 Halsted St 2:37:55 Canal St Wye 2:45:53 Roosevelt Road 2:59:15 Polk Street 3:10:12 Union Station TIMETABLES Pre-Pandemic: 🤍 Pandemic: 🤍 TRACK DIAGRAM - for all of the trackage seen in this documentary, I have created a companion diagram with all of the signals and switches shown, including all of Union Station. Direct-download the full-size graphic at this link: 🤍 Or, view on Flickr here: 🤍 Thanks for watching! Make sure to leave a like and subscribe, for more from the Thornapple River Rail Series! Your support keeps this channel rolling – don’t forget to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below! Also like TRRS on Facebook! 🤍 Videography Equipment: - Primary: Sony FDR-AX53 4K Camcorder - Radio Scanner: Uniden Bearcat BC125AT - Edited with: Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 Created by Alex Christmas. Copyright 2021, as the Thornapple River Rail Series, All Rights Reserved

Understanding zoning and subdivision regulations


Learn more about zoning and subdivision regulations, unified development ordinances, and how each of these tools can help your community. Visit 🤍 for more.

Afternoon Metra Rush on the BNSF Chicago Subdivision at Berwyn, Illinois.


Tuesday, September 9th 2019, for approximately two hours, between Lavergne and Harlem Avenue I caught the Metra afternoon rush on the BNSF Chicago Subdivision. 00:00 BNSF 2632 Yard Power 00:10 METX 190 West, 1245 00:49 METX 196 West, 1247 01:24 METX 116 East, 1270 02:08 METX 117 West, 1249 02:40 METX 189 East, 1272 03:18 CN 3206 East, Light Power 03:26 METX 186 West, 1249 04:56 METX 200 West, 1251 05:26 METX 119 West, 1253 05:54 METX 183 East, 1274 06:29 METX 204 West, 1255 07:02 METX 195 West, 1375 07:28 METX 185 West, 1257 08:18 METX 191 East, 1276 08:43 METX 194 West, 1259 09:42 METX 196 East, 1278 10:06 METX 189 West, 1261 11:29 METX 116 West, 1263 12:11 METX 122 West, 1265 12:59 METX 182 East, 1280 13:28 METX 179 West, 1267 13:59 METX 208 West, 1269 14:24 METX 188 West, 1271 14:43 METX 186 East, Deadhead 15:10 METX 119 East, Deadhead 15:37 METX 189 East, Deadhead 16:04 METX 183 West, 1273 16:54 METX 193, METX 213 West, 1275 17:29 METX 196 West, 1277 18:01 IDTX 4622 West, 383 18:36 METX 182 West, 1281 19:09 METX 122 East, Deadhead 19:56 METX 190 East, 1288 21:06 METX 186 West, 1283 21:38 METX 119 West, 1373 22:13 METX 189 West, 1285 22:37 METX 191 East, Deadhead 23:15 BNSF 7008, BNSF 9276 East, Intermodal 23:59 METX 122 West, 1287 26:28 METX 204 East, 1292 27:09 METX 190 West, 1289 28:43 BNSF 7453, BNSF 3987, BNSF 1018 East, Manifest

BNSF Racetrack - Chicago Subdivision


Welcome to the world famous BNSF Chicago Sub. Nicknamed the Racetrack, this is the Premiere Rail Corridor for BNSF, Amtrak, and Metra. The BNSF Mendota & Aurora Subs merge to form the Racetrack. Today we travel to my personal favorite locations: -Downers Grove, IL -Naperville, IL -La Grange, IL We are granted with many ACE leaders and a BN Executive/Grenstein Mac. Thank You Guys So Much For 200 Subscribers This is the first video on an specific Rail Line. There will be more to come, in addition to normal Trips!

Railfanning The CN/IC Chicago Subdivision, Homewood, IL.


In the IC days, this line used to be much busier. Ever since CN took over this line, a huge decrease in traffic followed. 20 CN trains come through Homewood everyday, roughly. Now that CN aquired The J, even less trains will run here. In fact, CN will probably not have any use for this line in the near future and put it and Markham Yard up for sale. Train 1- Amtrak 391, the Southbound Saluki. P42DC #147 P42DC #194 Train 2- Northbound Metra Electric 116. Train 3- Southbound Metra Electric 113 Train 4- CN 5704 pulls out of Markham with a manifest. This train is in the process of being assembled. CN SD75I #5704 CN SD75I #5692 CN ES44DC #2245 Train 5- Another "land barge" backs into the yard. CN C40-8M #2442 IC C40-8W #2456 Train 6- A couple of yard switchers sandwiching a slug pull out with a cut of cars. CN GP9Rm #7211 CN GP9 Road Slug #211 GTW GP38-2 #4932 (c) 9th Street Productions.

Chasing The Erie Heritage Unit: NS 1068 Visits The CP Chicago Subdivision


On 12/5/20, NS 65D came off the Belt Railway Of Chicago from NS with NS 1068 leading. It crew changed at CP’s Bensenville Yard and then had its symbol changed to CP 681. I chased 1068 from Route 83 in Bensenville, IL all the way to Kirkland, IL on the Chicago Sub. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

FAYS POINT - Subdivision in Chicago Concept Design


Architectural Visualization in Lumion. Made in Revit and Imported To Lumion

CRAZIEST RAILFANNING EVER!!! CN Chicago Subdivision Trains [HD]


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10/16/22 | BNSF Manifest's On The Chicago Subdivision (Western Springs IL!)


BNSF Manifest's On The BNSF Chicago Subdivision In Western Springs IL! Recorded On 10/16/22 From 11:06AM Till 12:31PM Central Time! Like And Subscribe For More!

[HD] BNSF Chicago Subdivision


The BNSF Chicago sub sees 150 trains a day it’s also known as the BNSF Racetrack here are most of my videos from the Racetrack - My next video like this will be the UP Geneva Sub

CSX - The Corbin CC Subdivision (1994)


In 1994, G. Train Video Productions produced this VHS program showing CSX's CC Subdivision between Corbin and Covington, Kentucky. The scenes were shot in the early 90s and feature some awesome locations along the former L&N. New C40-8s and C40-9Ws are featured alongside older EMD and GE power inherited from the Seaboard and Chessie System after the merger. Even a few original B&O and SCL units are shown! VHS Case Description: "Opening scenes feature various locations, tunnels, some foreign power and an 8-unit lash-up in a thunderstorm! Later on you will see another two 8-unit lash-ups, plus more thundershowers and rain, but generally, sunlight prevails. We begin the CC Sub at Corbin (Division headquarters) then proceed north to the helper pocket at E. Bernstadt. Here we ride 3 SD40 helpers down the tortuous 'roller coaster', through 4 tunnels. This is a rare view for the railfan, as this area is inaccessible by car. We proceed through tight valleys and another 4 tunnels, then on to the Richmond helper pocket, where we ride through 3 more tunnels before continuing on our way to the Latonia-Covington area. In this video, the viewer is treated to a variety of locomotive types and colors, together with a glimpse into an area where tranquillity is the norm and the rugged scenery provides new challenges for the railfans and the videographer alike." I have decided to post this video program as I believe G. Train Video Productions is no longer around, so sit back relax and enjoy some real 90s railroading in the Bluegrass State! —————————————————————————— Thanks for watching! Like what you see? Subscribe! Also make sure to check out my other social media pages! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Flickr: 🤍

Railfanning The BNSF Chicago Subdivision At Hollywood Station, Brookfield, IL. 11-12-09.


Also known as the "Zoo Stop," Hollywood Metra is one of three stations in Brookfield. The Brookfield Zoo is located only a few blocks from here and the rock formations used as passenger shelters mimic those inside the animal exhibits. Many of you are familiar with my footage from Congress Park West of here. between Congress Park and Hollywood is the Brookfield Station. Today was pretty slow for freights with the time being I was there. 9:14AM- Metra 1260 arrives into Hollywood over seven minutes late. Track construction is to blame of course. Cab Car #8550 F40PHM-2 #185 9:17AM- The three minute late 1227 gives a few warning honks to the city workers replacing light bulbs on the platform. F40PHM-2 #196 10:08AM- Amtrak Illinois Zephyr 380 will be making it into Chicago Union on time today after making it's second to last stop at LaGrange. P42DC #47 10:23AM- Metra 1262 cruises into Hollywood and gives a few honks with it's cannibalized K3LA. Cab Car #8568 F40PHM-2 #194 10:55AM- This old Bluebonnet leads one of the R-CHI road freights from Eola to Cicero. BNSF GP38 #2233 BNSF GP38-2 #789 10:56AM- Metra 1229 arrives four minutes late even though freight traffic is sparse this morning. MP36PH-3 #403 11:10AM- A trio of pumpkins take the heavy M-BRCGAL up the hill under the intermediate signals. BNSF C44-9W #5318 BNSF C44-9W #5441 BNSF C44-9W #5381 11:15AM- Metra 1264 meets the M-BRCGAL down by the main Brookfield stop and arrives only a few minutes late. Cab Car #8595 F40PHM-2 #196 12:11AM- Fresh out of Cicero, this Z-train bound for the Pacific Northwest has some BRAND SPANKIN NEW GEVOs in charge. I even smelled the fresh paint as they went by! BNSF ES44AC #6369 BNSF ES44AC #6368 12:53AM- 1231 only discharged one passenger at the Brookfield stop. No one got on either. F40PHM-2 #187 1:14PM- 1266 makes it's station stop a little bit behind schedule but soon makes up for that lost time since there was minimal passenger loading. Cab Car #8608 MP36PH-3 #403 (c) 9th Street Productions.

BNSF's Chillicothe Subdivision: A Railroad Superhighway [HD]


BNSF’s Chillicothe Subdivision is a model of modern railroading, a superhighway transporting thousands and thousands of tons of freight each and every day. Boasting over 70 trains per day, the former Santa Fe mainline stretches for 238 miles between Chicago and Fort Madison, Iowa Follow along on a journey from downtown Chicago to Fort Madison on the banks of the Mississippi, stopping in places like Joliet, Streator, Chillicothe, Edelstein and Galesburg. This is BNSF’s Chillicothe Subdivision – A Modern Superhighway by Thornapple River Rail Series Filmed August 7th, 8th & 9th 2014 Locations: - Corwith Yard, Chicago, Illinois - Willow Springs - Lamont - Joliet Union Station - Lorenzo Road/BNSF Logistics Park Chicago - Coal City - Ransom - Streator - Wilbern - Chillicothe - Edelstein - Williamsfield - Dahinda - Yost/East Galesburg - Galesburg - Cameron - Smithshire - Media (Trestle) - Stronghurst - Fort Madison, Iowa Thanks for watching! Be sure to like, and subscribe to Thornapple River Rail Series! Also, visit TRRS on Facebook! 🤍 Also, watch "End of an Era: Joliet Union Station CLOSED" by TRRS, chronicling the transformation of JUS into a modern hub. 🤍 Copyright 2014 by Thornapple River Rail Series.

Railfanning BNSF's Chicago Subdivision At Night- LaVernge Station, Berwyn, IL. 6-14-09.


Berwyn is a suburb located about 10 minutes West of Chicago. From the three Metra stations in the city, the LaVernge stop is situated closest to BNSF's Clyde Yard. The CN/IC Freeport Subdivision crosses over the racetrack at the entrance to Clyde. Larry joined me tonight trackside and the night was kickass. Make sure you check out part two, when the sun comes up. 12:02AM- R-CHI999 The first train of the day departs Clyde with some rare power. A BC Rail CM40-8 trails on a road switcher headed for Eola yard, 35 miles West. BNSF ES44DC #7335 BCOL CM40-8 #4613 12:16AM- Eastbound Train 1324 flies past the LaVernge stop towards downtown. Metra F40PHM-2 #185 12:48AM- C-CAMCIP A loaded unit coal train from Cabello Mine heads to the city to fuel some power station. BNSF SD70MAC #9728 BNSF SD70ACe #9318 1:02AM- 1325 heads back West to Aurora with the same set of equipment as 1324. 1:19AM- A Southbound manifest on the Freeport Subdivision crosses over the racetrack then stops, waiting for clearance into Hawthorne Yard. CN SD70M-2 CN C44-9W CN SD75I 1:39AM- M-GALBRC The Galesburg-Belt Railway Freight eases up at the Clyde Yard entrance. BNSF C44-9W #4725 BNSF C44-9W #791 1:44AM- Z-CHCSSE The Cicero - South Seattle Z-Train starts it's long journey West with a six-pack of power. BNSF ES44DC #7227 BNSF C44-9W #5513 BNSF C44-9W #4775 BNSF C44-9W #1000 BNSF C44-9W #4889 BNSF ES44DC #7407 1:52AM- As the Z-CHCSSE slowly departs Clyde, a C-WTMCGK packing two MACs rushes by. 2:50AM- Yard power in the form of Geeps and SD's chill as the E-CNMBMN rounds the curve. BNSF SD70ACe #9194 BNSF SD70ACe #9227 4:39AM- C-BTMCNM This coal train rolls past the Downtown Berwyn station. We moved here for the better light. BNSF ES44AC #6042 BNSF ES44AC #5958 (c) 9th Street Productions.

Railfanning The BNSF Chicago Subdivision, Downers Grove, IL. 5/31/09.


Went to the Main Street Metra Station to meet up with Larry, Andrew, Colin, and Alex. 10:51AM- Metra 1310 pushed East by F40PHM-2 #186. 11:27AM- Metra 1305 arrives 12 minutes late into Downers Grove due to track work. 11:51AM- The Eastbound power of today's H-GFDBRC is a couple of Warbonnets sandwiching an H1. BNSF C40-8W #632 BNSF C44-9W #965 BNSF C44-9W #4714 12:20PM- The Eastbound G-ABENSI Unit Ethanol Train has the Yellow Swoosh Gevo in slot two. BNSF C44-9W #4701 BNSF ES44DC #7695 12:30PM- A Conrail unit trails on the S-LAWNSA. NS C40-9W #9875 NS C40-8W #8320 12:55PM- The R-CHI452 Road Job brings one hopper to the Pepperidge Farm Bakery on Fairview Ave then returns West. BNSF GP38-2 #2034 1:32PM- Train 1307 arrives close to 20 minutes late at Fairview Ave. 1:37PM- The Z-CHCPTL Hi-Priority Intermodal to Portland, OR. BNSF ES44DC #7526 BNSF C44-9W #4169 BNSF ES44DC #7490 BNSF C44-9W #4887 2:10PM- Z-PTLCHC arrives half an hour after the Z-CHCPTL. BNSF ES44DC #7264 BNSF C44-9W #4717 BNSF C44-9W #4575 BNSF C44-9W #610 (Ex. ATSF) 2:32PM- Amtrak 5, The Westbound California Zephyr. P42DC #41 P42DC #49 2:33PM- We almost had a station meet with Southwest Chief 3 and CZ 5. P42DC #95 P42DC #192 (c) 9th Street Productions.

Grade Crossings of the BNSF Chicago Subdivision Brainard Ave LaGrange IL 11/03/2022


Grade Crossings of the BNSF Chicago Subdivision, Brainard Avenue LaGrange IL. 11/03/2022 1) Metra Express Double Header 208, F40PHM-3 & 116, F40PH-3 heading Westbound towards Aurora 2) Metx 8606, Nippon-Sharyo Coach/Cab Leading Inbound towards Chicago's Union Station with Metra 188, F40PHM-3 trailing 3) BNSF 5904, ES44AC leading loaded coal Train Eastbound with BNSF 9037, SD70ACe, as DPU. WooHoo DPU! 4) BNSF 7825, ES44DC, leads with BNSF 6358, ES44AC trailing on Westbound Manifest 5) Metra 199, F40PHM-3, outbound from CUS heading to Aurora on the BNSF Racetrack. Thanks for watching! Please 👍 & Subscribe! 🤍 Check out my other videos, Watch them all😁 Caution the doors are about to close- Playlist 🤍 Railfanning Snacks 😋 🤍 CN Freeport Subdivision Playlist; 🤍 Metra Playlist, 🤍 Steam Train Playlist, 🤍 Amtrak playlist, 🤍 Exploring Abandoned Train 🤍 Achieve Total Consciousness 🤍 Please Like, Share and Subscribe!

First Lite | "In City Limits"


Meet First Lite Team Member Taylor Chamberlin. He spends 150 days a year bowhunting whitetails in the backyards and cul de sacs of the Washington, DC Metro area. With permission on more than a hundred properties, some as small as half an acre, Taylor pursues deer from swing sets, tree forts and a modified arborist saddle. He receives no compensations for his significant contributions to the management of a suburban deer herd that creates a wide range of social, ecological and human health issues. Burgeoning metro whitetail populations mow down native tree seedlings, destroy expensive landscaping, endanger motorists and have lead to the near-epidemic spread of Lyme disease. "In City Limits" follows Taylor's unique lifestyle, pursuing deer year-round while balancing his passion with a successful career and growing family. Learn more about Taylor here: 🤍 and check out his suburban rut hunting kit at 🤍

Railfanning The BNSF Chicago Subdivision, Downers Grove, IL. 7-12-09.


Downers Grove, Main Street Station. 2:28PM- Amtrak 5, the Westbound California Zephyr kicks up fresh ballest dust as it passes on by. P42DC #184 P42DC #24 2:22PM- Hard to believe trains like the M-BRCGAL had SD40-2s and other good EMD power leading it. Now, it usually has new GEVOs and Dash-9s. BNSF ES44AC #6264 BNSF C44-9W #5634 2:49PM- BNSF #5293 on the Z-CHCSSE has a cool new paint job. I saw this unit leading the Z-SBDWSP in this video. 🤍 BNSF C44-9W #5293 BNSF C44-9W #4959 BNSF C44-9W #4132 BNSF C44-9W #4770 2:52PM- Metra 1316 arrives and departs with MP36PH-2 #401 pushing. 3:10PM- Amtrak 4, the Eastbound Southwest Chief barrels on by with a private car on the back. P42DC #161 P42DC #131 3:24PM- Amtrak 6, the Eastbound California Zephyr. P42DC #205 P42DC #150 3:36PM- Doubleheaded Metra 1311 stops at Main Street. MP36PH-3 #403 F40PHM-2 #194 3:53PM- Southwest Chief 3 races West over Main Street. Check out the huge dent on the conductor's side of #99! P42DC #99 P42DC #86 P42DC #170 4:34PM- Z-SSECHC nears Cicero with a CP unit to boot. BNSF ES44DC #7421 CP ES44AC #8775 BNSF C44-9W #4460 BNSF C44-9W #4414 (c) 9th Street Productions.

Freight Train on CN's Freeport Subdivision in Chicago Heading Southbound Toward Chinatown - Nov 2022


Freight Train on CN's Freeport Subdivision in Chicago Heading Southbound Toward Chinatown - November 2022, coming from CN's Yard. The Freeport Subdivision is a railroad line in Illinois which runs from 16th Street in downtown Chicago to Freeport, Illinois. It is owned and operated by the Canadian National Railway (CN). As of 2016 the line is almost exclusively freight-only, with only a small segment within Chicago, between 21st Street in Chinatown and Ashland Avenue in Bridgeport, hosting Amtrak and Metra passenger trains. The line is 113.5 miles (182.7 km) long. At its east end it joins with the St. Charles Air Line and the Chicago Subdivision in Chicago's South Loop. From there to the interchange with the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad in Broadview, Illinois, it is double-tracked and CTC-controlled. From Broadview to Freeport, Illinois, it is single-tracked and controlled by CTC. The maximum speed over the line is 50 miles per hour (80 km/h).[1] The section between 16th Street and 21st Street mostly handles traffic between CN's Chicago yards; Amtrak trains such as the City of New Orleans also use it when the St. Charles Air Line is out of service.[2] The Illinois Central Railroad opened its line between Chicago and Freeport in 1891, giving it a direct route between Chicago and Iowa. The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, successor to the Illinois Central, sold the line between Hawthorne Yard in Cicero, Illinois, and Freeport (and on to Iowa) in 1985 to the Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad. The Illinois Central, after dropping the "Gulf" portion of its name in the late 1980s, reacquired the route in 1996.[3] The IC operated the Illinois Central West Line on this subdivision in 1892 before discontinuing it in 1931. It also operated passenger trains on the subdivision until the startup of Amtrak on May 1, 1971; Amtrak did not retain the Chicago–Sioux City, Iowa, Hawkeye.[4] Passenger service returned on February 14, 1974, with the introduction of the Black Hawk between Chicago and Dubuque, Iowa.[5] This service ended on September 30, 1981.[6] 🤍 RAILROAD OPERATING INFORMATION CANADIAN NATIONAL Freeport Subdivision CONSTRUCTED 1890 by Chicago Madison & Northern Railroad DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1895 (Chicago-Broadview) ABS installed 1913-1915 COLOR LIGHT ABS installed 1940's LAST PASSENGER TRAIN: Black Hawk (Amtrak)/1981 This line was built considerably later than the original Illinois Central Line, which extended straight north from Cairo at the southern tip of the state, through the middle of the state to Freeport. With a "branch" diverging north of Centralia, proceeding northeast to Chicago. This line connected Chicago with the original line at Freeport, which proceeded west to Dubuque. Amtrak trains operate between 21st Street and South Wye Jct., connecting with the CN Chicago Subdivision main line south. Between 1974 and 1981, Amtrak operated the Black Hawk over this route as far west as Dubuque, no passenger service has operated over this route since then. Although proposals exist to restore passenger service in the future. 🤍 A Overall, traffic has decreased on the CN Freeport Sub east of the former EJ&E connection at Munger, Ill. CN has for the past several years run only one pair of dedicated manifest trains to Waterloo, Iowa, from Chicago: M33791 westbound and M338 eastbound. M338 now goes to Kirk Yard in Gary, Ind., on the EJ&E, while M33791 continues to Hawthorne Yard in Cicero, Ill., then picks up cars headed west. Occasionally, unit ethanol trains U70491 and U70691 also pass through Hawthorne Yard to interchange with the Eastern Class Is in Chicago. At one point, CN interchanged traffic with Canadian Pacific at Hawthorne, but now does it at Spaulding, a few miles east of Elgin, Ill. The only daily trains left operating east of Munger are M34041, M33791, and the Broadview Local. M34041 comes off the EJ&E at Munger, sets out cars at Hawthorne, and interchanges with Norfolk Southern at Chicago. M33791 goes to Waterloo, Iowa. And the local serves area industries as far as Carol Stream, Ill. As far as I know, CN has no plans to abandon this route. — Walter Davis, former conductor on the EJ&E 🤍

The Controversy Over Accessory Dwelling Units


Click 🤍 and use code 'stewarthicks' to get a free 100 pack of blades when you purchase a razor. Be sure to add both the 100 blade pack and the razor to your cart for the discount to apply. Recently, cities have been reversing course on a long disallowed housing solution. Granny flats, in-law cottages, secondary suites, whatever you call them, they're all 'Accessory Dwelling Units,' or ADU's for short. In cities like Portland OR, Los Angeles, Chicago, NY, and even Ann Arbor MI, ADU's are being allowed by changing zoning laws and ordinances. The hope is that these structures will offer a soft density strategy that can alleviate housing needs without drastically changing the character of our neighborhoods. This video looks closely at the design of an ADU, their history, and some of the questions surrounding this controversial building type. Membership Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 About the Channel Architecture with Stewart is a YouTube journey exploring architecture’s deep and enduring stories in all their bewildering glory. Weekly videos and occasional live events breakdown a wide range of topics related to the built environment in order to increase their general understanding and advocate their importance in shaping the world we inhabit. About Me Stewart Hicks is an architectural design educator that leads studios and lecture courses as an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also serves as an Associate Dean in the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts and is the co-founder of the practice Design With Company. His work has earned awards such as the Architecture Record Design Vanguard Award or the Young Architect’s Forum Award and has been featured in exhibitions such as the Chicago Architecture Biennial and Design Miami, as well as at the V&A Museum and Tate Modern in London. His writings can be found in the co-authored book Misguided Tactics for Propriety Calibration, published with the Graham Foundation, as well as essays in MONU magazine, the AIA Journal Manifest, Log, bracket, and the guest-edited issue of MAS Context on the topic of character architecture. Contact FOLLOW me on instagram: 🤍stewart_hicks & 🤍designwithco Design With Company: 🤍 University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture: 🤍 #architecture #accessorydwellingunit

Trains in Chicago - Amtrak, Metra and Canadian Pacific


Earlier this year, I made a trip to Chicago to film several of the long distance Amtrak trains for some upcoming video projects. While I was there, I spent a day filming trains on the rail line that runs between Chicago and Milwaukee. Known as the Canadian Pacific Chicago & Milwaukee Subdivision (C&M Sub), this line sees several trains a day from Amtrak, Metra, and Canadian Pacific. In this video, we will see every train I filmed on this day in June of 2022. This video is put together in a similar spirit to a video I did on trains in Seattle earlier in the year. I stopped at several different locations in between Chicago and Milwaukee on this critical and busy rail line. This video was made possible by my supporters on Patreon: Adam Byrne Bethany Chernay Brian Zimmerman Clarence Jackson Delay In Block Productions Jim Walker Jovanni Cruz Lyle C Peter Della Flora Thomas Jackson Amtrak and AWVR Fan ShadowSteel18 Paasha and Megan Mahdavi Xander and Lucinda Cristian C And many more! CoasterFan2105 is the home of all sorts of train and railroad related video content. Stop by every Friday at 9 AM Pacific time for an all new railroading adventure and be sure to check out all of my social media pages 🤍coasterfan2105 for even more great railroad content. Thanks, and I'll see you down the line! ©2022 Mike Armstrong Media

Chasing GCRR 2816 up the Chicago Subdivision


Hello again railfans! In this new episode of Roblox Railfanning, we take a trip to Illinois to chase the first public excursion of Greenbrier Central #2816, acquired from Canadian Pacific in 2010. We start out our chase at Lakesville, Illinois and end off in Chicago Union Depot. Its gonna be a chase for the ages folks, enjoy.

Fay's Point Blue Island, IL - Phase II. Proposed Subdivision in Chicago Suburbs


Proposed housing in Fay's Point Blue Island Illinois Architectural Visualization in Lumion. Made in Revit and Imported To Lumion

Closing to the Indiana Railroad: The Chicago Subdivision 2009 blu-ray


In addition, they're all just trains. Do you like trains? I do. "I like trains." - Edd Gould, asdfmovie2 . 1. Last few seconds of program 2. Previews bumper 3. The Indiana Railroad 2-Program Set promo 4. Kansas City Southern Over the Mountain promo 5. Winter Freights on the Durango and Silverton promo 6. Cab Ride Over White Pass: An Engineer's View of the North Country promo 7. advertisement ©️ 2009 Railway Productions

Trackplan and History of CNW Marshline Subdivision


Hello Model Railroaders! In this video we explore the history of the Chicago & Northwestern Marshline Subdivision as well as come up a track plan for my model railroad. We will take elements of the prototype and overlay them on my track plan to come up with my dream layout. If this is your first time here please SUBSCRIBE to continue to see monthly videos about creating amazing prototype railroad models, and take your hobby to the next level. Please comment on what you liked or did not like about the video! I really care about what you have to say and always enjoy feedback! Connect with me on - website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Thank you for watching! Music - Lazy River Lag by: Dan Lebowitz - Free to use courtesy of YouTube Daisy Dukes by Silent Partner – Free to use courtesy of YouTube The Creek by: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – Free to use courtesy of YouTube Photographs - Used from as well as my personal collection.

What`s happening to thousands of abandoned Chicago houses? Homeowners hide, houses crumble


Jobe Martin remembers a different day on his street, and he remembers it well.

Neighborhood Tour: Fieldstone Subdivision, Burr Ridge IL


In this neighborhood tour video, we're exploring the Fieldstone subdivision in Burr Ridge, IL. We will talk about the location, schools, area amenities, property values, and drive around and look at the homes. Did you enjoy this video or find it helpful? If so, be sure to 𝐋𝐈𝐊𝐄, 𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐄, & 𝐒𝐔𝐁𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐁𝐄 to my channel. My name is Eric and I’m a REALTOR® in Chicago, Illinois. I specialize in helping out of state newcomers find the perfect home here in Chicago. When I’m not selling homes, I love spending time with my wife and 6 children, serving my congregations (I’m an ordained Lutheran pastor and serve Zion, Summit & Immanuel, Hodgkins), exercising, and making Neapolitan pizza from scratch and baking it in my Ooni wood-fired oven. Despite being a Chicago native, I’m a St. Louis Blues fan (I blame it on my time at the St. Louis Seminary). I’m currently listening to "Heroes and Legends: The Most Influential Characters of Literature," an engaging and fascinating study of famous literary figures such as Frodo, Guinevere, Don Quixote, Dracula, Harry Potter, and more by Professor Thomas Shippey of St. Louis University. BLOG: 🤍 If you want have questions about moving to Chicago or would like to discuss the real estate market, feel free to reach out! I’d love to hear from you. Email me anytime at eric🤍 Eric Andersen, B.A., M.Div. Owner/REALTOR®, Eric Andersen Homes 📲 Text/Call: 708.674.6725 📩 Email: eric🤍 🌎 🤍



This is the first "HOLY SHIT" catch I have gotten in a while!!! BNSF 6117 & KCS 4689 Leads a Coal Drag East With BNSF 5844 Pushing BNSF Chicago Subdivision Filmed 10/3/09

Northbound Canadian National Grain Train on the Chicago Subdivision at Flossmoor.


Thursday August 11, 2022, A Northbound Canadian National Empty Unit Grain Train Rolls by South Surburban Flossmoor, Illinois on CN’s Chicago Subdivision Behind CN ES44AC #2903 and CN EMD SD70Ace #8102. 5:45pm.

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