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BALLADE - Loredana feat. Céline


🤍 BUNDLE: 🤍 OMG PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY ► 🤍 Ballade prod. Miksu/Macloud, Beatgees Mix: Beatgees Master: Lex Barkey Director: Jonas Vahl DoP: Konrad Losch Creative Director: David Löcker Producer: Özlem Duyan Editor: Marten Schröder Grading: Mai Lasan Production Design: Eugenio Perazzo Production Design Assistant: Carl Taegert 1st AC: Ciro Kavouras 2nd AC: Hendrik Kiewitt Omega Operator: Jörg Schenten Gaffer: Joran Ost Electrician: Alexander Kain Light Intern: Lewin Berninger Production Assistant: Matea Dolic Production Assistant: Laura Martinez Production Assistant: Can-Luca Kuhlenschmidt Reel Videographer: Frederik Blindow Hairstylist Loredana: Shawn 🤍soshawn_ Make Up Loredana: Sellma Kasumoviq Hair & Make-Up Artist Céline: Hely Doan Styling: Serena Pompei, Loredana Styling Assistant: Yulia Romanets Styling Assistant: Antonio Chiocca MANAGEMENT LOREDANA CONTACT: LOREDANA🤍TWOSIDES.DE HTTP://WWW.TWOSIDES.DE #Loredana #Ballade #TwoSides

Burgmüller : Ballade, Op. 100, No. 15


🤍 Johann Friedrich BURGMÜLLER (1806-1874) : Ballade, Op. 100, No. 15 From "25 Études faciles et progressives", Op. 100 (1852) Pdf sheet music download for piano by Digital pdf sheet music downloads, sheet music videos and audio files (mp3 and ogg)

Chopin - Ballade No. 1 in G Minor (1M special)


Chopin - Ballade No. 1 in G Minor (1M special) Click the 🔔bell to join the notification squad! ♫ Listen on Spotify: 🤍 ♫ Sheet Music on nkoda: 🤍 ♫ MIDI: 🤍 ♫ Facebook: 🤍 ♫ Instagram: 🤍 ♫ Twitter: 🤍 ♫ Buy me a coffee: 🤍 Hope you enjoy my performance of Chopin's Ballade No. 1 in G Minor. Outro: Liszt - La Campanella Hello, I'm Rousseau, I make piano covers of classical and pop songs with a reactive visualizer. New videos every Monday! #Rousseau #Piano #PianoCover

t.a.T.u - All The Things She Said


A visualizer for t.a.T.u - All The Things She Said Joji - Glimpse of Us Filming: Dale Decker Holden Morse Joston Michael Appearances: Chris Chann Holden Morse Dale Decker Akwasi Baffour Owusu Zander Gabriel 6ixcks Vicky Chann Brian Chann Zelda Chann Barrack Obama Jaime Luis Brianna Gutz Branden Cohen "Bcoe" Andrew Humphreys Gyuta Sensate Sewa Kroetkov Joston Michael Sierra Fellers Jason Park Aspen Ricky Chavez runescape West Bank guard

Richard Clayderman - Ballade Pour Adeline


You love the music now discover the world's bestselling pianist RICHARD CLAYDERMAN ROMANTIQUE - the brand new album available to order now Amazon: iTunes: Music video by Richard Clayderman performing Ballade Pour Adeline. (C) 2013 Decca Music Group Limited

Chopin: 4 Ballades (Zimerman)


Easily one of the best Chopin recordings ever made. [Highlights/comments below] 00:00 Ballade Op.23 No.1 in G minor 09:36 Ballade Op.38 No.2 in F (A minor) 17:28 Ballade Op.47 No.3 in A-flat 24:57 Ballade Op.52 No.4 in F minor A milestone in the Romantic piano literature, and a stupendous recording of it. The number of great moments in this is probably too great to count (06:48, 08:03, 15:52, 18:40, 24:23, with many more in between, and the entire 4th Ballade is a single unbroken wonder from its miraculous beginning onward although see the famous passage at 28:36, and the numinous 34:18). Chopin is popularly, but not critically seen primarily as a great melodist, which reputation does him a great disservice. In the Ballades Chopin does something which Beethoven reserved for his sonatas (and which Chopin never did in his), which was to introduce daring and very effective structural modifications to Sonata form. One obvious example of such a novelty is the "mirror reprise", where the two expositional themes appear in reverse order during the recapitulation. There are many moments of harmonic/stuctural interest in the Ballades, and some of them have become quite famous. I can't possibly go through everything, so I'll try to flag some things out. The unusual extended Neapolitan Sixth that opens Op.23. The D in m.7 of the Op.23 it is a subject of considerable debate if this is a harmonic necessity, setting up a late resolution, or an implied pedal point Constant metrical changes in Op.23. The unusual key relationship between the two main themes of Op.38. The abrupt end of the post-recapitulation development section (in itself odd) of Op.38. The structural role of the opening gesture of the Op.47. It very clearly recurs near the end, but on cursory examination occurs nowhere else in the piece. (It is not actually difficult, with a bit of thought, to figure out how the opening bars feed into the rest of the piece.) The use of dissonances, some passing and some sustained, as an architectural device in op.38. The rather surprising combination of variation/sonata form in Op.52 (something Liszt did more conspicuously in his B Minor Sonata.) The use of counterpoint as dramatic device in Op.52 at numerous points. The rather Beethovenian expected-but-not-actually-there ending in Op.52. Chromaticism in the coda of the Op.52 so intense the section aurally drifts somewhere close to atonality.

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Chopin - Ballade No. 1 in G minor Op. 23


F. Chopin - Ballade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23 🎧 Spotify: 🤍 🎧 Apple Music: 🤍 🎧 Other Streaming Services: 🤍 🎼 Sheet Music: 🤍 💕Facebook: 🤍 💕Instagram: 🤍 💕Buy me a coffee: 🤍 💕Patreon: 🤍 🌸Don't forget to subscribe, like and comments! (Please click on the alarm! 🔔) Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy my music :) I’m going to show various piano music including classical pieces. I will upload a new video every week. Please leave comments if there are pieces which you want to listen to :) #Chopin #Ballade #Piano

Chopin - Ballade No. 4 in F Minor (4M Special)


Chopin - Ballade No. 4 in F Minor (4M Special) Click the 🔔bell to always be notified on new uploads! ♫ Listen on Spotify: 🤍 ♫ Instagram: 🤍 ♫ Twitter: 🤍 ♫ Sheet music: 🤍 ♫ MIDI: 🤍 ♫ Facebook: 🤍 ♫ Buy me a coffee: 🤍 ♫ Join me on discord: 🤍 Hope you enjoy my performance of Chopin's Ballade No. 4. Outro: Liszt - Mazeppa (Transcendental Étude No. 4) Hello, I'm Rousseau, I make piano covers of classical and pop songs with a reactive visualizer. #Rousseau #Piano #PianoCover

Beautiful Rock Ballads 80s & 90s - The Best Rock Ballads Songs Ever


Beautiful Rock Ballads 80s & 90s - The Best Rock Ballads Songs Ever Thanks for listen my video.You can support my new channel: ► Rock Collection: 🤍

De ballade dag 3 in Terneuzen


Het leukste festival en lekker bij ons in de buurt ! Dit was dag 3 de laatste (familie) dag !! En uiteraard was het weer erg leuk!!

Ballade - Luke Faulkner


Please share, subscribe (turn notifications on for updates), and like if you haven't already! Ballade was recorded on my own piano at home, with strings added using VSL Special Editions. Audio can be downloaded here: 🤍 Find my music on Spotify: 🤍 Please consider supporting me on Patreon: 🤍 Links: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 If you have any questions, or would like to collaborate, my email address is: lukerfaulkner🤍 The audio may be used for YouTube videos, providing credit is given as well as a link to my YouTube channel: 🤍 Follow the audio download link above. Ballade - Luke Faulkner #peacefulpiano #piano #composition

The Lumineers - The Ballad Of Cleopatra


BRIGHTSIDE - The new album by the Lumineers, out now! Order here: 🤍 The Lumineers 2022 tour dates are on sale now: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Cleopatra is the brand new album from The Lumineers Order on the Official Store: 🤍 Order on iTunes: 🤍 Order on Amazon: 🤍 Order on Google: 🤍 Visit the website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Music video by The Lumineers performing The Ballad Of Cleopatra. (C) 2017 The Lumineers, under exclusive licence to Decca, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd 🤍

Thijs Boontjes Dans- en Showorkest & Roxeanne Hazes - Ballade van de Moord


Thijs Boontjes Dans- en Showorkest & Roxeanne Hazes - Ballade van de Moord Spotify: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Apple Music:🤍 Voor ‘Ballade van de Moord’ werkt de band samen met Roxeanne Hazes. Het gloednieuwe nummer is alle digitale kanalen te beluisteren. Moordballades vormen een genre op zich, dat al sinds de zeventiende eeuw bestaat. Het zijn vaak generaties doorgegeven liedjes, die door talloze muzikanten worden uitgevoerd. Voor ‘Ballade van de Moord’ duiken Thijs Boontjes en Roxeanne Hazes echter in een gloednieuwe zaak. In de videoclip die maandag verschijnt, wordt dit nog eens visueel versterkt in een prikkelende setting. Thijs Boontjes Dans- en Showorkest is een Nederlandstalige rock-’n-rollband rondom Noord-Hollander Thijs Boontjes. Thijs speelt in de band van Douwe Bob, waarmee hij ook mee was naar het Songfestival. Met zijn eigen formatie bracht hij vorig jaar de Ambiance EP uit, met daarop de hit ‘Alleen Naar de Kermis’. Voor ‘Ballade van de Moord’ vroeg Thijs Boontjes aan labelgenote Roxeanne Hazes om de vrouwelijke rol op zich te nemen. Het resultaat is een unieke track; een combinatie van spannende country, slepende blues en een heel Hollands poplied. Op dit moment legt Roxeanne de laatste hand aan haar nog naamloze solo-debuutalbum dat vóór de zomer bij Top Notch verschijnt. In maart is ze te zien en horen tijdens de vijf uitverkochte Holland Zingt Hazes avonden in de Ziggo Dome. Thijs Boontjes Dans- en Showorkest komt na de zomer met het langverwachte debuutalbum. Thijs Boontjes Dans- en Showorkest & Roxeanne Hazes - Ballade van de Moord Spotify: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 CAST Rox Roxeanne Hazes Thijs Thijs Boontjes Dancer Ekiaam Dancer Selina Dancer Nathalie Extra Marco Extra Umair Extra Rene Extra Jopes Extra Henk Extra Ramon Extra Maurice Extra Nees CREW Regisseur: Jeroen Dankers Producer: Philippe Avendaño Vera First A.D.: Lotte Schmidt Director of Photography: Daan Bukman Focus Puller: Ju:lia Cerejo Gaffer: Joop Deden Best Boy: Ruben van Weelden Grip: Melle Vaarzon Morel Art Director: Jan Jasper van Oord Styling: Indiana Voss Make Up: Jeal Headley Hair Styling: Chara Cee POST Editor: Maarten Ernest Grading: Erik - De Grot LOCATION Carry: Club Paradise EQUIPMENT Camera & Grip: Het Raam Light: Singelfilm - Top Notch werd bekend met uitgaven van Nederlandse hiphop. Tegenwoordig geven we allerlei soorten muziek, films en boeken uit. Top Notch is marktleider van de Nederlandse hiphop en een van de meest succesvolle independent labels in zowel Nederland als België. Bekijk ook onze playlists: Populaire video’s: 🤍 De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig: 🤍 Ronnie Flex: 🤍 Lil Kleine: 🤍 Lijpe: 🤍 Cho: 🤍 Broederliefde: 🤍 SFB: 🤍 Kenny B: 🤍 Jayh: 🤍 Bokoesam: 🤍 Ares: 🤍 SBMG: 🤍 Fresku: 🤍 Sef: 🤍 TopNotchclassics: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Seong-Jin Cho | Chopin 4 Ballades | LIVE Video 2017


Seong-Jin Cho, first prize winner of the XVII International Chopin Piano Competition (2015), plays Frédéric Chopin's 4 Ballades: - Ballade no.1 in G minor, op.23 - Ballade no.2 in F major, 38 - Ballade no.3 in A flat major, op.47 - Ballade no.4 in F minor, op.52 LIVE - July 2017 - Flagey, Brussels

Ballade. Partitura flauta + àudio. Sol-la-si. Amb melodia.


Descarrega la partitura / Download sheet music / Descarga la partitura. Drive: NO notes: 🤍 Sí notes: 🤍 Dropbox: NO notes: 🤍 Sí notes: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Fuente: 🤍

Chopin: The Four Ballades (Cho Seong-Jin)


Chopin’s ballades are written to such a pitch of harmonic innovation, expressive power and structural novelty that they sort of exist in a valley of their own making. Nothing any other composer wrote (even other ballades, to be sure) really compares to them. The most immediately striking feature about them is their narrative musicality: transitionary passages are extraordinarily beautiful, and really do not need to be justified by what they are moving to or from; and a small digression might open up a whole new harmonic or developmental vista, a trait especially evident in the last ballade. Each ballade offers radical new treatment of (or engagement with) sonata form. #1 and #3 superimpose on the goal-oriented sonata form an arch-like symmetry (both have a mirror reprise and a striking central episode with new material that serves as pivot), #2 imposes a two-key scheme upon what initially looks like a simple alternation between two themes but really is not, and #4, the most structurally rich of the set, fuses sonata form with the more static form of the theme and variations. BALLADE 1 00:00 – INTRODUCTION in Neapolitan harmony [Note minor 9th motif in LH at 0:34, wrongly indicated in this edition as D-G-D; it should be D-G-Eb] EXPOSITION 00:42 – Theme 1 02:20 – Transition 03:19 – Theme 2, limb 1 [Note its harmonization in 4ths, mirroring the horn calls which introduce it, and the use of subtle hemiola in the LH] 03:59 – Theme 2, limb 2 [Really a diminished version of Theme 1] DEVELOPMENT [This section puts both Themes in direct and violent contact with each other: there is no transition bridging the two, only a section where Theme 1 tries desperately and almost fails to reach the high B which begins Theme 2 (5:07). The themes’ tonalities (G min/Eb maj) are also brought into unstable alignment (A min/maj)] 04:48 – Theme 1, opening with a minor 9th descent 05:15 – Theme 2, climax 05:49 – Transition 06:05 – Theme 3 [A brilliant waltz much like Chopin’s waltzes of this period] 06:20 – Transition RECAPITULATION/REPRISE [Note the arch-like symmetry: Theme 2 is presented before Theme 1, in its original key] 06:40 – Theme 2, limb 1 07:09 – Theme 2, limb 2 07:44 – Theme 1, again heralded by a falling minor 9th CODA – 08:30. Note the profusion of falling minor 9ths in RH figuration, as well as the Neapolitan harmony from the introduction, BALLADE 2 EXPOSITION 10:00 – Theme 1, F maj, a siciliano/pastoral 12:20 – Theme 2, A min DEVELOPMENT/FALSE REPRISE 13:13 – Theme 1, F maj. Looks like a reprise, but – 13:52 – veers off course, into harmonically complex modulatory territory. This section is where the heavy lifting that shifts the entire tonal centre of the work takes place. 15:33 – Theme 2 [In D min, which is revealed to be a suspension that resolves to A min. This section substitutes for a reprise proper.] CODA/CLOSING SECTION – 16:15 [References to Themes 1/2] BALLADE 3 EXPOSITION 17:33 – Theme 1, lyrical 19:40 – Theme 2, dancelike, developed in F maj/F min/C maj. 21:47 – Theme 3 DEVELOPMENT/ REPRISE [As with Ballade 1, note how the themes are presented in reverse order] 22:36 – Theme 2, Ab maj 23:02 – Theme 2, C# min, developed with LH counterpoint. Note that the LH figuration is based on a diminished version of a section of Theme 2 (heard most clearly in the LH at 23:25) 23:27 – Theme 2, developed with RH figuration, climax. 23:42 – onset of harmonic instability 24:29 – Theme 1, now triumphant CODA/REPRISE – 24:58, Theme 3 BALLADE 4 25:19 – INTRODUCTION in dominant (C maj) EXPOSITION 25:50 – Theme 1 [Note how the theme itself is sequential/variational in character, being made of a short phrase repeated in different keys] 26:51 – Theme 1 VAR.1 [very slight decoration] 27:46 – Episode 1 [Based on Theme 1] 28:53 – Theme 1 VAR.2 29:29 – Transition 29:49 – Theme 2, a chorale/barcarolle DEVELOPMENT/EXTENDED BRIDGE [in contrast to the typical development, while there is harmonic exploration there is no buildup of tension, and the material comprises the only lighthearted passages in the entire piece] 30:57 – Modulating sequential passages 31:45 – Strands of Theme 1 combined in three contrapuntal lines. One of the lines turns into – 32:08 – The magical return of the INTRODUCTION, whose distant A maj harmony functions as dominant to – RECAPITULATION/REPRISE 32:48 – D min, where Theme 1 returns in VAR.3, a striking canonic variation that fully exploits the theme’s sequential qualities to modulate back to F min 33:51 – Theme 1, VAR 4. It’s extraordinary how Chopin places a Bachian variation (No.3) right beside a full-blooded romantic one (the cantabile-decorative treatment of no.4). 34:33 – Theme 2, in Db maj, climax. [Note how beautiful the writing is: see e.g., 34:50, with the overlay of notes in groups of 4/6/9] 35:44 – Extended pause on dominant [structurally mirroring the introduction] CODA: 36:14

Frédéric Chopin, Ballade no. 1 g-minor op. 23 (Olga Scheps live)


Olga Scheps live-recital at Staatstheater Darmstadt, Jan 22, 2015. Video: 🤍

Hoog! - de ballade van Bombast


De BOMBAST ballade is vannacht officieel wereldkundig gemaakt. Bekijk hier de videoclip. 🤍 Deze video is geproduceerd door Devico Media.

the most FEARED piano coda - Chopin Ballade No. 1


Discord!!!! 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Sheet music: 🤍 Contact: willskeyboardsink🤍 It's chopin ballade no 1 let's goooooooooo

André Rieu - Ballade pour Adeline


André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra performing "Ballade pour Adeline" live in Vienna. Taken from André Rieu's breathtaking live spectacle on DVD and Blu-ray "André Rieu - And the waltz goes on" featuring Sir. Anthony Hopkins' Waltz. For tour dates visit: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Loredana x Céline - Ballade | 1 Hour


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Ballade Pour Adeline - Nonstop 1Hour Music HQ


"Ballade pour Adeline" (French for "Ballad for Adeline") is a 1977 instrumental by Richard Clayderman, composed by Paul de Senneville. Paul de Senneville composed the piece as a tribute to his newborn daughter, Adeline. It remains Clayderman's signature hit. ~ Wikipedia Please Subscribe and Click the Bell. Music is a wonderful language. Together we will spread love. Ballade Pour Adeline(Song for Adelina) - 1Hour HD Instrumental Relaxing Sounds by Richard Clayderman ►Credits to Richard Clayderman - Ballade Pour Adeline 🤍 ►Check Out Other Awesome 1Hour Sounds Song For Anna - 🤍 La Decadanse - 🤍 Wander - 🤍 Faithful Love - 🤍 Cant Help Falling In Love - 🤍 Ballade Pour Adeline - 🤍 Jazz and Blues - 🤍 Perfect Ed Sheeran 🤍 Mad World - 🤍 Las Isla Bonita - 🤍 Mariage d’Amour - 🤍 Highschool Life - 🤍 Kahit Maputi na ang buhok ko - 🤍 Mountain Boy’s Love Story - 🤍 Social Media ►Youtube: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ballade pour adeline 1 hour ballade pour adeline ballade pour adeline piano richard clayderman ballade pour adeline 1 hour ballad for adeline 1 HOUR BALLADE POUR ADELINE#PIANO MUSIC Balada Para Adelina - Richard Clayderman | Extended Version Ballade Pour Adeline piano (by Richard Clayderman) repeat 1 hour music ballade pour adeline ballade pour adeline piano sheet ballade pour adeline piano ballade pour adeline pdf ballade pour adeline andre rieu ballade pour adeline lyrics 🤍ballade pour adeline ballade pour adeline نت پیانو ballade pour adeline ne demek نت آهنگ ballade pour adeline معنی ballade pour adeline ريتشارد كلايدرمان ballade pour adeline دانلود قطعه ballade pour adeline ballade pour adeline قطعه دانلود آهنگ ballade pour adeline ریچارد کلایدرمن ریچارد کلایدرمن ballade pour adeline r clayderman ballade pour adeline ballade pour adeline دانلود ballade pour adeline دانلود اهنگ دانلود آهنگ ballade pour adeline با پیانو ballad pour adeline دانلود آهنگ ballade pour adeline با پیانو ballade pour adeline با پیانو ballade pour adeline p de senneville آهنگ ballade for adeline با پيانو اهنگ ballade pour adeline با پیانو ballade pour adeline 1 hour #adeline #relaxingsound

Marianne Faithfull -- The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan HD


Marianne Faithfull The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan HD Club DJ 80s Walter Mogentale 🤍

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso - Chopin's ballade no.1 in G minor, op. 23 (Piano with Violin ver.)


Just want to share my love for this anime. I tried to edit the Chopin's ballade as accurate as possible because I know you also love Kousei and Kaori's last performance as much as I do. I edited it with the same length found on original OST of the anime. This version is both Kousei's piano and Kaori's violin in the anime. enjoy! Disclaimer: All contents of this video, the photo, music and anime are not mine and belongs to its rightful owners. For entertainment purposes only.

Friedrich Burgmuller, Ballade


Dr. Alan Huckleberry, piano The University of Iowa Piano Pedagogy Video Recording Project IMTA Level C2 From 25 Etudes Op.100

Krystian Zimerman - Chopin - Ballade No. 4 in F minor, Op. 52


Support us on Patreon and get more content: 🤍 - Frederic Chopin Ballade No. 4 in F minor, Op. 52 Krystian Zimerman, piano



🤍 BUNDLE: 🤍 OMG PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY ► 🤍 _ Lasst gerne ein Abo da für weitere Deutschrap Lyrics und aktiviert die Glocke um jeden Freitag die neuesten Releases zu hören! Instagram: 🤍 (DM für Business Anfragen) _ Song: LOREDANA x CÉLINE - BALLADE [Lyrics] _ Quelle: 🤍 _ #loredana #celine #ballade #lyrics

Ysaye : Sonata in D minor, Ballade, Op. 27, No. 3


Recorded in May 2021 🤍 Singapore Esplanade Recital Studio Chloe Chua (violin) Violin : Petrus Guarnerius, Venice, 1729 on generous loan from Rin Collection

Chopin Ballade No.1 Performed by Arthur Rubinstein


In my opinion, Rubinstein is the one pianist who truly understood Chopin. Follow me on instagram! 🤍

Chopin Ballade No.3 | The Most Beautiful Piano Piece


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Merkmale einer Ballade beschreiben - Deutsch | Duden Learnattack


In diesem Video erklären wir dir, wie du die Merkmale einer Ballade beschreibst. Weitere Videos, Klassenarbeiten mit Musterlösungen und interaktive Übungen findest du hier: 🤍

Debussy: Ballade


Piano: Kathryn Stott Be apart of my Facebook page! 🤍

Jan Smit en Normaal - Puik Idee Ballade 1999.mpg


Toen Jan noch een Jantje was.....

Horowitz (Chopin) Ballade in G Minor (HQ)


Vladimir Horowitz playing Ballade in G Minor, with high quality option.

YOASOBI「あの夢をなぞって (Ballade Ver.)」 - スマホ映画『夢の雫と星の花』コラボスペシャルムービー


「あの夢をなぞって」原作小説「夢の雫と星の花」(いしき蒼太 著)をバーティカルシアターアプリsmash.でスマホ映画化。 ★スマホ映画『夢の雫と星の花』smash.にて全編配信中! 視聴URL:🤍 ★smash.公式YouTubeでも2話まで公開中! 🤍 -出演 上白石萌歌(🤍 ) 青木柚 主題歌:「あの夢をなぞって (Ballade Ver.)」 ストリーミング/ダウンロード配信中! 🤍 YOASOBI:🤍 Music : Ayase(🤍 ) Vocal : ikura(🤍 ) 小説「夢の雫と星の花」(いしき蒼太 著) 🤍 インストはこちら 🤍 夜の空を飾る綺麗な花 街の声をぎゅっと光が包み込む 音の無い二人だけの世界で聞こえた言葉は 「好きだよ」 夢の中で見えた未来のこと 夏の夜、君と、並ぶ影が二つ 最後の花火が空に昇って消えたら それを合図に いつも通りの朝に いつも通りの君の姿 思わず目を逸らしてしまったのは どうやったって忘れられない君の言葉 今もずっと響いてるから 夜を抜けて夢の先へ 辿り着きたい未来へ 本当に?あの夢に、本当に?って今も 不安になってしまうけどきっと 今を抜けて明日の先へ 二人だけの場所へ もうちょっと どうか変わらないで もうちょっと 君からの言葉 あの未来で待っているよ 誰も知らない 二人だけの夜 待ち焦がれていた景色と重なる 夏の空に未来と今繋がる様に開く花火 君とここでほらあの夢をなぞる 見上げた空を飾る光が今照らした横顔 そうずっとこの景色のために そうきっとほら二つの未来が 今重なり合う 夜の中で君と二人 辿り着いた未来で 大丈夫想いはきっと大丈夫伝わる あの日見た夢の先へ 今を抜けて明日の先で また出会えた君へ もうちょっと どうか終わらないで もうちょっと ほら最後の花火が今 二人を包む 音の無い世界に響いた 「好きだよ」 [Staff] 監督 天野 雄太 原作 いしき蒼太「夢の雫と星の花」( ゼネラルプロデューサー 品川 健治 プロデューサー 永橋 奈美  平田 光一 プランナー 橋爪駿輝 撮影 佐々木 昭喜 VE 石上 正治 照明 西山 竜也 撮影助手 白石 雅  豊田 直己 照明助手 庄司 良夫  荒川 耕平  雨平 巧 スタイリスト 中田 麻未 ヘアメイク 山井 優 演出部 吉田 和弘  權 徹 制作部 中村 暢彦  竹内 翔太 VFX 酒出 兼次 編集 柿原 未奈 美術デザイナー 邨山 直也 アクリル装飾 犬塚 健 特殊効果 浅田 雅美 アート作品提供 小泉 遼 #YOASOBI #あの夢をなぞって #上白石萌歌

Diggy Dex - Ballade Van De Noordoosterwind


‘Ballade Van De Noordoosterwind’ staat op mijn aankomend album ‘Carrousel’ en is vanaf nu overal te beluisteren! Pre-order ‘Carrousel’ (CD en LP) via 🤍 Tickets ‘Carrousel’ clubtour via 🤍 Video: Bram Knol 🤍 Live beelden: Delic Clips & Heads Up mgmt Producer credits: Geproduceerd door: Marcel Tegelaar, René van Mierlo, Koen Jansen Gemixt door: Marcel Tegelaar Gemastert door: Darius van Helfteren Vocalen van: Diggy Dex Muziek: Koen Jansen, Rene van Mierlo, Martijn Konijnenburg Volg Diggy Dex: 🤍 🤍 🤍 ©2021 We Want More Music/Noah’s Ark #DiggyDex

Mastu - Balade à deux


Mastu - Balade à deux Son disponible sur toutes les plateformes ! Il ne devait pas sortir de base, je l'ai conçu cet hiver pour ma copine mais vous avez été beaucoup à le réclamer donc on a décidé de le mettre en ligne, on est très contents du résultat final et j'espère que vous aussi :) On rappelle que nous sommes en route à une vitesse fulgurante vers les 5 000 000 d'abonnés, donc si tu ne fais pas parti de l'équipage, c'est maintenant ou jamais pour t'abonner ! Contact pro : Contact.mastu🤍 S'abonner ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Merci de rester poli et courtois dans l'espace commentaire ! Crédits : Paroles : Mastu Producteur musical : AKSL Beats Réalisateur/Monteur : RASKA Cadreur : Jules Couëtmeur Rec/Arrangement/Mix/Mastering : Pprod Producteur : Stefan Tran Directeur de la photographie : Greg Turbellier Assistant caméra : Jérémie Veuthey Cheffe déco : Shelly Anquetin Photographe plateau : Déborah Dardour Assistante prod : Camille Lavisse Electro : Pierre Le Louarn Assistants déco : Cédric Ngu/Basile Guéguen/Benjamin Bougret Régie : Vincent Jin Assistants régie : Abdallah Benaisse/Mayline Besse Étalonnage : KAMEHOUSE/Vincent Fawaz La boss : ma copine

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